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Two roads diverged and I took the one less traveled and that has made all the difference.


Mikeylito is a WikiVoyager in the United States.


  Long Island
From Brooklyn in the west to Montauk and Orient in the east, Lond Island is a great place to live and work. Brooklyn is very urban as well it should be. It's the most populous borough of New York City. On its own, Brooklyn is the third largest city in the United States. Because "the City" is oriented to Manhattan Island, Brooklyn's downtown is actually west-central in the borough. As you fan out in all directions (except west) from Downtown, you'll find a myriad of neighborhoods and cultures throughout Brooklyn.

North and due east of Brooklyn are the neighborhoods of Queens. Although Queens doesn't have a singular downtown per se, some might say that it's Long Island City.

  Southern California
The Mediterranean climate in the Southland makes it a year-round destination for work and play. Imagine my joy in driving around Los Angeles in my Jeep in February with the top down. It was 85 degrees.


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  • Six Flags Magic Mountain. Open since 1971, is the leading attraction in Santa Clarita. Movie buffs will recognize this park as "Wally World" in the 1983 film National Lampoon's Vacation. Buy your tickets online at their website and you'll usually get a deal like $10 off or buy one get one free Parking is $17 for self parking and $30 for valet. Six Flags Magic Mountain, the Thrill Capital of the World, firmly holds the coveted "Coaster Capital of the World" crown — with a total of 18 roller coasters — more than any other theme park on the planet.
  • Universal Orlando Resort, International Dr, +1 407 363-8000. 9AM-closing times varying from 6PM-10PM. Top-ranked challenger to Disney, with two theme parks -- the original Universal Studios Florida and the second theme park, Islands of Adventure -- a nightclub and restaurant complex, CityWalk, and three resort hotels. Discounts are given for purchasing tickets online.
  • Walt Disney World (18 mi S of downtown in Lake Buena Vista). The acclaimed gold standard of theme parks on the planet. Hours vary by park and season.


  • Fiesta San Antonio (Fiesta!!!). Fiesta is a yearly event held in San Antonio in late April. Fiesta is a 10-day, city-wide, fun-filled, multi-cultural celebration. Many family-oriented events take place during this time, as well as many events geared towards adults. With over 100 different events, it's the biggest party and greatest community benefit in the state of Texas. One of the most fun events of all Fiesta, is Oysterbake on the St. Mary's University campus. It kicks Fiesta off with a bang, has plenty of food (chicken on a stick, oysters, fried oysters, corn, corn in a cup, meats on sticks, pizza, you name it. Friday of Oysterbake is usually more family-oriented with an '80s or '90s band headlining the festivities. (Previous headliners: Eddie Money, Loverboy, Night Ranger, Smashmouth) Saturday is a jam-packed day of fun, food, music and booze. More modern acts will headline the main stage, there will be a country stage, and a tejano stage. Previous acts include: Three Days Grace, Chevelle, Puddle of Mudd, Hinder, Lit, 10 Years, Buckcherry (bad year), and The Veer Union. If you're single, Oysterbake on Saturday is your time to shine. Otherwise, you'll have an awesome time with friends or family. Leave the toddlers at home on Saturday! Don't be that parent.
  • Taste of Chicago, +1 312 744-3315. 11AM-9PM. An outdoor showcase of Chicago restaurants, vendors, and performers, plus big name concerts. The specifics of the scheme vary from year to year, but generally, you buy a roll of tickets and then trade in those tickets for beer, drinks, food, and desserts. It's a great chance to sample the range of Chicago cuisine (at steeper prices). Also a great opportunity to watch Independence Day fireworks from the park and lakefront, but beware: it gets crowded.





  • ESPN Club at Disney's Boardwalk, Walt Disney World, Orlando FL, +1 407 939-1177. 11:30AM-1AM. A sports-themed bar and grill, but there's a whole lot more to do than eat. Watch the big game (over 100 screens to choose from), play video games right at your table, or shop for sports-themed merchandise; there's a little bit of everything in here. It does get crowded, especially if there's a big event to watch on TV (including any Sunday afternoon or Monday night during the football season). No ADRs are accepted for this restaurant; it's strictly first-come, first-served. $10-$15.







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