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{{geo}} compares lat long entered with value at Wikidata for the article. If distance greater than 100 km (62 mi) adds to this category.

As regions, countries and continents could have acceptable differences use Petscan to list only city articles and Petscan to list only park articles. Also these, especially parks, may have different coordinates for a reason.

For city and district article, either the Wikivoyage geo coordinates or the Wikidata Coordinate entry needs to be fixed. There is also the possibility the Wikidata entry is linking to the wrong place, maybe there is another town with the same name, somewhere else.

If you have the ErrorHighlighter gadget preference enabled you will see at the bottom of articles the difference between the Wikivoyage and Wikidata values.

Compares the geo coordinates against the Wikidata parameter coordinates of geographic center (P5140) or coordinate location (P625).

See also Category:Articles with no Wikidata coords

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