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For other places with the same name, see Davenport (disambiguation).
Not to be confused with Devonport, a town in northwest Tasmania.

Davenport is one of the Quad Cities, in Eastern Iowa. This Midwestern city on the bank of the Mississippi River has seen a great deal of action throughout history. Today Davenport offers visitors interesting museums, activities and culinary experiences. Being one of the Quad Cities, a side trip to another city is easily doable - just follow the color coded signs!


Antoine LeClaire House

With a population of 101,363 (2012 estimate), Davenport is the largest city in the Quad Cities and the third-largest city in Iowa. It was founded in 1836 by Antoine LeClaire and was named for George Davenport, a colonel during the Black Hawk War stationed at nearby Fort Armstrong and a local merchant. The treaty that ended the Black Hawk War was signed in 1832 by Chief Keokuk, representing the Sauk and Mesquaki tribes, and United States Army General Winfield Scott at what is now Fifth and Farnum Streets. LeClaire, who was fluent in English, French, Spanish and a dozen Native American dialects, served as the interpreter. This treaty opened large tracts of land in Eastern Iowa to American expansion.

The Quad Cities were the site of two of the westernmost battles of the War of 1812. Major Zachary Taylor, future U.S. president, commanded American troops in a couple of skirmishes against the Sauk tribe. One of them was at what is now known as Credit Island on the Mississippi River in the west end. The city also served as Iowa's military headquarters during the American Civil War, as the telegraph wires at the time did not continue any further west. A marker was placed in Lindsey Park along East River Drive to mark the location of Camp McClellan, the largest of five army camps that were located in the city. The same site was also the location where members of the Dakota tribe were interred for four years following the Dakota War of 1862 in Minnesota.

Davenport is known for a couple of "firsts" in history. The first railroad bridge across the Mississippi River was built between Arsenal Island and Davenport in 1856. The first chiropractic adjustment was performed by Daniel David Palmer in a building downtown in 1895. Two years later he established the first school of chiropractic in the city.


Climate chart (explanation)
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Under the Köppen climate classification, Davenport is considered to have a humid continental climate (Dfa). Summers tend to be very warm to hot with high levels of humidity. Winters have cold temperatures and often high winds. Snow is likely to fall from November through February, however it has been know to snow as late as April. Average snowfall in Davenport is 30.7 inches (78 cm) per year. January is on average the coldest month, while July is the warmest. The highest temperature recorded in Davenport was 103 °F (39 °C) on July 18, 2006. The lowest temperature, −22 °F (−30 °C), was recorded on February 2 and February 3, 1996. Spring and Autumn can be difficult seasons to dress for as the days can be quite warm while the evenings can be quite cool.

Flooding can occur along the Mississippi River due to the lack of a flood wall. During the Great Flood of 1993, the river crested at 22.63 feet (6.90 m) on July 9, nearly 8 feet (2.4 m) above flood stage. Flooding, however, only affects the river front parks and River Drive in the downtown area. Most of the city is above the bluffs that overlook the river and most of the city below the bluffs is not directly affected.

Visitor information[edit]

  • 1 Davenport - Union Station, 102 S. Harrison St., +1 563 322-3911 ext 114. Summer hours: M-F 9AM-5PM, Sa 9AM-4PM; winter hours: M-F 10AM-4PM, Sa seasonal. A full-service visitor center and gift shop on the main floor of Union Station in downtown Davenport. It includes interactive TVs, visitor information, maps, gifts, souvenirs, postcards, locally-made food and drink, Quad Cities merchandise, bike rentals, and Segway tours.
  • Moline - Quad City International Airport, 2200 69th Ave., +1 309 757-1773. Staffed: M-Th 8AM-4:30PM; doors to the visitor center remain open for accessibility to brochure racks, maps, and visitor guides when the airport is open. The airport visitor center is located diagonally across from the gift shop, near the hanging monocoupe plane, and assists visitors and passengers with information about the airport as well as Quad City visitor information.
  • Iowa 80 Trucking Museum, Interstate 80 at Exit 284 in Walcott, +1 563 370-9670. Memorial Day Weekend to Labor Day Weekend: M-Sa 9AM-5PM, Su noon-5PM; winter hours: W-Sa 9AM-5PM, Su noon-5PM. Inside the Iowa 80 Trucking Museum on the Iowa 80 Trucking Campus. It assists visitors traveling Interstate 80 with information about the Quad Cities Region.

Get in[edit]

By car[edit]

The vast majority of visitors to Davenport arrive via Interstate 80. Brady Street (US Business Route 61) is the most popular exit off I-80. When Brady becomes a one-way south of the exit the southbound lanes are called Welcome Way. The Northwest Boulevard exit is a good exit for accessing the northwest part of the city, but it also angles toward the central city and intersects with Welcome Way south of Kimberly Road (US Route 6) and becomes Harrison Street. Harrison is a one-way that connects to the downtown area.

Many also arrive using Interstate 74, the easiest route if arriving at Quad City International Airport. The Bettendorf exits are also the primary entry points from Bettendorf. Grant Street (US Route 67) is a one way that becomes River Drive before it enters Davenport. Middle Road becomes Locust Street and is a cross-town street though the middle of the city. The Kimberly Road-Spruce Hills Drive intersection (US Route 6) straddles the border between the two cities and Kimberly Road is a cross-town street though the north side. The 53rd Street exit is completely in Davenport. To access the city via I-80, travelers on I-74 should exit onto I-80 West (Des Moines).

The west end of Davenport can be accessed from the I-280 bypass. The River Drive exit (US Business Route 61) provides direct access to downtown. Rockingham Road (Iowa Route 22) will also access downtown, but there are more traffic lights and the street is narrower.

US Route 61 is a major north-south highway in eastern Iowa. It used to traverse the city using Brady Street/Welcome Way/Harrison Street north to south and River Drive east to west. The highway now bypasses the city using I-80 on the north and I-280 on the west. The old route through the city is now Business Route 61.

By plane[edit]

  • Quad City International Airport in Moline has non-stop flights from major markets primarily in the Midwest, the South and Southwest United States.
  • 1 Davenport Municipal Airport (DVN IATA), 9230 Harrison St (US 61 and County Road F-55 exit), +1 563 391-5650. 7AM–dusk. Private planes and small private jets. Davenport Municipal Airport (Q1707887) on Wikidata Davenport Municipal Airport (Iowa) on Wikipedia

By bus[edit]

Charles J. Wright Ground Transportation Center
  • 2 Ground Transportation Center, 300 W. River Dr, +1 563 888-2151 (CitiBus), +1 563 326-5127 (Greyhound and Burlington Trailways). The interstate bus terminal is served by Greyhound and Burlington Trailways. The center is also the main terminal for the CitiBus system, the main public transportation service in the city.

By train[edit]

Nearest Amtrak station is in Galesburg, Illinois (50 minutes away). An connecting thruway bus service to Centre Station in Moline is available. A direct daily service from Chicago has been planned for years and might start in 2021.

Get around[edit]

Map of Davenport

Most people commute through Davenport by car, but there is a very reliable city bus service. While a few cab companies operate in Davenport and surrounding communities, visitors from larger metropolitan cities should not expect the cars to be waiting outside hotels or other places. It is advisable to place a call to a cab company at least 30 min prior to when you want to be picked up.

By car[edit]

Wayfinding sign

Davenport is generally an easy city to navigate. The city streets are basically laid out in a grid pattern, even as the city climbs the bluff above the Mississippi River. Some of the newer residential sections of the city do not follow a grid, however. For the most part, east-west streets are numbered starting near the Mississippi River and progressing in order as one travels north. There are several major east-west thoroughfares that are named and not numbered. River Drive (US Route 67 from Western Avenue east to Bettendorf and US Business Route 61 from Brady Street west to I-280) is on the south side of the city near the river. Locust Street travels through the middle of the city from I-280 to Bettendorf. Further north is Central Park Ave, which is a four-lane street from Brady Street west to Emeis Park. Kimberly Road (US Route 6) travels from I-280 in the west to I-74 in the east before it turns south and enters Bettendorf. The only major numbered street across the city is 53rd Street, which starts at about North Pine Street in the west and turns into 53rd Avenue when it enters Bettendorf. Third Street, Fourth Street, Welcome Way, Harrison Street and most of Brady Street are one ways. It is important to note that the Mississippi River generally travels through the Quad Cities from east to west before heading in its normal southerly direction. Thus, Rock Island, Illinois is to the south of Downtown Davenport and east of the west end.

Addresses on east-west streets are numbered from Brady Street, and on north-south streets from West First Street or River Drive in the downtown area. The direction 'South' in street and address numbers are only located in the west end of the city as it sits at a lower latitude, and downtown from Perry Street to the west. The river bank on the east side of the city is at a higher latitude so there are no 'South' streets there, but some streets use 'North' in their names. It can be a little confusing as some businesses will give their address, for example, as "North Brady Street" while others will only give it as "Brady Street". It is all the same as "South Brady Street" is less than a block long, is essentially an entrance to a parking lot and it has no buildings on it. That is true for most of the streets from Harrison Street in the downtown area and to the east.

The Quad Cities has a wayfinding color code system for signs that direct people to various venues and attractions in the area. The area is divided into quadrants with their own colors and identifying headers on direction signs have the appropriate color for each quadrant so that travelers know, by color, which quadrant you are in and to which color you will have to travel to reach other attractions. Davenport is in the northwest quadrant and its attractions are on signs that use the green color in the header. The northeast quadrant (Bettendorf) is yellow, the southeast quadrant (Moline-East Moline) is blue and the southwest quadrant (Rock Island) is red.

By bus[edit]

Public transportation is operated by Citibus. +1 563 326-7711. There is a connection with the Illinois Quad City's MetroLINK from the downtown transportation center to downtown Rock Island via route 7. There is also a connection with Bettendorf Transit in Bettendorf and at Duck Creek Plaza via route 10. Citibus operates M–F 5:30AM–6:30PM, and Sa 9AM–6:30PM on Saturday.

By bicycle[edit]

In general Davenport does not have dedicated bicycle lanes on the streets, especially the major thoroughfares so use extreme caution. Also, snow removal in the winter can be hit or miss depending on the street, so bicycling may not be the best option at that time of year. This is not to say that Davenport is a bad place for bicycling. There is an extensive system of recreation trails through the city. The Riverfront Parkway follows the Mississippi River and cuts through numerous parks as well as downtown. It is part of the larger multi-state Mississippi River Trail. A bridge has been added to connect Credit Island to South Concord Street so cyclists no longer have to ride on busy River Drive. The Duck Creek Parkway is a second trail that runs through the middle of the city from Emeis Park in the west to Duck Creek Park in the east where it connects to the Bettendorf Trail and runs down to the Mississippi River. In between it connects several other parks. In time it will connect to the Riverfront Trail. Other connections are also planned. While it is possible to use these trails for commuting, their intent was recreational and so their connection between residential and business centers is limited. Both trails travel east to west and there are no recreational trails that travel north to south at this time. They do a better job of connecting parks and other recreational facilities.

By water taxi[edit]

A unique way to see the Quad Cities is from the Channel Cat Water Taxi, an open air boat that transports people and bicycles to the Iowa and Illinois shorelines. The four stops are located at the Celebration Belle and at John Deere Commons in Moline, the Isle of Capri in Bettendorf and the Village of East Davenport. It operates in the summer months.


  • 1 Davenport Skybridge. A pedestrian cable-stayed bridge that spans River Drive in downtown Davenport. It provides views of the Mississippi River, its bridges and the downtown area. Davenport Skybridge (Q5230262) on Wikidata Davenport Skybridge on Wikipedia
Figge Art Museum
  • 2 Figge Art Museum, 225 W. 2nd St, +1 563 326-7804. Tu-F 10AM-5PM, Th 10AM-9PM, Su noon-5PM. The Figge has a collection of approximately 3,000 works that includes works from the Renaissance to contemporary art, with particular strengths in American Regionalist, Mexican Colonial and Haitian Art. In addition, the Figge now houses the over-12,000-piece collection University of Iowa Art Museum. Adults $7, seniors (60 and older)/students with ID $6, children (ages 3-12) $4, Free to members. Figge Art Museum (Q186499) on Wikidata Figge Art Museum on Wikipedia
  • 3 German American Heritage Center, 712 W. 2nd St., +1 563 322-8844. Tu-Sa 10AM-4PM, Su noon-4PM. Housed in a former hotel where German immigrants lived when they first came to Davenport, it features an interactive, audio-visual permanent exhibit, "The German Immigrant Experience," which takes visitors on an exploration of what it was like to be an immigrant to the region in the 1800s. The exhibit is interactive and includes a theater, audio-visual stations, artifacts and two restored hotel rooms. Adults $5, seniors $4, children (ages 5-17) $3, free to members.
  • 4 International Fire Museum, 2301 E. 11th St. (Village of East Davenport), +1 563 676-5459. May 1-Oct 31: W Sa 10AM-2PM. The museum opened in 1986 in the former Hose Station Number 4. The museum houses fire fighting memorabilia including a 1951 Mack pumper that belonged to the city of Riverdale, Iowa. Located in Lindsey Park and playground, near the riverfront trail.
  • 5 LeClaire Park (River Drive along the Mississippi River downtown). Davenport has fought long to maintain this riverfront as a nice place to see. You can stroll along the River and watch bald eagles fish in the wintertime, or pleasure boats and barges work the channel in the summer. LeClaire Park is home to a bandshell where various festivals and concerts are held. Free.
  • 6 Nahant Marsh, 4220 Wapello Ave., +1 563 323-5196. Nahant Marsh is a 265-acre preserve in southwest Davenport. It is part of a 513-acre wetland complex that is bordered by the Mississippi River, Interstate 280, and Highway 22. The marsh area encompasses different wetland community types including bottomland forest, open-water habitat, and a marsh–all surrounded by suburban, industrial, and agricultural land. The Nahant Marsh Education Center was formed to educate the public about this local ecosystem.
  • 7 B.J. and Mabel Palmer Residence, 808 Brady St., +1 563-884-5714. The residence was home to B.J. and Mabel Palmer from 1912 until their deaths in 1949 and 1961. They developed the chiropractic profession and Palmer College of Chiropractic, which owns the house. It was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1984 because of the uniqueness of the porch, a showplace of the Palmer collections. The house holds a fraction of the collections once owned by the Palmers, who were known for their collecting mania. $5.
Putnam Museum
  • 8 Putnam Museum, 1717 W. 12th St, +1 563 324-1933. M-Sa 10AM-5PM, Su noon-5PM. The museum features five exhibit halls and changing traveling exhibitions. Black Earth/Big River is an interactive display of ecosystems of the Upper Mississippi River Valley; the Hall of Mammals lets you see and hear life-like African and Arctic animals in their natural settings; River, Prairie and People explores the history of the Quad Cities region; and the Asian/Egyptian Gallery explores the mysteries of ancient civilizations and includes a 3,000 year-old mummy. The National Geographic Giant Screen Theater is five stories high and seven stories wide, and features both 2D and 3D films. Adults $7, senior/student/military $6, youth $5, free to members; extra charge for movies. Putnam Museum (Q7262349) on Wikidata Putnam Museum on Wikipedia
  • 9 Common Chord - Home of the Redstone Room (River Music Experience), 129 N. Main St., +1 563 326-1333, . The RME is a non-profit performing arts center providing opportunities for the community to listen, learn, and play music.
  • 10 Vander Veer Botanical Park, 215 W. Central Park Ave. (Located between Brady and Harrison Streets and Lombard Street and Central Park Avenue). The 33-acre park was established as Central Park in 1885 on the site of the old Scott County Fairgrounds. The Botanical Conservatory offers various floral displays during the year. The Municipal Rose Garden, which features almost 145 different varieties, is an All-America Rose Selections garden. The Hosta Glade is one of the first gardens registered as an American Hosta Society National Display Garden. And the All-America Selections Display Garden is one of 180 public gardens in the United States, Canada, and Japan that grow AAS winners for display. The Children's Sculpture Garden was established in 1999 and the renovated Grand Allée was dedicated in 2001. Free.


  • 1 Mississippi Valley Fair, 2815 W. Locust St., +1 563 326-5338, fax: +1 563 326-3111. Late July-Early August. This is essentially a large-scale county fair. It includes a midway with rides and games, concessions, livestock and other 4-H events. The grandstand hosts high-quality, nationally and internationally known performers. Most of the entertainers are Country-Western singers with at least one Rock music night. Admission to the grandstand is by FunCard only. Contact the fairgrounds for information..
  • 2 Rhythm City Casino, 7077 Elmore Ave, +1 563 328-8000. 24 hrs. The Casino features 900 slot machines and video poker, including Super Times Pay, Spin Poker, Multi-hand play, 14 table games, Hit Parade Buffet and Twist 'N Shop Grab 'N Go. Rhythm City Casino Resort (Q85797062) on Wikidata Rhythm City Casino Resort on Wikipedia
  • Grand Parade. Part of the Quad Cities St. Patrick's Day celebration in March, this parade goes from Rock Island to Davenport and is the only St. Patrick's Day parade in the country to go through two states.

Convention Center[edit]

RiverCenter's south building
  • 3 RiverCenter, 136 E. 3rd St., +1 563 326-8500, fax: +1 563 326-8505, . The facility flanks East Third Street and hosts events throughout the year that include events geared towards the public, as well as trade shows and conferences. The Iowa/Illinois Regional Auto Show takes place annually in early February. The Adler Theatre is also a part of the complex (see below).


  • 4 Quad-Cities Beaux Arts Fair, . Sa 10AM-5PM, Su 10AM-4PM. Fine art of all kinds is available at two festivals that are held in May and September in front of the Figge Art Museum Plaza on 2nd Street. The festivals include juried fine art and fine crafts, musical entertainment, a children's art project area, and a food court. Free.
  • Riverssance Festival of Fine Art, +1 239 728-4289, . Sa 10AM-5PM, Su 10AM-4PM. Held annually in September in Lindsay Park in the Village of East Davenport showcases paintings, prints, ceramics, glasswork, leather, wood pieces and more. The juried two-day festival includes live entertainment, a wine garden, food vendors and a children's art tent. $4 - 12 years and older, free - 11 years and younger..


  • Bix Beiderbecke Memorial Jazz Festival, +1 563 324-7170, toll-free: +1-888-BIX-LIVS (249-5487), . Held in early August at various locations in Davenport, this jazz festival honors Davenport native Bix Beiderbecke, a key figure in the establishment and development of the Chicago jazz style in the 1920s and 30s.
  • Quad City Symphony Orchestra, 327 N. Brady St, +1 563 322-0931, fax: +1 563 322-6864. Box Office: M-F 8:30AM-4:30PM. Since 1915. Subscription concerts are held at the Adler Theatre in downtown Davenport on Saturday nights and Centennial Hall on the campus of Augustana College in Rock Island on Sunday afternoons. The Riverfront Pops Concert is held in LeClaire Park in early September. Quad City Symphony Orchestra (Q4419939) on Wikidata Quad City Symphony Orchestra on Wikipedia


  • 5 Adler Theatre, 136 E. 3rd St., +1 563 326-8500, fax: +1 563 326-8505, . The Adler Theatre is a 2,400-seat performing arts center that is adjacent to the RiverCenter. It was opened as the RKO Orpheum on November 25, 1931. The Art Deco style theater was designed by A.S. Graven of Chicago, and Henry Dreyfuss of New York City designed the interior. Restoration of the old RKO Orpheum began in 1981 and further renovations, which included increasing the size of the stage, took place in 2005 and 2006. The theater is home to the Quad City Symphony Orchestra and Ballet Quad Cities. It also hosts Broadway touring companies and other productions and performances. It is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • 6 New Ground Theatre, 2113 E. 11th St., +1 563 326-7529. New Ground is housed in the Village Theatre in the Village of East Davenport. It stages contemporary and original theater in the Quad Cities.


  • Ballet Quad Cities, 613 17th St, Rock Island, +1 309 786-3779. Based in Rock Island, the ballet performs at a variety of venues throughout the Quad City region, including the Adler Theatre.


  • 7 Centennial Park (River Drive along the Mississippi River just west of downtown). The park features a boat ramp, basketball courts, playground, skateboard park, spray park, gazebos, cricket and rugby fields, and a dog off leash area. Free.
  • 8 The River's Edge, 700 W. River Dr., +1 563 322-5220. The facility is the only indoor ice facility in the Quad Cities. It features over 70,000 square feet of frozen playing surfaces, indoor turf field, indoor golf range, team rooms, food service, meeting space and lobby area.


Davenport has two well-maintained and popular golf courses in two of its city parks. Both are off Locust Street. Emeis Park is on the west side and Duck Creek Park is on the east side along the Bettendorf border.
  • 9 Duck Creek Golf Course, 3000 E. Locust St., +1 563 326-7824. The golf course is an 18-hole, par 70 course. It is a 140-acre (0.57 km2) course and is 5,759-yard (5,266 m) long. The course features mature trees and rolling hills. 18-holes: $13-19; 9-holes $9-13.
  • 10 Emeis Golf Course, 4500 W. Central Park Ave, +1 563 326-7825. The golf course is an 18-hole, par 72 course. It is a 155-acre (0.63 km2) course, 6,500-yard (5,900 m) long, and built on gently rolling hills. It is Davenport's most challenging public golf course, and has hosted the qualifying rounds for PGA Tour's John Deere Classic. 18-holes: $14-20; 9-holes $10-14.

Off-road biking / Equestrian trails

  • 11 Sunderbruch Park, 4675 Telegraph Rd. The park features off-road biking trails with difficulty ranging from green to black diamond in its 7-mile (11.2 km) system. The green trails are 2 miles (3.2 km) of wooded scenery. It features a few small log crossings, one ladder bridge and one corduroy feature. The blue trails provide moderate changes in elevation, some rooted and off-camber terrain and a variety of corduroy sections and log crossings. The black trails have more challenging ascents and descents in elevation, creek crossings, narrow winding trails, roots, skinnies, drops and multiple log crossings. In addition to the biking trails there are also 4.5 miles (7.24 km) of equestrian trails.

Professional baseball

Road race

  • Quad-City Times Bix 7, +1 563 383-2489. Held the last weekend in July, it features a variety of road races and culminates in a 7-mile foot race through the hills of eastern Davenport.


Main Library
  • Davenport Public Library Davenport has had a library in one version or another since 1839. The city's public library opened in 1904 with the assistance of Andrew Carnegie. The present main library downtown was designed by noted architect Edward Durell Stone.
  • 2 Main Library (Downtown), 321 N. Main St., +1 563 326-7832, fax: +1 563 326-7809. M noon-8PM, Tu-Sa 9AM-5:30PM.
  • 3 Fairmount Branch (West side), 3000 N. Fairmount St., +1 563 326-7832, fax: +1 563 326-7806. M W F 9:30AM-5:30PM, Tu Th noon-8PM, Sa 9:30AM-5:30PM.
  • 4 Eastern Branch (East side), 6000 Eastern Ave., +1 563 326-7832, fax: +1 563 888-4894. M W noon-8PM; Tu Th-Sa 9:30AM-5:30PM.


The Village of East Davenport
  • 1 Elmore Avenue and East 53rd Street. Shopping district made up of big-box stores and strip malls.
  • 2 Freight House Farmers Market, 421 W. River Dr., +1 563 322-6009. Year-round Tu 3PM-6PM, Sa 8AM-1PM. Located in an historic railroad freight house, you will find farm fresh fruits, vegetables, delicious baked goods, poultry, beef, lamb, pork, cheese, wine, eggs, honey, jams, jellies, dips and salsas, candy, fresh cut and dried flowers, seeds, bedding plants, annuals and perennials, house plants, amazing art pieces, homemade soaps, doggie treats, beautiful heritage quality crafts, and you could even enjoy a massage from a licensed massage therapist. The offerings change as the seasons do.
  • 3 NorthPark Mall, 320 W. Kimberly Rd, +1 563 391-6773. M–Sa 10AM-9PM, Su noon-6PM. A regional mall that is anchored by Dillard's, JC Penney,, VonMaur, and Younkers. NorthPark Mall (Q7053598) on Wikidata NorthPark Mall (Iowa) on Wikipedia
  • 4 Village of East Davenport (North of East River Drive on the east side of the city). An historic district on the National Register of Historic Places that was started as an independent community in 1851 and became a part of the city of Davenport within five years. Today it is a shopping and entertainment area that features local shops, restaurants and bars.


This page uses the following price ranges for a typical meal for one, including soft drink:
Budget Under $20
Mid-range $20-35
Splurge Over $35


  • 1 Boozies Bar & Grill, 114½ W. 3rd St., +1 563 328-2929. Two-level bar and grill, yet somehow cozy. Great hamburgers. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • 2 Dynasty Buffet, 5388 Elmore Circle (Just north of Sleep Inn off of 53rd St. & Elmore Ave.), +1 563 355-4848. Daily 11AM-10PM. A wide variety of international cuisine including seafood, American, Chinese, made-to-order Mongolian stir fry, sushi bar, prime rib, soup, full salad bar and full dessert bar. Good buffet food. Around $16 all-you-can-eat. Discounts for seniors and children under 12.
  • 3 Ganzo's Mexican Restaurant and Cantina, 3923 N. Marquette St., +1 563 445-7833. Friendly, popular Tex-Mex eatery; full bar. $10-30.
  • 4 Tantra Asian Bistro, 589 E. 53rd St., +1 563 445-8898. Open for lunch and dinner. Great food, fabulous atmosphere with excellent wait staff. Lots of vegetarian options. $15-25.
  • 5 Van's Pizza Pub & Grill, 3333 N. Harrison St, +1 563 232-1396, . 11AM–midnight. A neighborhood restaurant & bar that features made from scratch, thin crust pizza and signature cocktails. They also offer appetizers, pastas, calzones, burgers, sandwiches, and a wide assortment of beers, signature martinis and wines by the glass or bottle. $12-20.
  • 6 Village Corner Deli, 1030 Mound St. (Village of East Davenport), +1 563 323-2333. M-F 10AM–5PM, Sa 10AM–3PM. A quality deli with a variety of breads, meats, cheeses, veggies, and condiments. They also serve soups and salads.
  • 7 Wise Guys, 2824 W Locust St #3A, +1 563 888-5639. M–W 3–10PM, Th–Sat 11AM-11PM, Sun 11AM–10PM. Quad City style or Chicago Deep Dish pizza, as well as sandwiches and chicken. $20–25 for medium pizza.


  • 8 Duck City Bistro, 115 E. 3rd St., +1 563 322-3825. M-Sa 5PM-?. A big city bistro in the heart of the Quad Cities. Duck City uses fresh ingredients and features an ever changing menu. $15-40.
  • 9 Exotic Thai, 2303 E. 53rd St., +1 563 344-0909. M-F 11AM-3PM, 5PM-10PM; Sa 11:30AM-10PM; Su 11:30AM-9:30PM. Since 2002 Exotic Thai has provided a consistently excellent level of quality food, service, and dedication to authentic Thai cuisine. $15-30.
  • 10 The Filling Station, 305 E. 35th St. (One block west of Brady Street), +1 563 391-6954. M-Sa 11AM-11PM, Su 9AM-8PM. Popular bar and grill with service station memorabilia throughout. The menu includes sandwiches, salads, burgers, pizza and Mexican.
  • 11 Front Street Brewery, 208 E. River Dr., +1 563 322-1569. M-Th 11AM-11PM, F Sa 11AM-midnight, Su 11AM-9PM. The oldest brew pub in the state of Iowa features updated pub food and good beer brewed on the premises. $15-35.
  • 12 Jersey Grille, 5255 Jersey Ridge Rd., +1 563 344-4747. Daily 11AM-2AM. Local eatery and bar with good food and service. $15-30.
  • 13 The Machine Shed, 7250 Northwest Blvd, +1 563 391-2427. M-Sa 6AM-10PM, Su 7AM-9PM. Dedicated to the American Farmer. Featured on the Travel Channel's "Food Paradise" recognized as one of the "Best Breakfast in America." $15-45.
  • 14 Me & Billy Kitchen and Bar, 200 W. 3rd St., +1 563 323-1195, . M-Sa 11AM-2AM. A bar-restaurant with an open, urban feel. Burgers, sandwiches and salads. Steak and seafood served after 4PM. Good sized beer list, wine and cocktails. $15-35.
  • 15 Sippi's American Grill & Craft Beer, 406 W. 2nd St, +1 563 323-3911. M-Sa 11AM-close. A solid bar and grill located downtown. $15-40.
  • 16 Thunder Bay Grille, 6511 Brady St. (I-80 and Brady Street exit), +1 563 386-2722. M–Th 11AM-10PM, F-Sa 11AM-10PM, Su 9AM-9PM. Very cozy atmosphere in a lodge-type setting with very good food and excellent service. Easy access from main highways. Sunday Brunch buffet from 9AM-1:30PM. $15-45.


Local chains[edit]

  • 20 Happy Joe's Pizza & Jungle Bungle - W. 50th (North), 201 W. 50th St. (just off Welcome Way), +1 563 386-1766. Su-Th 8AM-9PM, F-Sa 8AM-10PM. Delivery: Su-Th 8AM-10PM, F-Sa 8AM-11PM. Fun Center, Breakfast, Lunch Smorgasbord and Sunday Brunch with pizza, ice cream, sandwiches and more.
  • 21 Harris Pizza Davenport – Locust St. #4 (East side), 524 E. Locust St., +1 563 322-2411. Noted for its "Quad City Style" pizza. Dine-in, appetizers, salads, carry-out, beer selection.
  • Hungry Hobo. Quad City-based sandwich shop that serves sandwiches on bread baked fresh from the Hungry Hobo bakery, salads, soups and baked potatoes.
  • 22 Hungry Hobo Elmore Avenue (East), 4810 Elmore Ave. (Across from Best Buy), +1 563 359-1228. M-F 10AM-8PM, Sa 10AM-8PM, Su 11AM-7PM.
  • 23 Hungry Hobo West Locust St. (West), 1432 W. Locust St., +1 563 322-2275. M-F 10AM-10PM, Sa-Su 10AM-9PM.
  • 24 Hungry Hobo West 53rd St. (Northwest), 1640 W. 53rd St., +1 563 386-3188. M-F 10AM-9PM, Sa-Su 11AM-9PM.
  • Rudy's Tacos. A Quad City Tex-Mex institution with four locations in Davenport: $2-13.
  • 27 Whitey's Ice Cream West Locust St. (West-central), 1230 W. Locust St., +1 563 322-0828. Su-Th 10AM-10PM, F-Sa 10AM-11PM.
  • 28 Whitey's Ice Cream East 53rd St. (Northeast), 2419 E. 53rd St. (just off Welcome Way), +1 563 359-0001. Su-Th 10AM-10PM, F-Sa 10AM-11PM.


  • 29 Country Style, 1640 W. 53rd St, +1 563 388-2061. Since 1947, a local soft-serve ice cream shop.
  • 30 Chocolate Manor, 110 E. 2nd St., +1 563 355-6600. Homemade chocolates ranging from covered toffee to exotic, port wine chocolates.
  • 31 Lagomarcino's, 2132 E. 11th St. (Village of East Davenport), +1 563 324-6137. Su-Th 11AM-10PM, F-Sa 11AM-11PM. Turn of the century ice cream parlor and confectionary. Fine home made chocolates as well as soups and sandwiches. Winner of the James Beard America's Classics Award.


  • 1 11th Street Precinct Bar & Grill, 2108 E. 11th St (Village of East Davenport), +1 563 324-9545. Happy Hour: M-Th 4PM-6PM. The bar and grill have been in business for over 30 years and the facility has been expanded and renovated. They are able to accommodate private parties, feature seven large High Definition flat-screen TVs, and live music every Friday and Saturday night with no cover charge. Grill: $5-25.
  • 2 Carriage Haus, 312 W. 3rd St., +1 563 322-1162. M-Tu 4PM-9PM, W 4PM- 10PM, Th 4PM-2AM, F 3PM-2AM, Sa 6PM-2AM. Popular nightclub
  • 3 Circle Tap, 1345 W. Locust St., +1 563 322-9276. Don't be fooled by the outside. It looks a little dingy, but it's a popular neighborhood bar. Excellent ribs
  • 4 Kilkenny's Irish Pub, 300 W. 3rd St., +1 563 322-8584.
  • 5 Mac's Tavern, 316 W. 3rd St., +1 563 324-6227. A traditional bar with a cool vibe.
  • 6 Stadium Club Bar and Grill, 2828 Brady St., +1 563 322-3500. A place to watch your favorite sports teams.


  • 7 Cafe d' Marie, 614 W. 5th St., +1 563 323-3293. Specialty coffees, breakfast quiche and pastries, fresh homemade soup and sandwiches, salads, vegetarian options including hummus wraps, organic whole leaf teas, all fruit smoothies, juices, etc.
  • 8 Brew, 1104 Jersey Ridge Rd., +1 563-424-1902. Coffee and other beverages, sandwiches, wraps and desserts.
  • 9 Urban Grind, 221 Brady St., +1 563 324-9559. Specialty coffees, pastries, fresh homemade soup and sandwiches, salads.


Davenport has a variety of accommodations to serve a variety of tastes and budgets. Most major American hotel chains have some sort of property in the city.

Bed & Breakfast[edit]

Beiderbecke Inn
  • 1 Beiderbecke Inn, 532 W. 7th St., +1 563 323-0047. A full breakfast will be served in the formal dining room. Grocer Charles and Louise Beiderbecke (grandparents of jazz musician Bix Beiderbecke) built the home overlooking the Mississippi River in 1880. A contributing property in the Hamburg Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.
  • 2 Renwick Mansion, 901 Tremont Ave, +1 641-792-3333. 8-room B and B. A contributing property in the St. Katherine's Historic District on the National Register of Historic Places.


  • 3 Baymont Inn & Suites, 400 Jason Way Court (I-80 and Brady Street exit. Follow Brady St. to the first traffic light and turn left. Turn left at the frontage road and follow to the hotel.), +1 563 386-1600. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. Free Wi-Fi Internet, continental breakfast, and indoor pool.
  • 4 Casa Loma Inn & Suites, 6014 N Brady St. (I-80 and Brady Street exit), +1 563 386-1290. Modern, log building. The main attraction is the low price.
  • 5 Travelodge, 6310 N. Brady St (I-80 and Brady Street exit), +1 563 386-6350. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. Free Wi-Fi Internet, continental breakfast, and fitness center.


This guide uses the following price ranges for a standard double room:
Budget $60
Mid-range $60-120
Splurge $120+


Hotel Blackhawk
  • 16 Hotel Blackhawk, 200 E. 3rd St, +1 563 322-5000, toll-free: +1-888-525-4455. A Marriott Autograph Collection property, the Hotel Blackhawk is an historic, upscale, boutique hotel located downtown. It has received the AAA Four Diamond Award and a Smart Meetings Platinum Choice Winner. The building is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Blackhawk Hotel (Q4922961) on Wikidata Hotel Blackhawk on Wikipedia
  • 17 DoubleTree by Hilton Davenport, 111 E. 2nd St, +1 563 322-2200. A full-service hotel with indoor pool and fitness center, restaurant and lounge.
  • 18 Residence Inn Davenport, 120 E. 55th St. (I-80 and Brady Street exit), +1 563-391-8877. Kitchen/kitchenette, free high-speed Internet, continental breakfast, indoor pool and fitness center.
  • 19 Staybridge Suites, 4729 Progress Dr. (I-74 and 53rd Street exit, near Trinity Medical Center on Utica Ridge Road), +1 563 359-7829. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon. Free high-speed Internet, continental breakfast, business indoor pool and fitness center. On Tuesday-Thursday evenings enjoy free beer, wine, soft drinks and a light meal.

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  • You'd be remiss not to check out what the other three Quad Cities have to offer: Bettendorf, Iowa and Moline and Rock Island, Illinois.
  • Kalona, a fun small town known for its Amish population and related industries rests 85 mi to the west.
  • Le Claire, just northeast of Bettendorf with quaint shops and home of Buffalo Bill (and a museum devoted to showcasing his life).
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