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Seattle–Tacoma International Airport (SEA  IATA), marketed as SEA Airport and commonly called Sea-Tac, is an international airport between Seattle and Tacoma in the Puget Sound region of Washington state. It is the primary airport for the state and the United States' Pacific Northwest region, and is a hub for flights to Alaska, East Asia, and the interior Northwest.


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The main terminal at Sea-Tac

Sea-Tac is roughly midway between Seattle and Tacoma, about 15 miles (25 km) south of Seattle and 25 miles (40 km) north of Tacoma. It's the busiest airport in the Pacific Northwest region and one of the busiest in the nation, serving almost 47 million passengers in 2017. The airport consists of a huge central terminal, two satellite terminals, cargo facilities, and three parallel runways running north-south.

Alaska Airlines, despite its name, has its corporate headquarters and largest hub at Sea-Tac, with frequent daily services to Anchorage, Alaska. Delta Air Lines also maintains a northwestern hub, with numerous destinations in Asia, Europe, and the United States (including Hawaii and Alaska).

The airport is considered to be one of the more pleasant ones to use in the United States, and has been voted Best North American Airport by Skytrax since 2022, pipping regional rival Vancouver International Airport after it had held the title for 12 consecutive years.



All passengers check in and enter security in the Central Terminal, which contains four concourses. There are also two satellite terminals, accessible by train after entering security. The North Satellite (or N Gates, used by Alaska Airlines including their departures to Mexico) is connected by train to C and D Gates. The South Satellite (or S Gates) is connected by train to A and B Gates. International arrivals, except those from cities with U.S. customs pre-clearance, use S gates or some A gates; the international arrivals facility is in the Central Terminal.

Note: If you're traveling with Allegiant they only land and take off at Bellingham (BLI IATA), another airport at 106 mi (171 km) north as the nearest airport to the Seattle Metropolitan Area. They do not offer flights into or out of Seattle-Tacoma International Airport. Alaska Airlines offers flights to Seattle-Tacoma, Everett Paine Field (PAE IATA) and Bellingham; while Southwest flies only to Seattle-Tacoma and Bellingham

See also: view full list of airlines at Seattle-Tacoma International Airport.

Southwest is only at Seattle-Tacoma and Bellingham.



For domestic flights that arrive at the North Satellite or South Satellite, ride the train to the Central Terminal to claim your baggage and exit the airport.

For international flights, travelers first collect their bags and then clear customs and immigration in the International Arrivals Facility (IAF) in the Central Terminal. Passengers arriving at the South Satellite travel to the IAF using a series of corridors and escalators or elevators; it is no longer necessary to use an underground train. Sea-Tac Airport is equipped with Global Entry and Mobile Passport Control express lanes. After clearing customs and immigration, if you're continuing on another flight, you must re-check your checked luggage and clear security in the IAF to return to the gates; allow about 15–30 minutes for this process, plus the time at baggage claim, immigration, and customs. If you're exiting the airport, follow the exit signs to a long downward ramp as you leave the IAF.



Check-in and security screening for all flights are conducted at the Central Terminal. All gates are accessible to travelers after they clear any security checkpoint. Monitors show which checkpoints are open, how long the estimated wait time is at each, which ones are designated for travelers with TSA PreCheck or CLEAR, and which offer priority screening for first class and business class travelers. If you are short on time or if you are not sure which checkpoint to use, talk to airport employees in the security area; they regularly redirect travelers to checkpoints with shorter lines.

The airport offers a free service called SEA Spot Saver, allowing travelers without TSA PreCheck or CLEAR to book a time and checkpoint for security screening. This may save you time.

Alaska Airlines aircraft in a special "Wild Alaskan Salmon" paint scheme at Sea-Tac

Seattle is the main gateway to Asia, Alaska, Europe, and Hawaii from the Northwestern United States. Alaska Airlines and Delta Air Lines operate many daily flights to destinations all across the United States and around the world. Seattle is the main jumping-off point to Alaska, with numerous daily flights to Anchorage, Fairbanks, Ketchikan, and Juneau. Alaska Airlines, Delta, and Hawaiian all fly several daily flights between Seattle/Tacoma and the islands of Hawaii, especially Honolulu. Near-hourly flights serve Portland, Boise, Spokane, and daily regional flights fly to smaller cities in Washington, Montana, Idaho, and Oregon. There are also frequent flights from Seattle/Tacoma to major cities on the western half of the continental US, including Denver, Phoenix, Houston, Chicago, San Francisco, and the Los Angeles area. Transcontinental flights to the East Coast are also common.

International flights connect Seattle to major West Coast cities and Toronto in Canada, Mexico City and Guadalajara in Mexico, many major European and East Asian cities, and Dubai in the Middle East.

Ground transportation


Nearly all ground transportation means are located within the Airport Parking Garage across from the Central Terminal.

Sea-Tac terminal map

By public transit


By light rail

See Seattle § By public transit

Link Light Rail's 1 Line is the easiest and cheapest way to get to major areas of Seattle.

The 1 SeaTac/Airport (Light Rail) Station is connected by a bridge to the parking garage, which is in turn connected to the fourth level of the Central Terminal by Skybridge #6. Travelers walk along the north side of the parking garage from Skybridge #6 to the rail platform. From Baggage Carousel #15 & 16 in Baggage claim, follow signs for "Link Light Rail." Be warned: it's about a 5- to 10-minute walk from the Central Terminal to the rail platform. There may be carts available to shuttle travelers between the light rail station and the main terminal, at no charge. From the rail platform there is another skybridge that goes over the Airport Expressway Road and International Blvd to get to the bus stops alongside International Blvd. Bus stops are at opposite sides of the road from each other (see below under 'By bus').

The light rail operates M-Sa 5AM-1AM, Su 6AM-midnight and runs every 6-15 minutes. Fares are $2.25-3.25 depending on distance ($1.50 for children under 18). A ride to Downtown Seattle costs $3.00 and takes about 40 minutes. The train also stops in Tukwila, South Seattle, SoDo, and the International District before reaching Downtown, and continues past Downtown to Capitol Hill , the University of Washington, and Northgate. The train also travels south to Angle Lake Station. Construction is underway to continue from Angle Lake Station to Federal Way and from Northgate towards Lynnwood.

For travel to Everett, there are two options that connect through Link Light Rail. Both are accessed by taking Link Light Rail northbound to International District/Chinatown Station, head upstairs to ground level and walk west towards King Street Station (the brick building across 4th Ave). Then your choices are:

  • Sounder commuter trains only run on weekdays, going to Everett in the evenings (4-7PM), and coming from Everett to Seattle in the mornings (6AM-10AM), although there is one "reverse commute" run on an Amtrak train.
  • Bus route 510 travels northwards to Everett Station (60 mins) via 4th Ave in downtown Seattle (Union Station @ 4th & Jackson is first stop). The fare is $3.75 for adults and $2.75 for children under 18. Passengers transfer to Everett Transit #8 at Everett Station to continue to Paine Field Airport Terminal or to Skagit Transit #90x to go further north into Mt Vernon from Everett Station. To reach the San Juan Ferry Terminal in Anacortes, transfer to Skagit Transit #40x from the 90x bus in Skagit Station. The 40x bus only goes to March's P&R where you transfer to the 410 bus to continue towards the San Juan Ferry Terminal through Anacortes.
  • Bus route 512 travels northwards to Everett Station via Mountlake Terrace Station, Lynnwood P&R, and Ash Way P&R from Northgate.

The Sounder train is also a possibility for getting to Tacoma, but besides similar limitations in its commuter-oriented schedule, going by bus is 30 minutes faster.

By bus


The easiest way to get from the airport to Lakewood, Tacoma, West Seattle, and Bellevue is from the airport bus stop on the arrivals level at the south end of the Central Terminal (follow signs from Baggage Claim for "ST 560/574"). Both (Sound Transit) routes stop outside Door 00 of the Airport Terminal, just past Baggage Carousel 1 and another downstairs from the Light Rail station on International Blvd at S 176th St (see below under "King County Metro"):

  • Sound Transit, toll-free: +1-888-889-6368. Has regional public transit routes including Sounder trains, Link light rail, and express bus in King County (e.g. Bellevue, Federal Way, Kent, Renton, Seattle), Snohomish County (e.g. Everett, Lynnwood), and Pierce County (e.g. Puyallup, Tacoma).
    • Route 560 offers all-day direct service to West Seattle (via Burien) and to Bellevue (via Renton) in the other direction from the airport. The fare is $2.75 for adults and $1.50 for children under 18. The bus runs both directions from the same stop, so check the sign above the windshield: for West Seattle it will say "560 Westwood Village" and for Bellevue it will say "560 Bellevue."
    • Route 574 offers all-day direct service to Lakewood, Tacoma, and Federal Way from the airport. The fare is $3.75 for adults and $2.75 for children under 18. Passengers transfer to Intercity #620 in SR 512 Park & Ride in Lakewood to continue to Lacey and Olympia, and to Grays Harbor Transit #40 to go further out towards Aberdeen and Hoquiam (via Montesano and Elma) from Olympia.
  • Route 156 will take you northbound to Tukwila's Southcenter Mall or southbound to Highline College
  • Route 161 goes westbound to Burien Transit Center and southbound to Kent.
  • The Rapid Ride A Line travels between the Tukwila International Blvd Station and Federal Way along International Blvd/Pacific Hwy (Hwy 99) via the airport at the International Blvd & S 176th St stop.

The 2 Tukwila International Blvd Station, is the next nearest bus transit center serving as the northern terminus of Rapid Ride A and the next stop north from the Airport stop for Link Line 1 (Light Rail train) with additional connections to:

  • Rapid Ride F Line Burien to Renton via Tukwila International Blvd Station, Tukwila Transit Center (adjacent to Southcenter Mall), Tukwila Sounder Station, downtown Renton Transit Center.
  • Route 124 Goes up to Georgetown (neighborhood) along SR-99 (International Blvd, E Marginal Way) from Tukwila International Blvd Station. Continues to Downtown Seattle along Airport Way S from Georgetown. Quicker to take the Link Light Rail if going to downtown Seattle.
  • Route 128 West Seattle to Southcenter via White Center, Tukwila International Blvd Station

By intercity bus and shuttle


Most of these intercity bus services pick up passengers from the 3 Scheduled Airporter bus stops at the southern end of the main terminal building outside door 00, past Baggage Carousel 1. The Airporter stops are next to the Sound Transit bus stop for routes 560 & 574 (see above under 'By bus'). However, some shuttles (namely the ShuttleExpress, Speedi Shuttle, Downtown Airporter, hotel shuttles and off-site parking shuttles) pick up from the third floor of the parking garage, across from the central terminal:

There are also shuttles by different companies to the San Juan Islands and Vashon Island.

To reach the Greyhound bus station at 530 S Royal Brougham, take the Link Line #1 train from SeaTac to Stadium Station on Busway and Royal Brougham, south of downtown Seattle (SODO). Walk one block east along S Royal Brougham. The bus station is next to the Stadium Light Rail Station. To get to King St Station (Amtrak & Sounder) take any northbound bus coming up on Busway from the bus stop next to Stadium Station and get off at 4th and Jackson. King St Station is at opposite side of the 4th Ave from the northbound bus stop on 4th & Jackson.

By taxi or ride-hailing


All taxis and rides can be hailed at the third floor of the parking garage.

The ride-hailing services Uber and Lyft are available and very popular for airport pickups, although fares vary widely and are often higher than taxi fares. Request a ride while you're in the terminal, then follow signs to the rideshare pickup area on level 3 of the parking garage.

The taxi situation is a bit of a mess. Only one company has the honor to park its taxis at the airport, although it's a "for-hire", not a taxi (their cars have no meters; you agree on a price up front). Despite having many regulations, taxis at Sea-Tac will try to overcharge. Be sure to confirm the fixed rate otherwise they'll use their meter which will end up costing more. Carry cash; Seattle airport taxi drivers are notorious for telling passengers that they accept cards at the start of a trip, then making up an excuse for their card readers being broken when it's time to pay.

Other taxis and "for-hires" can drop you off, but to leave the airport you have to arrange a pick-up rather than flagging one down.

  • Yellow Cab, +1 206 622-6500. Fares are $60-70 to Seattle. If you are coming to the airport from downtown, a flat rate of $40 is applicable.
  • Orange Cab, +1 206 522-8800.
  • E-Cab, +1 206 242-6200. Black cars. Their pricing model is to randomly use their meter, charge a flat rate and/or charge surge pricing which means they will charge anywhere from $44 to $100. If you're not comfortable settling on a price beforehand or arguing when they try to overcharge you later, wait for a fixed-rate taxi. If it's the middle of the night, you may not get a choice as E-cab has significantly more taxis.

Limos and towncars can be competitively priced with taxis, making them good value for a bit of extra space and comfort.

By car


It takes roughly 30 minutes to drive to Downtown Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue in normal traffic; however, it can take well over an hour during busy commute periods.

Parking is provided in a single building that can accommodate 13,000 cars, the largest of its kind under one roof in the world. All spots are eligible for short-term or long-term parking. Level 4 has the easiest access to the terminal, as all the skybridges are on that level, but levies different fares compared to floors 2-3 and 5-8. The level 4 parking rates are $4 per hour, $35 daily. Other floors are $3 per hour, $28 daily, $130 for 7 days. Discounts may apply for all charges if you use a parking card. If you can't find a suitable parking spot in the airport parking garage, you still have other secure options for cheap SeaTac Airport Parking, including the off airport parking lots and the free Cell Phone Lot if you are meeting arriving passengers.

By rental car


The 4 rental car facility is located off-site; a free shuttle service operates 24 hours a day between the central terminal and the rental car facility. Stops for this shuttle are located at the far ends of the central terminal, outside Baggage Carousels 1 and 16. All of the major companies are at the car rental facility, where you can compare prices and pick up your car. The car rental facility is also the same place to return your car, directly accessible from SR 518.

Renting from the airport will incur an 11% "airport tax" surcharge. You can avoid this fee by renting from a downtown or other non-airport location, which may save a bit of money on the rental, but those savings would be offset somewhat by the expense and hassle of getting yourself and your luggage to the rental location.

Access towards the airport


The airport is easily accessible from both I-5 and I-405 for travel from Seattle, Tacoma, and Bellevue. If travelling via I-5 from Seattle or Tacoma, take exit 154B for SR 518 westbound. Coming from I-405, just go straight ahead. From there on, the way to the airport is clearly marked.

Alternatively, if I-5 from Seattle is crowded, as it often is during rush hour, you can take State Route 99 from Seattle south through a 2-mile-long tunnel, then bear right onto SR 509. Exit to SW 148th Street and turn left for SR 518, then follow signs to the airport.

By bicycle


In a city as bike-friendly as Seattle, it's no surprise that there are facilities for biking to the airport and flying with your bike, whether you rode there or brought your bike on public transit. A bike assembly station near baggage claims 9 and 10 has tools and air pumps. Short term bike racks are available, and there is long-term storage near baggage claims 12 and 13.

Get around


D as in David

To avoid confusion between Delta Airlines and the phonetic alphabet D, the SEA Underground announces Concourse D station as "Concourse D, D as in David".

Map of the three SEA Underground lines

You can walk between concourses if you are within the Central Terminal. If you are going to the North Satellite or South, you must take the train, but you can still go back and forth. The so-called SEA Underground (formerly called the Satellite Transit System (STS)) has 3 lines: a loop line between Concourse A, B, and South Satellite (Blue Line); another loop line between Concourses C, D, and North Satellite (Green Line); and a line between Concourse A and Concourse D (Yellow Line).



Seattle-Tacoma International Airport presents live music every day at some point in the terminal. Seattle's famous music scene attracts local Northwest artists to perform frequently at the busiest hour of flights for entertainment (mostly 10AM-1PM). Even the airport announcements are conducted by local famous artists, such as Quincy Jones, Macklemore and Sir Mix-A-Lot.

There are over 100 permanent and rolling art masterpieces created by 85 local artists throughout the airport, most at the ticketing centers and then scattered throughout the whole area. Some of them may be unnoticeable enough to be seen though, such as at the supporting columns, on walls towards the restroom, on the ceiling, even at the supporting wall of the runway. Most of the main attractions though, is along the walk from the Center Terminal towards Concourse A.

For the kids, there is a dedicated playing area for them between the Central Terminal and Concourse A. There is also a big and satisfactory mother's room inside.

Sea-Tac has two Little Free Libraries where people can drop off a book and pick up a book at no cost. One, focused on children's books, is next to the playground near Gate A1. Another, of general interest, is across from Gate A3.


  • Alaska Airlines Lounge. Daily 5AM-midnight. Regardless of your class of travel with Alaska Airlines, you can enter if you enroll in its membership program or purchase a one-day pass for use at the airline's lounges nationwide. Day pass: $45 for one entry.
    • (North Satellite, between gates N1 and N2). The largest and perhaps the best lounge at the airport. Day pass: $45 for one entry.
    • (Concourse C, near gate C16).
    • (Concourse D, near gate D1).
  • Delta Sky Club (South Satellite, between gates S9 and S10). Daily 4:45AM-10:30PM. A premium lounge with showers, food, and a bar for Delta Air Lines passengers holding premium tickets or who are SkyClub Elite members.
  • Delta Sky Club (Concourse A, near gate A1). Daily 5AM-12:15AM.
  • United Club (Concourse A, near gate A9). Daily 4:30AM-12:15AM. Available to Star Alliance Gold and United customers with a premium ticket.
  • USO Lounge, Mezzanine Area, pre security above Southwest Airline counter, +1 206 246-1908. Daily 24 hours. U.S. military and their families can use this big lounge just for them. Provides fun facility for children, bunk beds, showers, free snack bar, comprehensive travel information and assistance, and a lounge area that includes a big-screen TV, XBox games, Internet access, and library.
  • The Club at SEA. Day pass $40.
    • The Club at SEA (Concourse A across from Gate A11). M 5AM-1AM, Tu-Sa 5AM-midnight.
    • The Club at SEA (South Satellite next to gate S9). Daily 5:30AM-5:30PM.
  • British Airways Club Lounge / First Lounge.

Eat and drink

Sea-Tac's food court

As of June 2024, SEA Airport has over 40 eateries across all of its terminals and concourses, including 7 branches of Starbucks, 2 of which are outside the secure area. Offerings range from national fast food chains to affiliates of local Seattle food trucks and restaurants.

Pre-security and baggage claim


There are only a couple of restaurants available outside of security.

  • Alki Bakery. Baked goods, salads, sandwiches, coffee.
    • Alki Bakery (Baggage claim). 24 hours daily.
    • Alki Bakery (Pre-security). Daily 7AM-11PM.
  • Diva Espresso (Baggage claim). Daily 3:30AM-11PM. Deli sandwiches and salads, and micro-roasted coffee.
  • Vintage Washington Wine Bar. Daily 9AM-10PM. Small bites
  • Starbucks. Daily 4AM-11PM.

Central Terminal

  • Dilettante Chocolates & Mocha Café. Daily 24 hours. Treat yourself to a mocha, hot chocolate, and other confections, or buy a gift box to take home.
  • Starbucks. Daily 4AM-11PM; Central Terminal location: 24 hours. The Seattle-based coffee chain has small kiosks throughout the airport. All but one are open only from 4AM to 11PM; the location next to Vino Volo are open 24 hours. Many offer mobile ordering via the Starbucks app.
  • Vino Volo (near B Gates). M-F 7AM-11PM, Sa Su 8AM-11PM. A wine house, a wide range of wine to taste and shipped home by the bottle (they must not be opened yet if you bring it onboard your flight). The limited food menu is very good, but is essentially just appetizers which are mostly too small to make a meal of. Glass of wine $8-26, tasting flight $10-21. Bites (olives, nuts, etc.) $3-5, small plates $8-17.

A Gates

  • Floret (Gate A1). Daily 6AM-9PM. Grab-and-go daily 4:30AM-8:30PM. Charming restaurant serving vegetarian and vegan food in a space with plenty of natural light and views. Breakfast all day.
  • Seattle Taproom (Near gate A1). Daily 6:30AM-10:30PM. For its namesake, selection of beers from microbreweries in Seattle and handcrafted ales. Spicy chicken wings, chili cheese fries, beer braised bratwurst and honey lime chicken are worth to try for here, among burgers and sandwiches.

B Gates

  • Casa del Agave. Su-F 9AM-9PM, Sa 9AM-6PM. Mexican specialty such as enchiladas and quesadillas. Try its Ultimate Margarita.
  • Rel'Lish Burger Lounge (Gate B4). Daily 9AM-10PM. Burgers, salads, breakfast, and drinks from local chef Kathy Casey.
  • Fast food: McDonald's

C Gates

  • Beecher's Handmade Cheese (Gate C3). Daily 5AM-9PM. Seattle's very own brand of cheese, crafted at the iconic Pike Place Market. Try its "World's Best" macaroni and cheese, artisan cheeses, breakfast, sandwiches, and espresso.
  • Dish D'Lish. Daily 5AM-11:30PM. Grab-and-go salads and bowls from local chef Kathy Casey. Gluten-free and healthy options.
  • Waji's (Gate C10). Daily 5AM-11PM. Operated by Uwajimaya, Seattle's largest (and best) Asian supermarket. Not only Japanese cuisines, especially sushi, but also throughout Asia. Wraps, salads, entrees, and alcohol can be bought here. $1.50-11.95.
  • Wolfgang Puck Gourmet Express (Near gate C3). Daily 5AM-10:30PM. If you wish to have a sneak taste on what a gourmet restaurant has to offer, head over to this restaurant. Wolfgang's signature Chinois salad, classics, gourmet pizzas, and sandwich. $5.40-11.50.

D Gates


Options at D gates are paltry. Eat at the Central Terminal or other gates instead.

  • Great American Bagel Bakery (Gate D5). Daily 5AM-10:30PM. 12 gourmet bagels, scones, muffins, pastries, soups and salads. Try the famous Tomozo, a jumbo steamed baked bagel dipped in a zesty pizza sauce covered with mozzarella cheese. up to $6.99.

North Satellite

  • Bigfoot Food & Spirits. Daily 5AM-11PM. Eat like a bigfoot! Its favorites are omelets piled high with veggies, meat and fresh cheese, served with fresh potato bakers. Rob's Beast Feast comes with the works including ribs, smoked sausage, BBQ chicken, baked beans, potato salad, corn, and a fresh corn muffin. Local beers and wines. $4.35-12.
  • Great American Bagel Bakery. Daily 4:30AM-11PM. 12 gourmet bagels, scones, muffins, pastries, soups and salads. Try the famous Tomozo, a jumbo steamed baked bagel dipped in a zesty pizza sauce covered with mozzarella cheese. up to $6.99.
  • Seattle Seahawks 12 Club. Daily 6AM-10:30PM. The local American football team maintains its presence in the airport by a restaurant. Pretty much crowded only when the Seahawks play. Simple choices though such as sandwiches, nachos, quesadillas, and complete breakfast menu.

South Satellite


South Satellite has few restaurants, and even fewer that are worth a visit. If you have time, search out food in the Central Terminal or gates before heading to the Satellites.

  • Dungeness Bay Seafood House. Daily 6AM-10:30PM. All things of the luxury Dungeness crab and seafood.
  • Kobo. Daily 4:30AM-11:30PM. Asian entrees, Japanese udon and sushi, wrap sandwiches. Breakfast menu of overpriced and underseasoned rice and egg bowls or biscuits and gravy.



Currency Exchange (Travelex) have numerous locations at the ticketing Level (one on the south esplanade and one on the north) and Baggage Claim, on Concourse A and in the South Satellite.

For shopping options, more varieties can be found at the Central Terminal or Concourse C.

  • Hudson News, all areas of the airport. 24 hours. The dominating bookshop at the airport. Not only books, but travelers' needs, snacks, and bottled soft drinks.
  • Dufry Duty Free, Central Terminal, North and South satellites. 24 hours. The only duty-free shops at the airport. Everyone can shop here, but domestic travelers may not carry cigarettes or tobacco.
  • Emilie Sloan, Concourse C. Daily 7AM-7PM. This local brand is famous for its signature product: rainproof bags. Basically bags of all shapes, sizes, and colors, all with that special feature.
  • Fireworks, Central Terminal, Satellite N. Daily 6AM-10:30PM. Arts and crafts.
  • Made in Washington, Central Terminal, Satellite N. For last-minute gifts from Seattle and the state of Washington. Prices are the same as its shops outside the airport.
  • InMotion Entertainment, Concourse C. Daily 5AM-10PM. The only gadget center in the airport. Test the headphones, rent a movie, or look at cutting edge technology.
  • Planewear, Concourse C. Daily 7AM-10PM. Clothes and fashion, but with a touch of airplane, such as Pan-Am vintage motifs, bags, passport cover, or pen.



There is a reliable Wi-Fi service throughout the airport and the service is free for all devices. It can also be used as a guide for the gate your flight departs at and guide to your destination city, as well as nearby concessions depending on where you are.

Device charger outlets can be found at seating areas on all concourses.

Mail services are offered at Baggage Storage (USPS, FedEx, and UPS), plus copying/fax and notary. There are also "Send-It-Home" kiosks near every security checkpoint: in case you accidentally packed a small prohibited item (like a pocketknife), you can buy a bubble envelope and mail it to yourself.



A meditation room and chapel can be found within the ticketing area at the Mezzanine Level.

There is only one shop for baggage storage, provided by Smarte Carte, but its facility is complete. It is also one of the only two airports in the U.S. that offers frozen storage. You can also rent a car seat, stroller, and wheelchair here; and buy locks, cases, pet kennels, and rifle cases. Vehicle battery jumper service.

There is a free children's play area (Near gate A1). For nursing mothers, there are several nursing stations, with at least one near each concourse.



By and large, the airport is safe enough to sleep in, but you may want to avoid that for comfort reasons. While there is no hotel within the airport property, there are plenty of hotels and motels lined up along International Blvd (Hwy 99) with some located across the street and next to the airport grounds along the same side of the street, within walking distance of the Link Light Rail station. Most of these hotels are cheap by Seattle standards. Therefore, to save money, many visitors to Seattle opt to stay in this area and commute by car, bus or train (Link Light Rail) into Seattle to do their sightseeing, eating, bar hopping, and shopping during the day and come back here to sleep at night.

  • 1 Cedarbrook Lodge, 18525 36th Avenue South, SeaTac, +1 206 901-9268. Close to the airport but nestled in the green wetlands, that is what makes the lodge unique. Everything uses sustainable energy, grows its own farms, collects rainwater, and does not use a lot of energy. The room is well lit but not overly bright to help soothe the eyes. Exotic enough to hold a marriage or a corporate stay here. $159-189.
  • 2 Coast Gateway Hotel, 18415 International Blvd, +1 206 248-8200, fax: +1 206 244-1198. Check-in: 3PM, check-out: noon.
  • 3 Days Inn Seattle South, 13050 48th Avenue South, Seattle, +1 206 241-2200. A little bit further but very good option. Close to the Southcenter Shopping Mall and the Museum of Flight. Large rooms with fridge and microwave. Complimentary continental breakfast and use of spa and swimming pool. $55-85.
  • 4 Econo Lodge, 13910 International Blvd., Tukwila, +1 206 244-0810. Selected rooms have whirlpool bathtub. Free breakfast in the hall. Complimentary airport service. $59-119.
  • 5 Red Roof Inn, 16838 International Blvd., SeaTac, +1 206 248-0901. A facility with rooms that have many more facilities: your very own desk to work at, coffee, microwave, and ironing board. Free Wi-Fi service, up to 10 pages of fax, and local calls. Free airport transfer. You can also make use of the fitness center. $50-110.
  • 6 Sea-Tac Inn, 17108 International Blvd., SeaTac, +1 206 244-1230. This is one of the oldest local establishments, standing by the airport since 1959. Rooms are decent with TV, Wi-Fi, and continental breakfast. Free airport shuttle to the airport at any time of day. $50-80.
  • 7 Hilton Seattle Airport Hotel, 17620 International Boulevard, SeaTac, +1 206 244-4800, toll-free: +1-800-HIL-TONS (445-8667), fax: +1 206 248-4499. Perhaps the best hotel within the airport. Typical 5-star facilities like Hilton's standards, with swimming pools, fine bathrooms and spacious rooms. The in-house restaurant, Spencer’s for Steak and Chops, offers prime steak and seafoods. $139-279.
  • 8 Motel 6 Sea-Tac, 18900 47th Ave S (along S 188th west of Military Rd. Off of Exit #152 from along I-5), +1 206 204-0874. Nearest Motel 6 to Sea-Tac.
  • 9 Super 8, 3423 S 160th St., +1 206 433-8188, fax: +1 206 243-9103. Check-in: Noon, check-out: 2PM. From $89.88+.

See the Tukwila article, under Sleep, for additional listings of accommodations surrounding the Southcenter Mall southeast of the I-405/I-5 junction and the SeaTac article, under Sleep, for additional listings of accommodations in the immediate surrounding areas. There is a free shuttle provided by Seattle Southside Tourism Authority[dead link] for guests staying in SeaTac to access and shop at Southcenter Mall in Tukwila. Some of the hotels in Tukwila shuttle their guests for free (or for a small fare) between the airport terminals and their respective properties.


  • International Blvd passes along the front of the airport between Tukwila in the north and Federal Way in the south through Des Moines and Kent. It runs parallel to I-5 but with multiple hotels/motels, restaurants and stores along the road. SR-99 serves as the main arterial road through the area.
  • The bus can also take you to Federal Way (Rapid 'A', 574) if you are craving for a Korean delight.
  • to State Route (SR) 518 / I-405 goes across the north end of the airport runways, connecting Burien in the west to its junction with I-5 near Southcenter Mall in the east. The airport road is accessed via the same exit as SR-99, follow signs. The highway continues across I-5 and becomes I-405 as it curves northwards towards Bellevue through Renton and Newcastle. Southcenter Mall is accessed via Exit 1 of I-405 ("SR-181 West Valley Highway/Interurban"). Going west SR-518 ends at its junction with SR-509 where it continues into Burien as S 148th St.
  • The Southcenter Mall at Tukwila is just about two miles away, You can take the King County Metro bus (Rapid 'F', 156) there. It can be accessed via Exit 1 of I-405 by car.
  • See also the SeaTac and Burien articles as the airport is in the City of Sea-Tac with Burien nearby in the west side.
  • Go to Burien by the same bus service (Routes 128, 161, 560, Rapid 'F') or White Center (Rapid 'H' from Burien; 128 and 560 from Airport) for a little bit of all of the above.
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