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Lutsk (Ukrainian: Луцьк) is a city in Western Ukraine. It is the capital and the largest city of Volyn Oblast, with a population of around 217,000 (2015 est.). There is useful website for tourists visiting Lutsk:[dead link].


Lutsk is one of the most ancient cities of Ukraine. The original settlement was built around 1000 CE at a bend of the river Styr, on an island formed by the Styr and its tributaries. Today that area is the State Historical and Cultural Preserve, “The Old Lutsk”. Lutsk quickly became an important city of the Kievan Rus kingdom and toward the end of the 10th century was in the center of the intense fight between the heirs of Yaroslav the Wise.

By the 12th century Lutsk had mighty wooden fortifications; it withstood a six-week siege in 1150 by the prince of Moscow and one by the Mongols in 1259, though it was forced to surrender in 1267. In the late 14th century, Lyubart, son of the grand Lithuanian duke, was married to the local princess and became a real protector of Volyn. Under his rule, Lutsk Castle was the seat of administrative, court and religious bodies that governed Volyn. He also rebuilt the fortifications, replacing wooden construction with brick.

Congress of European Monarchs in Lutsk

After Lyubart’s death Lutsk remained the residence of Lithuanian and Russian princes, and in 1429 it hosted a meeting of European monarchs including the Lithuanian prince, Polish king and the emperor of Luxembourg. In the 15th century, the townsfolk were granted Magdeburg rights, elective bodies of self-government. By the 16th century Lutsk castle lost its significance for defense, but the city remained important. Because of a great number of religious buildings contemporaries called it the “Rome of Volyn” and Polish poet Sebastian Klionovic wrote: “Who could pass Lutsk by? The city is worth a song.”

After the Lublin Union in 1569 Volyn integrated into the Kingdom of Poland; the city gradually became more and more Polish despite legal guarantees given by Ruthenian nobles and clergy. From the late 17th through most of the 18th century Lutsk slowly decayed; there were devastating fires, floods, and epidemics and the cultural and religious Ukrainian life in the city was gradually stifled.

In 1795, after the third division of Poland, the region and its capital became part of the Russian Empire. The 19th century didn’t bring a revival of the economic and social life of the city. Only after the building of the South-Eastern railroad branch in the 1890s did Lutsk's economic rise begin. At that time (1895) the population of Lutsk was 15125 people.

During World War I Lutsk became a battlefield. After the February Revolution in 1917 the blue and yellow Ukrainian flag was hoisted above the city for the first time. However in 1919 Lutsk was occupied by the Polish army and it became part of Poland again until autumn 1939, when it was taken by the Soviet Union during their invasion of Poland. Then in 1941 the city was occupied by German troops. A terrible event happened before this – on June 23 about three thousand prisoners were executed in the yard of Lutsk prison by a special squad of the Soviet military forces. Later in the war, Soviet forces took the city back.

After the war Lutsk was gradually rebuilt and renewed. The greatest development took place in the 1960s and 70s; a number of large factories were built and that led to a population explosion. Many houses were built, especially in Zavokzalny and Gnidavsky districts.

Since Ukrainian independence Lutsk has continued to play a leading role in the political, economic, cultural and religious life of Volyn. The city is one of the largest in the Western Ukraine, its location near the Polish border makes it a center of international trade, and economic development is helping to change its appearance.

Get in[edit]

By train[edit]

  • 1 Lutsk Train Station, Pl. Pryvokzalna (Привокзальна пл.,) 1 (a little south of the bus station, and also northeast of the centre; Trolleybuses 4 and 7 and many marshrutky shuttle between here and Maydan Teatralny square), +380 332 797257. Suburban rail (elektrychka) from Lviv (daily, 10 грн, 6 hr) arriving in Lutsk around midnight. Trains to Kyiv (60 грн, 7 to 9½ hr, 2 per day).

By bus[edit]

  • 2 Lutsk Bus Station №1. (автостанция №1. Луцк), Koniakyna Ulitsa (ул. Конякина, 39), 39 (2 km NE of the centre, right next to a market; trolleybuses 5, 8 and 9, plus numerous marshrutky link it to central, Maydan Teatralny square. Once at the bus or train station it can be extremely confusing to find your way to a bus taking you to the center of town, as the area is dominated by a very large and fairly nasty outdoor bazaar. Make sure you find all this information before hand, and carry a map to avoid getting lost (which is very easy to do!)), +380 332 241167. International buses from Lublin, Warsaw (2 per day, 8-9 hr by daylight, 10 hr by night) Poland; Brest (daily, 5-8 hr), Hrodna (daily, 10.5 hr) Belarus. Most interesting short lines (i.e. Volyn region) for tourist Svitiaz (daily 4, 3 hr 45 min), Turbazha (Lake "Svitiaz", Shatsky National Natural Park) 4 hr; Kovel (daily 6, 2-3-4 hr! different ways). To far inland lines Vinnytsia 9 hr; Zhytomyr 6 hr; Kyiv daily 3, 9 hr. To Lviv direction to Uzhhorod 12.5 hr; Lviv daily 7x, 4.5 hr; Brody 3.5 hr; To (Dubenskaya direction) Khmelnytskyi daily 3, 8 hr; Brody daily 2, 3 hr; Ivano-Frankivsk 9 hr; Kamianets-Podilskyi 11 hr; Ternopil daily 2, 4 hr 45 min; Kremenets 1.5 hr; Dubno 1.5 hr. Marshrutky to Rivne (10 грн, 1¼ hr) leave half-hourly; even though they’re not clearly marked on the station timetable, you’ll find them at platform 1. Both minibuses and trains run from Lviv and Kyiv to Lutsk. For more information see Ukraine#Get_around.
  • 3 Lutsk-2 Bus station (Автостанція Луцьк-2), Vul. Lvivska (вул. Львівська),148 (west 2 km), +380 332 262591. Daily 05:50-19:40.

Get around[edit]

By public transport[edit]

Lutsk trolleybus No.1A

Lutsk has a convenient public transport system:

  • 31 bus routes
  • 9 trolleybus routes

Single ride tickets in buses cost 14-25 грн, in trolleybuses — 8 грн.

Schedules are available in the official mobile application.

You can also check information about public transport on EasyWay and Google Maps.

By taxi[edit]

Taxi is the easiest way of getting around the city. Some popular taxi companies include:

  • Uber (Убер).
  • Bolt (Болт).
  • Uklon (Уклон).
  • OnTaxi (ОнТаксі).
  • Opti (Опті).
  • Shark (Шарк).

By scooter[edit]

Kick scooter is a funny way to shorten your time while getting around the city.


Lubart's Castle
  • 1 Lubart's Castle (Замок Любарта, Верхній Замок). Built mostly during the 1340s by Lithuanian Prince Liubartas, Lubart's Castle is perhaps the most interesting castle in Ukraine, and is featured on the 200 грн note. Exhibitions: Collegiate Church of St. John the Divine fragments (церкви Іоанна Богослова); Armory, siege guns (Броня із замку); Antiquities (Старожитностей); The Castle lodge (Замкова Сторожка, Охороха Замку), Arsenal (Арсенал), Prison (В’язниця). "Women, fashion, Time"("Жінки, мода, Час"), Lubart Big “Лучеськ Великий на Стиру”, Transition"(Перехід); Volyn fair (Волинські ярмарки); Bullet (Куля), Handwrote Book (Рукописна книга) Sculpture Garden (Сад скульптур) , Batik (Батик), Easter in the Old Town (Великдень у Старому місті). Admission for adults 20 грн. (2018).
  • Castle Roundabout (Окольний Замок), Dragomanova Vul.. Consisted partly of wooden fortifications, in part - with masonry. Had 8 towers: 4 wood and 4 stone. The length of the stone castle (wall) was 500 m and wooden - 260 meters north of the Roundabout was wooden, south - the stone. Only one survived the eight towers roundabout Castle - Prince Chortoryisk's ( orCzartoryiski) Tower. It was built during the 15th-16th centuries. In 1970 the tower was restored.
  • 2 Market Square (Майдан Ринок) (Trolley № 1, 2, 4). One of the oldest squares in Lutsk, dating back to the 14th century. Surrounded by three Orthodox churches and one Catholic (Saint Peter and Paul Cathedral). Later, an Armenian church was settled near the Market. The Town Hall, gutted by fire in the 18th century, was situated on the south side of square. The market was surrounded by brick buildings with very deep cellars.
  • 3 Lesya Ukrainka Street (Вулиця Лесі Українки) (Running from Fellowship Bridge Square to the city's central Theatre Square.). A central pedestrian street in Lutsk. Landmark buildings on Lesya Ukrainka Street include numbers 2, 5, 13, 32, 53 and 61. There are many shops and restaurants on the street. There are also 2 garden squares on the street and the landmark Trinitarian monastery.
House of Peter I
  • 4 House of Peter I (Будинок Петра I.), Vul. Pushkina,(Пушкіна вул.,) 2 (Centre). Residential building where the Russian Tsar Peter I stopped during his visit to Lutsk in 1709. A rare example of a stone house, echoing the layout of the home folk - "the cottage into two halves."
  • 5 Falchevskoho House (Будинок Фальчевського), Cathedral Street, 23 (Stare Mesto). Built in 1545-1546, a unique example of residential architecture.
  • 6 The Gate from 1876 (Брама, 1876), Vul. Lesi Ukraïnki, 1. The gate has a central roadway arch, crowned with a cupola with a cross, and two-way side.
  • 7 House of Sculptors (Дім скульптора), Vul. Liuteranska, 9. Lutsk "house with chimeras" - the most picturesque residential building in the city. Made for the modern sculptor Nikolai Golovanov. This home-studio is decorated with numerous stone sculptures in different styles, giving the impression of complete eclecticism. Pieces of fabulous characters and mythical creatures next to statues of saints.

Religious buildings[edit]

Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral
  • 8 Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral (Комплекс монастиря та костелу бернардинів), Hradnyy descent, ( Градний Узвіз вул.,) 1. Built in 1721. In the 1870s, the church was reconstructed. Baroque style.
  • 9 Lutsk Orthodox Fellowship of the True Cross (Архітектурний комплекс Луцького братства), Danila Halitskovo Vul., 2, Yova Kondzhelevicha Vul., 5 (on the border of the market and Bratskiy Mist squares). An architectural and historical complex consisting of a church and a monastery.
Lutheran Church
  • 10 Lutheran Church (Лютеранська кірха), Liutheranska Vul., 1. Built in 1907. Rebuilt 1991-94. Neo-gothic style.
  • 11 St. Bridget Monastery (Монастир бригідок), Vul. Katedralna, (Кафедральна вул.,) 1. Founded in 1624. Rebuilt in classical style. Since 1879 the converted cells housed the district of Lutsk prison.
  • 12 Saints Peter and Paul Cathedral (Кафедральний костел святих Петра і Павла), Vul. Cathedral, ( Кафедральна вул.,) 6 (Centre). Schedule of worship: 09:00, 18:00 on weekdays; 08:30, 10:00, 12:00, 18:00 on weekend. Start of construction 1616, destroyed in 1724, rebuilt in 1730. Renaissance and Classicism style. The height from the floor to the top of the cross on the central dome is 42 m. The basement is in 6 m deep.
  • 13 Great Synagogue (Велика синагога), Danila Galitskovo Vul., 33. The first brick synagogue was built in the second half of the 16th century. It was partially destroyed in 1942 and restored in the 1970s. Renaissance style. It is now used as a sports club.
  • 14 Sviato-Feodosiivskyi Hram (Свято-Феодосіївський храм), Vul. Volodymyrska, 70 (1.5 km west), +380 332 268029. Church of St. Theodosius. Consecrated in 1906. Inside are four very nice murals and some icons.
  • 15 Former Vasylians' Monastery (Монастир василіан), Vul. Kondzelevicha Iovi, 5. Founded in 1624 and the building of cells built in the middle of 17th century. Part of the Exaltation of the Lord's Cross Temple. Today is partly used as a shelter, and partly - as a building fraternity.
  • 16 Former Trynitarians' Monastery (Монастир тринітаріїв), Vul. Lesi Ukraïnki, 22. First constructing in its place the church of Archangel Michael and Paul, consecrated in 1729. The church together with the monastery formed the great Baroque complex. 1812 in the monastery made a military hospital. Finally, it collapsed in 1842. Dismantled and carried in the monastery building repairs, reduced roof, central front processed. Later posted here the District Court. This state of affairs remained till now.


  • 17 Art Museum (Художній музей у Луцьку), Katedral Vul.,(Кафедральна вул.) 1a (Castle), +380 332 723075, . W-Su 10:00-18:00. Opened in 1973. The collection included foreign art from the 17th to the first third of the 20th century represented the national school eight European countries: Spain, Italy, Flanders, France, Austria, Germany, England and Poland.
  • 18 Book Museum (Музей книги) (Castle). In the castle's court which used to be the county treasury. There the oldest printed book is 366 years old.
  • 19 "Lesya Living" Memorial Museum or Museum of the Kosachev Family (Кімната-музей «Лесина вітальня» - Музей родини Косачів), Cathedral Vul. 23. Opened in 2005, paying tribute to the poet, in the house where the family lived Kosachev in 1890-91 respectively, opened a memorial "Lesyni living room" where you from exposed materials imagine everyday life of a large family that has left an outstanding mark in the life of Ukraine.
Military Museum
  • 20 [dead link] Military Museum (Волинський регіональний музей українського війська та військової техніки), Na Taboryschi Vul., 4. Founded in 1999. 1000 objects.
  • 21 Museum of Bells (Музей дзвонів) (In the Castle). The oldest piece is ringing in 1647. Many bells during the Cossack war of 1648-1654 was transfused into the gun.
  • 22 Museum of Volyn Icon (Музей Волинської ікони), Vul. Yaroshchuk, (Ярощука вул.) 5 (1.5 km northeast), +380 332 24-34-12, +380 332 799883, . Established in 1993. 1500 objects from local icon painting school from the 16th-18th century. 80 грн, tour 160 грн.
  • 23 Pharmacy Museum (Аптека-музей), Dragomanova Vul., 11 (Near the Market Square). M-F 08:00-21:00, Sa Su 09:00-21:00. Since 1845.
  • Photo and Film Museum (Музей історії кінематографії та фотомистецтва).
  • 24 Volyn Museum (Волинський краєзнавчий музей), Shopena Vul., 20, +380 332 242591, . Apr 2-Sep 30: daily 10:00-18:00; Su 10:00-16:00; Oct 1-Apr 1: daily 09:00-17:00. An art museum in the castle. established in 1929. Over 137,000 objects.

Further afield[edit]

  • 25 [dead link] Berestechko (Берестечко) (S 60 km - No train to here). Trinity church + bell tower (Троїцький костел + дзвіниця), 1711, one of the oldest in the Oblastn
  • 26 Goloby (Голоби) (NW 46 km, take from any train or bus toward Kovel). St.George church (Георгіївська церква), 1783: this monument is to transition from baroque to classicism with traditional wooden bell tower in the forms of folk architecture in Volyn. Also here: St. Michael's Church (1720s), a small estate (1810s), a manor house (1900s).
  • 27 Kovel (Ковель) (77 km NW). St. John the Baptist Monastery, Holy Resurrection five domed Cathedral, Cathedral of the Annunciation (founded 1505), Historical Museum and St. Anne's wooden Church (over 300 years old!).
  • 28 Kysylyn (Кисилин) (W 55 km). St. Michael's Church, (Свято-Михайлівська церква) 1777; Carmelite monastery, (Монастир кармелітів) 1720
  • 29 Lyuboml (Лю́бомль) (NW 120 km, take a bus (05:10-20:20, ten+ times) or train (four per day)). Trinity church (Троїцький костел), 1412, 17th century, Street Samokhina; 16. Also here are the Church of St. George (Vul. Nezhalezhnosty), the remains of the palace Branickis (just from outside, Vulitsa Traiavnya); the Nativity of the Blessed Virgin Mary wooden Church 1884; Building in the central area, formerly Market Square,- 1780s-1900s; Settlement "zamchischa" archeological site. For a map see image or here
  • 30 Myltsy (Мильці, Mielce) (107 km north). A hamlet with a Monastery, (Миколаївський чоловічий монастир), 16th century.
  • 31 Piddubtsi (Піддубці) (E 15 km take trolleybus 3, 7 to 'Haradzha (kladovyshche)'). Protection of the Virgin church + gate (Покровська церква + брама), 1745-1762.
  • 32 Olyka (Оли́ка, Ołyka, אוליקה) (near to Kivertsi). Radziwills castle (замок Радзивила), 1564; Complex of collegium (комплекс колегіати), 17th century; SS. Peter and Paul church (Петропавлівський костел), 1450-1612. Sketchy map here
  • 33 Shtun (Штунь) (NW 135 km.- Near to Lyuboml 8km). St.John the Divine church (церква Йоана Богослова), 1777.
  • 34 Volodymyr-Volynskyi (Володимир-Волинський) (70km West). Cathedral of the Assumption (Успенський собор),(1160); Vasylivska church, (Василівська церква) 13th-14th century; St. Joachim and Anne Church, (Костел Св. Йоакима і Анни)(1752); St. Nicholas Church, (Миколаївська церква) 1780; Cathedral of the Nativity, (Кафедральний собор Різдва Христового) 1718-1755, Earthworks of the castle (Земляні вали замку), 13th-14th century; Walls Capuchin Monastery, (Мури капуцинського монастиря) 1751. There is a small hotel
  • 35 Zhydychyn (Жидичин) (7 km north). Україні Жидичинський монастир офіційно відновлено. Зараз це чоловічий монастир Святителя Миколая Чудотворця УПЦ КП (Ківерецький деканат).



Lutsk Festival
  • "Jazz Bez" ― the Trans-Border Jazz Marathon, . "Jazz Bez" is the most large-scale and long-lasting Ukrainian jazz festival that uses jazz energy to unite many Ukrainian and Polish cities presenting the best Western musicians to them. Every year the city of Lutsk joins the marathon. The main tasks of the festival are the following: creative and organizational exchange of the organizers’ experience; uniting people of different walks of life, countries and ages; propaganda and development of the jazz music; introducing new jazz trends and new playing techniques to young musicians and audiences; development of the cooperation between artists and cultural institutions; enforcing the cultural dialogue; trans-border circulation of artists and artistic objects; professional development of young musicians; encouraging arts organization to create international jazz projects. The Lutsk part of the festival usually takes place in the Puppet Theatre ― the place with the best acoustics in the city.
  • International jazz folk festival "Musical dialogues", . "Musical Dialogues" is the only jazz folk festival in the Volyn region of Ukraine. It is aimed at development of ethnic music of different countries (Ukraine being the priority) together with improvisational music ― the jazz. We try to revive authentic musical art and to maintain artists who interpret this art form in a new way. The festival is a trans-border project directed towards the involvement of musicians from all the Europe. The annual open-air music festival usually lasts for 2 days in the end of May and takes place in the adorable 14th century Lutsk castle.
  • Art Show "Night at Lutsk Castle". There is one night in Lutsk when life is swirling in the medieval castle until dawn. The entire community looks forward to the art show "Night at Lutsk Castle" the whole year round. Under cover of the shortest summer night each participant has the opportunity to represent the personage of knight, crowned person, the court servant or artisan. The old romantic atmosphere, created by dances and music of the Middle Ages, knights' tournaments, and lots of candles, fire show, mulled wine, walks in the phaeton and mysterious cave, can return people to the past. "Night at Lutsk Castle" is a synthesis of ancient and modern, history and art. Night extravaganza lets get acquainted with many genres of art and popular performers. Master Class is conducted by famous masters of folk art, artists, film directors and video-art, members of clubs of historical reconstruction.
  • The Youth Alternative Music and Modern Art Festival "Bandershtat". Seemingly peaceful Volyn is an insurrectional land, the land of Ukrainian heroes who were the symbol of the spirit of the Ukrainian people. In its virgin forests the Ukrainian independence and national freedom movements were hardened. Generations of indomitable fighters, remembered by all Ukrainian patriots, lived and battled here. On these glorious lands in 2007 the idea of the Ukrainian alternative music and modern art festival "Bandershtat" was born. It is a cultural and art event, marked by patriotic content and spirit. Today the festival presents literary performances, meetings with the Ukrainian Insurgent Army veterans, sporting and art events, discussions with famous politicians and public figures, patriotic flash mobs, an eternal flame, historical reconstructions, and evening film presentations. The Ukrainian spirit festival“Bandershtat” is proclaimed to be a non-alcohol event. The festival headliners in the past have been bands such as "Anna", "Tartak", "Tin Sontsia", "Horta", "Dymna Symish", amongst many others.
  • The salo lovers’ festival "To Salo with Love", Lessia Ukrainka Central Park. Everybody who loves Ukrainian salo will come to Lutsk to take part in the 7th festival "To Salo with Love"! The festival was recognized four times in the Book of Records of Ukraine – the biggest salo sandwich in the world (76 m), the first Salo and Pig monument in the world, the world’s record in salo eating speed (1 kilogram per 10 minutes and 55 seconds), the biggest football in the world made of salo (diameter – more than 6 m, weight – more than 400 kilograms). The festival program is fun and interesting with salo lovers’ competitions, displays and a market of items made of salo and salo itself.
Lutsk by night
  • International Music Festival "Stravinsky and Ukraine", Lutsk, Ustyluh (Volodymyr Volynskii region). The International Music Festival "Stravinsky and Ukraine" is the only festival in Volyn promoting classical music in all its genres and styles. The festival’s main aim is to popularize the creative works of Igor Stravinsky and to teach more about his connections with Ukraine. The festival also aims to promote the best examples of classical music of the world and Ukraine. The main feature of the festival is a gala concert held in the open air on June 17 (Stravinsky’s birthday) every year near the composer’s house-museum in Ustyluh. The event, on a large mobile stage, attracts larger and larger audiences from Volyn, Ukraine and other countries. The festival’s priority is performing Stravinsky premiere works which have not been performed in Ukraine before, or which are not recorded. The first festival was held in 1994, and has been an annual event since 2005.
Lutsk Festival
  • International festival "Polessian Summer with Folklore". Festival "Polessian Summer with Folklore" is an international fest of songs and dances. During these festive days Lutsk citizens and city guests get acquainted with the folklore and traditions of various foreign groups. During the festival a special atmosphere of neighborhood and friendship among people is established. The festival guests are numerous groups from abroad and different parts of Ukraine. During the 12 years of this festival 6766 participants have participated, among them 80 foreign groups from 41 countries and 86 groups from Ukraine. Because of this festival, Ukraine became the 69th official member of CIOFF in 1994 at the meeting of the CIOFF General Assembly. Festival events take part at the Regional Music and Drama Theatre, Lesya Ukrainka Central Park, Lutsk Palace of Culture, the grounds of Lutsk castle, the stadium “Avangard”, the Holy Trinity Orthodox Cathedral and St. Peter and Paul Catholic Church and on outdoor stages in different Lutsk districts.
  • Art Festival "The Straw Bird", . A lot of participants are joining the creative family. Blacksmiths from Lviv, Rivne, Ternopil, Zhytomyr, Chernivtsi, Ivano-Frankivsk and other cities. There is a special fair during this festival for the participants. The most active artists and viewers receive gifts from the organizers. Previous Festivals left behind a wrought works that are exhibited in Lutsk castle - a decorative wrought iron candle holders on the grid "crown Vytautas" that annually set on fire on the action "Night in Lutsk castle." Organizers: Association of Volyn "Charm Art," art studio "Ole-art" (founders Oleg and Olga Grytsiuk), Department of Culture at the city council.


Lutsk, Avangard Stadium
  • 1 Botanical Reserve Vorotnev (Ботанический заказник «Воротнив»), Vorotnev Village (19 km east). The area: ​​600 hectares. In 1978, based on the tract "Vorotnev" was created by one of the oldest protected area facilities, to preserve the unique oak-hornbeam forests with an admixture of pine, birch, spruce, aspen, alder. Here grow the rare oak-ash plantations of the grass cover which grows over 900 species of higher plants and some listed as endangered and rare species on the plains - astrantsiya big.
  • 2 Lesya Ukrainka Park (Ботаничний сад 'Парк ім. Лесі Українки'), Hlushets' (Глушець вул.). Municipal Park and Botanical garden.
  • 3 Zoo (Зоопарк), Hlushets St., 7, +380 332 248153.


  • 4 Vipuri-ket Fitness Centre and Swimming pool (Фітнес-центр Віпурі-кет), Ukrainky Lesi Vul.,(Українки Лесі вул.,) 26 (Centre), +380 332 722742.
  • 5 University Sportcomplex (Спорткомплекс ВНУ), Poso. Hrushevskoho Prezidenta, (Грушевського Президента просп.,) 2-b, +380 332 242297, +380 332 242481. For swimming.


Lutsk, Academic choir
  • 6 Volyn Oblast Philharmonic Concert hall (Волинська обласна філармонія), Voli Ave., (Волі просп.) 46 (E 2 km), +380 332 757510. For some classical music.
  • 7 Drama Theater (Волинський обласний академічний музично-драматичний театр імені Т. Г. Шевченка), Prosp. Voly (Волі просп., Театральний майдан,) 2.
  • 8 Puppet Theatre (Обласний театр ляльок), Vul. Kryvyi Val, (Кривий Вал вул.,) 18, +380 332 723260, +380 332 723163.



  • 1 Tsentralnyi Market (Ринок Центральний), Vul. Hlushets, (Глушець вул.,) 3, +380 332 725380.
  • 2 Varshavskyi (Zavokzalnyi) Market (Ринок Варшавський (Завокзальний)), Karpenka-Karoho St., 1 (East), +380 332 234165.

Shopping centers[edit]

  • 3 Hostynets Shopping centre (Торговий центр Гостинець), Sobornosti Ave., (Соборності просп.) 11L (east 1 km from Train Station), +380 332 2716953.
  • 4 Imidzh Shopping centre (Торговий центр Імідж), Vul. Rivnenska (Рівненьська вул.), 89 (east 3 km near Luchesk market), +380 332 255128.
  • 5 Karavan Shopping Centre (Торговий центр Караван), Vul. Karpenka-Karoho, (Карпенка-Карого вул.) 1.1A (at Zavokzalnyi market).
  • 6 Lutsk Shopping Centre (Універмаг Луцьк), Voli Ave.(Волі просп.), 1, +380 332 78-5562.
  • 7 [dead link] Oxygen Entertaining complex (Розважальний комплекс Оксіджен), Rivnen's'ka (Рівненьська вул.).,157 (E 4 km), +380 332 788975.
  • 8 Tam Tam Shopping Centre (Гіпермаркет Там Там), Ave. Sobornosti, (Соборності просп.) 43 (East), +380 332 783467.
  • 9 [dead link] Varshavkyi Shopping Centre (Торговий центр Варшавський), Vul. Koniakina, (Конякіна вул.,) 30 (northeast, near Railway Station).
  • 10 Yuvant Shopping Centre (Торговий центр Ювант), Karpenka-Karoho, (Карпенка-Карого вул.,) 1D (Nertheast, near to Railway Station), +380 332 740340.



Lutsk, Pedestrian street
  • Café-restaurant “Basylik” (Кафе-ресторан "Базилік"), Kravchuka St., 11a, +38 066 341-42-41, +38 098 430-54-24, . 11:00-00:00. Family cafe-restaurant "Basylik" offers a wide selection of pizzas by popular author recipes. Amateurs of Italian cuisine can taste here fokachcho pancakes, classic pastas and delicious salads with special sauces. Those who are not indifferent to Japanese cuisine, certainly will be interested in a variety of sushi that is prepared in a cafe-restaurant "Basylik" in front of the visitors! "Basylik" offers a wide selection of hot and cold drinks, alcoholic and non-alcoholic cocktails. In cafe-restaurant there is a children’s corner where kids can draw, play and have fun in the company of other children. There is also a friendly staff and prompt service. All this is offered by reasonable prices.
  • Restaurant "Monastyrska doroga" (Музейно-театральний ресторан "Монастирська дорога"), Lesi Ukrainky St. 67 (Downtown), +38 0332 72-52-04, +38 050 76-63-689, . 12:00-23:00. Monasteries which were in Lutsk are waiting there for you. Styled restaurant walls will guide you through the Lutsk abbey road, which will leave unforgettable impressions. Delicious cuisine will make you come back here.
Ukrainian hot-dog in tortilla
  • Restaurant "Zolotyi Drakon" (Ресторан "Золотий дракон"), Veteraniv St. 1a, +38 0332 78-84-88. 11:00-00:00. Restaurant "Zolotyi Drakon" offers a wide range of the Chinese and European dishes.
  • Restaurant “Corona Vytautas” (Ресторан "Корона Вітовта"), Castle Square, Plitnitsy St. 1, +38 0332 72-71-14, +38 097 39-08-688, +38 095 78-92-505, . 12:00-00:00. During the archeological digging in the wall of the old foundation half-burned manuscript was found. It was a diary of the king’s chef Svarog, where he did calculations, wrote recipes, created by him dishes, described some events from city life. This manuscript became the stimulus of restaurant “Corona Vytautas” creation in 1996. The restaurant is situated near the walls of the medieval Lutsk Castle. Besides cooking dishes, using the old recipes, they also try to revive old traditions.
Ukrainian Cherry Candies
  • Restaurant-confectionary "Kruazh" (Ресторан-кондитерська "Круаж"), Koniakina St. 33a, +38 0332 73-00-24, +38 050 71-40-199, +38 099 43-66-866, . 11:00-23:00. The restaurant interior presents a combination of the modern and the classic, with a starry ceiling and crystal chandelier overhead, forged railings and a modern bar.
  • Restaurant "Pechera" (Ресторан "Печера"), Klyma Savury St. 66a, +38 0332 28-23-63, +38 099 07-58-052. 11:00-01:00. Ukrainian and European dishes.
  • Restaurant "Sribni Leleky" (Ресторан "Срібні лелеки"), V.Chornovola St.17, +38 0332 75-71-00, . 10:00-00:00. The wine menu includes wine from Italy, different regions of France, Chile, Spain, Georgia, Moldova and Ukraine, and the choice of the other alcohol drinks will satisfy any gourmand. There is live music every evening. Besides the main hall, you can also enjoy cosy café, which is outside and observe a wine cellar.
  • 1 Kurin Restaurant (Ресторація Курінь), Hrushevs'koho Prezydenta ave. 26 (Near to Lutsk Train Station), +38 332 23-14-83, . 11:00-23:00. Traditional Ukrainian cuisine. Folk recipes of the Ukrainian cuisine and tasty flavors make the hospitality of the Ukrainian people complete.
  • Restaurant "Old Pier" (Ресторан "Стара пристань"), Kovelska St. 1, +38 050 920-90-14. In the restaurant "Old Pier" you can taste dishes of European, Ukrainian, Caucasian and Mediterranean cuisine.
  • Restaurant "Talisman" (Ресторан "Талісман"), Sobornosti Av. 14a, +38 0332 71-52-73. 11:00-23:00. Restaurant "Talisman" is a good combination of European and Eastern cuisine.
  • Restaurant "Ukraina" (Ресторан "Україна"), Slovatskogo St. 2 (Downtown), +38 0332 78-81-10, +38 0332 24-33-20, . 11:00-23:00. Breakfasts, dinners and suppers of Ukrainian and European cuisines.
  • [dead link] Restaurant "Faina Okraina" (Ресторан "Файна Ок'райна"), Shevchenka St. 40, +38 0332 72-62-62, +38 050 651-86-64. 12:00-23:00. Not far away from the city centre, the restaurant offes unique Ukrainian interior, traditional Ukrainian cuisine and hospitable staff.
  • The Gate to the world of flavors (Brama) (Брама у світ смаків), Sobornosti Av. 43, +38 0332 78-51-31, +38 0332 75-73-90. 10:00-23:00. Ukrainian and European cuisines are served here. A large selection of starters, main courses, desserts and drinks at reasonable prices.
  • SushiYa (СушиЯ), Voli Av. 1 (Downtown), +38 067 547-89-05, . 09:00-23:00. The first specialized sushi restaurant in Lutsk offers a wide selection of sushi, soups and snacks.


  • 2 Cafe Lutsk-Skhidnyi (Кафе Луцьк-східний), Pryvokzal'na sq., 1 (At Lutsk Train Station), +380 332 234070.
  • 3 Cafe Tranzyt (Кафе Транзит), Koniakina str., 39 (At Lutsk Bus Station №1), +380 332 246041.
  • Café “Einstein” (Кафе "Ейнштейн"), Shopena St. 24, +38 0332 29-50-51, +38 067 193-44-11, . 10:00-23:00.
  • Chocolate cafe "Zolotyi Dukat" (Чоколядова кав'ярня "Золотий дукат"), Krylova St. 11А (Downtown), +38 0332 72-15-75. 08:00-23:00. Fresh coffee (just roasted coffee beans), Carpathian tea, chocolate, cocktails, desserts, ice cream, original confectionery.
  • Cafe "Rose-Cafe" (Кав’ярня), Voly Av. 19 (Downtown), +38 0332 72-26-82, . 09:00-22:00. Aromatic coffee, small tables for two, easy and romantic atmosphere.


  • 4 Presto Pizza (Піцерія Presto Pizza), Kravchuka St. 48a (One block to Lutsk Bus Station №1), +380 95 9318585. 09:00-23:00. A wide range of pizzas to choose. The menu features more than 20 types of pizza and it is also possible to make a personal, unique pizza using the proposed ingredients. Besides pizza,Japanese sushi, pasta, salads, soups and desserts.
  • Pizzeria "Felicità" (Піцерія "Фелічіта"), Voli Av. 11, Sobornosti Av. 11, Striletska St. 11, Vynnychenka St. 2, +38 0332 25-79-28, +38 0332 24-44-44, +38 0332 72-72-38, . 10:00-23:00. Here you will enjoy pizza, baked in an oven with tomatoes and mozzarella! Tasty pastas, salads, desserts, exquisite wine, friendly staff, plenty of smiles and good mood - that’s what you need for a wonderful rest with friends or family.
  • Ottimo cibo, Kryvyi Val St., 39, +38 098 933-55-33, +38 066 543-34-44. 11:00-22:30. Pizza from Ottimo Cibo is made on special dough for pizza with Italian flour that is suitable for those who like to eat and not gain excess weight. You can also taste a sauce with Italian tomatoes and fresh basil. Sushi from Ottimo Cibo is a work of sushi school from the Japanese city of Kyoto. The curator is sensei Stasi Tan and master Yuriy Hazipov, who makes them. Sushi Ottimo Cibo are made ​​with only the best and freshest ingredients. Masters use rice of premium class, cooked on spring water and soy sauce Kikoman of natural fermentation. Also in Ottimo Cibo you will find a wide selection of healthy, low calorie, light and nutritious salads with a unique low-calorie dressing. Each portion serves fresh mini baguettes with Italian dough.
  • Pizza restaurant "San-Remo" (Піцерія "Сан-Ремо"), Kravchuka St. 15, Voli Av. 4, Voli Av. 48, +38 0332 78-38-58, +38 0332 24-22-72, +38 0332 24-73-09. 11:00-23:00. The net of pizza restaurants "San-Remo" offers pizza to the different taste.
  • Pizzeria "Uncle Pizza" (Піцерія "Дядя Pizza"), Voli pr. 4b, +38 098 674-00-05, +38 099 167-70-05, +38 099 167-70-04. At Pizzeria "Uncle Pizza" is offered Italian cuisine, pizza and sushi. And your children can have fun in the children's entertainment room. Every Sundays are held master classes for children.

Fast food[edit]

  • 5 Chicken Hut Restaurant (Ресторан Chicken HUT), Koniakina St. 30 (Inside shopping center Varshavskyi), +380 332 283212. Fast food. French fries, burgers, Happy Meals and different drinks.
  • [dead link] VarenykyTUT (ВареникиТУТ), Voli Av. 1 (Downtown), +38 067 332-44-22. 09:00-23:00. Delicious dumplings (varenyky) with potatoes, mushrooms, meat or cherries, add a cream or pour some roasted salo on and feel at home for 7 грн. You can also have here some good Ukrainian borsch, freshly salted bacon, lard with garlic, ham, sausages and home made pickles.
  • Royal Burger, Lesi Ukrainky St. 13. 09:00-00:00. Nice staff, qualitative service, cozy interior and tasty dishes will make you come back.



  • 1 [dead link] Chester Pub (Пивний ресторан "Честер Паб"), Voli ave., 11 (Downtown), +380 332 721505, . 12:00-222:00. English pub.
  • 2 Bravyi Shveik Bar (Пивний ресторан "Бравий Швейк"), Lesi Ukrainky St. 56 (Downtown), +38 0332 72-20-94. 10:00-23:00. To drink cold beer, eat tasty food, watch football - all these things you can do at the restaurant "Bravyi Shveik".
  • [dead link] Pub "Maidan", Boika St. 2 (Downtown), +38 0332 72-48-41, +38 050 10-02-751, . 09:00-03:00. Two halls and an outside summer terrace.A wide choice of the Ukrainian dishes at reasonable prices.
  • Pub “Obolon”, Kopernika St. 8a, +38 0332 72-33-53, +38 050 215-41-56, . 09:00-15:00. Fashionable music, beer and a good mood.
  • [formerly dead link] Bar "Zeman", Vynnychenka St. 69, +38 0332 78-49-60, . 11:00-00:00. The plant’s history dates back to 1888, when the Czech colonist Vatslav Zeman, whose family lived in Volyn region at that time, started production. Since 1913 the plant started working in its full power, producing five kinds of beer: “Stolove”, “Sakura”, “Granat”, “Pilzenske”, “Bok-Bir”, which were many times awarded with golden medals in tasting competitions and received the first place in Paris. Brewery “Zeman” production was well-known in many European countries. The brewery “Zeman” master is mentioned in Jaroslav Hašek’s “The Good Soldier Švejk”.
  • Pub "Horyshche", Sobornosti Av. 14a, +38 095 57-07-772. 12:00-20:00. Thematic parties, parties with the Irish stew, music and the special, mysterious atmosphere of the Green Island are waiting for you. The rules and prices are as democratic as Ireland itself!

Night clubs[edit]

  • Night club "Versal", Grushevskogo Av. 2, +38 0332 72-00-01. 20:00-06:00. DJs of the night club “Versal” offer the most modern music as well as hits from the 1970s, 80s and 90s. You can also request your favourite music. I
  • Night club Hollywood, Boika St. 1, +38 050 80-60-505, . 10PM-5AM. Music by local performers. Hot go-go and strip shows.
  • Night club "Zoloto" ("Gold"), Rivnenska St. 157, +38 050 33-97-109, +38 0332 78-89-75. F-Su 22:00-05:00. Night club “Zoloto” ("Gold") with its pleasing, modern design is created to give you genuine relaxation and a truly fun experience. Relax as you wish: Do you want to order the third story and be the king of a party? Or maybe you wish to sit comfortably on sofas on the second story – and be the centre of attention at your party. The basement and the first floor will surprise you with the longest bars where professional barmen can mix exactly the drinks you want. The night club “Zoloto” presents a popular show, with the best in energy and excitement. Finally, if you desire, you can spend a lovely evening or pre-party in the new lounge restaurant which will enchant you with its originality and elegance!



Lutsk, Post Office
Lutsk, UkrTel Building
  • 4 No.1 post-office (1 поштове відділення), Vul. Schernoho Khresta, (Червоного Хреста вул.,)., 16 (1 km west), +380 332 723290.
  • 5 No.17 post-office (17 поштове відділення), Vul. Rustaveli Shota, (Руставелі Шота вул.,) 9 (south 2 km), +380 3322 62409.
  • 6 No.18 post-office (18 поштове відділення), Vul. Lvivska, (Львівська вул.,) 63 (SW 2 km), +380 3322 63419.
  • 7 No.25 post-office (25 поштове відділення), Vul. Kryvyi Val, (Кривий Вал вул.,) 19 (Centre), +380 332 727166.


  • 8 Lutsk City Center for Tourist Information (Центр туристичної інформації та послуг), Senatorky Levchanivs’koi St. 2 (Lesi Ukrainky St. 21), +380 332 72-34-19, . Daily 09:00-18:00. Free information about the city, its tourist attractions in Ukrainian and foreign languages. Free city maps. Free self-guided excursions (in text or audio versions). Excursions to order around the city and suburbs. Consultation about restaurants, accommodations, transport, etc. Unique souvenir products made by Volyn craftsmen and “Volyn” football team souvenirs. In the Center for Tourist Information and Services you can use Wi-Fi provided by Intertelecom. Free.
Lviv, Lychakivsky Cemetery. Part of UNESCO World Heritage List

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  • Lviv, 155 km southwest. The "Gem" of Western Ukraine. Part of the UNESCO World Heritage List.
  • Poland daily bus to Lublin and Warsaw
  • Rivne. Eastward 75 km. Administrative center of the Rivne Oblast. A historic city with many sights.
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