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All dive sites of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay

This listing of dive sites is part of the regional guide for Diving the Cape Peninsula and False Bay which is intended to provide the already qualified scuba diver with information which will help to plan dives in the waters of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay, whether as a local resident or a visitor. Information is provided without prejudice, and is not guaranteed accurate or complete. Use it at your own risk. Expand or correct it when you can.

The region described is within a day trip by road from any part of greater Cape Town, in the Western Cape province of South Africa and includes over 300 named dive sites for which positions are recorded, which is a lot for any single destination.

Detailed information on individual dive sites is provided in the sub-articles linked from this list. The information in the site descriptions ranges from superficial to highly detailed, depending on what is known about the site. There may be a map. The bathymetric charts by SURGMAP are updated as and when new survey data is collected, and are mapped by swimming the contours towing a GPS buoy. They are reasonably accurate – within a couple of metres usually – and reliable for what is shown, but seldom complete. It is quite possible that some tall pinnacles have been missed. There is no guarantee that you will not discover one by hitting it with your boat. If you do, please let us know.

In some instances a dive site sub-article will include several sites which are in close proximity, as much of the information will be common to them all. In other cases, usually involving wreck sites, two adjacent sites will each have its own sub-article, but if two or more wrecks lie in the same position, or with substantial overlap, they will be described in the same sub-article.


This is a list for quick reference of drop point and entry point positions intended for divers and dive boat skippers who are already familiar with the dive sites and conditions likely to be encountered. Positions do not take into account drift due to wind and current.

This listing also gives links to all the dive site articles in the region, which give regional information and planning suggestion., The regional lists also list the usual drop point or entry positions for each site. Each site is geolocated on the interactive map.

More detailed information on the dive regions of the Cape Peninsula and False Bay, and similar listings of the dive sites in those regions can be found at:


Dive sites of the Atlantic Coast of the Cape Peninsula
Dive sites of the False Bay coast of the Cape Peninsula
Offshore dive sites of False Bay
Dive sites of the eastern False Bay coast
Fresh water dive sites of Cape Town

1 to 9[edit]


  • 1 A-Frame (Oatlands Point): S34°12.484’ E018°27.662’
  • 2 MV Afrikaner: S33°50.012' E018°20.686'
  • 3 Albatross Rock: S34°16.495' E18°22.197'
  • 1 Andre se Gat: S34°18.25’ E018°48.76’ (estimated)
  • 2 Ankers: S34°17.350’ E018°49.377’
  • 2 Alpha Reef (Outer Spaniard): S34°12.987’ E018°28.184’
  • 3 Ammunition Barges: S34°11.408’ E018°26.985’
  • 4 Antipolis: S33°59.06’ E018°21.37’ (Bow section)
  • Anvil Rock
    1 Anvil Rock caves: S36°22.244' E18°31.068' — Approx 20 m deep, area of nice caves/swim-throughs:
    2 Anvil Rock 3 m pinnacle: S34°22.218' E18°31.090'
  • 5 MV Aster: S34°03.891’ E018°20.955’
  • 6 RMS Athens: S33°53.85’ E018°24.57’
  • 1 Atlantis Reef: S34°15' E018°29'




  • 19 MV Daeyang Family: S33°50.388' E18°23.133'
  • 13 Dale Brook: S34°07.436’ E018°27.154’
  • 12 Deep South Whittle Reef: S34°16.414' E018°34.009'
  • 14 D-Frame (Oatlands Reef, Wave Rock): S34°12.378’ E018°27.996’
  • 20 Die Josie: S34° 04.497’ E018° 21.256’
  • 21 Die Perd: S34°02.282’ E18°18.324’
  • Di’s Cracks About 300 m northwest (328° magnetic) of Vulcan Rock
    22 Di's Cracks 9 m Pinnacle: S34°03.873’ E018°18.417’ – Big pointy topped boulder jammed into the top of a crack with a big swim-through underneath.
    23 Di’s Cracks 14 m pinnacle: S34°03.855’ E018°18.400’ – Big 14 m deep, flat topped boulder pinnacle on top of the main reef outcrop.
  • 15 Dome Rock: S34°11.119' E018°27.776' (Dome Rock pinnacle)
  • 24 Dreadlocks Reef: S33°58'22.05" S18°21'42.59"
  • 13 Drop Zone: S34°08.561' E18°45.829'







  • 18 Josh's Reef: S34°16.334' E18°33.075' (separate reef to the south of Whittle Rock)
  • 38 Justin’s Caves: S33°58.85’ E018°21.50’



  • 12 Ledges: S34°10.193’ E018°50.726’
  • 25 Livingstone Reef: S34°10.605' E018°27.571'
  • 44 Llandudno Reef: S34°00.037' E18°19.897'
  • 45 Logies Bay: S34°00.25’ E018°20.53’
  • 19 Lonehill Reef: S34°16.296' E18°32.723'
  • 26 Long Beach: S34°11.239' E18°25.559' — There are a few small wrecks which may be visited on a compass navigation route.
  • 13 Lorry Bay: S34°10.955’ E018°49.312’
  • 20 SS Lusitania: S34°23.40’ E018°29.65’
    21 Lusi Pinnacle: S34°23.419’ E018°29.485’






  • 51 Quarry: S34°09.390' E018°26.157' (Entry/exit ledge)
  • 52 Quarry Barge: S34°09.395' E018°26.474'.






  • 23 Vogelsteen: S34°10.302’ E018°50.355’
  • Vulcan Rock
    93 Vulcan Rock: S34°03.945’ E018°18.545’, the exposed rock at the highest point of the reefs, with a swim-through cavern under it.
    94 North Ridge Pinnacle: S34°03.912’ E018°18.545’. A long ridge north of Vulcan Rock running northwest to southeast, with a cluster of pinnacles a short distance to the northeast.
    95 West Ridge Pinnacle: S34°03.962’ E018°18.447’. A compact row of huge boulders to the west of the Vulcan Rock
    96 Rocksucker Ridge West Pinnacle: S34°04.033’ E018°18.683’, A compact cluster of huge boulders to the south of Vulcan Rock




  • 76 York Shoal: S34°09.367', E018°35.583'



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