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Tried to correct the use of Petrolheads in regards people who attend Phillip Island Circuit. This has being re-instated by other edits/users.

To explain my view (which is consistent with my position as a Phillip Island tourist advisor), the Circuit in fact attracts large family crowds at motorsport events and wishes to continue to do so.

Petrolhead behaviour is actively discouraged by the local Bass Coast Shire and police. To this end we (the Island and Shire) even formed the Bass Coast Special Events Advisory Committee of community members, police, patrons to the events and Circuit and race organisers. Refer Bass Coast Shire website (

Road deaths, injuries, and hoon behaviour has seen the events previously placed in jeopardy and risks the Island losing this vital boost to our tourism industry and local economy.

The Circuit itself has spent hundreds of thousands of dollars to provide family and visitor activities all year round. Bicycle riding around the track, a large Interps centre and museum, a gift shop, licensed family cafe, childrens playground, games rooms, and a very large area of developed walk-through water gardens and Australian wildlife park. All of this is what is on offer, during events and after. Refer also the Phillip Island Circuit website (

I believe "petrolheads" though meant non-offensively, is a colleqialism and inaccurate in this case. Perhaps to say it attracts large numbers of motorsport fans? If the term petrolheard is to remain included, could it be better to explain it in parenthesis that this is simply a slang term used for certain elements of the fan base that attendsmajor events. Thanks everyone!

Thanks for the contributions and the explanation, I think the current compromise with the parenthesis is good. That said, Wikivoyage's purpose is not to promote tourism, but to tell people the real deal, and if "hoon behaviour" is a danger at the event then this should be noted under Stay safe, not swept under the carpet. (WT-en) Jpatokal 07:00, 28 May 2006 (EDT)