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This article was the Collaboration of the month from September 2011 through August 2012.

The Country surgeon Expedition is a collaborative project designed to "perform See-sections" on our country guides. That is, to craft a high quality "See" section with an overview of sightseeing opportunities for every country on the globe.


Oddly enough, Wikivoyage for its first several years omitted "See" sections from its country template. Accordingly the section, after being introduced, is in most country articles very underdeveloped compared to the rest of the sections. As this truly is one of the most important sections—this is where travelers can actually find the main sightseeing attractions for the whole country and thus start planning their trip—it is essential that we work to craft high quality See sections throughout all country articles.


  • Create usable See sections for all countries.
  • Develop standards for high quality See sections.
  • Maintain a list of all countries lacking quality See sections, so we can monitor progress and provide a "sign up sheet" to avoid duplication of work.

Future goals may include ensuring that all country articles also have useful "Do" sections, and perhaps extending our "See" aims to cover country top-level regions (e.g., U.S. states, Japanese prefectures, etc.).

An unrelated goal, but one that will be easy to combine with our work, is to move each country "Understand" section below the "Other destinations" section, and to replace Template:Quickbar with Template:Quickbar/working. Lead images will need to be extracted from the original Quickbar template and added as standalone thumbnails.

Expedition members[edit]


Travelers should quickly be able to scan See sections for information regarding what types of sightseeing possibilities are available, and where to find the most important sights.

Sections should be filled with quality prose, not with lazy bulleted lists.

Longer See sections should be subdivided in a relevant way, for example by type of attractions (e.g., historical, natural, modern, etc.).

High quality examples[edit]

High priority See sections[edit]

Full list of countries missing useful See sections[edit]


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