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Will update "sleep" section as soon as I find time. There are more hotels that can be listed (WT-en) HappyV 10:34, 29 Jan 2006 (EST)

For the time being, I have only found these photographs which are in public domain. When I find time I will take some myself and upload them. (WT-en) HappyV 08:51, 11 March 2006 (EST)

Budget hotels???[edit]

Hi, something is wrong with the definition of budget. Right now, budget starts at ***, but there should be * and ** as well as B&B available, which would suit that category better. 05:49, 16 May 2007 (EDT)

I do not get around wikipedia but the map of the ZET trams are the following and please somebody put this link:


Are there any vegetarian restaurants in Zagreb ? Thanx, Lisa.

vegetarian restaurants[edit]

Happy Smile - Vlaška 79 web:

Nova - Ilica 72

Sirion - Derenčinova 1 web:

Izvor - Zagorska 18

Croats open to homosexual behavior?[edit]

Well not really, I think whoever wrote this is either delusional or misguided. While Zagreb has an active gay scene and seven years of Gay Pride manifestations behind it, Croats are still not open to publicly expressing of affection of gay people. Even though most people would either not mind or just grumble and walk away, gay people are still targets for extremist groups or football fans and tourists should be aware of that.

Public Transportation[edit]

As for december-2009 I went to Zagreb and found out that the trams are very modern, actualy that very modern so the passengers can use a chip card to pay the fare. It gets troublesome in the newer tram cars because these may only have one validating machine for paper tickets. When the cars are overcrowded with passengers it is impossible to get to the paper ticket validating machine and I am not sure where it is in front or back. Also it is the same problem with buses. So how do we solve this? Is it an idea to add this to the page? --(WT-en) Damian 01:27, 28 December 2009 (EST)