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As the Gower Peninsula is a suburb of the city of Swansea, full details regarding the area are listed under Swansea. - Anon user.

That may be the case. However, Gower and the Gower Peninsula appear to be destinations. It may be appropriate to move the information that is currently in Swansea that relates to Gower or the Gower Peninsula to their own articles. -- (WT-en) Huttite 20:59, 22 Jul 2005 (EDT)
Gower and the Gower Penisular are the same place. The city of Swansea stands on the peninsular, so while untwinning the two is feasible, I wonder whether is is useful, given that the city is small with a population of only 250,000 - Anon user.
Small is a relative term. I consider a city of a quarter of a million to be a large, and potentially huge, city. However, that is beside the point. Wikivoyage article templates come in different flavours. I see the article about Gower Peninsula being a regional article. That is it covers a geographic area or feature. However, Swansea is definitely a large city article, and discusses a community rather than simply land. There is lots of detail and a lot of things being omitted, and that indicates it could be come a huge city article, with district articles about various suburbs or districts in Swansea, such as Swansea/Gower. Although the City of Swansea may be the territorial authority that administers the Gower Peninsula, as its administrative territory covers that same geographic area, I am not certain that the community known as Swansea is the same thing. Apart from the articles here, I have little concept of what sort of city Swansea really is, as I have never been there. But the way the article reads, I am imagining a fairly rural geographic area, with green hills and a city that is made up of lots of little communities nestled in bays and valleys along the coastline of the peninsula and a city that spreads over some hillsides as well as a central downtown area near the port. If Swansea really is the same as the Gower Peninsula then there would be suburbs of houses on every hillside and it would not be an Area of Natural Beauty, because it wouldn't be Natural or Beautiful. I see the article about the Swansea urban area as being smaller and separate from the article about the Area of Natural Beauty known as the Gower Peninsula and separate again from the suburb of Swansea known as Gower. At this time the three articles may be the same, but over time they may diverge and evolve. -- (WT-en) Huttite 09:24, 23 Jul 2005 (EDT)

I'm impressed. For someone who has never visited Swansea, your description of the relationship between Swansea and Gower is pretty close. However, I think that it needs to be clarified that 'Gower' and 'the Gower Peninsular' are exactly the same. The former title is just an abbreviation for the latter. They are not two seperate places. The city of Swansea consists of the original mediaeval town, which as you correctly guessed is near the port, and suburbs that spread out over hills and around the bays of the small peninsular. Historically, the suburbs on the peninsular were villages, but in recent times they have taken on the role as commuter or second home communities, and are therefore more connected to the city proper - somewhat like the relationship between Miramar or Evans Bay and Wellington. However, I have no problem dividing up the city and fitting it into a huge city template, if you think that is the way to go. Though, as the urban area offers the greater amount of attractions (eateries, galleries, hotels etc.), and with Swansea Bay itself being a popular tourist destination, I personally think the article about 'Swansea' (urban area) will be longer than that on 'Swansea/Gower', but that remains to be seen. Yes, as you rightly state, size is relative. I live in Asia, where a city of quarter of a million hardly makes it on to a regional map. However, I notice that you are a resident of 'Lord of the Rings' country, and there a city of that size would certainly be a place of prominence. Thanks for all you imput - lots to chew on.
I have noticed two violations on this page

Self catering

   Gower Edge Self Catering, Killan Road, Dunvant, Swansea. SA2 7TH, ☎ +44 1608 674467, e-mail: Spacious detached property which sleeps 8 in comfort. Wales Tourist Board 4*. Children and pets welcome. £390-874. edit

Self Catering Accommodation Agencies

   Home from Home, 101 Newton Road, Mumbles, Swansea SA3 4BN, ☎ +44 1792 360624, fax: +44 1792 361626, e-mail: They offer a range of holiday cottages and apartments in Mumbles, Gower, Swansea Marina and other areas of south west Wales. 

These two listings also appear on the Gower peninsula page.Dwtmill (talk) 10:57, 20 March 2014 (UTC)

Thanks for those. You mean also on the Swansea page, but I got it. Ikan Kekek (talk) 20:33, 20 March 2014 (UTC)