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This page aims to provide an overview of all the ferry services in the Mediterranean Sea between southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

The Mediterranean Sea is sub-divided into a number of smaller seas, each with their own designation (from west to east). The ferries are - as far as possible - ordered by sea which they traverse.

Please add website links, sailing frequencies, sailing durations, discounts. As the purpose of this page is to provide travellers who want to cross the Med with info, while adding, focus on international lines, instead of meticulously adding small ferries connecting island to the mainland.


Travellers owning a RailPlus pass are in some ferry lines eligible for a 10-20% discount on the fare price. See for example [1] and [2]

Map of the Mediterranean Sea.

Alboran Sea

The Alboran Sea is between Spain and Morocco. Ferries leave from Algeciras on the Spanish side and arrive at Tangier and Melina in Morocco. There is also a connection from Barcelona to Tangier.

Balearic Sea

The Balearic Sea is between mainland Spain and its Balearic Islands.

The cheapest cabine-less ticket is cheaper then the bus Rome - Barcelona.

Ligurian Sea

The Ligurian Sea is between Corsica and Liguria (Italy).


  • From Genoa: Grandi Navi Veloci crosses to Barcelona weekly, and takes about eighteen hours. It also offers a weekly crossing to Tangiers, which takes around forty-six.
Other direct ferry routes from Genoa are; Bastia (Corsica), Olbia, Palermo (Italy) and Porto Torres. It is best to book early to avoid over-booking on the ferries.

Tyrrhenian Sea

The Tyrrhenian Sea is enclosed by Sardinia, Italian peninsula and Sicily.


For detailed info of all these lines, see Guide to Mediterranean Ferries

Adriatic Sea

The Adriatic Sea is between the Italian peninsula and the coasts of Slovenia, Croatia, Bosnia, Montenegro and Albania.



  • The coastal town of Neum does not seem to be served by any ferry line. Nearest larger ports are Split and Dubrovnik, both in Croatia.


For detailed info of all these lines, see Croatia Ferry Guide or All international and local ferries in Croatia


  • From Bar it is possible to take a ferry to
    • Bari (Italy) - daily
    • Ancona (Italy) - Twice a week, only in the summer. Takes approx 16h.
    • Durrës (Albania) (bi-weekly). [5]
  • From Kotor it is possible to take a ferry to
    • Bari (Italy) - weekly, only in the summer



Ionian Sea

The Ionian Sea is between Italy, Greece, and Albania.


Aegean Sea

The Aegean Sea is between Greece and Turkey. Within it, there are some smaller seas, including the Thracian and the Myrtoan Sea and the Sea of Crete.

Sea of Marmara

The Sea of Marmara is between the Aegean and Black Sea. Lots of ferry and fast ferry lines connect northern and southern coasts of Marmara, some examples are:

Also ferries run between Gelibolu/Eceabat on the northern bank of Dardanelles Strait (which links Aegean Sea and Marmara) and Lapseki/Çanakkale on the southern bank, respectively.

Cilician Sea

The Cilician Sea is between Turkey and Cyprus.

Black Sea

The Black Sea is between Ukraine, Romania, Bulgaria, Turkey, Georgia and Russia.

Odessa Ilyichevsk to Varna [16]
Odessa Ilyichevsk to Derince (Turkey, port on Marmara Sea)) [17]
Kerch to Poti [18]
Varna to Poti/Batumi [19]

  • Navibulgar (Navigation Maritime Bulgare) German-Bulgarian owned company has two vessels and according to their website they provide passenger transportation between Varna - Odessa Ilichevsk - Poti/Batumi - Ilichevsk - Varna [20].
  • From Russian port of Sochi ferries go to Trabzon (Turkey) and Batumi (but you have to be a citizen of Georgia, Russia or CIS to board this one). Website of the port in Sochi [21]
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