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About Me[edit]

My name is John Garrett. I love to research and plan exciting trips for my wife and myself. And, of course, one of my favorite resources is Wikivoyage!

When researching and planning trips, I try to find the sweet spot where we get the most value for our money. I do not look for the cheapest or the most expensive options; the sweet spot almost always falls between, with greatly diminishing returns on both ends of the spectrum.

Our primary style of travel is focused on independent, unguided trips. I enjoy the process of researching in-depth the destinations before embarking on a journey. For the months leading up to (and after) a trip, I read history books and novels about the destination. I love to see the history come to life when we get there! I do utilize guide services when independent travel is impracticable, impossible, or having a guide will add value to the experience.


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