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Belgium Belgium: West Flanders
Denmark Denmark: Billund, Silkeborg
England England: Cambridge, Oxford
France France: Dordogne, Haute-Savoie, Jura, Nancy, Metz
Germany Germany: Cologne, Meppen
Luxembourg Luxembourg: Echternach, Land of the Red Rocks, Troisvierges
Netherlands The Netherlands:

Vlag Drenthe Drenthe: Assen, Coevorden, Emmen, Meppel
Vlag Friesland Friesland: Ameland, Terschelling
Vlag Gelderland Gelderland: Lived all my life in Doetinchem, studying in Arnhem. I've seen about all the region has to offer.
Vlag Groningen (province) Groningen: Bourtange, Groningen (city), Stadskanaal, Westerwolde
Vlag Noord-Brabant Noord-Brabant: 's-Hertogenbosch, Geldrop, Grave
Vlag Noord-Holland Noord-Holland: Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Hoorn, Kop van Noord Holland
Vlag Overijssel Overijssel: Deventer, Enschede
Vlag Utrecht (province) Utrecht: Utrecht (city)
Vlag Zuid-Holland Zuid-Holland: Den Haag, Rotterdam
Vlag Zeeland Zeeland: Sluis, Terneuzen, Westkapelle

Nederlands verkeersbord J6.svg Highest point: ~650 metres (0.40 mi): France Annecy
Nederlands verkeersbord J7.svg Lowest point: −100 metres (−110 yd): Luxembourg Rumelange
HSR 1996 II 3.4i.svg Northernmost: Denmark Silkeborg
HSR 1996 II 3.4h.svg Easternmost: Germany Autobahn 1 near Hamburg
HSR 1996 II 3.4f.svg Southernmost: France Bordeaux
HSR 1996 II 3.4g.svg Westernmost: England Oxford

Recent vacations and trips:

Future vacations and trips:

I'll be happy to answer questions about:

  • Any of the places listed above (I can't guarantee that I have the answer)
  • Anything related to the Netherlands (or Luxembourg) in general.
  • If you're working on cycling or heritage railway articles for places listed above, I'd be happy to help out.

Find me elsewhere.

Dutch Wikivoyage Wikimedia Commons Dutch Wikipedia English Wikipedia

Hallo, I am a Dutch landscape architecture and design student, mostly active on Commons and ENWikivoyage. I am not much of a traveller myself, and have never stepped foot outside of Europe, though regardless, I do enjoy editing articles related to my home country and its neighbours. At this point in time I spend most of my time on uni. The free time I have available for Wikivoyage is time I spend covering Wikivoyage in pagebanners. As of September 26th 2017, roughly 2.1% of all pagebanners on ENWikivoyage have been made by me.


61/63 pages (97%) lacking banners now have banners. The two pages left have too little photos on Commons to allow for a good and attractive banner.
Only 1,017 left on NOV 17, 2017, out of a total of 3,843 articles for Northwest Europe (26.4% lacks a banner)
See User:Wauteurz/Luxembourg to find out where you can help.
I am going through these from smallest to biggest article. The next ten articles are:
Wijk bij Duurstede | Roosendaal | Lemmer | Maassluis | Heiloo | Bunnik | Veere | Wassenaar | Den Helder | Heemskerk
The next ten regions are:
Alblasserwaard-Drechtsteden | Kennemerland | Zuid Hollandse Eilanden | Bollenstreek | Amstelland | North Holland Peninsula | Utrecht | Walcheren | Zuid Holland | Schouwen-Duiveland
** Provincial flags have been used to represent regions without flags of their own **

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