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Traditional folk music and folk dance[edit]

Hello. I have just added some preliminary info on traditional folk music and folk dance. I know a little bit about it, but not much and I hope other editors will find inspiration to add stuff. It is a quite rich culture, with several variations, also in the traditional dresses used. I don't know if we should write about garments on this page though? RhinoMind (talk) 14:43, 7 September 2016 (UTC)[reply]

If we include the Faroes, Iceland and Greenland, things really starts to get interesting. The Faroes has a very strong folk music and dance tradition that is still very much alive. Look up the Olaj fest for example, where common people dance trhough the streets together once a year. I don't know how things are in Iceland. In Greenland they have a very different folk music and dance tradition, including the shamanic dances. Very interesting stuff. Oh, and by the way, the Sami people of Northern Norway, Sweden and Finland, should not be forgotten. This happens all too often! They have their very own culture and is indeed also part of the Nordic countries folk traditions. RhinoMind (talk) 14:48, 7 September 2016 (UTC)[reply]