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Wauteurz is around.
Last update: 28-08-2022, 14:20
🧭 Been there, done that.
Belgium België: Antwerp, East Flanders, West Flanders
Denmark Danmark: Billund, Faaborg, Gilleleje, Ribe, Silkeborg
Germany Deutschland: Cologne, Meppen, Nordfriesland
England England: Cambridge, Oxford
France La France: Dordogne, Haute-Savoie, Jura, Nancy, Metz
Luxembourg Lëtzebuerg: Echternach, Land of the Red Rocks, Troisvierges
Netherlands Nederland:
Drenthe Drenthe: Assen, Coevorden, Emmen, Meppel
Flevoland Flevoland: The only province I haven't visited a city in. I've travelled through the province, but never visited anything
Friesland Friesland: Ameland, Fryske Marren, Terschelling
Gelderland Gelderland: Lived all my life in Doetinchem, currently working in Apeldoorn, and I've studied a year in Velp. I've seen most of what the region has to offer.
Groningen (province) Groningen: Bourtange, Groningen (city), Hoogezand, Stadskanaal, Westerwolde
Limburg Limburg: Heerlen, Venlo, Venray, Maastricht
Noord-Brabant Noord-Brabant: Eindhoven, 's-Hertogenbosch, Geldrop, Grave, Tilburg
Noord-Holland Noord-Holland: Amsterdam, Alkmaar, Hilversum, Hoorn, Kop van Noord Holland
Overijssel Overijssel: Enschede, Kampen, Zwolle. Currently studying in Deventer
Utrecht (province) Utrecht: Utrecht
Zuid-Holland Zuid-Holland: Den Haag, Delft, Rotterdam
Zeeland Zeeland: Sluis, Terneuzen, Vlissingen, Westkapelle
Sweden Sverige: Göteborg, Stockholm, Trelleborg

🥇 Extremities.

Nederlands verkeersbord J6.svg Highest point: ~650 metres (0.40 mi): France Annecy
Nederlands verkeersbord J7.svg Lowest point: −100 metres (−110 yd): Luxembourg Rumelange
BSicon BAHN.svg Longest train journey: Germany Husum Netherlands Doetinchem Doetinchem
BSicon BAHN.svg Furthest train journey: Sweden Stockholm C Sweden Trelleborg, 26-8-2022
BSicon FERRY.svg Longest boat ride: Sweden TrelleborgGermany Rostock, 26/27-8-2022
HSR 1996 II 3.4i.svg Northernmost: Sweden Solna, Stockholm
HSR 1996 II 3.4h.svg Easternmost: Sweden SoFo, Stockholm
HSR 1996 II 3.4f.svg Southernmost: France Bordeaux
HSR 1996 II 3.4g.svg Westernmost: England Oxford

🧳 Previous vacations and trips.
I'm excluding one-day trips that I made over time unless in someway notable.
🧳 Future vacations and trips.
Austria Vienna; No ETA.
Norway Agder, Oslo, Stavanger; No ETA.
Belgium Brugge, West Flemish coast; Possibly autumn 2022?

🎓 I can answer your questions about:
  • Any of the places listed above (I can't guarantee that I have the answer)
  • Anything related to the Netherlands (or Luxembourg) in general.
  • If you're working on cycling or heritage railway articles for places listed above, I'd be happy to help out.
  • I find myself coming back to map and transport-related efforts. Feel free to include me on these if you seek some help.
Find me elsewhere.
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Hoi, I am Wauteurz (IPA: /waʊ̯tøːrs/), a Dutch student of archaeology. Uni is my main priority, hence why my activity here is best summarised as "varyingly active". You will mostly find me here, as well as NLWikipedia and Commons from time to time. I don't often go far from home, and am not much of a globetrotter myself. I mostly limit myself to edits around the Netherlands and Luxembourg for that reason, but may contribute to other (Western) European articles from time to time. The free time I have available for Wikivoyage is time I either spend covering Wikivoyage in pagebanners or maintaining and updating {{Rint}}, which as it stands, has been largely developed by me. At this moment, roughly 3.77% of all pagebanners on ENWikivoyage have been made by me (~800).


I should probably mention here that what follows is a to-do list, and that I do not like to follow them precisely, especially not for something I do on a recreational basis, such as Wikivoyage.

Notable timestamps[edit]

Links and such[edit]

Guide articles I helped create
Nederlandse Spoorwegen logo.svg Netherlands Rail travel i/t Netherlands
Featured Travel Topic of June 2020.
Coat of arms of Doetinchem.svg Netherlands Doetinchem
City in the Achterhoek, Gelderland. Daor Doetinchem de groet'n uut.
Deventer wapen 1818.svg Netherlands Deventer
City in and historical capital of Overijssel, famous for cakes.
Vledder wapen.svg Netherlands Drenthse Veenkoloniën
Rural region of Drenthe, World Heritage since 2021.
Arms of Luxembourg.svg Luxembourg Land of the Red Rocks
Industrial region in southern Luxembourg.
De Lijn.svg Belgium Belgian coast by tram
Beaches, cottage villas, World War heritage, and trams.

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