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The Collaboration of the month is a way to get many contributors working on one article at once, often to get it ready for an upcoming event or a nomination for destination of the month. While anyone can edit any article at any time, this provides a way to highlight specific articles allowing many contributors to help improve them together.

Current collaboration of the month[edit]

Category:Listing with phone missing country code[edit]

Fixing country codes would be good for the CotM: Removing ambiguity and making phone numbers auto-dial from smart phones makes this site more attractive to readers to use. After 4 years of having the smart phone format in listings the number of incomplete or unclear phone numbers are down from over 3000 to just over 200. Lets complete the task and make it zero. --Traveler100 (talk) 08:10, 30 July 2017 (UTC)

  • Check if number is correct (go to listing web page or look on search engine or Google Maps).
  • If standard phone number add country code to these numbers
  • If special number add the appropriate comment in brackets after the number (if can change premium and extra change number for standard region code even better).
  • Additional information and instructions on Category page.

First time number of articles with error code down to zero ! --Traveler100 (talk) 18:48, 14 August 2017 (UTC)


Think carefully before making a nomination. A successful collaboration of the month must be more than just an article you would like to see improved. In particular, it's a bad idea to nominate articles that lack enough content—most collaborators won't have intimate knowledge of the destination, although they can do style edits and fill in some of the blanks with very basic research.

Nominations most likely to be collaborative successes are those that have clearly defined areas for improvement, are of interest to a wide range of people, and that are already pretty well developed. Particularly good choices for nomination are articles that could quickly become options for the Destination of the Month, or Off the Beaten Path featured articles.

When nominating, describe exactly what you hope would come of a Collaboration. Explain why you think it would be a successful collaboration. (Not why you would like it improved!) Then leave a list of several bullet points detailing exactly how other contributors can help with the collaboration. The bullet points should be very concrete, and should detail basic tasks that anyone can help with. Collaborative tasks should be geared towards the goal of having a large number of contributors doing a small amount of work. Examples of good collaborative tasks include:

  • Listingify all the listings (A task that anyone can do in small quantities spread out over the month.)
  • Fill in basic details for listings (Anyone can spend five minutes on a given day to look up addresses and phone numbers for a small subsection of listings.)
  • Add images (It is easy enough for an interested collaborator to look up one image on flickr [1] or Wikimedia Commons [2], upload it to shared, and add it to an article in about 10 minutes.)
  • Copyediting (A lot of articles have issues with basic grammar, spelling, and style, particularly when written by non-native speakers. This is another good task easy to finish when spread out across a number of contributors, each contributing in small chunks.)

Take pains to avoid listing tasks that require either a significant committal of time or in-depth knowledge of the destination from individual contributors:

  1. research beyond basic information (like contact information for a listing),
  2. original writing,
  3. map making (aside from more simple region maps),
  4. devising new districts.

These are tasks for contributors with a special interest in a particular destination, not for contributors simply interested in devoting a small amount of time in support of the collaboration. If these types of tasks are to work, the nominator will have to volunteer to do them, or find someone beforehand who is willing.

Because a month is a long time, and we can get a lot of work done when many contributors are at work, consider whether the tasks for your nomination will take longer than just one week. Huge city articles can be ideal for nominations, as can regions that already have well developed city articles.

Use the following format for nominations:


This article has a ton of great content, but is poorly formatted, is full of basic errors,
and most listings lack addresses. Chicken will be the host of the 20XX Winter Olympics, so 
it would be useful to get the article into good shape beforehand. There's a lot to be done, 
but the work is basic and can be divided easily over many contributors.

*'''Task 1''' — rationale
*'''Task 2''' — rationale
*'''Task 3''' — rationale
*'''Task 4''' — rationale



We decide which articles to select for the collaboration of the month through discussion. To weigh in, add your argument next to a bullet point below the nomination. It's also appropriate to suggest here when the article should be featured.


This article has a ton of great content, but is poorly formatted, is full of basic errors, 
and most listings lack addresses. Chicken will be the host of the 20XX Winter Olympics, so 
it would be useful to get the article into good shape beforehand. There's a lot to be done, 
but the work is basic and can be divided easily over many contributors.  

*'''Task 1''' — rationale
*'''Task 2''' — rationale
*'''Task 3''' — rationale
*'''Task 4''' — rationale

TravelNut 25:25, 31 Feb 2525 (EDT)

* Tasks 2 and 4 are not well suited to collaboration, and the article doesn't have enough 
content yet for us to work on.  ~~~~

Note that objections must relate only to the nomination's potential for success as a collaboration of the month, not to one's own interest in the destination.


If a nomination has the support of the community, it can simply be added to the upcoming queue at a time deemed appropriate in the nomination discussion. Priority will be given to articles based on the strength of the nomination, urgency of the collaboration (with respect to upcoming large international events), and the goal of ensuring that we have a good balance of collaborations on articles from all parts of the world.


Move the nomination entry for previously featured articles to the article's talk page. Strike goals (using <strike></strike> tags) that were accomplished.

Move unsuccessful nominations to the Project:Collaboration of the month/Slush pile.

After they have been featured as the collaboration of the month, move the original nomination to Project:Previous collaborations.


Month COTM
October 2013 #Continents
November 2013 #Tokyo
December 2013 #Istanbul
January 2014  ?

Unscheduled nominations[edit]


Berlin would be good for the CotM:

  • The article has more than enough information
  • District and special interest article have been wildly merged which leads to inconsistent district information
  • Formatting is a nightmare
  • There are maps but colour coding is inconsistent
  • Information in the main Berlin article is duplicated or missing in districts
  • Sections are not according to WT standards

(WT-en) jan 09:04, 6 October 2009 (EDT)

To add to the above:
  • we should move all individual listings (except overviews and topic indexes like Breakfasts -- (?)) to respective district articles.
  • ideally we'd provide advice on recommended local GSM packages for a week-long stay. --(WT-en) DenisYurkin 16:51, 14 February 2010 (EST)
Support. Me and jan have mostly boosted up the new districts, but the articles could definitely use some clean up now. --(WT-en) globe-trotter 01:05, 14 January 2011 (EST)


Whipping the world's largest city into shape won't be an easy task, but I've been really impressed by the total transformation at Kyoto and I think we have a fair chance with this team. To-do list, roughly in order of importance:

  • Finally sort out the districting once and for all (this is a biggie, and pending since at least 2007)
  • Draw up an overall map and locator maps for the districts
  • Adding addresses, directions and Japanese names to entries
  • Lots of nitty-gritty formatting work

I'll be in Tokyo again in late Sept and will be able to put in some grunt work if we can get the districts figured out by then. (WT-en) Jpatokal 00:08, 25 July 2009 (EDT)

  • Support A well-organized Tokyo guide would do wonders for all of Wikivoyage's Japanese guides! I unfortunately have barely been to Tokyo, so I can't contribute to the districtification discussion. There seem to be many contributors who have been here, though. Hopefully they will offer their support and time to finally getting Tokyo up to standard. This collaboration has a lot of potential, and I do hope people will get on board for this one! (WT-en) ChubbyWimbus 21:18, 28 July 2009 (EDT)
  • Support I've been away from Wikivoyage for a long time due to work, but I hope it's not too late to cast another vote in favour of this proposal. Some of the individual district articles need a serious sprucing up, and I'll do what I can to add entries and edit existing ones. --(WT-en) Diego de Manila 18:40, 20 September 2009 (EDT)
  • Support. (How did I miss this the first time around?) Perhaps we should start negotiating the districts well in advance – even considering the very different situation here, I think it helped us a great deal for Kyoto by making that an early task. Also, gaining some momentum should serve to guilt-trip me into finishing my own albatross! — (WT-en) Dguillaime 01:54, 5 October 2009 (EDT)
Since we are approaching the next month, I think it's good to get updates: Is Tokyo ready to be the November CotM? It is up for next month, but if you'd like to hold it off, it would be good to say so, and pledge support for a different nomination. (WT-en) ChubbyWimbus 00:26, 21 October 2009 (EDT)

Livingstonian rendevouz with the WHE expedition[edit]

Rework the World Heritage List, to something more manageable, useful, and easier read. Identify which cities all outstanding sights are in, and create outline pages for those articles.

I like this too. --(WT-en) Peter Talk 17:20, 17 December 2009 (EST)
Nice, although I wonder if we know enough about some of these sites to make the best redirects. Some may be better redlinked until someone familiar with the area is able to place them. (WT-en) ChubbyWimbus 16:56, 18 December 2009 (EST)
My experience so far with Wikivoyage tells me that anon. users are more likely to go to the relevant talk and call us idiots for redirecting to a said city, than actually go fix that long list. And I believe for the vast vast majority it should be quite easy (if a bit tedious) to look up that information. --(WT-en) Stefan (sertmann) talk 17:09, 18 December 2009 (EST)
This expedition moves along only when people are up to doing the research. The research usually isn't too tough, though, and if we have a good cotm going, we can lean on each other when in doubt. --(WT-en) Peter Talk 18:17, 18 December 2009 (EST)


Istanbul can make a wonderful DotM, I guess (and it's one of the Capitals of Culture of Europe in 2010), but it needs a little bit of cleaning beforehand.

  • Many listings throughout the district articles need to be listingified. Adding missing addresses, contact info, etc would also be nice.
  • Listings in the articles should be alphabetized when appropriate (but I wouldn't want Hagia Sophia, for example, go lost under piles of less important listings just because it doesn't have a name starting with A).
  • Some hotel listings need a mild dose of de-touting.
  • "See" section of main article badly needs some more prose, perhaps with short descriptions of major attractions in the city.
  • "Walking tours" section of "Do" can be re-shaped, moved into respective districts, and replaced with some blurb.
  • Listings at "Buy" section of main article should be moved to districts and replaced with a prose about shopping scene in the city.
  • "Eat", "Drink", and "Sleep" sections of main article can make use of longer explanations about the general scenes in the city.
  • Some internet cafe listings, which can be searched through the web, should be added to districts (though how reliable the search results are open to debate—they may very well return establishments that are long closed or having crappy connections/computers).
  • Inserting internal wikilinks pointing towards district articles throughout the main article whenever possible/appropriate to avoid problems discussed at Project:Huge city article template#a notice on districts on top of huge city articles.
  • Some districts can benefit from more photos, especially Istanbul/New City, Istanbul/Golden Horn, and Istanbul/Western Suburbs, all of which currently have no pictures.
  • A basic rail transport (metro/tram) map could be created, if any mapmakers take an interest in producing one. Here is a cc-licensed rail system map: [3]
  • A general proofreading/spelling check through the main and district articles, preferably by native English speakers.

I'd also be grateful if anyone else can further elaborate on what can be done during a CotM for Istanbul. —(WT-en) Vidimian 13:09, 28 January 2010 (EST)

  • Support Great destiation that needs some cleaning. --(WT-en) Tiagox2 11:46, 16 October 2010 (EDT)


One of the top tourist destinations in the world and the top tourist destination in the U.S. with roughly 55 million visitors in 2011 (51 million domestic plus 4 million international, [4]). However, it would be hard to tell that by looking at the Orlando page as it currently stands. Most tourism centers around theme parks & other attractions (eg. water parks & theatrical dinner shows) along with shopping, shopping, and more shopping. There are about 2 dozen hotels and a similar number of restaurant listings. The "See" & "Do" sections are in need of cleanup and expansion. The "climate" & "get in" sections are really the only sections that don't need much change. However, before taking the effort to clean these things up, the geographical hierarchy of the region needs to be straightened out.

  1. Geographical Hierarchy The current structure of it is to use counties, so Orlando is U.S.>Florida>Central Florida>East Central Florida>Orange County (Florida)>Orlando. This starts at the Central Florida level, eliminating the division between East/West. I'll give a detailed/practical solution on one of the talk pages later, but concerning Orlando, the change should be to have a "Greater Orlando" region ( directly below the Central Florida region), which would include Seminole, Orange, & northern Osceola counties. The primary reason for this is that "technically-speaking" the city of Orlando is just a small part of a large, monolithic suburban sprawl that is usually considered (to tourists & most non-locals) "Orlando". By having a "Greater Orlando" page, it would be much easier to deal with listing all the attractions and providing other information to tourists unaware of the political distinctions/boundaries of the city and neighboring towns/communities. A key part of this is having a clear map for the Orlando area. Sub-regions of "Greater Orlando" would include (this isn't comprehensive and will need some discussion): Orlando (proper), Kissimmee, Celebration, Walt Disney World/Lake Buena Vista, Apopka, Seminole County (Sanford, Maitland, Eatonville), Winter Park, East Orlando/University area, and more. The VisitOrlando website isn't very helpful, see here and click on the map in top left. After this is straightened out, the city proper needs to be broken down into districts, such as Downtown, International Drive, etc.
  2. Maps A good map is essential for page. This would include district maps (at least for important districts like Downtown & International Drive) and a map for the "Greater Orlando" region (if created).
  3. MoS Ensure that all listings match our MoS and are complete (at least name, telephone, & address for every listing) and in an appropriate template.
  4. Cleanup listings Create appropriate price ranges for hotel & restaurant listings. The eat section could also be divided into categories by cuisine (as it currently is). Every hotel has a website with useful information and Urbanspoon has hundreds of restaurants in the Orlando area...I think the top-rated restaurants deserve to be added to WV. WV editors have done a good job reducing/eliminating the sterile, generic language used by hotel listing spammers, but now, the listings are really plain. You can look at websites and note anything special/different about the hotels, like free airport transfers or indoor pool.
  5. Add prose Transitioning sections like See, Do, Buy, Eat, Sleep, & Go next to prose will make the page look, once districts are created, all the listing will be moved, so prose will be necessary.
  6. Expand See & Do In line with adding prose, there is much more that should be added to the See & Do sections. Plus,when district pages are created, there will need to be more content to fill up those pages.
  7. Add good pictures Self-explanatory.
  8. Orlando International Airport Create a page for the airport. Improve article to guide status.

The geographical hierarchy is really out of the scope of a CotM, but this is something that is really important to be handled before improving the Orlando page and getting help from the community to divide up the content and make some good maps would be very useful. Again, with 55 million visitors per year (!!) this is a very high-profile page and should probably be considered a high-priority for improvement by the Wikivoyage community. Now...that said...there's no shortage of information about Orlando on the internet for the Wikivoyage community to pitch in and help improve this page. The official tourism website for the region is and just about every public library in the U.S. (and—given the number of Canadian & British tourists—probably many libraries in Canada & the U.K.) should have a travel guide to Florida (which, by default, will have a large section covering Orlando), if not a travel guide to Orlando itself. Additional websites include: 50+ Ways to have Fun on I-Drive! on, Visitor Info from the City of Orlando, Free Things to Do in Orlando from National Geographic, (commercial website), Orlando Neighborhoods from (commercial website), Top 10 Free Things to Do in Orlando from (commercial website), 40 Free Things to Do in Orlando from (commercial website), What to do in Orlando from (commercial website). All those websites just listed were found in about 90 seconds searching on Google "things to do in orlando". It took about 15 minutes to glance at each site and copy/paste and list them here. Related searches that are displayed add "...with kids", "...for adults", "...nightlife", "romantic...", "Orlando attractions". You might get the idea that there's plenty of content on the web to improve the Orlando page. In my opinion, this should be CotM after the Cleanup is finished and before or around the time we leave beta. If WV gets mentioned in a travel magazine, major news publication, or otherwise reaches the attention of the hospitality industry in the Orlando area, there'll be a flood of new listings from businesses and having the districts in place will help manage that. Not to mention that great content for a major tourist destination is huge plus for WV. AHeneen (talk) 10:38, 9 December 2012 (UTC)

Airport Expedition[edit]

Having finally settled upon a workable template for airport articles on Wikivoyage, the Airport Expedition is now busy creating and editing articles to provide the site with much better coverage of this important facet of travel. What we really need is a 'big bang' - a large scale collaborative effort to dramatically improve WV's airport coverage.

  • Create articles for the biggest and busiest airports in the world. — Having allowed airport articles for the first time, we really need to make sure that Wikivoyage offers a wide variety of information on specific airports.
  • Improve existing articles with more information, using the new template to its full. — Many articles have already been created, but they still need quite a lot of work in many cases.
  • Consider what criteria should define outline, usable, guide and star airport articles — Pretty essential for the next bullet point, we need to be sure how to rate these articles.
  • Get an airport article to star status — We could really do with an example article that shows this type of article at its best.

Any opinions, offers of help, or ideas for fine-tuning this nomination would be most welcome!

Nick (talk) 22:01, 1 May 2013 (UTC)

This seems like a very broad subject. How about defining 1-2 airport articles we want to reach star status & which major airports we want to create articles for (and just how much info those articles should have as a minimum). AHeneen (talk) 22:37, 1 May 2013 (UTC)
As per the discussion in the Airport Expedition I think I'm going to withdraw this nomination for a few months until we get a bit further down the line with this. --Nick (talk) 23:46, 3 May 2013 (UTC)


One of if not the most popular form of getting around the world, Wikivoyage's articles on Flying have plenty of potential, but still need a lot of work. The two long-standing monoliths, Fundamentals of flying and Tips for flying were recently merged and split into four separate, sequential guides, but there is still some redundancy in there and we need these to be as tight as possible. There are other issues too: of the other articles under Flying's banner, many are either out-dated or just irrelevant. It would be nice to have a collaboration on this area to give the topic the boost it needs.

  • Copy-edit and fix the 4 main Flying articles — These are the most general articles in the topic and as such probably the most popular. We need them to be perfect.
  • Decide what to do about airline articles and do it — We now have several airline articles but their use and compatibility with WV's aims is questionable. We need to decide where to put them.
  • Update niche topicsFlying is also home to a number of more specific topics, but lots of these are out of date. We need toto make sure that the info in them is correct.
  • Create any new articles that would have a place thereFlying still has some gaps in its coverage (like Frequent flyer programmes, added only yesterday by PrinceGloria). Let's fill these holes and make this guide as comprehensive (and useful!) as possible.

Nick talk 11:22, 25 May 2013 (UTC)

Bump --Nick talk 23:49, 28 May 2013 (UTC)


One of the largest (23 million, about the same as Australia) cities on Earth and important, with the world's busiest container port and huge business and manufacturing activity (GDP larger than Greece or Malaysia). Also a major tourist draw, a place that almost everyone who comes to China will visit. This would make a fine destination of the month if the articles were good enough, but they are still a long way off that.

In the main article:

  • general copy editing
  • fixing red links.
  • clean up Get in/By Train which is incomplete & badly organised

The districts need more:

  • not enough listings or photos
  • no page banners yet
  • some large gaps to be filled in
    • In Shanghai/French_Concession there is a strip of a dozen restaurants on Hengshan Lu that is fairly popular, but we have no listings
    • Nor do we have the brew pubs, Boxing Cat and Shanghai Brewery, which are major expat hangouts
  • many listings incomplete or badly formatted
  • some broken (obsolete?) links in listings

Some things may need more linking or additional text.

Several huge cities are listed at Category:Star_articles and quite a few more have Guide status. The long-term goal here might be to get Shanghai up to Star, but currently it is not even close to Guide. The main article is close, but many districts are only at Outline status. Pashley (talk) 22:18, 4 June 2013 (UTC)

Some progress is being made. See Talk:Shanghai#Getting_to_guide.3F. There is still more than enough work for a CotM, though. Pashley (talk) 15:27, 19 June 2013 (UTC)
Pashley has been doing some great work on Shanghai. I hope there is still some interest for a CotM? --Andrewssi2 (talk) 01:51, 22 October 2013 (UTC)

Page banners[edit]

The new look of Wikivoyage is short of 27,954 custom page banners out of 27,959. It would be good for the image of the project to get to a stage where the majority of articles have custom page banners, and a big collaborative effort would be a good opportunity for more users to learn the basic skills of working with images.

0 % of all mainspace articles have custom banners.

• • • Peter (Southwood) (talk): 13:37, 19 June 2013 (UTC)
Good idea. Pashley (talk) 15:23, 19 June 2013 (UTC)
  • Support Further introduction of custom banners will be best done as a collaborative effort. Danapit (talk) 16:22, 21 June 2013 (UTC)

This would be a great CotM, but I think it's already the de facto current collaboration ;) --Peter Talk 22:11, 23 June 2013 (UTC)


I know there are a ton of nominations above waiting for their time (some since 2009, apparently...), but I thought Paris would be good for a quick, intensive makeover right now. We are on the verge of having the dynamic maps and associated tools going live in a matter of months or weeks, which could become the breaking point between Wikivoyage being an enthusiast's project nobody heard about to the no.1 go-to place. That said, if people are to stick with Wikivoyage after they learn of our new features, they must find quality content here.

Paris is apparently the no.1 global tourist destination, so there will surely be much interest in this article. For now, we are great at covering the roads less travelled (this is why e.g. articles on minor Japanese cities have so good rankings with Google - because not many other sites cover them), but when it comes to what people look for most often, we often do fail. It would be terrible to find all those less adventurous travellers put off Wikivoyage but a below-par article while the rest of the site is so great.

Paris is pretty much like a hotel is said city - still functional and interesting at first glance, but there is a lot of maintenance work to be done and it has clearly fallen behind the times. The article has been updated in terms of some details, but on the whole, it needs a more

  • Copyedit / rationalize main article — the article, despite districtification, is quite unwieldily long and parts of it are really below par and poorly organized / edited, with large swathes of questionable text with no subsections to help the reader find their way. A copyedit and pruning for best quality content would be well warranted, with perhaps thought given to eventual forking out certain more expansive topics to separate articles, like "Public transit in Paris", perhaps.
  • Brush up districts — even the 1er shows much need for refurbishment, it must have become a Star long ago and both standards have changed and it accumulated loads of residual dirt over the years. Some other district articles even lacked leads (until I started writing them) and are very basic. I am not saying everybody should now jump at researching all there is to do in the 17th arrondissement, but let us at least make compact, nice roundups on even the less exciting districts, while making sure the more important ones have articles that are useful, easy to read, navigate and conform to quality standards.
  • Standardize and update eat/drink/sleep listings — there seems to be no consensus as to the price bands, and a lot of listings miss information, as well as geocoordinates, so no automatic mapping is possible now.
  • Public transportation — there seems to be no consensus and no good way devised on how to cover "get in" and "get around" by public transportation in a useful and informative way. Paris is a great city when it comes to public transportation, so once we're done with it, we could use it as a model for other districtified cities.

It would be great if we decided to make this the COTM for July as the month is still new! BTW, is anybody actually taking care of this process? There are nominations from 2009, and the "current" COTW is still the one from March... PrinceGloria (talk) 05:47, 2 July 2013 (UTC)

Metro Cebu[edit]

I added this article a year or so ago; see discussion at Talk:Cebu (city). I think this top-level article is now mostly OK, but there are still problems. Worth fixing; this is the country's 2nd largest urban area, a major transport hub & a major tourist destination.

  • The main cities, Cebu (city) & Lapu-Lapu, need quite a bit of copy editing & various other fixes.
  • Some things are still listed in the wrong place; for example, the Cebu article discusses sights located on Mactan Island, some distance away.
  • There are a dozen or so smaller cities in Metro Cebu. Nearly all those articles are currently quite weak

If we are still doing CotM (Are we?), this might be a good one. Pashley (talk) 11:18, 3 February 2017 (UTC)

Updating the Collaboration of the month[edit]

At the beginning of each month, the Collaboration of the month needs to be updated. Any registered user can do so. To update the current Collaboration of the month you should:

  1. Remove the current collaboration from this page and move the next one up.
  2. Move the current collaboration to the Previous collaborations page.
  3. Remove the Cotm template from the current Collaboration of the month pages and add the pcotm template to their talk pages.
  4. Add the Cotm template to the next collaboration article.
  5. Update the Template:Current collaboration with the new COTM.
  6. Update the Template:Cotmpromote page with the new COTM.
  7. Clear the cache for the Project:Project page by clicking here.
  8. Clear the cache for the Main Page by clicking here
  9. Schedule some new collaborations. There should be about 4 months worth upcoming in the queue.