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Hello, Jonas Ryberg! Welcome to Wikivoyage.

To help get you started contributing, we've created a tips for new contributors page, full of helpful links about policies and guidelines and style, as well as some important information on copyleft and basic stuff like how to edit a page. If you need help, check out Project:Help, or post a message in the travellers' pub.--(WT-en) Burmesedays 11:54, 28 July 2011 (EDT)


Hey, great work on Norilsk—contributions on off-the-beaten-path destinations like that are especially appreciated. Please keep it up! – (WT-en) Vidimian 12:04, 21 October 2011 (EDT)

Seconded. Great stuff! --(WT-en) Peter Talk 19:21, 21 October 2011 (EDT)

Welcome at Wikivoyage[edit]

Hello, Jonte--! Welcome to Wikivoyage.

To help get you started contributing, we've created a tips for new contributors page, full of helpful links about policies and guidelines and style, as well as some important information on copyleft and basic stuff like how to edit a page. If you need help, check out Help, or post a message in the travellers' pub. --Saqib (talk) 19:44, 6 January 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

User merge?[edit]

Hi, I think I recognize your user page from WT. If I'm right, your old account's contributions are preserved here, and I can merge them into your new account. If you would like to, just log on to WT and add a note to your user page that you edit on Wikimedia projects under the name Jonte--. If I'm totally mistaken, then my apologies, and good work so far! --Peter Talk 23:33, 8 February 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hello, yes it's me. Haven't had the time to fix that yet. Will try and do it this week. --Jonte-- (talk) 11:49, 12 March 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I'll happily fix it for you—I have the tools to do the merge. Just say the word. --Peter Talk 18:14, 12 March 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Please to, here's my update: --Jonte-- (talk) 21:11, 13 March 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I have preformed the merge, and have merged your old talk page into this one. If you want anything from your old user page, please find it here [1]. Good to have you back! --Peter Talk 01:15, 14 March 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

An award for you![edit]

Barncompass.png The Wikivoyage Barncompass
For tireless work of adding coordinates to one article after another, please have a barncompass! ϒpsilon (talk) 20:20, 27 March 2016 (UTC)Reply[reply]

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Change of marker from Go to Other on Istanbul#By train[edit]


Thanks for your edits on Istanbul#By train. However, I do not see the point of changing the markers from go to other for the Sirkeci and Haydarpaşa stations. Both stations will see service when trains resume, Haydarpaşa will be the terminus for YHT trains. Sirkeci will remain open for at least regional and some overnight trains. Also, we do not add links to other cities as markers. This is only confusing. --Jonte-- (talk) 13:05, 11 February 2017 (UTC)

  • Hi, thank you very much for your recommendations. I had my reasons. At the moment, Sirkeci is just a place to go and visit the Istanbul Railroads Museum. Haydarpasa is completely closed at the moment due to construction activities. There is a possibility that those places might not serve as train stations anymore, because we have no clear information or official statement about the plans for the buildings. The ownership of Sirkeci has been transferred to Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, who is not a train operator. There is a possibility that it might be used as a train depot (which is not clear as well). You can not find a clear press release or declaration about these as the press releases page of TCDD is just full of disclaimers towards news. So I think we can mark them as stations to use once we see that they are functional again. For the cities there's a 'city' marker type and I marked them this way so that people see those cities on the map which, in my opinion, is quite helpful for planning. But if there is a common rule or sense against this, we might create a discussion topic, as the whole page needs a lot of attention. Thanks again and hope to collaborate on Istanbul more, to make it a useful resource again.

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Hello, I added the lat/long to the railway station in Limavady, because they are required if you use the full page map (the one from the icon at the top right of the page). The dynamic map does use the Wikidata lat/long, but for some reason the full page one doesn't. Unfortunately I had forgotten that the train now stops at Bellarena, but it is over ten years since I have used that train. AlasdairW (talk) 21:11, 16 December 2020 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Hello. Forgive the bluntness, but are you going to finish the districtification of Venice? The current "half-finished" situation isn't tenable, so either someone needs to finish the job, or we move the district articles you created into your userspace. All the best, ThunderingTyphoons! (talk) 17:35, 27 July 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

No problem! I was hoping for some help but you're correct, it should be finished. I'll try to do it during August. If it's not done until August 31th you can move the articles. Jonte-- (talk) 06:47, 30 July 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Thank you! If you ask for help in the Pub, you'll probably collect some volunteers.--ThunderingTyphoons! (talk) 19:03, 30 July 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Hello Jonte. In the Nusaybin article, I noticed you copied a large block of text from the corresponding Wikipedia article. Are you the original contributor of that text over at WP? If not, we have to provide a link to the said article for attribution purposes (please see Wikivoyage:Copyleft#Can I copy text and other content to Wikivoyage from other sites? and Wikivoyage:Cooperating with Wikipedia#Sharing content), and using Template:Wikipedia at the relevant talk page is one way of doing it. Of course, it's always better to rewrite the WP text into a unique content here for SEO purposes. Best, Vidimian (talk) 14:55, 6 November 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

So it's not possible to reuse text from Wikipedia? Wow, that's a rigid licence system. I thought one of the points of migrating to Wikimedia was to cooperate. Jonte-- (talk) 16:43, 6 November 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
To clarify, reusing text from Wikipedia is possible, because the licenses are compatible but still there is a requirement to attribute properly (the "by" part of CC-by-SA). Vidimian (talk) 16:51, 6 November 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Train connection Bitola-Florina[edit]

Hi, I saw your edit about the upcoming railway connection of Bitola and Florina, and I was wondering where did you read about it happening in November 2022? I happened to be in Florina and Bitola the previous week, and from what I've heard, railway from Bitola's side has being reconstructed and ready to be used and that they just wait Greece to do its part. Even though locals from both areas want the connection, our railway company (Hellenic Train) said nothing recently about that. Jimkats (talk) 21:13, 14 November 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

This was reported about a month ago and from news articles it seemed everything was finished and a decision to run trains had been made. Maybe we need to revise the text if trains are not running. Jonte-- (talk) 07:07, 19 November 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]