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Nested extra-hierarchical regions
In the very rare case where there is a valid extra region which contain a destination or region which is itself extra-hierarchical, edit the parent article and change the {{extraregion}} template to add the subregion=yes attribute to remove it from this category list. Make sure there are no non-extra-hierarchical pages in the category before doing this. Please add these cases manually to the list below.

This category contains pages which have been reclassified as extra-hierarchical regions, but for which a hierarchical category still exists, indicating a likely problem with the breadcrumb organization. Typically, those corresponding categories should be deleted, after they have been emptied by changing the {{IsPartOf}} breadcrumb for each item listed to the appropriate hierarchical parent region.

Example: If an article "South Blablabla" appears in the list below, you should first go to the "South Blablabla" page and its parent region and make sure it is supposed to be an extra-hierarchical region. If so:

  • Go to "Category:South Blablabla"
  • Check each article listed there, figure out where it actually belongs in the hierarchy, edit the article, and change the {{IsPartOf}} template to reflect that parent region
  • Repeat for all articles listed in "Category:South Blablabla"
  • When all articles have been fixed and the category is empty, tag the category with {{speedy}} so it can be deleted by an administrator