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I'm Rastapopulous. I'm from New York, specifically Brooklyn but nowadays live in Seattle. In college I spent substantial time on Long Island I've also done brief stints in Havana, Middlebury, and a very brief stint in Pittsburgh. The kid of a rather international family (Italian-South African), I started traveling at an early age, but have also been venturing out into the world on my own.

Me at Darvaza, in May 2011


I am the docent for Brooklyn. If you have questions, please leave them on my talk page.



  • There's a whole bunch of restaurants I've been to all over the map, and I need to add them to their respective articles

(Personal reminders: Biang!, Cafe at Your Mother-in-Law, Varesichnaya, Pho Grand, Ted's (Steamed Cheeseburgers)) Main Projects

  • Getting various articles about Cuba up to shape, starting with Baracoa
  • Getting my own hometown of Brooklyn up to shape, particularly the areas around Prospect Park, which I know well, and the Downtown area, which I also know well but not as well as the area around Prospect Park.
  • Doing some work on the East End of Long Island

Future Projects

  • Improving the New York article, or at least what I can work on: the aforementioned Brooklyn work, plus some stuff in Lower Manhattan.

Travel Stuff[edit]

Next Up[edit]

I'll be heading to Europe for the first time in a while, heading to Amsterdam and Edinburgh and doing a redo in Brussels

Where I've Been[edit]

I usually define having been to a place as my feet having touched solid ground there (i.e. not in some vehicle or other), however briefly that may be

I have visited the following countries:

My favorite places (In no particular order):

Travel Goals[edit]

So far, they are:

a. Leave the United States and live somewhere else, quite possibly permanently. b. Go on a round the world trip. c. Visit every country in the former USSR.

Wish List[edit]

Regions I am interested in:

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