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Purwokerto is a sleepy town in the Central Java province of Indonesia. It is a major transport hub, connecting major cities such as Jakarta, Bandung, Semarang, Yogyakarta, Surabaya, and Cirebon.


A street in Purwokerto

Purwokerto is a town of more then a quarter of a million inhabitants and the regency capital. It lies between Jakarta and Yogyakarta.

Some famous Indonesians originated from Purwokerto, such as Jendral Sudirman and Jendral Gatot Subroto. These heroic people are honoured in street names all over Indonesia.

The town is at the base of the Mount Slamet volcano, the second highest volcano in Central Java. Purwokerto is a popular gateway to climb it, since the summit crater is about 18 km (11 mi) from the town centre. The rivers that flow down its slopes into the town provides some welcome greenery in the industrial drabness and hectic bustle.

Visitor information[edit]

There is no physical visitor information office, but Banyumas Regency local government has a non-English website [formerly dead link] catering to visitors who wish to explore the city and surrounding areas.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

Purwokerto station is bright and modern
  • 1 Purwokerto Train Station (Stasiun Kereta Api Purwokerto), Jl Stasiun, Kober, Purwokerto Barat. Stop ID: PWT. Trains from Jakarta take 4 to 9 hours, depending on train class, arriving at the main Purwokerto station. Argo-class trains (Argo Lawu and Argo Dwipangga) are the best of the lot: most comfortable and quickest. Taksaka is almost as good. These trains also cater for those travelling to Yogyakarta.

By plane[edit]

The nearest airport is Tunggul Wulung in Cilacap, receiving small flights from Jakarta daily. The nearest major airport is Adi Sucipto in Jogja, around four hours drive.

By bus[edit]

  • 2 Purwokerto Bus Terminal (Terminal Bus Purwokerto, Terminal Bus Bulupitu), +61 822 2661-1616. 4 km (2.5 mi) south of the town centre. There are regular services from across Java, including Jakarta (9 hours) with the popular Sinar Jaya bus, Yogyakarta (4-5½ hr) with Raharja and Efisiensi bus, Semarang (6 hr) with Nusantara bus and Bandung (6-8 hr) with Budiman and Goodwill bus.

Get around[edit]

Map of Purwokerto

Purwokerto is a relatively small city, travelling around town should not be too expensive. You may jog around town in around 40 minutes.

By trishaw[edit]

Traditional three-wheeled pedal-powered rickshaws known as becak can be found in most parts of Purwokerto. Haggle furiously.

By angkot[edit]

Although Purwokerto is a small city, instead of walking in the heat and high humidity, travelling around town can be faster and easier by angkot (battered minibuses - derived from the words angkutan kota, or city transport). These have fixed routes but pick up and drop off anywhere along that route; sometimes they can be very crowded, but it's a great way to meet the locals. There is a certain etiquette to be observed, though. Costs Rp2,500 per passenger, paid when you alight.


Bank BRI Museum

Purwokerto has some beautiful buildings and monuments.

  • Purwokerto fly-over — a well known landmark located in front of the train station. Built in 1967
  • Train station — Dutch colonial architecture, many Dutch residential building are right in front of the train station
  • Bank museum — on Jalan Bank, a museum dedicated to R.A. Wiriatmaja who pioneered the Indonesian banking system


  • Baturraden Adventure Forest (BAF), Baturraden (1 km from Queen Garden Hotel).
  • Sport centre: GOR Satria (Jl Dr Suharso) is the largest sport complex in town. Contains a football stadium, tennis courts, reflection park, and a few other venues. Usually, locals visit in the morning, especially on Sunday.
  • Karaoke: One of the most popular entertainment program in town. Plenty of well-known chains throughout the city, such as Inul Vista (Jl Jenderal Sudirman, close to Pasar Wage), Happy Puppy (Satria Plaza), NAV (Jl Jenderal Sudirman, in front of Satria Plaza), and Happy Family (Cherry Fresh Fruit Market).
  • Pool: Another famous entertainment activity. There are a few pool places in town, such as Maestro Billiard (Jl Dr Suharso), and BBC Pool and Billiards (Jl Dr Angka, Tirta Kembar Amusement Center).
  • Clubbing: Cheers! Cafe (Jalan Dr Angka, Dynasty Entertainment Center) is the most-known and the best club in town, also comes with new concept of Cafe - Club - Party. A lot of Indonesian famous singers and bands appear here.



Traditional markets[edit]

The biggest traditional market is Pasar Wage. There are also several small traditional markets, such as Pasar Manis and Pasar Pon.


A row of shops in Purwokerto

There are a number of boutiques and newer outlets along Jl HR Bunyamin, in the northern part of the city. They're popular with monied youths and college students.

Shopping malls[edit]

  • Moro Mall — the biggest mall in Purwokerto
  • Tamara Plaza — the handphone (cellular) centre and Gramedia Book Store.
  • Rita Pasaraya — the first department store chain in Purwokerto. There are two, one in Kebon Dalem and the newest one in Jl Jendral Sudirman , close to Moro Mall and Tamara Plaza
  • Matahari Department Store


There are plenty of handicraft and souvenir stands in nearby Baturaden, a cool resort-town just 14 km (8.7 mi) to the north.


Mendoan in the making. Fried until just-so. Not crispy, still a little bit soft

The following dishes should be on every traveller's agenda:

  • Gudeg, a curry of jackfruit, chicken and egg served with rice. The most famous local dish. The most famous seller is in front of Pasar Manis, Jl Gatot Subroto.
  • Mendoan is made from very thin tempe (fermented soy bean cake), battered and fried. The best mendoan is only found in the village, even though city mendoan is considerable tasty. Mendoan can be bought at Jl Sawangan, in outlets including Mirasa and Echo21. You can buy it raw (with separate ingredients) and fry it at home.
  • Sate Kambing Sate Kambing in Purwokerto Area (Banyumas, Sokaraja, Purbalingga) is also famous for very tender young Goat. One of the best is Sate Tiga Saudara.
  • Soto Purwokerto


  • Soto Ani, Jl Jendral Sudirman (east of the alun-alun, in front of Gaya Baru Optik. Located in small street behind building). 17:00-21:00 daily. Rp7,000.
  • Rumah Makan Cahaya Mas, one of the best Chinese food restaurants in town. Not halal.
  • RM endut in Jl Overste Isdiman is famous for Hainan chicken rice and nasi campur. On Jln Wahid Hasim 118 purwokerto. delivery service +62 281 647345
  • Serabi Jalan Bank, available early in the morning is a local favourite. The queue is sometimes very long especially during holiday season.
  • Soto Jalan Bank, Soto Sungep (also in jalan Bank), Soto Pak Tama (near Rita department store and supermarket, Soto Pak Sampun (at jalan Komisaris Bambang Suprapto), Soto Ani at Gen. Sudirman street; (east from Alun-alun across Gaya Baru Optik. located in small street behind building, open c. 17:00-21:00).
  • Soto Sokaraja, available in Sokaraja, 4km west of Purwokerto. Many of Soto Sokaraja in here, considered one of the best is Soto Kecik. The place not so good but very famous. Another famous one (some people consider this soto is better) is Soto Sutri.
  • Mie Kelinci III available in Jl HR.Benyamin, 2km from Limas Agung.
  • Bakso Pekih, Jl Pekih, north of the Grand Mosque and alun-alun. Open 09:00-15:00 approx.
  • Gethuk Goreng At Sokaraja we also found the famous food called Gethuk Goreng that many shops sell with different kinds of names. And the other food: nopia, mino (small nopia) kripik.


  • Siomay Kuah Segar, Prof Dr Suharso Street, a blend of Indonesian and Japanese restaurant, offers siomay, bakso, and Japanese cuisine such as Okonomiyaki, Takoyaki, Ramen, and Yakimesi.
  • Paparon's Pizza, available in Jenderal Sudirman Street. A well-known pizza restaurant.
  • Ayam Penyet Suroboyo, available in Prof Dr Suharso Street, offers Javanese Ayam Penyet.
  • Leko, Prof Dr Suharso Street, offers tasty Iga Bakar with valuable price.
  • Iga Bakar Mas Giri, Prof Dr Suharso Street, one of the most visited restaurant in town.
  • Pecel Lele Lela, Prof Dr Suharso Street, wide varieties of Pecel Lele cuisine.
  • Brasil, Located in Kebon Dalem, the best ice cream and coffee place in town. Also offers Indonesian cuisine.
  • Rumah Makan Kalibogor, Located in Yos Sudarso Street in the western part of the city, best to try the Ayam Goreng.
  • Obonk Steak, Located in the Purwokerto City Walk, offers the best steak in town.
  • Angkringan Tahu Kupat Pa'buaran, located in Jalan HR Bunyamin. Offers tasty Magelang's tahu kupat.
  • Cibiuk, a Sundanese restaurant located in Jalan HR Bunyamin, best for Sambal Cibiuk.
  • Phuket, a Thai restaurant in Jalan HR Bunyamin.


  • Pringgading, a garden-restaurant in DI Panjaitan street, offers Indonesian and Chinese cuisine.
  • Oemah Daoen, a garden-restaurant in Karangklesem, a few meters south of Andhang Pangrenan Park.
  • Gubug Makan Mang Engking, a resort-style restaurant, with ponds and rice fields view. Available in Jalan HR Bunyamin.
  • MP Steak and Pancake, a unique Dutch-style restaurant, offers steak and pancake. Jalan MT Haryono, close to Pasar Wage.
  • Asiatic, a luxury restaurant, valuable price. Located in Jalan HR Bunyamin.
  • Furama Restaurant, Chinese restaurant with Cantonese dish. Located in Jalan Dr Angka.
  • @lounge, Jalan HR Bunyamin, 2nd floor of Asiatic Restaurant (north of Jenderal Sudirman University), +62 281 643000. A newly-built lounge in a strategic place, best for pudding and cake.
  • Meteor Cafe, Jalan Jend. Sudirman, Satria Plaza no. 1-2 (Right in the city center, just a walk distance to the business and shopping centers), +62 281 634234. 10:00-22:00. One of the best place in town for hangout, offers Italian, Chinese, Japanese cuisines and snacks.


Wedang ronde is hot ginger drink with gluten rice balls, peanuts, jelly

Kebon Cafe is located at Jatiwinagun street. Good place to hang around. Lot of local musicians there.



  • Hotel Borobudur, Jalan Yosodarmo 32, +62 281 635341.
  • Hotel Mulia, Jalan Jenderal Sudirman no. 732 (right in the downtown, close to the market and commercial centres). Strategically located in the downtown. Walking distance to markets, commercial centres, and tourist attractions. Zenith Rp 150,000, Diamond Rp 300,000.
  • Hotel Anggrek, Jl. Dr. Suparno no. 100, +62 281 7606633. Clean and quiet Rp 90,000-125,000.


  • 1 Green Valley Resort, Jl Raya Baturraden km.8, Baturraden, +62 281 681123, fax: +62 281 681590, . A 3-star resort hotel with views of Baturraden. Rp500,000.
  • Puri Wisata Hotel, Jl. Raya Baturaden (located right in the resort-town of Baturaden, 14 km north of Purwokerto), +62-281-681331. Nice hotel in Baturaden, just a walk distance to plenty of tourist attractions.
  • Hotel Rosenda Cottages, Jl. Raya Baturaden (located right in the resort-town of Baturaden, 14 km north of Purwokerto), +62-281-681570. A 3-star hotel in Baturaden, at the foot of Mount Slamet.
  • Queen Garden Hotel Baturaden, Jl. Pariwisata Baturaden (in Baturaden, a cool resort town and only 10 minutes to Purwokerto), +62-281-681388. One of the most famous 3-star hotel in Baturaden. Offers the cool air of Baturaden and spectacular views of the city of Purwokerto and surrounding areas. Economy Rp 250,000, Suite Rp 1,395,000.
  • Wisata Niaga Hotel, Jl. Merdeka no.5 Purwokerto (right in the downtown of Purwokerto), +62-281-642333. A modern-minimalist-styled business hotel. The building was formerly used as the branch office of an insurance company. Standard Rp 145,000, family Rp 275,000.
  • Astro Hotel Purwokerto, Jl. Suparjo Rustam Km. 4 Sokaraja Purwokerto (about 5 minutes driving south of the downtown), +62-281-6844107. Check-in: 13:00, check-out: 12:00. Standard Rp 84,000, Deluxe Rp 175,000.
  • Atrium Resort & Hotel, Jl. Soepardjo Rustam (Jl. Raya Sokaraja), +62-281-6844041. A villa-styled hotel in the main road between Purwokerto and Sokaraja. Five minutes driving from the downtown Purwokerto. Standard Rp 330,000, deluxe Rp 495,000, suite Rp 715,000.


  • 2 Aston Imperium Hotel, Jl Overste Isdiman No.33, +62 281 628000, . A 12-floor, 4-star hotel with modern architecture. Offers wifi, gym, pool, restaurants, meeting rooms, and spa. Rp590,000.
  • Java Heritage Hotel, Jl Dr. Angka No.71 (about 5 minutes drive north of the centre of town, near the main road to Baturraden), +62 281 634321. A three-star comfortable resort-hotel. Formerly the Horison Hotel. Rp440,000.

Stay safe[edit]

Mount Slamet volcano erupted in 2009 and again in 2014, and for periods afterwards residents and tourists were warned to not approach within 2km of the crater. Check conditions to determine the threat level before planning a visit.

Go next[edit]


  • Pancuran Pitu on the southern slope of Gunung Slamet and just 14 km (8.7 mi) from town offers a cooler climate and hot springs in verdant pine forests. There is a long and tricky climb back up to the dilapidated road, so some may prefer more commercial resorts nearby.


  • Mersi, famous for kripik tempe, jenang jacket and other traditional meals.
  • Purbalingga, home of the famous Owabong Waterpark, Sanggaluri Park, and Purbayasa River World.

South East[edit]

  • Sokaraja, a transit town, famous for soto and gethuk goreng.
  • Tambak, on the border of Kebumen Regency, one hour by bus from Purwokerto Bus Terminal for Rp7,000. Offers its famous duck satay. Price Rp10,000.
  • Kebumen. a regency famous for its beaches and natural limestone caves. Also for lanthing and satay ambal. There are Gombong town with colonial, military and its tourism. There are also has an ancient geological national geopark site Karangsambung-Karangbolong.


  • Gunung Tugel
  • Cilacap on the south coast is a growing industrial city, with oil refinery, power station and cement factory. The adventurous can hop off to the south coast beaches of West Java by taking a boat through the Segara Anakan bay.
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