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Public transpotation from the seaport in Haifa, Israel to the town of Haifa[edit]

What transportation is available from the seaport in Haifa to the town of Haifa and how much does it cost? Asked by: 13:31, 13 October 2014 (UTC)

Hello, the seaport is just in the center of the city. You don't take anything. But in any case you have all the kinds of transportation. 10:52, 7 November 2014 (UTC)

world war 2[edit]

how many prisoner of war camps were there in Yorkshire UK? Asked by: 16:28, 2 November 2014 (UTC)

Try w:List of World War II prisoner-of-war camps in the United Kingdom? K7L (talk) 16:31, 2 November 2014 (UTC)


Please could you tell me of the cheapest flight to Toronto Asked by: 04:54, 5 November 2014 (UTC)

Really depends on when you want to fly and from where. I assume you are asking about flights from Glasgow? Also do you want to fly direct or willing to change plans on the way? Take a look at Air Transat, usually have cheapish direct flights or flying via Reykjavik with Icelandair. In the end looking for the cheapest means checking a number of websites and try different dates and routes. --Traveler100 (talk) 05:15, 5 November 2014 (UTC)
It bears mentioning that Pearson Airport is one of the most expensive in North America to fly into or out of. If by chance you'll be arriving from within the United States, it might be worthwhile to consider flying to Buffalo instead: you usually end up paying less than half what you would flying into Toronto from the same destination, which is more than enough to make up for the cost of bus, train or shuttle service from Buffalo to Toronto. -- AndreCarrotflower (talk) 13:48, 7 November 2014 (UTC)

Staying safe in Munich[edit]

I plan on going to Munich, Germany, in late May next year. I have already booked a hotel very near the main railway station (Goethestraße 13, around here). But the reviews on generally say that part of the city is a bit unsafe, as it is so close to the railway station and there are strip clubs and sex shops right next door.

Now I don't mind the strip clubs or sex shops as such (although I'm not going to actually visit them). What worries me is that the railway station and the strip clubs and the sex shops attract aggressive drunken people and even criminals late at night, and I'm only coming back to the hotel to sleep at around 00:00 - 01:00 in the night. After arriving at the U-Bahn station, I'll probably go for one beer at some nearby pub and then going straight to the hotel to sleep.

Now I was in Munich a year and a half ago, in a hotel very nearby (Schwanthalerstraße 88), and had no problems, even though I also went back to the hotel to sleep late at night then also. But that's a bit further away from the railway station, and there were no strip clubs or sex shops there. Will the situation be any different this time? Asked by: JIP (talk) 19:25, 6 November 2014 (UTC)


I've stayed near the train station in Munich twice, and once quite close to where you'll be staying (the other time it was on the other side from the train station). Granted, it was for a grand total of 20-something days, but my take on this is that the train station didn't seem the least bit dangerous, at any hour of the day or night, and Goethestraße can be a bit gritty at times but didn't feel nearly as dangerous as the Champs Elysee in 2003 or most parts of Rome, and nothing terrible happened to me in those cities, either. Munich struck me as quite safe for a city its size, though like in any other city, you should keep your wits about yourself and not be complacent. But Goethestraße is really Ground Zero for inexpensive hotels; it's a happening, interesting street; and I wouldn't hesitate to stay there again for one second.

I hope that helps. Ikan Kekek (talk) 20:57, 6 November 2014 (UTC)

I wouldn't be too worried either. I've been to Munich several times and have always experienced it as a relaxed and safe place, even at night. All big cities have areas that attract somewhat more shady visitors than others, but as long as you apply common sense and don't go searching for trouble, you're unlikely to get into any. I wouldn't hesitate to book a hotel in any are of Munich. JuliasTravels (talk) 21:36, 6 November 2014 (UTC)

The long of Kiev[edit]

What is the long of Kiev? someone told me is 100 handred km, that's right? 10:22, 7 November 2014 (UTC) Asked by: 10:22, 7 November 2014 (UTC)

living cost in kiev ukrane[edit]

What are the living costs in kiev for a month? (for a 3 student together) 18:18, 9 November 2014 (UTC) Asked by: 18:18, 9 November 2014 (UTC)

Where in Berlin?[edit]

Where are these windows in Berlin?

In July 2014 I was in Berlin, and I was on sightseeing bus to tour the city. I took some photos, among those some of some special windows (depicted). To complete my image description on the file page on Commons, I would like to add the location, such that it can be of more use, but I have forgotten where it is! I have some hints though from my other photos: 8 minutes earlier we passed the Humboldt univerisity on Unter den Linden, and 6 minutes later I have photos from the Reichstag, so it should be right in between the two. As I recall, I was taking the red line and I have tried to follow the same route using Google Streetview to re-locate the building. However, I have not managed to find these windows again, but I did notice that most of the Streetview images were from 2007 or 2008, so I suspect that possibly, this is from a building newer then 2008. These are the clues I have. I now hope for a Berlin Sherlock Holmes to help me out;-) -- Slaunger (talk) 21:51, 9 November 2014 (UTC)

Asked by: Slaunger (talk) 21:51, 9 November 2014 (UTC)

Restaurant in Tallinn?[edit]

Right next Saturday, I'm going on a day cruise to Tallinn, Estonia. I will be spending about 6 hours in Tallinn. I will probably stay the entire time in the centre and in the Old Town. What I'm most looking for is to eat at a restaurant. Can someone recommend a good restaurant in the centre or Old Town in Tallinn? I have been to Kohvik Moon twice, and found the food very good, but I understand it's so popular and small that I fear I won't get a table if I just walk in without a reservation. I have also been to Olde Hansa in the Old Town, and found both the atmosphere and food very good, but I fear getting the whole experience there will take up most, if not all, of my time in Tallinn. As for my food tastes, I like just about everything, although I don't like vegetarian food. I want my every meal to consist of some kind of meat or fish. I'd prefer traditional Estonian food, but if that's not available, then steaks, pizza, Asian food or hamburgers. Please don't advise me to go to the McDonald's right at the entrance to the Old Town. There's plenty of McDonald's restaurants in Finland already. Asked by: JIP (talk) 19:49, 11 November 2014 (UTC)

You can go to pretty much any restaurant, I think. I am not aware of any places which would be a bigger tourist trap than Olde Hansa. You can get decent food for reasonable price in places like Mauruse Pubi on the border of the Old Town and Pizza Grande nearby. Kompressor is a very basic but good cafe serving enormously large pancakes (should they be considered Estonian fare?). Boheem Kohvik is known for modern recipes based on traditional Estonian ingredients. It is 10 min walk from the Old Town in the Kalamaja district, which I recommend you to visit anyway. --Alexander (talk) 05:00, 12 November 2014 (UTC)
I ended up going to restaurant Sfäär in the centre near the harbour. It is a small, very nicely decorated place, with a surprisingly simple menu. Only five main courses, plus some starters, pasta and dessert. I had the veal. The meat was excellent, but it didn't quite satisfy my hunger. It only cost 14.50 €. JIP (talk) 18:43, 19 November 2014 (UTC)
JIP: if you like, it would be great if you added a listing for Sfäär in Tallinn#Eat. :) -- AndreCarrotflower (talk) 22:52, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

Further Munich question: How to get to Unterföhring?[edit]

I have a further question about my upcoming trip to Munich in May next year. If I decide to go, there's an event I'd like to visit, in Unterföhring near Munich, on Feringastraße 2. How do I get there from Munich centre and back? There doesn't seem to be any U-Bahn or S-Bahn stations nearby, and I don't know how the bus lines connect to Munich centre. I'll probably be arriving at the event about 8 PM and leaving around midnight. Asked by: JIP (talk) 18:34, 19 November 2014 (UTC)

The S8 stops at Unterföhring, short taxi ride from there will get you to Feringastraße. --Traveler100 (talk) 18:24, 20 November 2014 (UTC)

What to do in Stockholm on Christmas Day?[edit]

This year, I will probably be spending Christmas on a cruise to Stockholm. The ship arrives in Stockholm on Christmas Day at about 10:00 in the morning and leaves at about 15:00 in the afternoon. I will probably not go outside the city centre during the entire time. What is there to do in Stockholm on Christmas Day in that time? Asked by: JIP (talk) 17:35, 23 November 2014 (UTC)

Scratch that, I'm not going to Stockholm after all. JIP (talk) 19:51, 25 November 2014 (UTC)

Things to do in Nice[edit]

a I am going to Nice, France, from December 23 to December 30. Well actually, I will be staying at Colomars, a few kilometres north (and uphill) from Nice, and will probably be spending the most of my time there. But I plan on visiting Nice several times. What is there to do in that time of winter? I know Nice is famous for its beaches, but I don't think there's much to do there during winter. Asked by: JIP (talk) 19:46, 28 November 2014 (UTC)

There are a bunch of museums in Nice which are mentioned in Nice#See, and there's a lot of good food to be had. And Nice doesn't have a good swimming beach, anyway: It's all pebbles that hurt your feet. The Promenade des Anglais is an absolutely beautiful place to walk. I've been there only in the summer, but I can't imagine that it wouldn't be beautiful in the winter. And I figure that the Vieux Nice is still active, too. Lots of good walking all over Nice.
You might also consider visiting other nearby places like Monaco, Cannes and, depending on your interests, Vence and Saint-Paul de Vence (the walled town is nothing much if you've visited really great walled towns, but the Fondation Maeght is interesting). Ikan Kekek (talk) 20:03, 28 November 2014 (UTC)