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Removed information on CityLink service between Shannon Airport and Galway as it no longer exists.

By train[edit]

Shannon has no train station. The following should be summarized at Limerick#By train (though some of it should be only at Ireland#By train and other content should be omitted):

Iarnród Éireann (Irish Rail) is the main rail company serving the country, with InterCity services (the one you'll be riding if you're traveling to Shannon), Commuter lines based in and around Dublin, and the Dublin Area Rapid Transit (DART) which is the metro system for Dublin. There are 8 different ticket types: for adults (over 16 years old), you can either pay adult single, a one-way ticket and the cheapest option; adult day return, a round-trip ticket with a return the same day, and a slightly more expensive option; and an adult open return ticket, a round-trip ticket with a return at any time within 30 days, which is the most expensive option. Student tickets are the cheapest, with student single or student return tickets, the latter of which are slightly more expensive. Children under 5 years old don't need a ticket to travel, just a reserved seat, while children ages 5 to 15 are discounted half of the appropriate adult fare.

The Limerick Colbert train station is the main one in the area, serving 2,500 passengers a day on four different lines. Perhaps the most major one is the the Dublin to Cork route, connecting the three largest cities in the country. It starts at the capital and largest city on Ireland on the east coast of the island, Dublin at its Heuston Station, through the country (mostly following the M7 highway until Ballybrophy where it diverts along the N62, the M8, then the N74 and N24) with 8 stops until it reaches Limerick Junction then the actual Limerick station. From here, it returns to Limerick Junction, then traveling southwest to Charleville and Mallow until finally ending at the major Kent Station in Cork on the southwest shore of the country. Unforunately, prices on this route are quite expensive. While a price calculator can be found on the website, open return round-trip prices from Dublin Heuston to Limerick Colbert are €72.40 (£61.80, US$80.90) for adults, €26 (£22.19, US$29.05) for students, and €132 (£112.68, US$147.50) for families. Limerick Colbert to Cork Kent one-way prices are €51.65 (£44.09, US$57.71) for adults, €25 (£21.34, US$27.93) for students, and €93 (£79.39, US$103.92) for families.

If you're looking to stay along the beautiful west coast of the country, there's also the Western Rail Corridor. a short hop between Limerick and the Galway Ceannt station, located in the 6th most populous city in the country, stopping at Sixmilebridge, Ennis, Gort, Ardrahan, and Craughwell on the way. Prices here are far cheaper than Dublin to Limerick or Limerick to Cork, with open return trips costing €35.25 (£30.09, US$39.39) for adults, €22.50 (£19.21, US$25.14) for students, and €87 (£74.27, US$97.21) for families.

If you have money to splurge, then certainly don't miss out on the undeniably beautiful and peaceful train rides throughout the lush and never-ending countrysides and glistening oceans, especially if you want a quick and easy visit to Shannon as opposed to longer and more inconsistent bus rides.

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A lot of this article is really in violation of at least the spirit of Wikivoyage:Don't tout. If everything is "ideal" and so forth, then none of the descriptions hold any water for the - to take another overused expression - "savvy traveller". Let's please describe more, use fewer superlatives and no hard-sell language, and just present relevant facts as briefly as we reasonably can. That's how we make this article user-friendly. Anything else will turn off a lot of folks who've seen this kind of pitch in several languages from tourist bureaux and travel agencies all over the world. I've made a start at editing out some of the chaff, but there's a lot to get through, and it'll take a fine-toothed comb and some time. Please help. Ikan Kekek (talk) 11:21, 29 December 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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