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I know quite a bit about my hometown of San Rafael, and about Marin County in general, so feel free to come to me with any questions about that area. I can be reached using the "Email this user" link to the left, or on my talk page.



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My records Place
Northernmost Flag of Iceland.svg Reykjavík
Southernmost Flag of Chile.svg Villarrica Volcano
Easternmost Flag of Japan.svg Nara
Westernmost Flag of Canada.svg Vancouver
Highest Flag of Argentina.svg Hornocal (4350m)
Lowest Flag of Israel.svg Dead Sea (-430m)
Longest flight JFK - CAN (14.5 hours)
Longest train ride Seattle - Chicago (53 hours)
Longest boat ride Buenos Aires - Colonia (1.5 hours)
Longest bus ride Sucre - La Paz (12.5 hours)
Longest journey on foot Inca Trail (45 kilometers, 4 days)
Longest delay without a cancellation 8.5 hours (bus from Asheville to Durham)
Longest delay due to cancellation 3 days (flight from Raleigh to Chicago)

Articles I've started[edit]