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Zhytomyr (Ukrainian: Жито́мир), Zhitomir, (Polish: Żytomierz), (Yiddish: זשיטאָמיר), Zhitomir) is a city in Central Ukraine. The administrative center of the Zhytomyr region and Zhitomir district. It's in northern Ukraine, 150 km west of Kiev centre. Population: 271,000 inhabitants.


Get in[edit]

Ukrainian intercity links to/from Crimea may be disrupted or non-functional in the aftermath of a March 2014 Russian military invasion. See Crimea for info.

  • 1 Zhytomyr Bus station No.1 (Автовокзал Житомир), Vul. Kyivska,(ул. Киевская,) 93, +380 412 361456. Timetable more. [1] International lines to Belarus: Brest (Брест) and Grodno (Гродно) every Friday morning, to Czech: Praha (Прага) four per week, to Moldova: Chisinau (Кишинев) daily. Inland buses to the following "touristic" places: Kiev-1 (Киев)(hourly one or more), Borispyl Airport (Ап Борисполь) ten per day, Berdychev 10 per day, (8pm. the last one), Vinnytsya-1 (Винница 1) seven per day, Khmelnytskyi (Хмельницкий) 3 per day, Korosten (Коростень) 3 per day. Daily lines to Ternopol (Тернополь),Chernihiv (Чернигов), Odessa (Одесса), Lutsk (Луцк), Truskavets (Трускавец), Simferopol (Симферополь), Chernivtsi (Черновцы), Radomyshl (Радомышль), Ivano-Frankivsk (Ив. Франковск), Uzhgorod (Ужгород).
  • 2 Zhytomyr Bus station No.2 or Suburban Bus Station (Автостанция №2, Автостанція приміська), Khlibna str., (ул. Хлебная,) 22а, +380 412 378445. Mostly for in the Zhytomyr region, to Berdychev (Бердичев) 08:00, 14:00, 19:00. Radomyshl daily 17:00 (Радомышль) +phone=+380 412 343446
  • 3 Zhytomyr Railway station (Залізничний вокзал Житомир), Vokzal'na str., 3, +380 412 361456. International direct trains to/from Baranovichy (Belarus); Budapest (Hungary), Chisinau (Chişinău) (Moldova) and St. Petersburg (Russia). Long distances trains to Odessa, Simferopol (Crimea). Suburban rail to Fastiv (Фастів) twice a day, 2hr 20min; to Korostyshyv (Коростишів)) daily, Koziatyn (Козятин) via Berdychev six a day [2]; Novohrad-Volynskiy (Новоград-Волинський) daily, 2hr 10min [3] Zhytomyr (Q12104625) on Wikidata

Get around[edit]

Map of Zhytomyr

The public transport shuttling within Zhytomyr include one tram line plus trolleybuses,[4] buses and minibuses.[5] Since 17 March 2011 trolleybus/tram fare in Zhytomyr is 2 грн for one passenger (for any distance). Tram working time 05:30-21:56, 14.7 km long, intervals 4 min. 07:00-19:00, later or earlier 10-20 min. Last buses 19:00 except No.1, 4A which are until 21:00, and No.15 to 22:00, and No.2 which until 23:00. working. [6]


St. Sophia Cathedral

Sacred places[edit]

Transfiguration Cathedral, Byzantine-Russian style
  • 1 Assumption Church (Успенська церква), Podil'ska str., 9.
  • 2 [formerly dead link] St. Anastasievskij Convent (Свято-Анастасиевский ставропигиальный женский монастырь), Sosnova Street, (Соснова вул.) 13А (Bohunskyi district).
  • 3 Cell of the Jesuit juridical (ruins) (Келії єзуїтської юридики (руїни)), Lekha Kachyns'koho str., 12 ?.
  • 4 Church Evangelical Christian Baptists (Церква євангельських християн баптистів), Sokalova Hora suburb, Maksiutova str., 208, +380 412 250804.
  • 5 Old believers Protection of the Virgin church (Старообрядницька Покровська церква), Karakulna str., 6 (N 1.5 km).
  • 6 St. James church (Церква Св. Якова), Peremohy str., 74. - Built in 1837.
  • 7 Holy Cross Church (Museum of Nature) (Хрестовоздвиженська церква (Музей природи)), Kafedral'na str., 14.
  • 8 Roman-Catholic Church (Римсько-католицька церква), Baseina str., 9, +380 412 474928.
  • 9 St. Sophia Cathedral (Кафедральний костел Св. Софії), Zamkovyi sq., 2.
  • 10 Synagogue (Синагога), Mala Berdychivs'ka str., 7, +380 412 226608.
  • 11 Seraphim church, the monastery complex of the Sisters Sharitok (Серафимівська церква, комплекс монастиря Сестер Шаріток), Feschenka-Chopivs'koho str., 22.
  • 12 Ukrainian Orthodox Church (Українська православна церква), Podil'ska str., 19, +380 412 372792.
  • 13 Ukrainian Greco-Catholic Church (Українська греко-катольцька церква), Sobornyi sq., 4.
  • 14 Seminary church of St. John of Dukla (Семінарський костел Св. Іоанна з Дуклі), Kyivs'ka str., 4/6, +380 412 421274.
  • 15 Transfiguration Cathedral (Преображенський собор), Peremohy sq., 12/14. - Magnificent Holy Transfiguration Cathedral is considered a symbol of the city. Designed in the Byzantine-Russian style with the characteristic features of ancient architecture 11th-12th centuries. The height is 53 m. The interior is richly decorated with local granite and labradorite.
  • 16 St. Michael's Cathedral (Михайлівський кафедральний собор), Kyivska str., 18. - It is an outstanding monument of architecture 19th century. One of the oldest stone religious buildings of the city.


Fire Tower Museum
  • 17 Art Gallery (former Magistrate) (Картинна галерея (колишній Магістрат)), Kafedral'na str., 3. A luxurious two-story town hall was built for the Zhitomir magistrate in 18th century. Made in Renaissance style.
  • 18 Art Museum (Художній музей), Zamkova str., 1,, +380 412 374458. The old mansion, built in 19th century. Former residence of the head of the Catholic Diocese of Zhytomyr. The Zhytomyr Regional Museum, founded in 1865. Funds now account for 150,000 monuments of history and culture. There a collection of art works by Italian, Dutch, French, Polish and Russian artists of 16-20th century.
  • 19 Korolenko Literary Memorial Museum (Літературно-меморіальний музей В. Короленка), Korolenka sq., 1, +380 412 221631. Korolenko Literary Memorial Museum (Q12119967) on Wikidata
  • 20 [formerly dead link] Zhytomyr Regional Museum (Житомирський обласний краєзнавчий музей), Zamkovyi sq., 1. Zhytomyr Regional Museum (Q12104642) on Wikidata
  • 21 [dead link] Zhytomyr Regional Museum of Literature (Житомирський обласний літературний музей), Kyivs'ka str. (вул. Київська), 45, +380 412 345527, fax: +380 412 374282. Opened 1990. Concentrate 14 years of existence in its repositories, scientific publications printed picture eventful literary and artistic life of the city and region over the past two centuries. Biographies of prominent writers from Zhytomyr period of their lives.
  • 22 Astronautics Museum. (Музей космонавтики), Dmytrivs'ka str. (вул. Дмитрівська), 5, +380 412 379523, fax: +380 412 372030, . - Space Museum of Ukraine, in the home of Zhytomyr Ukrainian Soviet scientist in the field of rocketry and astronautics - Sergei Korolyov.
  • 23 Museum of Cosmonautics it. S.P. Korol'ov (Музей Космонавтики ім. Корольова С.П.), Ivana Franka str., 20, +380 412 372030, +380 412 37-95-23. Sergei Pavlovich Korolyov Museum of Cosmonautics (Q538095) on Wikidata Sergei Pavlovich Korolyov Museum of Cosmonautics on Wikipedia
  • 24 Fire Tower Museum (Пожежна вежа - Музей пожежної охорони), 1 Travnia (May 1st) str., 33A. Built in 1894. Exhibit presents the history of the formation of fire-extinguishing systems and fire fighting equipment.


The former high school, where studied Korolenko — Russian writer, journalist.
Tribelya House
  • 25 Former Vocational school (Ремісниче училище), 37, Nebesnoi Sotni str. (Tram or bus 3, 8, 10, 27, 37 to stop 'Mykhaila Hrushevs'koho St',). - This old house from solidly red brick. Despite his advanced age beautifully preserved, attracting the attention of the original architecture,neo Gothic style. Now it is College of Technology.
  • 26 Former post station (Комплекс споруд поштової станції), Vul. Peremohy, (Перемоги вул.,) 72. The complex structures of a postal station from 19th century. There were the main building, a hotel lodge and stables surrounded by a fence. Regular mail service between St. Petersburg, Kiev since 1827. Now it is road maintenance site.
  • 27 Russian (Vilskoe) cemetery (Руське (Вільске) кладовище), Peremohy str. (Перемоги вул.). The first burial dates back to around 1880 - 1894. Place for 145 fraternal and 1243 single graves.
  • 28 Polish cemetery (Польське кладовище), Rudnianskyi sq., (Руднянський майдан) (W 2 km). Founded 1789. According to legend, the cemetery is the entrance to the catacombs of the city. In 1976 was closed. During the war there was a line of defense.
  • 29 Former Provincial Office Building (Губернське управління), 6 Velyka Berdychivska str..
  • 30 Tribel House (Будинок Г. Трібеля), Mykhailovs'ka str., 8. The architectural style called eclectic, erected in 1890. Now here is a branch of Energobank.
  • 31 Former Bank of the Russian Empire (Будівля банку Російської імперії), Borisa Lyatoshins'koho str., 5. Now it is the Department of National Bank of Ukraine.
  • 32 Zhytomyr City council (Житомирська міська рада), Koroliova sq. (С.П. Королёва пл., майдан ім. С. П. Корольова), 2/4 (Tram or bus 8, 26 to stop 'Hinchanka' 150 m), +380 412 481212, fax: +380 412 481219, .
  • 33 Former Zhytomyr Mariinsky female high school (Житомирська Маріїнська жіноча гімназія), Koroliova sq., 10. Opened February 12, 1866. The building is a monument of history and architecture. Now it houses a children's creativity centre.
  • 34 Admiral Shchastnyi House (Будинок адмірала Щастного), Admirala Schastnoho str., 20 (Near to Philharmonic Hall).
  • 35 Water tower (Водонапірна башта), Pushkins'ka str., 24. - Neo Gothic style.
  • 36 Former Female seminary (Жіноче духовне училище), Pushkins'ka str., 27. Built in 1860.
  • 37 Domanevsko House (Особняк І. Доманевського), Staryi blvd., 16/1.
  • 38 Agricultural University (former District Court) (Агроуніверситет (Окружний суд)), Staryi blvd., 7. Built in 1897.
  • 39 Former the second men's gymnasium (Друга чоловіча гімназія), Pushkins'ka str., 42. This three-story, one of the best houses in the city, which has lodged an educational institution. Erected in 1882. Now part of the State University named Franko
  • 40 The complex of buildings First gymnasium (Первой мужской гимназии), Velyka Berdychivs'ka str., 40. Built in 1862. The main entrance was a flower garden with rare trees and a fountain in the center. Now it is Zhytomyr State Pedagogical University named Franko.
  • 41 Former Mansion Filipov (Особняк Філіпова), Velyka Berdychivs'ka str., 61/18. Built for the attorney I. Filipov. Architecture in the late classicist style with Neo-Baroque elements


  • 42 Castle Hill Public garden (Замкова гора), Kafedral'na str.. Mountain on the bank of the Kamenka river, which up to 19th century stood a stone castle, surrounded by moats. Probably, it was founded back in 9. retainers of the Kievan princes Askold and Dir, but then could find elsewhere. In the written annals of Zhytomyr castle was first mentioned in 1392 when they captured the Grand Duke of Lithuania Vitovt. Subsequently, repeatedly destroyed and rebuilt.
  • 43 Korbutivskyi Hidropark Aquapark (Корбутівський гідропарк), Plyazhna alley (Пляжна алея) (SW 6km - Chudnivs'ka str. 111?). - Beach. Wonderful vacation spot - the famous Korbutovskyi Hydropark. Caring owners have preserved forest, turning it into a landscaped park.
  • 44 Rock Golova Chatskogo (Скеля Голова Чацького), Kryvyi 2 lane (5,5km SW). - Bizarre rock above the river Teteriv (30 m), a geological monument of national importance. Clearly visible from a viewing platform on the dam reservoir Teterevskogo.
  • 45 Gagarin Park (Парк ім. Гагаріна), Staryi blvd..
  • 46 Botanical Garden of Zhytomyr Agricultural University (Ботанічний сад Житомирського агроуніверситету), Koroliova str.,. Area of 35.4 hectares. Founded in 1933. The Garden Collection includes about 200 species of trees and shrubs and 750 species of herbal plants.

Further afield[edit]

Radomysl Castle
  • 47 Berdychiv (Бердичів) (45km South). Carmelites monastery, a magnificent architectural complex, built in 16th century, now its a city museum
  • 48 Korosten "Stalin Line" (Коростень) (77km North). Soviet times had left objects that keep their secrets. Especially it concerns underground tunnels, bunkers and missile sites.
  • 49 Radomysl Castle (Замок Радомишль) (70 km NE). - Its center is an old flour mill built in the late 19th century by Polish engineer Piekarski. Inside the castle is the Museum of Ukrainian Home Icons, with more than 5000 icons and sculptures (Orthodox, Catholic and Greek-Catholic), created between the 16th and 20th centuries in different parts of Ukraine. Also there is a concert hall with 150 seats, and used for classical music, chamber music, folk and jazz events Radomysl Castle (Q2338568) on Wikidata Radomysl Castle on Wikipedia


Zhytomyr Philharmonic


Central Department store



Fast Food[edit]





  • 1 Hotel Zhitomir ("Домашняя гостиница"), Politekhnichnyi lane (Політехнічний пров.), 4 (Next to Zhytomyr State Technological University), +380 97 2282756, . Full number of rooms: 17. +phone=+380 63 8979651 Economy (3 dbl) with shared toilet and shower: 180 грн, Standard (4 dbl): 300 грн, Luxury dbl./Suite 350/500 грн.
  • 2 Yalynka hotel (Готель Ялинка), Myru ave. (проспект Миру), 34 (3 km NW), +380 412 516415.
  • 3 Hetman Restaurant, Hotel (Ресторан Гетьман), Het'mana Samoilovycha str., 3 (NW 2 km), +380 412 416140.
  • 4 Gulden Hotel (Мотель-бар "Гульден"), Myru ave., 47A l, +380 67 4209312, fax: +380 412 466321.
  • 5 Petrohrad Restaurant Hotel (Готельно-ресторанний комплекс "Петроградъ"), Polissia distr., Saienka str. (ул. Саенко), 152A (NE 4 km), +380 412 465057, fax: +380 412 465058. Dbl: 300 грн. Tpl: 400 грн. Pol-lux: 500 грн. Lux.: 600 грн..
  • 6 Dodo Hotel (Готель Додо), Nezalezhnosti ave., 13, +380 412 464664., Four star hotel. 25 rooms. sgl from US$60.
  • 7 Zhytomyr Hotel and motel (Готель Житомир), Peremohy sq., (пл. Победы,) 6, +380 412 228693, fax: +380 412 225645. Double: 240-360 грн. Suite 540- 600 грн. (2013).
  • 8 Zhytnyi Hotel (Готель Житний), Khlibna str., 19 (Midtown), +380 412 467667.
  • 9 Polskyi Dim Hotel (Кафе Польський Дім), Chudnivs'ka str., 34B. - Wi-Fi.
  • 10 Sportyvnyi Hotel (Готель Спортивний), Feschenka-Chopivs'koho str. (вул. Фещенка-Чопівського), 18, +380 412 470347.
  • 11 Gaiky Hotel (Ресторанно-готельний комплекс Гайки), Novyi blvd., (Новий бульвар,) 6, +380 412 466112, . From US$55.
  • 12 Korolivska Bochka hotel (Розважальний комплекс Королівська бочка), Ivana Honty str. (вул. Івана Гонти), 68 (4km SE , bus 4, 11, 23, 27 or Trolley 8 to 'Komertsiyna St'), +380 98 525 8070. Extraphones=+380 (097) 558-2727, (093) 629-39-39. There is a disco, a bar, a restaurant, Russian wood bathhouse, Finnish sauna. VIP-room typ.I/II & rooms № 10-13 250 грн, - rooms № 1-6 150 грн; rooms № 7-9 200 грн. (2014).
  • Inter motel (Интер мотель), Zhytomyr-Lviv Hwy, (трасса Житомир-Львов) (On the outskirts of Zhytomyr), +380 412 446254. Clean and bright restaurant hall, summer houses, conference room, parking. Rooms with all amenities, TV. Extraphones=+380 067 4126129,+380 050 3858051 Sgl: 260 грн. Dbl: 330 грн. Triple: 420 грн. Suite: 450 грн. (2013).
  • 13 Villa Rose (Вилла Роз), Mezhrechie, Teterevka village, Zhitomirskiy rayon, Zhitomirskaya oblast (By car: from the center of Zhitomir through Chudnovsky bridge towards Hydropark, passing Teterevku, then Perlyavke make a left turn into the landfill, cross the river and turn left, go straight 4 km to the gate, "Mezritch" who have entered into the gate go straight up fork, front of the house №125 turn right 50 meters to Villa Rose), +380 63 134 7444, +380 99 172 0303, +380 97 332 4668, . Check-in: 14:00, check-out: 12:00. Villa Rose is 10 km south-west of the city of Zhitomir, in the ecologically clean Teterevsky Reservoir area, surrounded by protected areas with stunning natural beauty. from US$22.



Map of free Wi-Fi spots.[7]

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