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What to do?[edit]

The Orkney Islands are - for all I know - rather sparsely populated and most destinations within them currently redlink. What are we to do? Hobbitschuster (talk) 17:19, 23 July 2015 (UTC)

The Orkney Islands have a population of 21000, of which about half live in the two main towns. Most of the red links are to islands, including Hoy, the second biggest. I think that these should generally be left as redlinks, unless somebody has the time to create an article - this article hints that there is something to see on most of the islands. AlasdairW (talk) 22:50, 26 July 2015 (UTC)

My solution would be to create redirects from the names of hamlets or individual islands to Orkney Islands. In the Orkney article, leave those names in & bold them, so someone who searches for a village & lands here can see why. This gets rid of the red links, avoids creating silly articles, and handles the case of someone who searches for some obscure place because grandad immigrated from there. Pashley (talk) 16:04, 24 August 2017 (UTC)