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Wikivoyage participates in various social media networks as a way of keeping our users informed about new content and fostering community spirit. Please support Wikivoyage by joining us on these sites and taking a look.


Wikivoyage has a social media presence on the following sites:

English site Account administrator(s)
Twitter (see also)
Site Other languages Account administrator(s)
Twitter (see also)
  • N/A
  • N/A
  • N/A

A number of trusted users and administrators function as page admins on these sites, and will make regular posts. Posts may include updates to the Destination of the Month, Off the Beaten Path and Featured Travel Topic, new Star articles, major feature updates to Wikivoyage and other interesting travel news or activities.

How to get involved[edit]

Anybody is welcome to interact with the page and other fans in an appropriate manner. You can make wall posts or polls on Facebook, retweet or mention on Twitter. To suggest a new social media posting, use the Wikivoyage:Social media/Nominations page.

Guidelines for page admins[edit]

Please remember the following when taking administrative action on the page:

  • You must sign your posts, topics or anything else you do through the "Wikivoyage" account. No need to time stamp, just simply put "--[username]" at the end.
  • Do not express opinion when making posts on behalf of the page
  • Do not make excessive posts
  • Use common sense when taking administrative action.
  • You can direct questions or remarks to the appropriate link on the Wikivoyage site.
  • You can retweet (on twitter) or share (on facebook) other posts that reflect (preferably without controversy) on the Wikivoyage site.