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RINT, Routeboxes and more[edit]

Swept in from the pub

I was hoping to be able to report on the progress by Sunday, but the sooner, the better:

As many of you most likely will know, I have been improving {{Rail-interchange}} (or RINT for short) and {{Routebox entry}} over the past few days to make these local templates, rather than being dependent on Wikipedia's RINT template, having to import many small templates in the process. Thus far, I've achieved the following:

  • I have created User:Wauteurz/RINT, which is a local version of {{Rail-interchange}}, which mostly uses {{Routebox entry}} to produce a result like so:  U4 .
  • I've adapted {{Routebox entry}} to accept more customisation. Right now, the additions are limited to roundovers, with the option to add no, somewhat or fully rounded corners. Examples:  4    SPR   7bis .
  • I've written documentation, along with all symbols used for European networks for as far as these were present in the original RINT template link. Please note that round-overs may not have been added everywhere, and that some cities may not be complete yet. Colours or images may also be off or not working, as the template is very much still in development.

The following additions and/or changes are planned:

  • Andree has shown interest in merging {{station}} and {{rint}}, but cannot do so so long as this possible replacement for RINT is still in the works.
  • More options are planned for Routebox entry, most notably the option to output diamond shapes (Used on the New York Subway among others).
  • A full coverage of the new RINT for all of Asia, Africa (currently lacking from RINT), Oceania and North and South America.
  • Conditional markup for RINT, as currently exists for Germany: {{User:Wauteurz/RINT|de|s|[№]}} with any number for [№] gives  S41 ,  S56 ,  S357  or many others.
  • Optional: Compatibility between {{Routebox}} and {{Routebox entry}} leaves a lot to be desired. This can be changed to where Routebox entries (which will also be made via RINT) can be used in {{Routebox}}.

The goal of these changes is to give Wikivoyage a universal look to lines, rather than using thousands of PNG and SVG files from Commons rendered at different widths from 11 to 60px. I'd like you to answer the following questions:

  1. Are you in favor of replacing {{rint}} as it stands currently?
  2. If so, are you interested in replacing it with User:Wauteurz/RINT? (It will of course be renamed to "rint" once it is at a point where it can be replaced).
  3. Are you interested in more options to {{Routebox entry}}, and if so, what options would you like to see? I cannot guarantee that they can be achieved, but I can try.
  4. While I'm already at it, is there anything you would want RINT to do or support that it currently doesn't?

I'll continue working on the template for a while, as I would be very much in favor of using it for RINT (and not only because I have invested half of my week into the template). Anything in the template is subject to change if there is a desire for it. I'll be awaiting your answers and will be able to answer any of your questions or explain anything that may not be clear. Thank you in advance.
-- Wauteurz (talk) 11:02, 9 March 2018 (UTC)

I am pretty sure that people have opinions on the matter. I'd like some confirmation before I plunge forward and replace templates. Speaking of: User:Wauteurz/RINT/box (the improved {{Routebox entry}} has had its functionalities expanded with customisation of border colours, rounded edges and mouse-over texts/tooltips. This is everything that I wanted to add to it. Since it is a non-destructive change, I'll plunge forward and update Routebox entry sometime soon unless anyone that wouldn't agree steps forward in the upcoming week. Furthermore, Andree has managed to make {{station}} call RINT without having to enter two templates (which can in circumstances break listings). We're rapidly approaching the goal and I for one would like to hear from the rest of Wikivoyage, so please, let your voice be heard!
-- Wauteurz (talk) 18:13, 11 March 2018 (UTC)
Played with RINT and having fun with it... The images appear for the most part to link to a Wikipedia article - if not in Wikipedia they will link to Create a Wikivoyage page. (looks ok now) - thought I would mention that. Instead of linking to Wikipedia for U-Bahn (Berlin) I created maplinks instead or no link if OSM data not available (the listing or marker icons still go to their specific locations on a map). I didn't try mapshapes but managed to create the U-Bohn routes on a test map. Others such as S-Bohn etc. did not appear to have any OSM linkage (I may be incorrect on that note). Also, if Wikidata etc. were in sync, would it have been possible to use the image field found there instead. (probably not since not all are in wikidata or have some other image present). Other concern would be the size of the template and whether or not it may need to interact (using a case or switch statement) with another set of templates. (also just wondering if it can be done with a module and tables or not?) Anyhow; looks nice and hope users will find it useful. Best wishes! -- Matroc (talk) 02:04, 13 March 2018 (UTC)
Forgot to mention - S-Bahn station Lichtenberg example - when one clicks on the Go icon - a map pops up - click on that icon on the map - the title box with image of station - the title S-Bahn station Lichtenberg followed by images for S5, S7, S75 and U5 bleeds over the edge of the box -- Matroc (talk) 03:40, 13 March 2018 (UTC)