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External link[edit]

I just added an external link in the lead paragraph. Despite policy, I think this is justified; the photos are stunning and directly relevant to the article, and Commons neither has nor is likely to have an equivalent. Comments? Pashley (talk) 14:17, 24 May 2013 (UTC)

Moved down to a later paragraph & the text explaining what it links to expanded some. Pashley (talk) 17:47, 22 October 2017 (UTC)

Two issues I have with the beginning of this page[edit]

Based on my recent visit there ...

  • The banner image. A view of the tops of two other towers from one doesn't really strike me. Not only does it not lend itself well to the horizontal format, it doesn't really tell me much about Pudong. I have one of the walkways above the traffic circle near the Pearl Tower that I think would work better.
  • The two maps. Someone's pretty determined to clarify the difference between Pudong and Nanhui here. I understand why, but we don't need two maps for this—much less this squeezing of text between them. We're confusing people. Perhaps one map showing the difference would be better? Daniel Case (talk) 15:12, 13 August 2013 (UTC)
Please, feel free to add other suitable banner. Danapit (talk) 15:22, 13 August 2013 (UTC)
Sure, add the new banner. If others disagree that it is an improvement, it can be reverted.
How's this one? Daniel Case (talk) 06:24, 19 August 2013 (UTC)
The someone who created the current two-map mess was me. I agree that it is far from ideal, but it was the best I could do using existing maps I found on Commons. I have zero graphic/map-making skill, so I am not about to fix it. If you can, by all means go ahead. See also Talk:Shanghai#Map_stuff and the discussion above that. Pashley (talk) 16:26, 13 August 2013 (UTC)
Both problems are now solved; new banner is in & the two maps are gone. The Pudong/Nanhui distinction is now dealt with differently in the lede here and explained in more detail at Shanghai/Pudong New Area. Pashley (talk)

Alternative banner for this article?[edit]

Banner currently used in this article

In my opinion, it would be better to have a banner that shows the famous Pudong skyline at night. Which banner do you prefer for this article? (maybe you have ideas for better alternatives?)

CC the main users whom have worked on the Shanghai articles: Pashley, Szalai.laci, Xsobev, Andrewssi2

ויקיג'אנקי (talk) 21:08, 25 June 2018 (UTC)

I'm not wild about the current banner, but it is OK.
The proposed one, absolutely not as a Pudong banner. It is a distorted/artificial panorama & only about the central third of it is Pudong. We have something similar as a Shanghai banner; that's OK & it might even be worth considering if this banner might be an improvement there, but not for Pudong. Pashley (talk) 21:40, 25 June 2018 (UTC)
If you want a banner that "shows the famous Pudong skyline" (at night or otherwise) then Commons has many photos that might be cropped to suit; I've linked to one example. In a way, this is a fine idea; the skyline is indeed famous, very common on postcards, in tourist snapshots, in guidebooks, etc. There's a reason for that; it is a very striking view.
In another way, the suggestion is distinctly annoying; we already have such a photo at Shanghai#Pudong and in the intro to Shanghai/Pudong, and we link to "Pudong Miracle" photos showing the same view in 1990 and 2010. Enough, already.
What do others think here? Pashley (talk) 21:59, 25 June 2018 (UTC)
I personally find Pudong_banner.jpg stunning! Beautiful composition. And the skyline is what Pudong is famous for. To avoid overusage of this skyline picture it should be removed out of the article in my optionion. --Renek78 (talk) 22:33, 25 June 2018 (UTC)
I agree, it is a fine image, but it is not Pudong. The central third is Lujiazui, a Pudong district, but the outer two thirds are Puxi not Pudong. Pashley (talk) 22:50, 25 June 2018 (UTC)
I totally agree, it's mostly not Pudong. I would use another night picture that looks like the middle of this. Pashley's point that the skyline gets overused is true, but adding one with the night view and removing one of the day views (Maybe this one with the title Lujiazui) just reduces this problem; makes it more diverse. I also want it to look not-too-bad on mobile, given we are in China. Mobile (Chrome on iOS) shows the second quarter of the banners (not sure why), so you will see a portion starting from half-left to the center. A mobile app, WikiSurfer, replaces these banners with the first "image=" value that occurs in the page (first listing), which is very wrong but nothing to do here. Szalai.laci (talk) 03:37, 26 June 2018 (UTC)
Cutting Pudong_banner.jpg to show only the middle, also makes sense for me.Szalai.laci (talk) 06:07, 26 June 2018 (UTC)
Lujiazui banner.jpg

Szalai.laci + Pashley + Renek78: how about this one.... ? ויקיג'אנקי (talk) 16:43, 28 June 2018 (UTC)

No! Not even close. Still only the center third of it is Pudong & the vertical trimming makes it look much worse than the original proposal.
To be clear, I like the original proposed banner quite a lot as an image of Shanghai, would support using in in that article. But as an image for Pudong it reminds me of those awful Facebook pages where someone has used a group shot as their profile picture & you've no idea which one is him or her. Pashley (talk) 18:21, 28 June 2018 (UTC)
Pashley, unfortunately Wikioyage does not employ a professional photographer at Shanghai whom would take the perfect photo we can all agree on here in the discussion page... and therefore, if you won't be able to make+upload a better alternative banner, please write which of the banners shown above you prefer for this article (I assume you prefer the old one which is currently used). ויקיג'אנקי (talk) 19:28, 28 June 2018 (UTC)
As I said, "I'm not wild about the current banner". I'd probably support replacing it if someone came up with a better one.
Your first proposal is a fine image, but it fails miserably as a Pudong banner because only about a third of it is Pudong. Your second proposal is an inferior image & does not fix the problem; it is still mostly Puxi. Pashley (talk) 18:02, 3 August 2018 (UTC)