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The Africa Expedition is a Wikivoyage Expedition to promote and coordinate collaboration to improve Wikivoyage's articles about Africa. It is designed to support new contributors, including those who are part of Free Knowledge Africa.

Knowledge about places in Africa is welcome, because some articles are lacking in information. If you'd like to join the effort, add your signature to the bottom of the page, or just plunge forward.



Some of the best articles in Wikivoyage are written by people who want to share what they know about their homes with people who want to visit. Wikivoyage's coverage of African destinations and travel topics could be better, and it will be better if Africans tell the world what they know about their countries, cities, towns and villages.


  • To promote the use and contributions to Wikivoyage by Africans.
  • To improve Wikivoyage articles on African travel, geographic information, sports, cultural and tourist sites.
  • To partner with organisations and bodies involved in African culture, travel and tourism towards showcasing its resources.
  • To generate and promote free knowledge about African culture, history, travel and tourism.



Note that numbers in the tables are not dynamically calculated and must be manually updated. Last updated on 6 March 2024.

Click on number to get an updated list of pages by status. (Note sometime the link just sits there, usually due to the database updating, come back in 10 minutes.)

Articles by status in Africa
Outline Usable Guide Star Unranked Total (line)
District 19 23 0 0 42
City 1046 259 24 0 1329
Airport 0 1 0 0 1
Park 207 31 5 0 243
Dive guide 49 108 95 7 259
Rural area 33 4 0 0 37
Region 236 13 0 0 12 261
Total 1590 439 124 7 12 2233

Articles needing a little work to get to usable.
Outline cities sleep eat see do check
needs only 0 0 250 0 0
has no 1046 1046 1046 1046 1046

Remember a reasonable Get in section, as well as listings, is needed to make usable.

How you can participate


You are invited to plunge forward and make changes to articles about Africa (or to any page on the site, including this one). Just click the Edit this page link, and you'll get a Web form that lets you change the contents of the page. Hit Save page, and your version is what's shown on the site. If you're nervous, feel free to practice on the graffiti wall.

This most important thing is to add content to articles: pick a place and describe what there is to see and do, to buy, to watch and drink, and where to sleep. To start, don't worry about making mistakes — there are plenty of Wikivoyagers who can 'tidy up' if you don't get things quite right.

Pictures are really an effective way of showing travellers what a place has to offer. The easiest way is to find a picture on the Wikimedia Commons. If you want to add your own pictures, upload them there so that all of the Wikimedia projects can use them.

If you find yourself getting more involved, you may want to read our tips for new contributors. Our list of goals and non-goals will give you a good idea of what we're trying to do with Wikivoyage. If you've got some specific info you want to share, we have some guidelines on where you can stick it (pun intended). You can also read our manual of style for more clues as to how to edit and layout guides, but don't worry too much about that stuff if you'd rather spend your time just adding content.

Current priorities


Other tasks


More resources


As we've said, the most important thing is to add content, so don't worry too much about getting things exactly right. But if you want to learn more about how Wikivoyage works, we have a wealth of resources available to help. And you can always ask questions on the talk page of this expedition.

Finding travel information





  • Travellers' pub — for general discussions about Wikivoyage
  • Wikivoyage:Arrivals lounge — a place for new contributors to post questions about Wikivoyage and get responses from experienced contributors.
  • Wikivoyage jargon — explains some of the abbreviations, words and phrases used in discussions, edit summaries etc.

Expedition members


African local experts


Non-African project supporters


(Experienced Wikivoyage contributors who will assist by answering questions and formatting contributions.)