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This wouldn't seem to be a topic for an entire Wikivoyage article (see what is an article?), so what's the best way to turn this into a "See" listing, and which district article should it be moved to? Ikan Kekek (talk) 21:00, 29 May 2015 (UTC)[reply]

@Ikan Kekek: The same user created this article also on italian and german wikivoyage. On it.voy and de.voy we have the doubt he's copied from a brochure or a leaflet but there is no evidence of that. Anyway I've moved the article on it.voy into a section of the corresponding district article, which here should be Moscow Outskirts. --Nastoshka (talk) 16:46, 31 May 2015 (UTC)[reply]
Thanks, Nastoshka. Ikan Kekek (talk) 20:21, 31 May 2015 (UTC)[reply]
So what do we do with this now? It cannot stay the way it is... Any suggestions? Hobbitschuster (talk) 10:42, 26 June 2015 (UTC)[reply]