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About Me

Well what do I put here? I always hate these things as what's interesting to me probably isn't interesting to another!

So started life in Blackpool for 19 years before heading off to Durham university to do Computer Science for 3 years. Ended up liking the place so much (and disliking Blackpool so much) that I decided to stay in Durham, and am now working in Newcastle. However, in a new direction I am now working in Saudi Arabia. Getting out here has been an experience in itself, but am now enjoying the new experiences. Also means I'm in a good place to explore more Eastern lands... Japan and Australia are the top 2 on my list, so any advice greatly appreciated!

Travels in recent times have included: Tonganoxie (KS), USA; Torevieja and Arboleas, Spain; Qurum Beach, Oman; Bahrain; Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, as well as various visits to locations within the UK.

So on Wikivoyage I'm currently trying to keep pages for my regular haunts up to date (past and present). I'm also finding myself spending a little time during the day keeping an eye on the updates here and trying to help keep things tidy and within the Wikivoyage aims, policies, bureaucracy, etc. Always happy to debate any changes made on here :) I'm also signed up as a Docent for a few places I have a bit more knowledge about - see my talk page for the destinations.

If you want to contact me, either hit my talk page or drop me an email to


Being either resident, working there, ex-resident or regular visitor, I've added myself as a docent for Blackpool, Durham (England), Fleetwood, Lindisfarne and Newcastle upon Tyne.

For more information on Docents, please see the Wikivoyage Docents page.

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