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Via Ocean train 14 near Jacquet River NB on July 31 2006
Eastbound Ocean, makes a station stop at Jacquet River, New Brunswick, on a sunny summer morning in July, 2006.

The Ocean (French: L'Océan) is a 1,346 km (836 mi) passenger route operated by VIA Rail Canada running between Montreal and Halifax, with numerous intermediate stops including Drummondville, Sainte-Foy (near Quebec City), and Moncton. The route connects the provinces of Quebec, New Brunswick, and Nova Scotia. There are three trips per direction per week. The train takes about 22 hours in each direction, operating day and night. The route is scheduled such that the portion of the route between Sainte-Foy and Campbellton travels during overnight hours in both directions.

The Ocean is the eastern of at least three three train routes needed to cross between Canada's Atlantic and Pacific coasts. See across Canada by train for further information.

Getting on[edit]


Tickets can be purchased directly from VIA Rail Canada through its website, over the phone ( +1 888-842-7245 (in Canada and the United States), +1 514-989-2626 (worldwide), +1 800-268-9503 (TTY)), in person at any staffed VIA Rail Canada station counter, or through overseas travel agents. Unlike European rail tickets, the ticket is valid only for a specific date of departure.



From west to east:

Quebec (Time zone: Eastern)[edit]

  • 1 Montreal - Montreal Central Station (Gare Centrale), 895 rue de la Gauchetière Ouest. Departs at 19:00 on Wednesdays and Sundays. 21.75 hours to Halifax.
  • 2 Saint-Lambert - Saint-Lambert station, 329 avenue Saint-Denis. 13 minutes to Montreal and 21.25 hours to Halifax.
  • 3 Saint-Hyacinthe - Saint-Hyacinthe station. 48 minutes to Montreal and 20.75 hours to Halifax.
  • 4 Drummondville - Drummondville station. 1.5 hours to Montreal and 20 hours to Halifax.
  • 5 Sainte-Foy (8 km west of downtown Quebec City) - Gare de Sainte-Foy, 3255 Chemin de la Gare. 3.5 hours to Montreal and 18 hours to Halifax. A shuttle between Sainte-Foy train station and 1 Gare du Palais station in Quebec City is available for The Ocean trains, but must be reserved in advance.
  • 6 Montmagny - Montmagny station. 5 hours to Montreal and 16.75 hours to Halifax. Stops on request.
  • 7 La Pocatière - La Pocatière station. 5.5 hours to Montreal and 16.25 hours to Halifax.
  • 8 Rivière-du-Loup - Rivière-du-Loup station (Gare de Rivière-du-Loup), 615 rue Lafontaine. 6.25 hours to Montreal and 15.5 hours to Halifax.
  • 9 Trois-Pistoles - Trois-Pistoles station, 231 Rue de la Gare. 7 hours to Montreal and 15 hours to Halifax. Stops on request.
  • 10 Rimouski - Rimouski station (Gare de Rimouski). 8 hours to Montreal and 13.75 hours to Halifax.
  • 11 Mont-Joli - Mont-Joli station. 8.5 hours to Montreal and 13 hours to Halifax.
  • 12 Sayabec - Sayabec station. Stops on request.
  • 13 Amqui - Amqui station, 209 boulevard Saint-Benoît Ouest. 10 hours to Montreal and 11.75 hours to Halifax.
  • 14 Causapscal - Causapscal station. Stops on request.
  • 15 Matapédia - Matapédia station. 11.25 hours to Montreal and 10.75 hours to Halifax.

New Brunswick (Time zone: Atlantic)[edit]

  • 16 Campbellton - Campbellton station, 99C Roseberry St. 11.75 hours to Montreal and 10 hours to Halifax. Adjacent to the provincial boundary between New Brunswick and Quebec.
  • 17 Charlo - Charlo station. Stops on request.
  • 18 Jacquet River - Jacquet River station. 12.75 hours to Montreal and 9 hours to Halifax. Stops on request.
  • 19 Petit Rocher - Petit Rocher station. Stops on request.
  • 20 Bathurst - Bathurst station. 13.5 hours to Montreal and 8.25 hours to Halifax.
  • 21 Miramichi - Miramichi station, 251 Station St, Newcastle. 15.5 hours to Montreal and 6.5 hours to Halifax.
  • 22 Rogersville - Rogersville station. Stops on request.
  • 23 Moncton - Moncton station, 1240 Main St. 17.5 hours to Montreal and 4.25 hours to Halifax.
  • 24 Sackville - Sackville station. 18.75 hours to Montreal and 3.5 hours to Halifax.

Nova Scotia (Time zone: Atlantic)[edit]

  • 25 Amherst - Amherst station. 19 hours to Montreal and 3.25 hours to Halifax. Located about 5 km from the provincial boundary between Nova Scotia and New Brunswick.
  • 26 Springhill - Springhill Junction station (Located 6 km north-west of Springhill along Highway 2.). 19.25 hours to Montreal and 2.75 hours to Halifax. Stops on request.
  • 27 Truro - Truro station, 104 Esplanade St. 20.5 hours to Montreal and 1.5 hours to Halifax.
  • 28 Halifax - Halifax station, 1161 Hollis St. Departs at 13:00 on Wednesdays and Sundays. 22 hours to Montreal.

On board[edit]

Ocean (Passenger Train)
Eastbound The Ocean train on August 13, 2005 around Belmont, Nova Scotia (near Truro).


Economy class - coach cars[edit]

These cars, named Renaissance service cars, are intended for economy passengers. They have large seats with significant legroom and recline, leg and foot rests and airline-style tray tables. Seats are in a 2-2 configuration. There are washrooms at each end of the car, one of which is wheelchair accessible and has a changing table.

Sleeper Plus class - sleeping cars[edit]

All Sleeper Plus cabins are cabins designed for two people. Except for the accessible cabins, all cabins are bunk-style with one bed near the floor and one elevated bed over top. There are three variations on these cabins:

  • Cabin for two. Cabin includes a washroom. Includes access to a shared shower facility in the same car.
  • Cabin for two with shower. Cabin includes a washroom with a shower.
  • Accessible cabin for two. Cabin includes a washroom with a shower. The washroom is equipped with a transfer seat.

Dining cars[edit]

A dining car is available to Economy and Sleeper Plus classes, though Sleeper Plus passengers receives priority access to the dining car. Sleeper Plus passengers have meals included as part of their fare and have a choice of three meal options per meal, including one vegetarian option. For passengers with special dietary needs, arrangements can be made at least 72 hours prior to the trip. Economy passengers can purchase food for take away part to their coach car.


Wi-Fi is not available on the train.

Passengers with mobile wireless plans on their phones should have service along most of the route, including throughout the daytime portions of the route. A section of the route between Causapscal and Matapédia does not have mobile wireless coverage.


Smoking (and vaporizers) are prohibited on the train and that prohibition is strictly enforced.


Carry on[edit]

Economy: 1 Personal bag (max 11.5 kg/25 lbs., 43 x 15 x 33 cm/17 x 6 x 13 in.) and either one large bag (max 23 kg/50 lbs., 158 linear cm/62 linear in.) or two smaller bags (max 11.5 kg/25 lbs., 54.5 x 39.5 x 23 cm/21.5 x 15.5 x 9 in.).

Sleeper: 1 Personal bag (max 11.5 kg/25 lbs., 43 x 15 x 33 cm/17 x 6 x 13 in.) and two small bags (max 11.5 kg/25 lbs., 54.5 x 39.5 x 23 cm/21.5 x 15.5 x 9 in.). As there is significantly less storage space than in the coach cars the larger bag is not an option.

Purses and small folding infant strollers are not included in the carry on baggage count.


All passengers: Two large bags (max 23 kg/50 lbs., 158 linear cm/62 linear in. each)

Oversized and excess bags can be transported for a $40 fee. Bicycles can be transported for $25 ($50 for tandems and ebikes) and bike boxes are available for free at major stations.

As of May 2023, due to "operational adjustments", pets cannot be checked into the checked baggage area; additionally, access to the checked baggage area on this route is not possible, with VIA recommending to carry all important items (such as medication) on your person, or in a bag in the train.

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