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The dive site Twin Towers or Twin Towers pinnacle is an offshore rocky reef in the Duiker Point area on the Cape Peninsula, near Cape Town in the Western Cape Province of South Africa.


Map of the granite pinnacle dive site Twin Towers
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  • 1 Twin Towers pinnacle: S34°01.920' E018°18.330' — 350 m south (180°true) of the exposed rocks at Middelmas.

This site is in the Table Mountain National Park Marine Protected Area since 2004. A permit is required. The site is within the Karbonkelberg restricted area.


The name "Twin Towers" is a reasonable description of the pinnacle, which is about 14 m high and about 15 m diameter near the base, and is split from about halfway up into east and west pinnacles, of similar height and width, both tapering to fairly blunt tips.


Maximum depth is about 34 m. and the top of the pinnacles is about 20 m. (Average depth of a dive is likely to be about 30 m.)


Visibility is likely to be similar to other sites in the vicinity, but may be better as it is deep enough to be less affected by surge than shallower sites, and is deep enough to be below the surface algal bloom some of the time.


The split pinnacle outcrop rises from a narrow east/west base reef of boulders and rubble surrounded by sand

Geology: Pre-cambrian granite corestone outcrop of the Peninsula pluton.


The site is exposed to Westerly winds and seas, so should be dived in calm or south easterly winds.

The site is usually at it's best in summer but there are also occasional opportunities at other times of the year

This is an area which sometimes has upwellings of cold, clear, nutrient-rich water, caused by south easterly winds, resulting in cold but clear conditions, usually followed by an algal bloom which reduces visibility in the upper layers, but may still have clear water below.

Get in[edit]

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Access is by boat, usually from Hout Bay harbour. The site is about 8 km from Hout Bay harbour slipway or 19.5 km from the Oceana Power Boat Club slipway at Granger Bay.


Marine life[edit]

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The pinnacle itself is a fairly impressive sight in good visibility.


Suggested routes[edit]

The site is small and can be comprehensively explored on a single dive. Start deep, and work your way up the pinnacle to make final ascent from the top.

Stay safe[edit]

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No site-specific hazards known.


The site is entirely below the depth range for entry-level diving certification. An advanced certificate will be required by the charter operator.


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It will be cold, a dry suit is recommended. Failing that, a good thick wetsuit. Nitrox will give you a longer bottom time.


Twin Towers pinnacle and nearby dive sites. The orange line is the border of the Karbonkelberg restricted area

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