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Hi, I'm me.
You can see my main page over at Wikipedia. I'm also ocassionally active on Wikimedia Commons and active in rare bursts on Wikibooks.

I'm currently living in Gaziantep, though I've been through a significant part of Turkey (notably excluding the southwest, Thrace and most of the east).

Specifically, I've spent at least a month in:

And at least a night in:

I've also visited, as a day trip:

I've also visited Greece (Chios) and Georgia (Batumi), the former for a visa run, the latter just because, while in Turkey. I stayed for three nights in each and mostly soaked up the atmopshere, and I kind of consider those trips part of my Turkish travels.

I've also lived in Daegu, RoK, though my only travel there was to Busan, Gyeongju, and Jinju.

I visited Hong Kong and Macau in 2011 (and Helsinki for about five hours in the city and three in the airport/on the bus).

With my family, as a child or college student, I've also visited Mexico, China, Puerto Rico, England, Wales, Ireland, Canada, and various parts of the Continental United States and Hawaii. It remains to be seen if any of that information is recent enough to be useful. Actually, I can probably contribute a good deal on New England, but my priority is the parts of Turkey that are off the common tourist itineraries.

Personally I travel neither as a backpacker (I always have two suitcases for any trip exceeding a month, and having stayed once in a hostel, with never do so again) or a luxury traveler (I find resorts cloying and get antsy when I'm in one). I attempt to travel cheap and relatively light, but comfortably, and prefer trains and ferries whenever possible. I am however familiar with luxury hotels and resorts, since that's how my mother likes to travel.

Because I use an old and inexpensive digital camera in my travels and am not especially proud of the quality of the photos I obtain, I only upload photos I've taken to Coomons if I want to use them in an article or if there's a specific request for them. However I upload what I consider to be the best of my photos under a CC-by-SA license to my Picasa account, and if you're looking for a photo of Turkey (or a few of East Asia, Chios, and Batumi), it's possible you may find them there.