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Cities from Assam#Cities[edit]

Star Guide Usable Outline Redlink
Article Status To do
Dispur Outline Now a barely-started Outline.
Bongaigaon Outline Listings are lacking in information, as detailed in style templates on the page.
Borgang Outline Clear writing but very little content.
Dibrugarh Outline Needs copy editing, more info (especially location) in listings.
Guwahati Outline Again, many listings need location and more info. There's a decent amount of information in this article, but it's still pretty far from truly usable; even in the "See" section, though all the listings now have Geo, some opening hours and more contact info would really help people planning a visit. Other sections lack Geo and some listings lack even a street name. Guwahati is the largest city in Assam, with a lot of sights. Making this article at least solidly Usable is at least somewhat of a priority for this project.
Jorhat Outline Enlarged and much improved, mostly thanks to User:Anshuman.jrt and user:Matroc, and close to Usable. Needs map and pagebanner and most listings need clearer location info.
Nagaon Outline Quite lacking in information and also justification: What is there to do and see in Nagaon? The reader can't tell.
Rangia Outline Just a 1-sentence intro and a single "Sleep" listing.
Silchar Outline Intro feels encyclopedic. Travellers won't care about all those dates, but want to know why they should visit Silchar. There are some listings, but they need more content. Some sections are blank.
Tezpur Outline Has a nice pagebanner. A style tag at the top of the page really sums up the task at hand: "All listings need to be wiki-listified". "Sleep" is really the worst offender, with an obscure subheading in ALL CAPS, followed by a bunch of names/phone numbers only. Essentially, all the listings will need to be checked with a fine-toothed comb - a somewhat complex task, unless you know this city (in which case, great!!), but still worth trying.
Tinsukia Outline Very coherent writing, but the content really peters out.