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[this is a very rough beginning to a guide to Bologna - there was nothing here, so I thought I'd put at least this up] - Comments that were added by User: - 1 Jan 2005 - when creating article. - (WT-en) Huttite 21:13, 1 Jan 2005 (EST)

Sorry, I am not going to edit this since I'm a bit in a hurry and I should be looking at the indentation and that stuff... but!! I wanted to have you noticing that Bologna is not only named 'la rossa'. It's named 'la rossa, la grassa, la dotta' 'la rossa'(the red one): for its red and orange walls but also for its long-lasting tradition to vote the left wing.. 'la grassa'(the fat one): for its cuisine 'la dotta'(this is not the exact traduction but we could say the wise one): for its university, one of the oldest in the world, very big and very famous, at least in Italy. Sometimes it is also named 'la gaudente', that means.. mmh.. the 'enjoying itself' one, for it is believed that in Bologna people live well and enjoy themselves with all life's pleasure: going out, eating well and so on.. Hope I helped even if I did not edit! Please someone add this for me! (you can trust what i say since i live here in Bologna =)) )


Michel notes:

I'm puzzled how 55 euro for a double is a "budget" hotel (Fiera --- so middle of nowhere) but 50 euro for a double is "midprice" hotel (Imperial). Fiera = business district and next to motorway entrance = quick getaway for salesmen.

Also not having the Osteria dei Poeti in the eating section is a strange omission. It's in a cellar so tourists miss it? It's an antica osteria that's very famous, beautiful interior, very good classical staff and at the moment a young creative chef (who has to cook traditionally there, but does fantastic things in their catering, mostly marriages).

Food & Drinks[edit]

Food: We should divide restaurants in three price based categories.

Drinks: Let's give some more advices. —The preceding comment was added by FilippoCarnevali (talkcontribs)

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