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Wikivoyage has a growing presence on Twitter and, as such, it could be a useful tool for publicising our content and editing opportunities on the site.

Twitter is also a great way to contact Tourism Organisations (see Wikivoyage:Tourism Bureau Expedition). Asking them to verify an article is a good means of establishing contact and (perhaps a relationship).

If you'd like to put forward an article or page to be posted on Twitter, please nominate it below.


Nominations for Twitter publicity are far less meticulous than (for example) the process used to raise articles to star status. Simply post a link and brief reason for the article's nomination in the relevant category below and (unless a major issue is discovered) it will almost certainly be used.

As an example of a good article[edit]

Articles in this category should be of at least guide status.

As a future/ongoing project[edit]

If possible, it would be nice to follow-up such articles with a mention in the category below.

As a completed project[edit]

As a means of contacting a Tourism Organisation[edit]

Please also name the authority you would like this to be directed at. A link to their Twitter account would also be welcome.

  • Bolton - Visit Bolton - Didn't respond to email; need to be contacted again! --Nick talk 12:43, 6 June 2013 (UTC) Yes[reply]
  • The Hague / Scheveningen - [1], [2] - VVV Den Haag [3] - the article for The Hague is in reasonably good status, Scheveningen is still in shambles, but the articles could use expansion and, most importantly, updating and expanding the Eat/Drink/Sleep listings (e.g. only a fraction of hotels covered) PrinceGloria (talk) 12:59, 6 June 2013 (UTC) Yes - The Hague[reply]
  • Eindhoven is busy touting its new logo, but have they done enough to brush up their Wikivoyage article to help people get a taste of Eindhoven before the autumn lineup of events? @gem_Eindhoven Yes
  • Lake District - @golakes/@theenglishlakes - they tweet regularly and our articles need work! --Nick talk 14:15, 8 June 2013 (UTC) Yes[reply]
  • Almere - this rapidly growing town is very actively trying to shed off its "uninteresting bedroom community" image and promote itself as an (indeed) interesting destination. Its Wikivoyage article is woefully inadequate so far. @vvvalmere, @almere
  • Rotterdam - the second largest city in the Netherlands is already quite well covered, but we could use help from the local VVV to update listings and help us further enhance the article. @vvvrotterdam, @RotterdamInfo, @Rdam_Marketing, @rdamsuitburo
  • Malmo - Malmo is trying to shed off the notion it is a boring postindustrial city that is only a suburb of Copenhagen. Their tourist information is first-rate, in my experience, and recently got a bick kick out of Eurovision. They could do wonders to their still usable-only article. @Malmotown @malmostad
  • Antwerp - is a really interesting while compact destination, and we've got a good overview of it in our article, but we could use some help in providing more in-depth information, expanding and updating listings and perhaps discussing districtification. The Visit Antwerpen website [4] is quite exemplary, and somebody is clearly doing a good job there. @Visit_ANTWERP, @Stad_Antwerpen
  • Manchester is a splendid destination and it does a lot to prove it, so they could also help us brush up their article. @visit_mcr, @marketing_mcr Yes (Contacted separately as well; see Wikivoyage:Tourism Bureau Expedition).
  • Urban sketching - see the world, one drawing at a time. @urbansketchers, not really a tourism organisation, but another community built around travel and art. Yes

Current and upcoming events[edit]

Major cultural or sports events, like the Olympics or Eurovision, often draw particular attention to some destination in the months and weeks leading up to the event, during it and shortly afterwards. This may be a good occasion to draw in readers and professionals and advise them that they might want to help update and brush up the articles if necessary.

  • Croatia is just acceding the European Union in June, making it even easier to reach from the Union and beyond. Its sandy beaches and historic architecture are getting more and more popular, but are we covering it appropriately and providing up-to-date information? Yes
  • The 2013 Beach Volleyball World Championships will be held in the first week of July in Stare Jabłonki near Ostróda in Warmińsko-Mazurskie in Poland. The articles on this beautiful region of Poland are terribly empty. Still plenty of time to add more information for incoming volleyball fans, the sportsmen and women and others interested. Let us make the notion that Poland has no beaches history! Relevant tourist org: @WarmiaMazury Yes
  • The 2013 Island Games are to be held in Bermuda in mid-July. We could ask our Twitter followers for advice to readers on how not to get lost when travelling there - @GoToBermuda
  • The World Rally Championships are coming to Sardinia for June 20-22. What advice would our Twitter followers give to those inspired by the scenic landscapes seen on Eurosport? @SardegnaTurismo Yes - tweet again on start day. Yes
  • The Glastonbury Festival 2013 is scheduled to be held from 26–30 June 2013. Could Glastonbury regulars perhaps offer some tips to Wikivoyagers? @GlastoFest Yes
  • Manchester - Parklife Music Festival 8th/9th June Yes
  • Travemünde - 125th anniversary of the Travemünder Woche boat racing 18th until 27th July. Article is otbp & starnom. No own hashtag but several news listing from German bands & newspapers
Official Lübeck Tourism office is @Luebecktourism and Travemünde local office @TraveAktuell ( @shtourismus is state tourism which is run by a lady from Travemünde)