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Kozhikode (Malayalam: കോഴിക്കോട്), formerly Calicut, is one of the major cities in Kerala, India.

Calicut Beach


Kozhikode was the ancient capital of Zamorin kings until the British made it part of the Madras province. Formerly called Calicut, this city was frequented by traders from Arabia and Europe. The English word calico, a cotton textile, originated from this city's name "Calicut".

Kozhikode used to be a romantic location with the charm of hundreds of years old streets and the smell of local sweets in the air. Today, Kozhikode is an overdeveloped city with long queue of automobiles in the main and service roads creating unending traffic jams all over the city. Even the small interior roads are pestered by incredibly large number of noisy motorcycles.

The city still has some charm left but you have to explore it by walking early in the morning. Remember the heavy traffic begins by 7 a.m. and you are back to column one. Your option for the day is to spend time watching TV in a hotel room.

Get in[edit]

By plane[edit]

The nearest airports are at Kondotty, 36 km and Mangalore, 246 km, both international airports.

By train[edit]

Direct trains are available from Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Bangalore and Thiruvananthapuram. For railway enquiries, you can try contacting 04952701234, but it is very difficult to reach this phone number.

By bus[edit]

Buses are available from all South Indian cities.

By road[edit]

Driving is tiresome as the roads are only two line and traffic blocks are very frequent. The people of Kozhikode are very polite except when they drive. Honking horns continuously is a fashionable pastime of the locals. Bangalore road is closed during night time.

Get around[edit]

By bus[edit]

Buses charge only Rs.7.00 for three kilometres.

  • City buses are green colored here and they are very punctual and cheap.
  • All the buses originate and terminate in the Mananchira Pond area.
  • Buses going to Pavangad, Puthiyangadi, Nadakkavu areas originate from the Head Post Office side of Mananchira.
  • Buses going to Medical College and Mavoor Road stop at the Income Tax side of Mananchira.
  • Buses going to Feroke and Beypore stop at the Girls School side of Mananchira.
  • Air Conditioned city buses are available from the Railway Station to the Airport and the University.
  • Long distance buses originate from the New Bus Stand on Mavoor Road (1 km).
  • Villages buses originate from the old Bus Stand at Palayam ( 1 km).
  • Long distance Air Conditioned buses originate from KSRTC bus stop at Pavangad (7 km) and also stop the new bus stand.

By auto rickshaw[edit]

Autorikshaw drivers of Kozhikode have a reputation for honesty as they do not overcharge. The usual charge is Rs.15.00 for every km.

By taxi[edit]

Air conditioned taxis and jeeps are available at reasonable rates. Look for them at the Railway Station or Mananchira area. Contact Taxi Stand. 04952306023

By car[edit]

There are many rental companies offering cars with drivers or self-drive.

By walk[edit]

Walking is near impossible as traffic is erratic and heavy. Footpaths are rare or occupied by peddlers. The noise created by endless motorcyclists is unbearably prominent even in interior roads. The long beach road from Beypore to Elathur (22 km) is the only peaceful area to walk.


Kozhippara Waterfalls
Krishna Menon Museum
  •   Art Gallery (1 km). Near Town Hall
  • Aquariumnear lighthouse on the beach (4 km). 8.00 am to 8.00 pm.
  • Beypore SeawalkPulimoott (28 km). One-km-long walkway into the sea, Jankar service to the fishing village of Chaliyam.
  • Colonial BuildingsEranhippalam (5 km). There are many colonial buildings in Kozhikode. The British civil station at Eranhippalam is one of them. Ask for the District Panchayath Office to see this beautiful building. Because this is a government office, you can visit the building without any fee. Another British building is the Princess of Wales Dispensary opposite the Panniyankara police station on Kallai Road (3 km). The locals have converted it into a Homoeo dispensary and had even successfully erased the carved colonial sign board.
  •   Chaliyam (17 km). Fishing village, lighthouse, jankar service.
  • Conolly Canal (2 km). for boating
  • Elamaram Jetty (35 km). Ferry service across River Chaliyar for only Rs.5 per head. Take a bus to Mavoor. Get down at Elamaram jetty. Cross the river and come back the same route. You can also visit the vibrant village of Edavannappara and enjoy eating bread pizza.
  • Elathur (12 km). Beautiful riverside village.
  • Jain Derasar. There are 2 temples inside the temple complex of which one is over 2500 years old and has 1000 pillars.
  • Kadalundy Bird Sanctuary (30 k.m.). Birds are rare and seasonal, but it is a very scenic place.
  • Kappad Beach (17 km). Vasco Da Gamma landed here in 1498 from Europe.
  •   Kirtads MuseumChevarambalam. Tribal Research Station maintained by the government.
  •   Kozhippara Waterfalls (53 km). for trekking and swimming
  •   Krishna Menon Museum & Art GalleryEast Hill (4 km). Ideal place for students of Indian History.
  •   Lions ParkBeach (2 km). rides for children
  •   Mananchira Pond (near the Railway Station). A sprawling park with many beautiful statues.
  • Mini OotyArimbra Hills (44 km). Trekking to a mountain 1,000 metres above sea level. Near Kondotty.
  • Mishkal MasjidhKuttichira (2 km). 600 year old structure. Beautiful pond surrounded by several old buildings. Non-Muslims are permitted to visit.
  • Pazhassiraja Museum. Copies of megalithic monuments.
  •   Peruvannamuzhi Dam (50 km). Boating facilities, birds sanctuary, crocodile farm.
  •   Planetorium (Regional Science Centre) (1 km). on Jaffer Khan colony road near new bus station. Regular shows are available only in the mornings.
  • Sarovaram Bio ParkArayidathu Palam (5 km). 7 mangrove species, 29 mangrove associates and fauna ranging from protozoa to Otter. It is also a congenial habitat for 20 types of water birds. The area is 200 acres containing canal walkway, boating facilities, Otter Park and Butterfly Park. The outers section is beautifully tiled and lighted. It is a popular hangout of college couples. The inner section is undeveloped mangrove forest with mud tracks. Ticket. Rs.10 for the outer section and additional Rs.10 for the forest section.
  •   Tali TemplePalayam (1 km). 14th century temple near a pond
  • Thangal KubbaKondotty (31 km). Location of an ancient festival. Very cute building and a pond wih big fish in scenic surroundings.
  •   Tusharagiri (52 km). for trekking, with waterfall inside evergreen dense forests
  • Vellari Mala (53 km). waterfalls, velvet green landscapes, place for trekking.
  • Wayanad HillsKalpetta (70 km). Beautiufl scenes on nine hairpin bends. Scenic Meppadi village has many lodges to sleep inside undulating tea estates.


  • Beach Walk One (5 km). Start from the Nalam Gate, and as soon as you cross the railway gate the road forks into three. Choose the third one, walk past Caffe Coffee Day and Gateway Hotel. The Mayor Residence and Moidhu Museum are on your way. Enter Vellayil Road and walk to the beach. There is a very short sea bridge and the Vellayil Fishing Harbour there. When you reach the beach, turn left to All India Radio. Walk past the metereology station, Igloo Icecream and reach at the Lions Children's Park. Again turn left, Walk another one k.m. on the overpass to reach Mananchira pond.
  • Beach Walk Two (4 km). Start from Pushpa Junction near the railway station. Walk on the left road under the flyover, cross the railway line and reach Grand Auditorium. Walk past the Samastha mosque and Idiyangara Pond. There is a Sheikh Dargah here and you reach the south beach junction. You peaceful walk begins from here towards the left side. Continue walking upto the Chakkum Kadavu bridge.
  • Beach Walk Three (8 km). Start from the Gujarathi school in the Kozhikode beach (2 km from the Railway Station) and head north. Walk by the Lions childrens park and Puthiya Kadavu. Continue walking beyond Thoppayil, Konadu and Fisheries office areas. You will go by Vellayil Police Station, Shanthi Nagar, Radio Mango, Puthiyappa, Vengaly, Elathur and Pavangad. Pavangad offers air conditioned buses back to the city.
  • Beach Walk Four (7 km). Start from the Corporation office and head south. Very peaceful walk by the sea. Many ancient buildings. Walk beyond Francis Road and proceed to Chakkumkadavu Bridge, Thekepuram beaches. After crossing the bridge, proceed to Payyanakkal beach. Finally, ask for Panniyankara police station to get back to the main road. Come back by one of the green buses, they all take you Mananchira pond.
  • City Walk Four (1 km). Start from Nalam Gate and Gandhi Park, take the road right to Gandhi Park and walk in the upmarket street called 'Cherootty Road'. The Juice junction and Corporation bank are the first landmarks. Walk past the District Court, Gandhi Peace Foundation, and end at Mathrubhumi newspaper office near the railway station.
  • City Walk One (2 km). Begin from Begam Complex on U.K.Shankaran Road. Walk besides the City Homes, turn right and reach Sri Sankaracharya Computer Studies. Proceed to Malabar Castle, have a cup of tea at the stall near Our College and end the wak in front of LBS Computer Centre, Mavoor Road.
  • City Walk Two (4 km). Start from Fathima Hospital, take the narrow line opposite the hospital. Walk past Kerala NGO Union, Lakshmi Printers and Oyisca Youth Centre. Cross the culvert in the swamp, turn right, walk beyond the forest temple, Hajj House, Sunni House, again turn right to Chilli Malabar Restaurant and once again turn right to reach at the New Bus Station.
  • City Walk Three (6 km route with thin traffic). Start from the new busstand. Take the road opposite to it, walk past Markaz Mosque and Samastha centre. Turn right towards More Supermarket, Planetarium and Science Centre. You enter Cherootty Nagar where you can get a nice cup of coffee at the roadside stall. Walk straight to Bhagavathy Temnple, Muthappan Forest, Balan K Nair Road and the Zoological Survey of India. The Brahmakumaris Meditation Centre and the Needle Acupuncture Clinic leads you to Spiinelly School and Redeemer Convent. You have reached Aqsa Juma Masjidh at St. Vincent Colony, and walk back to the new bus stand.
  • Climbing a hill @ GovindapuramMankav (7 km). Take a bus to Govindapuram from Mananchira pond. Walk up the hill to Central School. Very good view of the entire city and Arabian sea . The views are terrific but nobody comes here other than the school people. Elderly people can also reach here by hiring an auto rikshaw from Mankav junction.
  • Green Walk @ Iringadan Pally (4 km walk). Take a bus to Kovoor on Medical College route. Ask for the Iringadan Pally road. Walk in the company of spectacularly spacious expanse of paddy fields hidden between four main roads of the city. You can walk up to Poolakkadavu junction on the Mysore road. The locals have tastefully decided to convert this little road through the paddy fields to a busy street with deafening traffic. They will finish the development by 2017. You can also get the best beef curry in the city only in this place, just for Rs.40. It is available at a little restaurant even without a sign board. It is adjacent to Koyas Cycle Mart and Prabhakara Pharmacy at Poolakkadavu Junction near JDT, Vellimadukunnu. (4 pm to 8 pm). After dinner, you can continue walking on the Poolakkadavu river road, cross the river on the cute foot bridge and reach the village of Parambil Bazar from where you will get direct buses back to the city.
  • New Kothy BridgePallikkandy, Mukhadar area (4 km). This new bridge was inaugurated in May, 2015. It gives a rare opportunity to walk by the sea for a long distance. You can start from Fancis Road at South Beach junction and proceed south to Kannan Paramba Masjidh. You can access the approach road of the Kothy bridge and also the Chakkum Kadavu bridge. Walk upto Payyanakkal and come back by the same route.
  • Park WalkMananchira Park (1 km). Well maintained and manicured garden around a clean pond. Very big lawn to relax. Open only after 2 p.m. Extremely crowded place.
  • Rajayoga @ BrahmakumarisJaffer Khan Colony (1 km). Free Sattvic food, lecture sessions, meditation practice. Suitable place for the spiritually bended people who wants to learn that God is a light to stare at.
  • Rock ClimbingKakkayam village (48 km).
  • See a Malayalam FilmFilm City (2 km),  095445 51234. opp. New bus stand. Hangout of the Nouveau riche
  • See an English filmCrown Theatre (1 km),  04952721896. Near Railway Station. Hangout of the Indian elite.
  • Stroll in the Mitayi Theruvu (Ancient Sweet Meat Road), 1 km from Railway Station. Crowded like hell. No space to walk. Paradise of Hawkers and peddlers.Clothes can be purchased cheaply.
  • Village visitOdumbra village, near Olavanna (8 km). Take a bus to Odumbra village from Mananchira pond. Enjoy the Mampuzha river on the way.
  • Walk @ Valiyangadi (3 km). Enjoy a walk in the ancient seaside market of Valiyangadi where Arabs and Europeans brushed shoulders a few centuries back. This market is not targeted by local tourists, as they are ignorant of its importance. Start from the back side of the railway station and enter Valiyangadi directly. Valiyangadi ends on the seashore, turn left to Gujarathi street and you can even see the 600 year old Mishkal Masjidh near Kuttichira pond, another 1 km from there. This mosque permits non-Muslim visitors.
  • Watch 'Kalari' Martial ArtsC.V.N.Kalari Sangham (3 km). Special demonstrations can be organized. Sunday Holiday.


  • Big Bazar SupermarketOpp. New Bus stand. 04954015551. for economy stuff
  • Bun ClubAsma Tower (3 km),  04956580888.
  • Calicut Flower Stall 04952721481.
  • Edumart Mega ShopJaffer Khan Colony Road, opp. New Bus Station (0.5 km). for gifts, books, toys, CDs and sports goods.
  • Focus MallOpp. New Bus Stand (2 km),  0495017811. for upmarket jewellery, clothes and accessories.
  • Kairaly HandicraftsMM Ali Road. Wooden models of elephants, boats and Kerala dancers.
  • Koyilandy Hookah 04962623151.. Preparation of an average hookah requires up to 1.5 kg of copper, 1.5 kg of zinc and half kg silver. It takes a week to prepare a hookah. Available in different sizes (12 to 24 inches), these hookah are sold anywhere around ₹500 to 1500. Specially crafted hookah come at ₹15,000. To procure one of these, you may contact the Kozhikode District Handicrafts Artisans Co-operative society. They have several pieces ready and can polish it and sell it to you within an hour. These range from ₹1200 to ₹2500 depending on the size. They can also ship it to you in India and possibly internationally at a price.
  • Kozhikodan HalwaPalayam junction. Very sweet and colorful stuff. Not at all healthy.
  • Mathrubhumi Book Stallvery near new bus station. good ambience.
  • Milma GreenKottooly (4 km). Government outlet for milk, fruits and vegetables.
  • More SupermarketOpp. MIMS, Mankav (for upmarket grocery),  9961994480. 7.30 am to 9.30 pm.
  • Nuthan HandicraftsYMCA Road.
  • Pai and CompanyNear the Railway Station. Old bookstall
  • Swamys Karumuru BakeryPottammal (6 km),  09447123427.
  • Touring Book StallMuthalakkulam. Books, gifts and toys. Very spacious showroom in four stories.



  • Amma messArayidathu Palam (3 km).
  • Best beef in the city. 4 pm to 8 pm. is available at a little restaurant even without a sign board. It is adjascent to Koyas Cycle Mart and Prabhakara Pharmacy at Poolakkadavu Junction near JDT, Vellimadukunnu. 9 km from the city.
  • Coffee HouseNCK Building, Near KSRTC 0495 2723298. for Masala Dosai.
  • Focus Mall Food Courtopp. new bus station (1 km). for snacks and fast food.
  • Heartbeat BakeryChevayoor (7 km on Medical College Road).
  • Jurassic Park RestaurantNear Malabar Gate Hotel (1 km).
  • Mango RestaurantNew busstand northside (2 km),  09605213384. No parking facility
  • Mavoor Road Coffee Houseopp. Fly Down Restaurant (3 km). Manirayath Afsa Building. 7.30 am to 9.00 pm
  • May Flower VegetarianKandamkkulam Cross Road (1 km from the Railway Station),  +(91)-495-3018047.
  • Medical College Coffee House (9 km). Good ambience. ample parking facility
  • Pure South VegetarianOpp. Baby Hospital (3 km). for Masala Dosai, a fermented crepe made from rice batter, black lentils, potato and onions. Rs. 40. They also give Kerala style vegetarian lunch for Rs.60
  • Saravana Hotel VegetarianRajaji Road (2 km),  04952720621.
  • Thripthi RestaurantDevagiri College Road (9 km),  08590002020. Parking facility available

Mid range[edit]

Malabar cuisine is quite popular among gourmands. The mild flavored, gently cooked Malabar Biriyani are a must eat when visiting Calicut.

  • Alakapuri RestaurantMohammedhali Road (for classical Kerala lunch.).
  • Bombay RestaurantSilk Street, Mananchira 04952366730. for Mussle Biriyani
  • Chiking Fried Chickenopp. Kalyan Silk, Medical College Road (5 km),  04953266777.
  • Chilli MalabarKovoor (8 km),  09645619007. Parking facility
  • Chunky ChickenOpp. Federal Towers 04954011555.
  • DominosMavoor Road Junction (1 km).
  • Eizen Berg`s RestaurantNear Mananchira Post Office 04956999933. 10 am to 8 pm.
  • Fly Down RestaurantArayidathu Palam (3 km),  081291 11333. No Parking facility
  • Garlic RoutesNaalam gate 04954023888.
  • Ikkas RestaurantRed Cross road 0495 310 6667.
  • Paragon Restaurant, near railway station. Famous for mutton biriyani. No Parking facility
  • Sagar RestaurantMavoor Road (2 km). famous for Biriyani.
  • Sana RestaurantDevagiri College Road, Near Medical College.. Parking facility available
  • Span RestaurantJail Road.
  • Traffic Jam Restaurantopp. Kerala Kaumudhi , Thondayad (5 km).
  • Zains RestaurantConvent Road (1 km). for Biriyani



Non-Alcoholic Drinks[edit]

  • Azad Cool BarOpp. League Office 09847823933.
  • Baskin RobbinsS.K.Temple Road (2 km). for icecreams
  • Caffe Coffee DayNaalaam Gate (2 km),  093490 07615.
  • Downtown CafeNaalaam Gate 04954019037. Youth hangout
  • Sixth Avenue CafeOpp. Taj Hotel 09020902096.



  • Amrutha, Mavoor Road, near New Bus Stand. No Parking facility


  • Hotel Sasthapuri, M.M. Ali Road, near Palayam Bus Stand. Sasthapuri has a roof garden which opens from 5PM and is the only decent place (other than Sea Queen) that allows you to smoke while seated.
  • Sea Queen, Beach Road. Has a separate smoking area and is the one of the only decent places that lets you smoke while seated.


Night life[edit]

There is no night life in Kozhikode and nobody understands the word 'nightlife'. The city becomes deserted by 9 pm because of unknown reasons. Maybe the potential for political violence or the shortage of transportation to the villages may be the reasons for this. In bigger cities, the silence of midnight is achieved by 4 a.m., but in Kozhikode, midnight comes by 12.00 midnight sharp. That is a sort of achievement.



  • Apex InnOpp. Tagore Cent Hall 04952360555. Rs. 500.
  • Aradhana Tourist HomeNear Rly Stn 04952302021. Veg Restaurant is attached Rs. 800.
  • Delma Tourist HomeNear KSRTC (2 km),  04952721858. Rs. 500.
  • Easwari LodgeNear Beach Hospital, P.T.Usha Road 04952369039, 9447137177. Rs. 300.
  • Gulf Star DormitoryGulf Bazar, Mavoor Road (2 km),  04952727018.
  • Hibra LodgeKamath Jewellery Road, near Railway Station 2701293. Rs.200.
  • Hotel NalandaNear the Town Hall 04952366169. Rs. 340.
  • Imperial LodgePalayam 04952701293. Vegetarian Restaurant is attached Rs.200.
  • Jaya LodgeTali 04952701557, 04952702286. Rs. 500.
  • Metro Tourist HomeMavoor Road 04952766029. Rs. 600.
  • Metro TowersNear Railway Station 04952700571. Rs.300 for rooms, Rs. 170 for dorm.
  • N.C.K.LodgeMavoor Road 04952723530. Vegetarian Restaurant is attached Rs.400.
  • Railway Retirement Room (inside the railway station). Rs.200.
  • Safa LodgeNear New Bus Stand 04952725730. Rs. 400.
  • Select ResidencyNear Railway Station, Oyitti Road 04952725525. Rs. 550.
  • Shanthi Tourist HomeTali 04952702246 8089624022 8592022669. Rs.200.


  • AlakapuriMohammed Ali Road (2 km),  04952723451.
  • Beach HotelNear Corporation Office 04952365363.
  • Calicut TowersOpp New Bus Stand 04952723202, e-mail: . A favorite hotel of the Arab visitors. Mosque facility. Crowded shopping area. Rs. 1,500.
  • Khaleej ResidencyNear MIMS hospital 04952744071.
  • Royal Palace Hotel 04952701610. Rs. 800.



  • Govt Tourist Office 04952720012.
  • Govt Information Office 04952370225. Being a government facility, information is given reluctantly and very slowly.

Stay safe[edit]

The people of Malabar area are on the whole very conservative, but recently, local Moral Policing groups have made it a fashion to attack young unmarried couples going out together. Even married couples were attacked under the assumption that they are a pair in love. A restaurant known as a student hangout was attacked by a vigilante group recently. So bring your passport, air ticket and marriage certificate.

Go next[edit]

  • Kannur — a seaside city on the northern side of Kerala State note for St. Angelo Fort, 92 km
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