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The Access Expedition is a Wikivoyage Expedition to enhance the travelling experience of those with a physical impairment who use the Wikivoyage guides.



Wikivoyage is a guide for all travellers. As far as is practicable, it should contain accessibility information useful to travelers with different capabilities. As a collaborative guide written by travelers and locals combined with input from business owners, it is uniquely positioned to do so.


  • Determine the best methods, standards and templates for documenting access information in the transport and listing sections of our guides.
  • Enhance the content relating to access in our guides.
  • Enhance the accessibility of our guides themselves.
  • Request and advocate for changes to our listing templates to incorporate access information.
  • Encourage Wikivoyagers to include access information when they visit a place or attraction.
  • Encourage business owners to include access information to their own listings.
  • Encourage Wikivoyagers to update access information for their local area, in the agreed manner.

Current situation

  • We don't have any second level subheadings in our templates related to accessibility.
  • We do encourage accessibility information to be embedded in our Get around and Get in sections, and a third level heading is sometimes appropriate. There is no standard for the third level heading when it is used.
  • We do encourage accessibility information to be added to listings (accommodation and attractions). However, there is no field in our standard template in which to enter it.
  • We do have two travel topics for disabled travel, but these are poorly developed, and it is unclear whether this way of presenting this information has wide support. (Travellers with disabilities and Disabled travel in South Africa)
  • Our goals of making a printed guide and incorporating information other than linking it, together with using standard wikimedia software that can be utilised by software tools for the visually impaired and the deaf, enhance the accessibility of our guide.

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