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Hi Benreis, Welcome to en: I guess I don't need to give you the guided tour. • • • Peter (Southwood) (talk): 15:32, 24 September 2012 (CEST)

Hi Peter, thanks for welcoming. I guess biggest problem will be English language. -- Benreis (talk) 16:35, 24 September 2012 (CEST)
Grüezi Benreis, ich spreche Deutsch falls es nur sprachliche Hürden sind ;-) Jc8136 (talk) 17:35, 24 September 2012 (CEST)
Hallo Jc8136, danke für das Angebot, ich werde darauf zurück kommen. -- Benreis (talk) 17:38, 24 September 2012 (CEST)


Hoi Benreis, ich habe im Rahmen des "User rights managements" auf Autopatroller gestuft, da Du keinen Unsinn beabsichtigst anzustellen;) Gruss, jan (talk) 11:29, 3 July 2013 (UTC)[]

Danke für das Vertrauen.--Benreis (talk) 11:36, 3 July 2013 (UTC)[]


Hi there. I have just reverted the two banners you added because they are the wrong size. Banners must have a 7:1 aspect ratio, preferable 2100px/300px or larger. Could you crop the banners you had and re-upload them? Texugo (talk) 11:45, 4 July 2013 (UTC)[]

Hi Benreis, I just removed one, too, the same problem. Here you can read some more about correct implementation of page banners. Hope it helps, otherwise ask (in German, too). Grüsse, Danapit (talk) 12:27, 4 July 2013 (UTC)[]
If Bambergbannernew.JPG is the right size, I will change the other banners next days. -- Benreis (talk) 12:44, 4 July 2013 (UTC)[]
Hello. Yes, that banner is the right size. It'd be great if you could crop the others when you get time. All the best, James Atalk 13:05, 4 July 2013 (UTC)[]
Actually no, I undid that one too, as it was only 6.5 : 1. If you don't get around to changing them to 7:1, I'll be glad to do it when I get home this evening. It is indeed a great image, just needs to be the right shape to match all the others... Texugo (talk) 13:07, 4 July 2013 (UTC)[]
Actually, It was not exactly right, but close. I cropped it a little further and uploaded it as a new version of the same picture, as it was a copy of the original image, anyway. Also pictures used for banners should have a category Wikivoyage banners of ______ (Germany, in this case). I added that, too. If you follow this example, it will be all right ;) Danapit (talk) 13:10, 4 July 2013 (UTC)[]
My mistake, I didn't check the file history. Now it is the right size at 2100x300, but it wasn't when Benreis uploaded it originally. James Atalk 13:17, 4 July 2013 (UTC)[]
The Kulmbach banner size is fine now. I only added Wikivoyage banners of Germany template to it. Than you. Danapit (talk) 10:30, 5 July 2013 (UTC)[]
Sorry, I forgot. -- Benreis (talk) 10:31, 5 July 2013 (UTC)[]