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East Munich comprises all the districts of Munich east of the river Isar; however the area around Ostbahnhof the east railway station is described separately as Haidhausen. It's mostly residential: main attractions are Filmstadt theme park, the zoo, and Messe trade fair halls.


Messe trade fair halls by night

Riverside south from Haidhausen is the area with most visitor attractions, with the zoo and Filmstadt. The districts of Ramersdorf-Perlach, Obergiesing and Untergiesing-Harlaching are mostly residential.

Berg am Laim in a sense built Munich: "laim" means loam or clay, made into bricks for city masonry. (Laim district west of city centre has the same meaning.) The railway arrived in 1871 and a mix of industry and housing developed, though the clay deposits were exhausted by 1900. Pfanni the potato processor had a large factory next to Ostbahnhof, which was abandoned in the 1990s and became an industrial-sized party and entertainment zone. As it's adjacent to the station, this zone (called Werksviertel) is described as part of Haidhausen, though it's within Berg am Laim township.

Trudering and Riem were little villages along the salt route, the medieval highway from Salzburg to Augsburg. They urbanised in the 19th / 20th century and were combined as a district when incorporated into the city in 1936. By that date the city's first airport in the Olympia area was congested, so it moved to Riem in 1939. That in turn became congested with no room for expansion, and in 1992 the airport moved north to its present site in Freising. The disused airfield then became home to Messe trade fair halls, which are still expanding. These are so big they have two U-Bahn stations, see map.

Get in[edit]

By road[edit]

All autobahns converge on A99, the outer ring highway that for practical purposes defines the city limits. A94 from Passau and the Austrian border east continues past A99 and Messe trade fair halls to end at R2 the inner ring highway at Leuchtbergring. A8 from Salzburg approaches from the southeast and likewise ends at R2.

Parking is usually not a problem this far out.

By train[edit]

Mainline trains converge on Hauptbahnhof from all parts of Germany and beyond, so you normally change there for S- and U-Bahn trains to Munich's eastern districts. A taxi between Hauptbahnhof and Messe in 2022 has a fixed price of €39.

Trains from Austria and Hungary stop at Ostbahnhof on their way to Hauptbahnhof. These all stop in Salzburg on the border, and crossing Bavaria the regional trains stop at Freilassing, Teisendorf, Trauenstein, Bergen (Oberbay), Übersee, Bernau a Chiemsee, Prien am Chiemsee, Bad Endorf and Rosenheim.

1 Ostbahnhof (East Station) is the transport hub for Haidhausen and nearby eastern neighbourhoods, with interchange to S- and U-Bahn trains, trams and buses.

S-Bahn suburban trains run west-east across the city via Hauptbahnhof and Altstadt to Ostbahnhof, then fan out.

  • S8 runs from the airport every 30 min to Leuchtenbergring and Ostbahnhof, then cross-city west to Altstadt, Hauptbahnhof, Pasing and south to Herrsching. S1 from the airport takes longer as it runs from the northwest via Hauptbahnhof to terminate at Ostbahnhof, so you have to change.
  • S2 from Petershausen and Dachau cross the city to Ostbahnhof and continue to Leuchtenbergring and Berg am Laim, then turn northeast via Riem to Erding.
  • S4 and S6 run from the southwest via Pasing and city centre to Ostbahnhof, Leuchtenbergring and Berg am Laim, then turn southeast to Trudering (change to U-Bahn for Messe), Gronsdorf, Haar and out to Zorneding and Ebersberg.
  • S3 from Holzkirchen via Fasengarten and S7 from Kreuzstraße via Neuperlach Süd and Perlach meet at Giesing and head north via St-Martin-Straße to Ostbahnhof. S7 then crosses the city before turning southeast through Sendling to Wolfratshausen.
Josephsburg station on U-Bahn line U2

U-Bahn underground trains are the best way to reach the trade fair centre at Munich Messe.

  •  U2  runs from the north of the city via Hauptbahnhof and Sendlinger Tor to Silberhornstraße, Untersbergstraße, Giesing, Karl-Preis-Platz, Innsbrucker Ring, Josephsburg, Kreillerstraße, Trudering, Moosfeld and the two trade fair stations of 2 Messestadt West and 3 Messestadt Ost
  •  U1  runs from the north via Hauptbahnhof and Sendlinger Tor into the southwest of this area, stopping at Candidplatz, Wettersteinplatz, St-Quirin-Platz and Mangfallplatz.
  •  U4  from the west end and Altstadt runs northeast to Arabellapark.
  •  U5  from the west end and Altstadt runs southeast to Ostbahnhof, Innsbrucker Ring, Michaelibad, Quiddestraße, Neuperlach Zentrum, Therese-Giehse-Allee and Neuperlach Süd.
  •  U7  and  U8  from northern districts run via Hauptbahnhof, Sendlinger Tor, Silberhornstraße and Giesing to Innsbrucker Ring, then join the route of U5 as far as Neuperlach Zentrum. They no longer run to Messe.

Trams will get you here, as lines run out from city centre. But it's usually more convenient to take the S- or U-Bahn across the city and change, see "Get around".

Get around[edit]

This district is spread out, so use public transport. All the attractions described on this page are within the M inner city travel zone, including Messe trade fair halls. See Munich#Get around for ticket options.

U2, U7 and U8 run across the south of the district, as described above, and U2 continues to Messe. U7 and U8 formerly did so but are curtailed because of the covid-related slump at Messe.

Tram 19 traverses the city from Pasing to Hauptbahnhof, Altstadt, Max-Weber-Platz, Flurstraße, Grillparzerstraße, Einsteinstraße, Vogelwiedeplatz, Riedenburger Straße and Berg am Laim.

Tram 21 runs from the northwest city across Altstadt to Max-Weber-Platz, Wörthstraße, Ostbahnhof, and six stops to St-Veit-Straße.

Tram 37 runs north from Max-Weber-Platz to Effnerplatz and eight stops to St Emmeram.

Tram 25 runs south from Max-Weber-Platz upriver via Ostfriedhof and Bavaria Filmstadt to Grünwald.

Tram 18 skirts the south of the city via Sendlinger Tor to Ostfriedhof, Giesing, Chiemgaustraße and Schwanseestraße. This line no longer runs to northeast neighbourhoods.

Buses connect between the tram routes. You might take Bus 52 for the zoo.


Film set of Das Boot at Bavaria Filmstadt
  • 1 Templar Monastery (U-Bahn U1: Candidsplatz) is the abode of the Knights Hospitaller & Templar, whose correct name in German is as long as Birkenleit the street on which it stands. The onion-domed church was built in 1880, but re-done in neo-Gothic in 1968. The 13 monks and 13 nuns live in seclusion so you can only admire the exterior.
  • 2 Hellabrunn Zoo is on the east riverbank in this district but by public transport is easier to access from west riverbank, taking U3 to Thalkirchen (Tierpark). From east side use Bus 52.
  • 3 Bavaria Filmstadt, Bavariafilmplatz 7 (Tram 25: Bavariafilmplatz), +49 89 649 92000. Tu-Su 09:00-18:00. Theme park in working film studios: the standard ticket is a 90 min guided tour of the sets (but only in German) and a 10 min ride in a 4D cinema. Discounts if you come by public transport or on your birthday. The studios were established in 1919 by Peter Ostermayr (1882-1967), who then moved elsewhere to make a score of films in the heimat tradition (set in a romanticized horse-drawn bygone Germany, forerunner to the US cowboy westerns). Films made here include Alfred Hitchcock's The Pleasure Garden (his first, in 1925), Lola Montez (Max Ophüls 1954), Paths of Glory (Stanley Kubrick 1957), One, Two, Three (Billy Wilder 1961), The Great Escape (John Sturges 1963), The Sound of Music (Robert Wise 1965), Willy Wonka & the Chocolate Factory (Mel Stuart 1971), Cabaret (Bob Fosse 1972), The Serpent's Egg (Ingmar Bergman 1977), Das Boot (Wolfgang Petersen 1981) and The Neverending Story (Wolfgang Petersen 1984). Adult €20, child €18. Bavaria Film (Q648034) on Wikidata Bavaria_Film on Wikipedia
  • 4 MVG Museum, Ständlerstraße 20 (Tram 17: Schwanseestraße), +49 89 21910, . Two Sundays a month 11:00-17:00. Museum of public transport in Munich housed in a former tram repair and assembly shed. They have 25 historic trams, buses and works vehicles on display, with signage in German and English. Another highlight is a U-Bahn driving simulator. Adult €3, concession €2.
Giraffes admire the elephant house at the Zoo
  • Cemetery at Perlach Forest (Friedhof am Perlacher Forst), Stadelheimer Straße 24 (200 m west of MVG Museum; Tram 17: Schwanseestraße), +49 89 767 735910. Daily 08:00-18:00. This was opened in 1931 and has 27,000 marked graves plus a plot for "displaced persons", victims of Nazism. Unlikely bedfellows here are footballer Stephan Beckenbauer (1968–2015), members of the White Rose resistance group executed in 1943, and Polish soldiers of Holy Cross Brigade (Brygady Świętokrzyskiej), a right-wing faction who preferred fighting the Soviet Union and each other instead of the Third Reich.
  • Russian Orthodox Cathedral is southside of the cemetery on Lincolnstraße. It's open W 17:30-20:30, Sa 15:30-20:00, Su 07:00-14:30.
  • Neuer Südfriedhof (Bus 139) 1 km east of MVG Museum beyond A8 is the cemetery opened in 1977 as Perlacher Forst neared capacity. Being relatively new, the monuments are simple, and it has not yet accumulated the usual roll-call of the great, the tragic and the infamous. But if you wonder whatever became of ZZ? - name the Bavarian TV or showbiz personality of your choice - then this is the place to start looking.
  • 5 St Maria Ramersdorf (U-Bahn U2, U7, U8: Karl-Preis-Platz) in its present form is 17th century baroque. It's been a pilgrimage destination since the 14th century when it acquired a "Relic of the True Cross". As this was sourced from an antipope, divine retribution eventually arrived by thunderbolt in 1791: the bell-tower was blasted and replaced with an onion-domed tower. The huge altar is the highlight.
  • 6 St Michael (U-Bahn U2, U7, U8: Josephsburg) is a rococo church completed in 1751. It was wrecked during the Allied advance on Munich and only restored in 1982, with further work in the 21st century.
  • St Mina 100 m north of St Michael is a Coptic church built in 1851.
  • 7 Mae West (Tram 16, 37: Effnerplatz) is the sculpture gracing Effnerplatz, a 52 m-high plastic hyperboloid (whatever that is) erected in 2011. Designed by Rita McBride, it does not much resemble that actress (Mary Jane West 1893-1980), but perhaps reflects the strained corseting of her imitators, or the film censorship of her era. Effnerplatz was formerly a busy intersection but the highway was tunnelled, releasing an open plaza for which a sculpture or monument was wanted - the tram tracks run level right through Mae's, um, anyway towards St Emmeran. The plaza is surrounded by the modern high-rises Arabella-Hochhaus (75 m) and Hypo-Haus (114 m).

Musical heritage of East Munich

Giorgio Moroders Musicland Studios were located in the basement of the Arabella high-rise building at Effnerplatz, which nowadays houses the Sheraton Munich Arabellapark hotel. Amongst others, in 1976 the Euro disco track "I Feel Love" by Donna Summer, Giorgio Moroder and Pete Bellotte was recorded in the studio, which is widely credited as one of the most influential records originating electronic dance music and paving the way for house and techno music. Throughout the 1970s and the 1980s the recording studio was considered one of the best in the world and also used by many other artists, including Freddie Mercury, Led Zeppelin, Queen, The Rolling Stones, Electric Light Orchestra, Iron Maiden, Deep Purple and Elton John.

  • 8 Mittlere Isar Island (Tram 16: St Emmeran) is a park on the ribbon of island between the main channel of the Isar and a side canal. It's a relaxing area to lounge and have a few beers, and since it's outside R2 the city ring highway barbecues (but not campfires) are permitted. Very few tourists will discover it, and it's close enough to public transport yet far enough from housing to make a good private party venue.
  • English Garden can be reached by footbridge from the island. This is the bucolic northern Hirschau section, and you need to walk some distance to find the beer gardens.
  • 9 Riemer Park (U-Bahn U2: Messestadt West or Messestadt Ost) was laid out on the former Riem airfield. It was landscaped for a garden show in 2002 then became a public park (24 hours). Riemer See is the large lake within it, suitable for swimming. Dogs are allowed in most areas. Aircraft from Riem took off west into the prevailing wind, so any that developed early problems might crash on the city. The worst disaster was in 1960 when a USAF Convair hit St Pauls in city centre and killed 20 on board and 32 in a passing tram. The 1958 Munich Air Disaster claimed 20 lives, including eight Manchester United players and three staff. The team were returning from a match against Red Star Belgrade and the aircraft had stopped to refuel. It made three attempts to take off in a blizzard - on the third it reached V1 the point of no return then was impeded by slush on the runway, flopped, hit a house and fuel-storage hut, and burst into flames.


Templar Monastery
  • Football: 1 TSV 1860 Munich, Grünwalder Stadion (Tram 15, 25: Tegernseer Landstraße). Sechzig ("Sixty") were founder members of Bundesliga, but now play soccer in 3. Liga the third tier. Their stadium (capacity 15,000) also hosts Bayern Munich second team, under-19s and women. Türkgücü München also played here but went bust in 2022, alleviating the problem of fixture congestion. The most remarkable fixture here, on 10 Sept 1972, was a 0-1 away victory for Greek philosophers over German philosophers, with Socrates heading the last-minute winner and Confucius as referee: it was filmed as a Monty Python sketch.
  • 2 Bayern Munich training ground, Säbener Straße 51-57, +49 89 645285. These pitches host junior teams of Bayern Munich, right down to 8 year olds - so some of them will be star players five or six World Cups from now, imagine. The first team also trains here with a public session at least once a week. They're usually happy to oblige with autographs and selfies. Free.
  • 3 Cosima wave pool (Cosima Wellenbad), Cosimastraße 5 (U-Bahn U4: Alrabellapark), +49 89 236 15050. Daily 07:30-23:00. This is Munich's only wave pool. It also has a large sauna. Adult €6, child €4.
  • 4 Harness Racing, Rennbahnstraße 35 (S-Bahn S8: München-Daglfing), +49 89 9300010, . In harness racing, jockeys sit in a two-wheel open cart, and the horse has a trotting gait, the gallop is not permitted. Race meetings are usually on Sunday but this varies, see website.
  • Golf: Golfzentrum München Riem is a nine-hole course and driving range within the harness-racing track.
  • 5 Munich Racecourse, Graf-Lehndorff-Straße 36 (S-Bahn S2: München-Riem), +49 89 945 5230. Also known as Galopprennbahn as horses here gallop in the conventional way. The track has flat-racing May-Nov, concluding with the Grosser Preis von Bayern run over 2.4 km.
  • Michaelibad, Heinrich-Wieland-Straße 24, 81735 (U-Bahn: U5,U7 Michaelibad, Bus: 187,195,199), +49 89 236 15050. Daily 07:30-23:00. Just north of Michaeligarten beer garden, this has a large outdoor pool in summer and an indoor pool. Adult €6, child €4.
  • East Ice Rink is across the park from the swimming pool and beer garden, on Staudingerstraße.
Horse-drawn tram in MVG Museum
  • Messe is the huge trade fair site at the east edge of the city. This area was Munich-Riem Airport, which closed in 1992 when the present airport opened. Fairs held in city centre relocated to this "Neue Messe" with a grid of 6 x 3 exhibition halls. It's so big, it has two U-Bahn stations (see Get around), so check whether you're aiming for the west or east entrance and station - the halls are immediately north of the U-Bahn line and Willy-Brandt-Allee. There's also a north entrance on Paul-Henri-Spaak-Straße, where yet more halls are under construction. The congress centre is by the west entrance. Fairs sometimes extend onto the open ground to the east, which at other times hosts a flea market and pop-up Oktoberfest campsite. South of the railway and Allee is retail and light industry, with Riem Arcaden shopping mall next to West station. Further south is Riem Park and lake. Messe lacks an S-Bahn link: from the airport take S8 to Leuchtenbergring then S4 or S6 to Trudering then the U-Bahn. By road take Exit 5 off A94; there are 5700 parking spaces.
  • 6 Staatliches Hofbräuhaus München, Hofbräuallee 1 (U-Bahn U2: Messestadt Ost), +49 89 921050. This brewery was founded in 1591, and moved to Riem in 1988. They produce over a dozen beers including an Oktoberfest brew. Tours are only available to groups of 10-30, booked at least 14 days in advance. 90 min tour €10, no children.
  • 7 Perlacher Forst (U-Bahn: U1 Mangfallplatz, Bus: 139 Griechenstraße) covers over 13 km² (so you probably need a bike), with its spine trail Oberbiberger Straße running north-south. It began as forestry plantations with a monoculture of spruce; as these are harvested or succumb they are replaced by mixed deciduous trees. In the centre is Perlacher Mugl, a wartime anti-aircraft gun position and bunker; this couldn't be removed so it was heaped with earth to form a hillock. The pavilion on top has views but in summer these are curtailed by foliage.


High altar detail, St Maria Ramersdorf
  • 1 pep Neuperlach, Thomas-Dehler-Straße 10 (U-Bahn U5, U7: Neuperlach Zentrum), +49 800 773 4089. M-Sa 09:30-20:00. The pep is a huge department store with over 80 shops, restaurants, and cafés.
  • Riem Arcaden, Willy-Brandt-Platz 5 (U-Bahn U2: Messestadt West), +49 89 930060. M-Sa 10:00-20:00. A huge shopping centre next to Messestadt West U-Bahn station, with lots of eating places.
  • Farmers Market is held in the street outside Riem Arcaden F 10:00-18:00.
  • Flea Market is on the open ground by the east Messe entrance when no trade fairs are on, Sa 06:00-15:00, parking €3.


  • Fausto, Birkenleiten 41 (U-Bahn Candidplatz; 100 m south of Templar Monastery), +49 89 622 31113. M-F 11:00-19:00, Sa 10:00-19:00. Café attached to a coffee roastery in a quiet part of the district.
  • McDonald's (Tram 15, 25: Tegernseer Landstraße) at Martin-Luther-Straße 26 is 100 m north of the TSV football stadium, open daily 10:00-02:00. Opened in 1971, it was the first branch in Germany. There are lots of better places along this street but you could always eat here ironically.
  • 1 Antica Trattoria Nuova, Braunstraße 6 (Tram: 15,25 Theodolindenplatz), +49 89 642 6666, . Tu-Su 11:30-00:00. Good Italian restaurant with outdoor terrace by the river.
  • 2 Schneider Bräuhaus, Baumkirchner Straße 5 (U-Bahn U2, U7, U8: Josephsburg, Tram 19: Baumkirchner Straße), +49 89 4316381. Daily 16:30-23:30. Bavarian restaurant and beer garden run by Schneider Weisse, the wheat-beer brewery. Good traditional fare, somewhat cheaper than their more touristy outlet in Altstadt.
  • Baumkirchner, Josephsburgstraße 25 (opposite Schneider Bräuhaus), +44 89 456 66939. Daily 17:00-22:45. German restaurant with good atmosphere and food.
  • Zar, Rosenheimer Straße 240 (U-Bahn: U1, U2, U7, U8 Karl-Preis-Platz, Bus 55, 59, 155 Ramersdorf; opposite St Maria Ramersdorf), +49 89 680 96036, . Tu-F 11:00-01:00, Su M 11:00-00:00. Restaurant and bar with Bavarian, Asian and international cuisine.
  • 3 Milchreise, Rosenheimer Straße 177 (U-Bahn: U1, U2, U7, U8 Karl-Preis-Platz), +49 89 693 25399, . M-F 12:00-18:30, Sa 11:00-17:00. Rice pudding bar offering a large variety of lactose-free puddings.
  • Poseidon is a Greek restaurant next to Karl-Preis-Platz U-Bahn station, open daily 11:00-00:00.
  • Messestadt West U-Bahn station and Riem shopping arcade has a cluster of eating places near the trade halls. These include König Ludwig (below), Lezizel-Manti, Akiko, and half a dozen fast-food outlets.
  • König Ludwig an der Messe, Riem Arcaden, Willy-Brandt-Platz 5 (just south of U-Bahn U2, U7, U8: Messestadt West), +49 89 944 66700. M-Sa 10:00-22:00. Trad Bavarian fare in Riem mall, convenient for Messe, indifferent reviews.


Kugleralm popularised Radler or shandy
  • 1 Michaeligarten, Feichtstraße 10 (U-Bahn U5: Michaelibad), +49 89 435 52424, . Th-Su 11:30-22:00. This 3000-seater beer garden serves Löwenbräu beer and a range of trad fare. You can bring your own food to the beer garden.
  • 2 Forschungsbrauerei, Unterhachinger Straße 76 (S-Bahn S2, S7: Perlach), +49 89 6701169. Tu-Su 11:00-22:30. The name means "Research Brewery" and it was established in 1930 to try different brews and test them on customers. The research ended in 1950 and Hopfenhäcker craft brewery now occupies the space. The beer garden is at the edge of the city conurbation, with Neuer Südfriedhof cemetery north and open fields to the south. It's open year-round and only seats 250, so it's sometimes reserved for private parties. (Q1438023) on Wikidata de:Forschungsbrauerei on Wikipedia
  • St Emmeramsmühle, St Emmeram 41 (Tram 16: St Emmeram), +49 89 953971. Daily 11:00-01:00. Great reviews for this trad restaurant and 1200-seater beer garden in a former mill at the entrance to Mittlere-Isar Island.
  • 3 Kugleralm, Linienstraße 93, Oberhaching (S-Bahn S5: Furth), +49 89 613 90120, . Apr-Oct. Trad 2400-seater beer garden in Oberhaching south of Perlacher Forst, serving Spaten beer. In 1922 this was the launchpad of the Radler, half beer half lemonade, a "shandy" in English. The legend goes that they were mobbed by cyclists on a hot summer day. The beer ran low so they eked it out by diluting with lemonade, and claimed this was a special mix for cyclists (Radler) as it was lower on alcohol. Such blends were already documented from mid 19th century.


Mae West on Effnerplatz



  • 3 Holiday Inn Express Munich Messe, Otto-Lilienthal-Ring 6, Feldkirchen, +49 89 944640. Usual good quality HI-Express. Stuck out in an industrial area but convenient car access to eastern parts of Munich. B&B double €70.
  • Ibis Munich Messe is next to the Holiday Inn, and Hilton Garden Inn another 50 m west.
  • 4 Leonardo Hotel Munich Arabellapark (formerly Holiday Inn), Effnerstraße 99, +49 89 927980. Basic rooms, some quite small, reasonable for what you're paying. With covered parking(charged), or there may be a free space on the street. B&B double €170.
  • 5 Hotel Perlach Allee (formerly Golden Leaf), Therese-Giehse-Allee 76 (S-Bahn S7, S27 & U-Bahn U5: Neuperlach Süd), +49 89 673 4940. Standard 3-star hotel, with all necessary amenities. B&B double €115.
  • Novotel München Messe, Willy-Brandt-Platz 1 (in Riem Arcade next to U-Bahn: Messestadt West), +49 89 994000. Decent Accor mid-range place, convenient not only for Messe but for transport to city centre. B&B double €120.
  • Motel One München Messe, Willy-Brandt-Platz 8 (within Riem Arcade behind Novotel), +49 89 413 29920. Good value chain business hotel. B&B double €100.
  • 6 H4 Hotel München Messe (formerly Ramada), Konrad-Zuse-Platz 14, +49 89 9400 830. Acceptable mid-range place at northeast corner of Messe, convenient for highway and trade fairs. B&B double €100.
  • H2 Hotel next door to H4 is part of the same chain, similar price and quality.
  • 7 Hotel ERB (Best Western), Posthalterring 1, Vaterstetten, +49 89 991100. Chain hotel convenient for motorists and Messe. B&B double €100.


Winter in Perlacher Forst
  • Westin Grand Munich, Arabellastraße 6 (east side of Mae West, Effnerplatz), +49 89 92640. Marriott chain hotel, great slab of a cereal packet and many rooms need renovation. But it's a good location off Isaring and mostly clean and comfy. B&B double €220.
  • Sheraton München Arabellapark, Arabellastraße 5 (southeast flank of Westin), +49 89 92320. Marriott intended to demolish this building in 2026 - that's been pushed back, but the place is getting limited investment and maintenance. It's barely adequate for the price. B&B double €230.
  • Best Western and Impressum have chain hotels next to the Sheraton.


As of Nov 2022, the entire city of Munich has 5G from all German carriers. Wifi (WLAN in German) is widely available in public places.

Go next[edit]

  • Haidhausen west is the party district, with lots of eating and drinking places.
  • Altstadt a few km further west is Munich's medieval core.
  • Erding northeast via S-Bahn S8 has a large brewery and Europe's biggest spa and sauna.
  • Salzburg is reached by trains that stop in Ostbahnhof and a dozen other places across Upper Bavaria.

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