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Breweries in Franconia


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Tray with beer at Brauereigasthof Rothenbach

This guide lists breweries, brewpubs, beer cellars, brewery museums and other attractions related to beer and beer culture in the southern German region, Franconia. Franconia is the northern end of the Bavarian state, and offers stark contrasts with the state's southern end, which is dominated by Munich, where the Oktoberfest happens early each autumn. Being administratively part of the state of Bavaria is a sore point with the locals, so you are wise to avoid calling people "Bavarians" or assuming too much of an overlap between the region and Munich, as they are about as distinct from one another as "Bavaria proper" and its western neighbor Baden Württemberg.


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Franconia is sometimes divided into Beer Franconia (Bierfranken), which is the Upper Franconia and Middle Franconia regions, and Wine Franconia (Weinfranken), which is most of Lower Franconia, where the wine culture is stronger. The subdivision of Franconia into Upper, Middle and Lower Franconia dates only to the 19th century and in parts doesn't correspond to historical, religious and cultural boundaries and has furthermore changed slightly as late as the 1970s when the Bavarian government fused smaller communities and slightly redrew the boundaries of Middle, Upper and Lower Franconia. That said, it is still the most commonly used and accepted subdivision and has been used here due to its overall prevalence if nothing else.

Franken has well over 250 breweries and over 1,000 different beers. The highest brewery density in the world can be found in Upper Franconia in Franconian Switzerland (which is not in the country of Switzerland). In a triangle formed by Nuremberg, Bamberg and Bayreuth, the tradition of small breweries has continued to the present day.

Types of beer[edit]

According to an old law (variously purported to date back several hundred years) beer is supposed to be made from malts, hops, water and yeast and nothing else. However, today's regulations actually allow a lot of other ingredients and "adjuvants" to be used in the brewing process as long as they cannot be detected in the final product. While the smaller breweries listed here by and large do not do most of what's allowed by the law, brewing today is not exactly the same as when the Reinheitsgebot (purity law) was first passed and neither are the ingredients.

With the ungespundet beer, the bung apparatus sitting on the store tank, the pressure regulator is opened, the carbon dioxide escapes making the beer lower in CO2 and foam.

While beer that is produced by big breweries (sometimes derisively called Fernsehbier because breweries that can afford to make TV spots tend to converge on one type of beer with similar flavor) is usually filtrated to extend its shelf life, many breweries covered in this guide have at least one type of beer on offer that isn't. While this ungefiltert beer has a shorter shelf life, it often has a more complex flavor and is arguably healthier (as far as any alcoholic beverage can be good for your health) because it contains more vitamins, micro-nutrients and the like. Unfiltrated beer is usually sold under names like "Kellerbier" and is sometimes only available from the tab due to its shorter shelf life.

A specialty of Bamberg in particular is smoked beer or Rauchbier locally known as "Schlenkerla". The malt is smoked prior to brewing. It's assumed that most beer used to have a smokey aftertaste because almost all malt was dried over (smokey) fires, but given modern technology, today's smoked beer is produced on purpose rather than by accident. It's certainly an acquired taste and local folklore contends that taste improves after a certain amount has been consumed.


A specific Franconian tradition rarely found elsewhere is the Bierkeller (literally "beer cellar"). The Bierkeller arose during the period prior to artificial cooling, when beer could only be brewed during certain times of the year and had to be stored as cool as possible to avoid it spoiling as many of the modern technologies to extend its shelf life were not yet invented. The cellars were dug into mountains or simply underground outside of town and often planted with chestnut trees that gave shade in the summer but had roots shallow enough to not damage the underground caverns. Cellars were kept cool by their underground location and through ice which had been cut out of lakes and ponds and was stored under straw to last through the summer. Soon enough, brewers started to sell beer right from the storage caverns and put up simple banks and other equipment to give patrons a place to consume their beer. Traditionally only cold food or street food style foods were sold, but today some Bierkeller have branched out into full on restaurants. In more traditional Bierkeller it is still acceptable to bring your own food, though beverages - including soft drinks - should always be bought from the restaurateur. While the invention of artificial cooling made the use of underground caverns for storage redundant, the associated gastronomic activity had become popular enough for the Keller to stay open into modern days. Bierkeller are today a common destination for hikes or Sunday outings with friends and family during the summer. Some Keller are close enough to one another to enable bike tours from one to the next in a single day and some are even served by the S-Bahn or other public transit.


With few exceptions (mostly Bayreuth and Bamberg) the towns and villages on this list receive few to no international tourists and the breweries mentioned here are by and large still family-owned traditional businesses. This means that you'll have mixed results trying to communicate in English and English language menus are the exception, rather than the rule. Rural brewpubs in Franconia are still a place where dialect is alive and well and combined with the many technical terms related to beer (some of them even regional terms that won't be understood even by some brewers in northern Germany) you might wish to know some terms that the German Phrasebook does not cover. Note that Franconian pronunciation is famous for pronouncing "P" like "B" and "T" like "D" which will sometimes shine through even when people speak English.

  • Brauerei: brewery
  • Gasthof/Gasthaus: pub/inn
  • Gasthof Brauerei: Brew Pub or Brewery Tap
  • Seidla <SIGH-d-luh> - Franconian dialect for half a liter; almost exclusively used referring to beer (a Seidla Bier)
  • (Bier)keller <beer-keh-luh> - see above; note that you say "auf den Keller gehen" (literally: go on top of the cellar) for visiting one
  • Maß (Bier) <mahs> - a liter of beer; less common in Franconia than in Munich but certainly not unheard of
  • Radler <rah-dluh> - a mixture of roughly equal parts beer and lemonade the word literally means "cyclist" and refers to the fact that it allows you to go on with you bike tour with less DUI concerns
  • Brotzeit <brot-site> - a (usually cold) snack that does not qualify as a full on meal Brot means "bread" and Zeit means "time"
  • Kellerplatte <KEH-luh-pluh-teh> - an assortment of different types of sausage and/or cheese; a commonly served type of Brotzeit in a Bierkeller
  • Schäufala (different spellings exist) <shoy-fuh-luh> - a dish made from pork shoulder named for the shovel-like appearance of the bone. The dish is notable for its crusty pork rind
  • Schlachtschüssel <SHLAKHT-shui-sell> - meats and sausages from freshly slaughtered pig.
  • Gaas Seidla <Gahs sigh-dluh> - a mixed drink made from beer, cherry wine and coke. Available pre-mixed from some of the listed breweries

Get in[edit]

See also: Franconia#Get in

If you're not already in the area, the best entry points are Nuremberg and Bamberg, which are both served by long distance trains run by Deutsche Bahn as well as Intercity buses. Bayreuth also makes for a good entry point, but it has been awkwardly off the main rail routes since the 19th century. If you're arriving from farther away, the airport of Nuremberg (NUE IATA) is certainly the closest and most convenient, but Munich airport (MUC IATA) and Frankfurt airport (FRA IATA) are better connected internationally and a train from there can get you into the region in a few hours.

Get around[edit]

Map of Breweries in Franconia

All modes of transportation have their downsides here, so it depends on where exactly you're going what the best option for you is.

By public transit[edit]

Most of this region is covered by the VGN tariff union centered on Nuremberg and the Nuremberg S-Bahn serves many places in the region. However, bus service to some of the smaller towns or outlying Bierkeller in rural areas can be sparse or nonexistent.

By car[edit]

You should know this already, but do not drink and drive under any circumstances. While some places listed here are indeed best reached with a car, the local roads can be curvy and treacherous and both snow and fallen leaves are a serious risk for almost half the year. Don't get too frustrated when you're stuck behind someone admiring the landscape and going way slower than the legal speed limit and leave the risky overtaking maneuvers to the locals.

By bike[edit]

Given the concerns about drinking and driving that come with going on a brewpub tour and the sometimes less than satisfactory coverage with public transit, riding a bike can be a worthwhile way to explore the region. Generally speaking you should have no problem parking your bike (don't forget to lock it, though), but not all rural roads are perfectly equipped for cyclists. Keep in mind that Franconian Switzerland is more mountainous than the rest of the places covered in this guide. The German cyclist association ADFC provides some information in English as well and they have Bett & Bike, a program aimed at certifying bike friendly lodgings.

Upper Franconia[edit]


  • 1 Held Bräu (Brewery with brewery inn), Oberailsfeld 19, 95491 Ahorntal, +49 9242 295. Wednesday is rest day. Brewery has been family-owned for over 300 years. All year, there is light beer, dark peasant beer, wheat beer and Pils, as well as the fasting season Bockbier and the Advent Season wheat bock beer.
  • 2 Brauerei Stöckel (Brewery with brewery inn), Hintergereuth 4, 95491 Ahorntal, +49 9246 275. Tu-Su from 09:00, closed Monday. With its own brewery chapel. The specialties of the brewery are Pils, Lagerhell, Ahorntaler Landbier, premium white and seasonal the festival beer.


Since the brewing pans used to be made of wood, they were heated from the inside with hot stones. After the invention of the boiling pans made of metal, this went out of fashion. In the old brewing process, the beer worts are heated by the addition of hot stones. This caramelizes a part of the malt sugar and gives the beer a caramel. The old-fashioned Steinbier (stone beer) is produced by the local brewery, Leikheim, and can be tasted in the inns.

  • 1 Brauerei Leikeim, Gewerbegebiet 4, 96264 Altenkunstadt, +49 9572 75050. There is no brewery restaurant, but you can try the beers in the inns and buy them in the markets.


Brauereigasthof Rothenbach
Kathi Bräu

Aufseß is well-known for its breweries. It received an entry in the 2001 Guinness Book of Records as the highest brewery density in the world: The 1,317 inhabitants have four breweries, which works out to one brewery for every 330 residents.

  • 1 Brauereigasthof Rothenbach, Im Tal 70, 91347 Aufseß, +49 9198 92920. The inn is almost always open, the few closed days will be announced on the homepage. Good home cooking, trout are recommended, behind the house is the garden terrace
  • 3 Kathi-Bräu, Heckenhof 1, 91347 Heckenhof-Aufseß, +49 9198 277. 09:00-11:00. An Eldorado for motorcyclists with hundreds of motorcycles in summer. Friday evening there is music and shashlik. beer 0.5 l- €2.8.
Brauereigasthof Reichold
Brauerei Stadter
  • 4 Brauerei Reichold, Hochstahl 24, 91347 Aufseß, +49 9204 271. Closed M Tu, but for thirsty hikers the brewery is open all day, there are bottles of beer and non-alcoholic drinks. Apr-Nov: open daily from 17:00. In the summer with outdoor seating beer 0.5 l- €2.8, Pork schnitzel with mixed salad, potato salad or french fries €7.
  • 5 Brauerei Stadter, Sachsendorf, 91347 Aufseß, +49 9274 8193. hot food from 11:00–00:00, M closed. On so-called "Erlebnisbrautage" you can help with brewing, from the water to the finished original gravity.

Bad Staffelstein[edit]

Bad Staffelstein and its districts have about 10,000 inhabitants and ten breweries. There are over 40 beer types made by the breweries. Some of them are only available at certain times of year or for special occasions. For a beer aficionado, this wide variety of beers makes Bad Staffelstein a very attractive destination.

  • 6 Brauerei und Gasthof Reblitz, Am Mahlberg 1, 96231 Bad Staffelstein - Nedensdorf, +49 9573 96500. Tu-F from 16:00, Sa from 15:00, Su and public holidays from 10:30, M closed day. The self-brewed dark land beer is available all year, from 30 April to mid-October there is a bright yeast white beer and from Friday after All Saints there is the bright Reblitz-Bock, as long as the stock reaches. All beers are only served in the inn.
  • 7 Staffelberg-Bräu, Am Mühlteich 4, 96231 Bad Staffelstein - Loffeld, +49 9573 5925. closed on Mondays. Every 14 days, on Tuesday, there is boiled pork and blood and liver sausage from own production. During the year, eight different beers are brewed.
  • 8 Hotel-Landgasthof-Café Schwarzer Adler, End, 96231 Bad Staffelstein, +49 9573 22260. Upscale restaurant with a nice ambience. The beer is brewed by the brewery Hetzel in Frauenendorf in license brewing.
  • 2 Brauerei-Gasthof Dinkel, Frauendorfer Str. 18, 96231 Bad Staffelstein/Stublang, +49 9573 6424. M Tu Th-Su 10:00-23:00, hot food 11:30-23:00, afterwards still snacks are possible. On Tuesdays there boiled meat of the pig, liver, beef with horseradish and Thursday homemade sausages, bratwurst filling, grilled pork ribs. There are also rooms available for overnight stays.
  • 3 Brauerei-Gasthof Hennemann, Am Dorfbrunnen 13, 96231 Bad Staffelstein/Stublang, +49 9573 96100. Regional cuisine, baked peasant bread, breads from own slaughter and wild game from own hunting, self-brewed dark country beer. There are also rooms available for overnight stays.
  • 9 Brauerei-Gasthof Hetzel "Zum Pfau", Frauendorf 11a, 96231 Bad Staffelstein, +49 9573 6435. Su 10:00-12:00 and from 15:00, M-Sa closed.
  • 10 Metzgerbräu, Stublanger Str. 2, 96231 Staffelstein-Uetzing, +49 9573 6304. M-F 06:30-18:00; Village shop, beer shop until 20:00, Sa 06:30-18:00, Su closed. Brewery, butcher shop, village shop
  • 11 Brauerei Trunk, Vierzehnheiligen 3, 96231 Bad Staffelstein, +49 9571 3488. Daily 10:00-20:00, food delivery until 19:00. A few meters above the basilica there is the brewery, the special beer at the place of pilgrimage is the Nothelfertrunk, a dark monastery beer.
  • 12 Brauerei-Gasthof Hellmuth, Wiesen 14, 96231 Bad Staffelstein - Wiesen, +49 9573 4395. Tu-F from 16:00, Sa Su holidays from 11:00. Lunch 11:30-13:30, afternoon coffee, cake and brotzeit, dinner from 16:30. Self-brewed beer, guest rooms and apartments
  • 13 Brauereigasthaus Thomann, Altmainstraße 5, 96231 Bad Staffelstein - Wiesen, +49 9573 5296. Daily from 10:00, May to Oct; W closed; Nov to Apr: Tu W closed. Self-brewed, dark lager and wheat beer. Guest room / apartment


Steinkrug of the brewery Greifenklau

The historic city centre of Bamberg is one of the world cultural heritage sites designated by UNESCO. But the city also has a cultural heritage to offer in its beer. Those who visit the city should definitely try a smoky beer. This beer specialty is only available in the Bamberg area.

The most famous of the forty Bamberger beer varieties is the Schlenkerla Rauchbier. It is served in the Schlenkerla Inn, and receives its particular flavour from the barley dried over a beech wood fire. It is distributed all over the world and can also be ordered on the Internet. The name is traced back to the odd gait of an earlier brewer, caused by an accidental injury. Experienced smokers will be glad of the fact that the smokers taste the right way after the third or fourth half litre (Seidla) at the earliest, which can be understood as a warning as well as courageous as a challenge.

A further regional and Bamberg beer specialty is the U (colloquially) for the 'unspread beer' (non-carbonated): The beer is produced unfiltered and without piling, thus with little carbonic acid and without overpressure in the barrel (Mahrs-Bräu).

Brauerei Fässla
Gravity cask in the Schlenkerla
  • 14 Ambräusianum, Dominikanerstraße 10, 96049 Bamberg, +49 951 5090262. Jan-Mar: Tu-F 17:00-23.00, Sa 11:00-23:00, Su 11:00-21:00; Apr-Dec: Tu 17:00-23:00, W-Sa 11:00-23:00, Su 11:00-21:00. Bamberg's first inn brewery. If you order the beer tasting, you can try all 3 beers and do not have to decide.
  • 15 Brauerei Spezial, Obere Königstraße 10, 96052 Bamberg, +49 951 24304. Daily 09:00-23:00, Sa 09:00-14:00. For over 475 years smoking beer is brewed. Inn with home cooking, on Sunday roast kitchen.
  • 4 Brauerei Greifenklau, Laurenziplatz 20, 96049 Bamberg, +49 951 53219. Tu-Sa 10:30-23:30, Su 10:00-14:00, closed M. Hotel with beer garden and own beer.
  • 16 Keesmann-Bräu, Wunderburg 5, 96050 Bamberg, +49 951 981980. Closed Sundays.
  • 17 Klosterbräu, Obere Mühlbrücke 1-3, 96049 Bamberg, +49 951 52265. M-F 10:30-23:00; Sa holidays 10:00-23:00; Su 10:00-22:00. The oldest brewery in Bamberg. Main dish €6-12.
  • 18 Mahrs-Bräu, Wunderburg 10, 96050 Bamberg, +49 951 915170. M 16:00-23:00, Tu-Sa 10:00-23:00, Su 10:00-15:00. Beer cellar, quaint restaurant. You often hear the order "A U"; the guest expresses that he wants to drink "one non-carbonated beer". Main courses €6-18.
  • 19 Schlenkerla, Dominikanerstraße 6, 96049 Bamberg, +49 951 56060. Daily 09:30-23:30. "Aecht Schlenkerla Rauchbier", the historic brewery inn.
  • 20 Kronprinz, Gaustadter Hauptstraße 109, 96049 Bamberg, +49 951 96430514, . Tu-Sa 17:00-23:00. Bamberg's newest brewery with craft beers. Dishes from €11.
  • 21 Spezial-Keller, Sternwartstraße, 96049 Bamberg, +49 951 54887. Tu-F from 15:00, Saturdays from 12:00, on Sundays and holidays from 10:30, M closed. With "Special Smoke Beer". Located on the Stephansberg, the cellar offers one of the most beautiful views over Bamberg.
  • 22 Wilde Rose Keller, Oberer Stephansberg 49, 96049 Bamberg, +49 951 57691. end of Apr-Sep, on working days from 16:00. Open on Sundays and holidays from 15:00. More than 100 year-old beer cellar under chestnut trees with tasty beer.
  • 1 Fränkisches Brauereimuseum, Michelsberg 10f, 96049 Bamberg, +49 951 53016. Apr-Oct: F Sa 13:00-17:00, Sa Su holidays 11:00-17:00. The museum is housed in the historic vaults of the former Benedictines brewery in the Michelsberg monastery. It shows a collection of historical equipment from the brewing industry. The seminars of the Bierakademie provide information on the topic, training of the sensors and the training course to the "beer expert". Erwachsene: €3.50.
  • 2 Weyermann Fan Shop, Brennerstrasse 15, 96052 Bamberg, +49 951 93220764. M-Th 13:00-18:00, F 10:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00, Sa 10:00-14:00. Fan shop of the malt factory Weyermann with beer, malt and accessories.



In Bayreuth there are two specialties, which are only offered in two pubs. First, the Buschenbier (from the tuft, which is hung up to indicate that the delicious Buschenbier is present) in the Mohren Bräu always on the first Thursday–Friday of one month to the Saturday into and then as long as it lasts. Secondly, Becknbier, which is periodically served by the bakery Lang. Both beers are ungespundet beers which are to be drunk within a few days.

  • 23 Mohren Bräu, Tristanstraße 8, +49 921 1635936. Monday to Friday from 17:00. Directly at the Festspielpark, one of the few preserved old Franconian inns, tasty own beers 0.5 l- €3.5, very good local food to popular prices €3-12 and plentiful portions, good audience of all couleur, in the festival time many artists (beer €1.50 and Leberkäse from the oven €1.50).
  • 24 Becher Bräu, St.-Nikolaus-Straße 25, 95445 Bayreuth, +49 921 68993. The oldest brewery restaurant in Bayreuth, a quaint inn in the western part of Bayreuth with very cheap little things and also larger dishes for the beer. Bayreuth cult! But not for people who are bothered by the whispery of the host. "You want a small beer? Wait you're doing a big one!"
  • 25 Schinner Braustuben, Richard-Wagner-Straße 38, 95444 Bayreuth, +49 921 67673. 10:00-14:00 and from 17:00-24:00, Sunday evening and Monday closed. Right at the Villa Wahnfried, very good kitchen, reasonable daily dishes, good beers.
  • 26 Liebesbier, Andreas-Maisel-Weg 1, 95445 Bayreuth, +49 921 46008020. Daily 17:00-00:00. An idea of the Maisel brewery, over 100 regional and international beers from the barrel and from the bottle. There are steaks, fish, burgers and regional products in a rustic atmosphere.
  • 27 Manns-Bräu, Friedrichstraße 23, 95444 Bayreuth, +49 921 1638988. Daily 10:30-22:00, F 16:00-22:00. Cozy guest house with beer garden in the alley. Mann's Bräu - Special Beer Dark is brewed at the Bayreuther Becher Brewery. Manns-Bräu (Q113472533) on Wikidata
  • 2 Maisel's Brauereimuseum, Kulmbacher Straße 40, 95444 Bayreuth, +49 921 401234, fax: +49 921-401233, . The visit to the museum is only possible with a guided tour, which takes place daily at 14:00. Groups of 12 or more can also book a different appointment by arrangement. The tour takes about 90 minutes. Finally, there is a glass of Maisel's white wine or a non-alcoholic drink for the tasting in the "old bottlery". Adults €5, youth €3.
  • 3 Bayreuther Katakomben, Kulmbacher Straße 60, 95445 Bayreuth, +49 921 401234, fax: +49 921-401233, . Guided tours for individuals are held daily at 16:00. Further dates can be booked for groups of 12 persons or more by appointment.. The tour of the catacombs takes about 60 minutes. The visitor learns details of the brewery history, but also how the catacombs have been used elsewhere. The temperature in the catacombs is 10°C, so do not forget warm clothing. After the tour, there is a freshly drawn AKTIEN Zwick'l Kellerbier in the "Bräustüberl". Adults €5, youth €3.


  • 5 Brauerei und Gasthof Schwan, Hauptstraße 16, 96138 Burgebrach, +49 9546 306. M-F from 15:30, Sa from 15:30, Su holidays from 09:00. Franconian cuisine and accommodation Main dishes €7-16.
  • 28 Brauerei Zehendner, Mönchsambach 18, 96138 Burgebrach, +49 9546 380. Tu W Th from 15:00, F Sa from 11:00. Apart from the self-brewed beer, the specialties are Sülze (aspic), Gerupfter, bratwurst and homemade bread.
  • 29 Brauereigaststätte Herrmann, Brückenstraße 3, 96138 Burgebrach, +49 9546 372. Daily, except Tuesday, from 09:00, when the beer cellar is open, the inn remains closed. Franconian Brotzeit from own slaughter, from 17:00 warm dishes
  • 30 Brauerei Kaiser, Grasmannsdorf 9, 96138 Burgebrach, +49 9546 390. Tu-F 10:00-22:00, Sa 18:00, Su 12:00-15:00 Lunch break (Nov-Mar 12:00-16:00). There are Brotzeit and a beer garden
  • 31 Brauerei-Gasthaus zum Max, Ampferbach 25, 96138 Burgebrach, +49 9546 1725. Tu F-Su from 17:00. Their unfiltered lager beer is produced according to own recipe in another brewery. The specialty is chicken (also called Göger or Gögerla).
  • 32 Zum Wirt, Stappenbach 15, 96138 Burgebrach, +49 9546 411. Sundays from 11:30. Former brewery Dreßel, now produce their own beer in another brewery. Creative Franconian cuisine, even Frankish sushi.


  • 6 Löwenbräu Buttenheim, Marktstraße 8, 96155 Buttenheim, +49 9545 332. Tu-Su lunch 11:00-14:30, dinner 16:30-21:00, Sunday lunch 11:00-15:00. Brewery restaurant with traditional, Franconian cuisine
  • 7 St-Georgen-Bräu Bräustübla, Marktstraße 12, 96155 Buttenheim, +49 9545 1554. Every day. Brewery restaurant with traditional, Franconian cuisine
  • 3 Brauerei Meusel, Dreuschendorf 27, 96155 Buttenheim, +49 9545-7424. M-Th 06:15-19:00, F 06:15-17:00. Only brewery, no inn, but you can buy beer.

Less than one kilometre from the motorway exit, to the left is the town, on the right there are parking lots and the shaded beer cellars of the two Buttenheimer breweries.

  • 33 Löwenbräu Keller Buttenheim, Eremitage 3, 96155 Buttenheim, +49 9545 509346. M-Sa 11:00; Su from 10:00, warm meals M-Sa 11:30-14:00 and Su from 11:00, daily 16:30-21:00, closed Tuesday (May-Aug) or TumW (Sep-Apr), business rest from Christmas to early March. Gasthof with large beer garden and Franconian cuisine.
  • 34 St. GeorgenBräu Keller, Kellerstraße, 96155 Buttenheim, +49 9545 44670. In good weather from Apr-Sep, daily from 14:00; on Sundays and holidays from 11:00. Big beer garden with children's playground, on Fridays there are mackerel and herring from the beech grill.


  • 35 Brauhaus zu Coburg, Nägleinsgasse 4, 96450 Coburg, +49 9561 7059192. Daily 11:00-23:00. Delicious Bavarian-Franconian cuisine in a rustic atmosphere with beer from the in-house brewery


  • 36 Brauerei & Landgasthof Kürzdörfer, Brauhausgasse 5, 95473 Creussen/Lindenhardt, +49 9246 221. M closed, Tu-Sa 11:00-23:00; Su holiday 10:30-23:00. Franconian cuisine and beers from our own production in a rustic log house. Schnitzel with potato salad €7.60, the half-litre of beer €2.


  • 37 Brauereigasthof Zum Schwan, Hauptstrasse 46, 96250 Ebensfeld, +49 9573 3104061. Open daily from 10:00 to 23:00, meals from 11:00 to 22:00. Brewery restaurant in the centre, it is still brewed, beer garden in front of the house.
  • 38 Gasthaus Martin, Viehtriebweg 3, 96250 Ebensfeld, +49 9573 4382. Inn with Franconian cuisine, own fish and poultry breeding, own sausage production, brewery with amber full beer M Tu Th F from 16:00; Sa Su from 10:00.
  • 8 Brauerei Gasthof Leicht, Pferdsfeld 22, 96250 Ebensfeld, +49 9573 236. M-W 16:00-23:00, Th closed, F 16:00-23:00, Sa Su 10:00-23:00. Franconian cuisine, beer from our own brewery, overnight accommodation
  • 4 Ebensfelder-Brauhaus, Oberer Kellbachdamm 7, 96250 Ebensfeld, +49 9573 885. Beer sales directly from brewery ramp.


Easily reachable by regional trains from Forchheim

  • 9 Brauereigasthof Schwanenbräu, Am Marktpl. 2, 91320 Ebermannstadt, +49 9194 767190. M-Sa 08:00-23:00; Su 08:00-15:00. Warm kitchen 11:30-14:30 and 17:00-21:00. Inn since the 17th century, beer garden, own brewery, fruit schnapps from distillery, hotel. Main courses €9-20.


  • 10 Brauerei Gasthof Pfister, Eggerbachstr. 22, Weigelshofen, 91330 Eggolsheim, +49 9545 9426-0. Daily 11:00-01:00, on the morning only from 17:00, closed. Hot meals are served 12:00-14:00 and 17:00-21:00, on Sundays and bank holidays from 11:00. Franconian cuisine, on Sunday noon there is a large selection of roasts with potato dumplings. Seasonal dishes such as asparagus, mushrooms or carp.


Refreshment in the Kellerwald
  • 39 Brauerei Neder, Sattlertorstr. 10, 91301 Forchheim, +49 9191 2400, . M W-Sa 10:00-22:00, Su holidays 09:00-13:00, Tu closed. The brewery has existed since 1554.
  • 40 Brauereigaststätte Hebendanz, Sattlertorstr. 14, 91301 Forchheim, +49 9191 60747. 08:00-22:00, Th closed. The brewery has been in existence since 1579. Today it produces 6 beer varieties and seasonal festive, anniversary, Annafest, Christmas fest and Bockbiere.
  • 41 Brauerei Eichhorn, Bamberger Straße 9 91301 Forchheim, +49 9191 64768. M Th F from 12:00, Sa Su holidays from 10:00, Tu W closed. There is hot food throughout. The brewery has been in existence since 1783. In the courtyard there is a beautiful beer garden.
  • 42 Brauerei Greif, Serlbacher Str. 10, 91301 Forchheim, +49 9191 727920. The brewery has existed since 1848. In the Greif-Keller 'or in the' Schindlerkeller 'in the Kellerwald.

Forchheimer Kellerwald

The cellars in 1 Forchheimer Kellerwald were used to store beer prior to the advent of artificial cooling. Serving the beer on site was only the next natural step. This has resulted in the Bierkeller culture, which is in essence the Franconian variety of the beer garden (but don't use this term, lest you offend cultural sensitivities) with beer and Franconian cuisine served outside in the summer months. The operation has since been turned into a year-round thing with more permanent houses built for the winter months and more upscale cuisine than you'd expect from a more basic beer garden.


  • 43 Brauerei-Gaststätte Büttner, Untergreuth 8, 96158 Frensdorf, +49 9502 342. F 16:00-22:30, Sa Su 14:00-22:30 and every other Tu, see homepage. The brewery has been family-owned since 1870 in the 8th generation. There are brotzeit, pizzas and on Saturdays schnitzel.
  • 44 Brauerei Barnikel, Dorfstraße 5, 96158 Frensdorf-Herrnsdorf, +49 9502 293. Daily 10:00-13:00, W closed. A document from the year 1366 mentions the Schenkhaus in Hernstorff, beer has been brewed for more than 600 years. There is Franconian cuisine and pizza.
Der Schmausenkeller
  • 5 Brauerei Müller, Lange Str. 2, 96158 Frensdorf, +49 9502 280. Beer sales in the brewery at noon, the beer is served in the Schmausenkeller (see below).
    • 45 Schmausenkeller, Am Bahnhof 13, 96158 Reundorf, +49 9502-608. Mid-March to 4th weekend in October: M-F from 16:00, Sa from 15:00, Su holiday from 11:00, in bad weather closed Th; Dec and Jan: M Th F from 16:00, Sa from 15:00, Su from 11:00, W Th closed. The Schmausenkeller of the brewery Müller is a beer cellar on the edge of the forest with playground and bowling alley. In the winter you can find space in the half-timbered building. There is Franconian cuisine and pizza.


See also: Fünf Seidla Steig

Regional trains connect Nürnberg Nordostbahnhof and Gräfenberg. From Nordostbahnhof take U2.

The Fünf-Seidla-Steig is a brewery trail about 19 km long to the five private breweries in the communities of Gräfenberg and Weißenohe.

  • 11 Brauerei-Gasthof Lindenbräu, Am Bach 3, 91322 Gräfenberg, +49 9192 348. Tu-Th Sa 11:00-22:00, F Su M 16:00-23:00; mid-Nov to mid-Mar: Tu-Th Sa 11:00-22:00, Su 16:00-23:00, M F closed. Brewery since 1932, own distillery, during the week brotzeit and small dishes, at the weekend various roasts. If the beer tastes very good, there are 6 guest rooms. Main courses €6-12.
  • 46 Brauerei Hofmann, Hohenschwärz 16 91322 Gräfenberg, +49 9192 251. W-Su 10:00-22:00; closed M Tu. Brewery since 1897, Christmas festival beer from November to December.
  • 47 Thuisbrunner Elchbräu, Thuisbrunn 11, 91322 Gräfenberg, +49 9192 221. Tu F-Su from 10:00. With the moose head in the restaurant. Own distillery, Franconian cuisine, beer garden. There are dark, Pils and Bock, also from May 2011 also white beer. Awarded the European Beer Star Award 2010 in bronze in the category German-Style Kellerbier Dunkel.
  • 48 Brauerei Friedmann, Jägersberg 16, 91322 Gräfenberg, +49 9192 318. Since 1875 in family possession, from the Heldschen Brauhaus emerged.
    • 49 Biergarten zum Bergschlösschen, Am Michelsberg 36, 91322 Gräfenberg, +49 162 5890690. Open in good weather on Sa Su 14:00-22:00.
    • 50 Friedmann's Bräustüberl, Bayreuther Str. 14, 91322 Gräfenberg, +49 9192 992318. W from 17:00, Th-Sa from 10:00, Su 10:00-20:00. Franconian cuisine, specialty Bratwurstschnitzel


The Braumeister in the brewhouse
  • 51 Brauerei Rittmayer, Trailsdorfer Straße 4, 91352 Hallerndorf, +49 9545 509214. Tu W 16:00-23:00; Th-Su 11:30-14:00 and 16:00-23:00, closed M. Franconian and international cuisine.
  • 52 Brauerei Lieberth, Forchheimer Straße 2, 91352 Hallerndorf, +49 9545 8558. Beer sales: M-F 08:00-12:00 and 14:00-19:00, Sa 08:00-16:00. The Brauereigasthof is open daily from 17:00 on weekends and on Sundays from 10:00; closed M W and during the summer..
    • 53 Dorfkeller Lieberth, Kreuzbergstraße 17, 91352 Hallerndorf, +49 9545 4437373. Beginning/mid-Apr to end of Sep: M-F from 15:30, Sa from 15:00, Su holidays from 10:00; closed in bad weather. Specialty is caraway roasts. Friday’s mackerel and herring from the charcoal grill
  • 54 Gänstaller Bräu, Schnaid 10, 91352 Hallerndorf, +49 9542 7741255. Founded in 2011, specialties such as Imperial Indian Pale Ale or Quartor-Doppelbock
  • 12 Landgasthof Brauerei Rittmayer, Willersdorf 108, 91352 Hallerndorf, +49 9195 94730. Hot meals are available M Tu 17:00-21:00; W-Su 11:30-14:00 and 17:00-21:00. Rittmayer has his own recipe brewed and stored the young beer itself. Cozy inn with its own carp and cattle breeding and a large selection of dishes.
  • 55 Brauerei Roppelt, Stiebarlimbach 9, 91352 Hallerndorf, +49 9195 7263. Daily from 10:00; hot food 11:30-14:30 and 16:00-21:00; closed W Th. Franconian cuisine, carp from their own ponds, game specialties from their own hunting.
  • 56 Brauerei Witzgall, Schlammersdorfer Straße 17, 91352 Hallerndorf, +49 9545 7452. Daily from 09:00, Th closed. The Witzgall family has been standing in the brewhouse since 1898 and behind the counter. The Landbier always receives good grades in international rankings. The Christmas beer is available from mid-November to mid-January.

On the Kreuzberg

On the Kreuzberg

On the Kreuzberg near Hallerndorf in the middle of the forest, below the medieval pilgrimage church, three breweries invite you to eat and drink. From the parking lots to the first beer you have to walk a few steps.

  • 57 Rittmayer-Keller, Kreuzberg 18, 91352 Hallerndorf - Berg, +49 9545 440940. May-Sep: daily from 11:00; Oct-Apr: M-Sa from 11:00; closed Su holidays. If there is no weather for beer garden, there is a restaurant with a tiled stove for 60 persons.
  • 58 Friedel`s Brauhaus am Kreuzberg, +49 9545 4736. Apr-Oct daily from 11:00; every Friday, in good weather, from 15:00 grilled herring and mackerel. From mid-Nov: F-Su from 11:00. The Brauhaus was rebuilt in 2007 with a large children's playground
  • 59 Lieberth - Kreuzbergkeller, Kreuzberg, 91352 Hallerndorf - Berg, +49 9545 70746. May-Oct: daily from 15:00, Su holidays from 11:30; Dec-Apr: F Sa from 16:00, Su holidays from 11:30; closed in Nov.

At the foot of Kreuzberg

  • 60 Roppelts Keller, +49 9195 7263. F-Tu from 11:00, W Th from 15:30. The beer cellar is at Stiebarlimbach at the foot of the Kreuzberg and is connected by a narrow footpath with the beer cellar on the Kreuzberg, walking time about a quarter of an hour.


  • 61 Gasthof Eichhorn Schwarzer Adler, Dörfleinser Str. 43, 96103 Dörfleins, +49 951 75660. Tu W F Su 09:00–23:00, Th 09:00–19:00, Sa 09:00-20:00. There are Kellerbier and from the beginning of October Bockbier. The brewery is one of the last breweries, which still has its own brew for the village community. Usually every two or three weeks the village community comes together to fill their own barrels.

Heiligenstadt in Oberfranken[edit]

  • 13 Gasthaus Brauerei Aichinger, Marktplatz 5, 91332 Heiligenstadt, +49 9198 522. Daily from 8.00. With overnight accommodation
  • 62 Brauerei Gasthof Ott, Oberleinleiter 6, 91332 Heiligenstadt, +49 9198 271. Tu-Su 09:00-23:00, M closed. Franconian cuisine and own house slaughter, the specialty are chickens, the Bockbierfest is at the end of April.


  • 14 Gasthaus zum Roten Ochsen, Laitscher Weg 4, 95502 Himmelkron, +49 9273 7622. Daily from 10:00, closed from 14:00-16:00 except Sundays and holidays, W closed. Meat from own breeding and slaughtering, homemade dumplings, amber colored house beer, brewed according to old recipe. Main courses €9-17.


  • 15 Brauerei Kraus, Luitpoldstr. 11, 96114 Hirschaid, +49 9543 84440. W-M 08:00-00:00, Tu closed. Beers from own brewery, own butchery, beer garden directly at the cycle track, overnight accommodation possibilities.
  • 63 Brauerei Weber, Ringstraße 46, 96114 Hirschaid - Röbersdorf, +49 9543 7882. Th-Tu from 09:00, W closed. Own brewery, light and dark Llager, smoky beer, garlic and pepper carp, beer garden


  • 64 Meinels-Bas, Vorstadt 13, 95028 Hof, +49 9281 141366. Daily from 11:00, continuous warm kitchen. The brewery restaurant of the Meinelbrauerei is a cozy restaurant with a beautiful natural beer garden. One specialty is the dark Doppelbock Absolvinator, which is only available at the beginning of Lent in Meinels Bas.


Brotzeit in Wagnerkeller
  • 65 Wagner Bräu, Hauptstaße 15, 96164 Kemmern, +49 9544 6746. Sa W 12:00-00:00, M F Su 15:00-00:00, Su breakfast from 10:00-12:00, Tu closed. Fränkischen Restaurant with self-brewed beers from the barrel, brotzeit and small hot dishes. In addition to Easter, Pentecost, Kirchweih and Christmas a festive beer, from November Bockbier
  • 66 Wagner-Bräu-Keller, +49 170 9136003. Tu Th F from 15:30 (summer months), W from 14:00 (also winter months), Sa from 13:00, Su public holidays from 09:30 with lunch table; M closed. Large beer garden outside the village by the mountain. There are Franconian brotzeit, canned meats, mixed breads, bratwurst, alternating: Schnitzel, steak. On Sundays and holidays there is a warm lunch table.


The term 'Schmäuß' emerged in the Renaissance and Baroque times. At that time, every citizen of the Upper City had the right to brew beer between Michaeli Day on 29 September and Georgi Day on 23 April. In between, the Kronach Oberstädter were not allowed to brew a beer, except for a greater festivity, such as wedding or child baptism. Then the town council could approve an additional brew, the so-called Schmäuß. The concept still exists, today as a special beer on historical festivals, today it is included in the brewery's range, a dark beer with 4.5% alcohol, the Schmäuß brew.

  • 67 ´s Antla, Amtsgerichtsstraße 21, 96317 Kronach, +49 9261 5045950. 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-23:00, M Tu only in the evening, Su 11:00-23:00. "Antla" means little duck. Beautifully situated in the old town of Kronach, the beer garden offers a view over the lower town. The rooms are renovated and cozy. On the menu there are many duck dishes, as the name suggests to the locals. There are always 's Antla elns, 's Antla raftsmen and 's Antla Kellerweizen, also from 6 Jan Starkbier, February Antilater, April Frühlingsbier, May Maibock, Corpus Christi Katharina von Bora, July Löschbier, August Festbier, September Erntedankbier, October Schwärzla, November Christmas beer
  • 68 Kaiserhof-Bräu, Friesener Straße 1, 96317 Kronach, +49 9261 1048. Tu-Su 11:00-14:00 and 17:00, closed M. The house has been in existence since the 15th century. Franconian cuisine is served. In addition to the usual beers, there is the Schützenfest beer in July/Aug, the Kronacher Festbier in Nov/Dec, the Kronator Dec-Mar


Copper brew kettle in Kommunbräu

In Kulmbach, there are three breweries, the 'Kulmbacher', which is known from television and the small Kommunbräu . From an idea of a few Kulmbach people in the 1990s arose a brewery cooperative. In 2016, the inn "Zum Gründla" was added.

  • 69 Zum Mönchshof Bräuhaus, Hofer Straße 20, 95326 Kulmbach, +49 9221 80514. Tu-Su open from 11:00; closed M, except on holidays. Restaurant on the brewery grounds with regular events and museum beer in the pub. In the summer with Kulmbach's largest beer garden.
  • 70 Kulmbacher Kommunbräu, Grünwehr 17, +49 9221 84490, fax: +49 9221 4566, . Daily 10:00-00:00. Quaint pub with copper brew kettles in the dining room, monthly changing beer and regular events, and a small beer garden.
  • 71 Gasthausbrauerei "Zum Gründla", Am Gründlein 5, 95326 Kulmbach, +49 9221 823884. M 16:00-23:00, W-Su 11:00-23:00, closed Tu. Kulmbach's youngest brewery, with an inn with good and inexpensive Franconian food. Main dishes €4-10.
  • 4 Bayerisches Brauerei- und Bäckereimuseum, Hofer Straße 20, 95326 Kulmbach, +49 9221 80514. Tu-Su 10:00-17:00. Both museums are housed on the premises of the Mönchshof brewery. In the brewery museum there is a brewery with a glass brewing kettle, each visitor gets a glass museum beer (0.2 litres). Since 2015 a spice museum has been added to the range. Adults €4.50, both museums €7, pupils, students, retirees and severely handicapped €4, both €6, children in family supervision up to 6 years free.

Königsfeld (Oberfranken)[edit]

  • 16 Brauerei Grasser, Huppendorf 25, 96167 Königsfeld, +49 9207 270. Daily from 09:00, day of rest. Brewery and distillery. Single and double rooms with shower and WC. Specialties are Zwetschgenbames (over prunes wood smoked cattle ham), smoked beef ham and the special sausage, a currywurst with onions, garlic, curry sauce and cheese. From 6 Jan Winter wheat, in March Josefi Bock, in November Kathrein Bock, in December Christmas beer


Guest room Drei Kronen
  • 18 Brauereigasthof Drei Kronen (Hotel), Hauptstraße 19, 96117 Memmelsdorf, +49 951 94433-0, fax: +49 951 94433-66. Historic inn with excellent cuisine, to be recommended the fish dishes, especially of the carp in the months with "r". There is also an in-house beer shop to buy.
  • 72 Brauerei-Gaststätte Wagner, Pointstraße 1, 96117 Memmelsdorf, OT Merkendorf, +49 9542 620. Tu-Su from 09:00, closed M. Hot food is served 11:30-14:00 and 16:30-21:00. Franconian snacks are served throughout. Behind the restaurant there is a beer garden with playground.
  • 73 Brauerei-Gaststätte Hummel, Lindenstraße 9, 96117 Memmelsdorf, OT Merkendorf, +49 9542 1247. M-Sa from 09:00, hot food 11:30-21:00, Su 10:00-12:00 and from 15:00. The dates for lunch on Sunday are available on the homepage. Closed Tuesdays. There are brotzeit from own slaughter.
  • 74 Brauerei-Gasthof Göller, Scheßlitzer Straße 7, 96117 Memmelsdorf OT Drosendorf, +49 9505 17 45. Daily from 09:00, closed M (when M is holiday, then closed Tu). The beer garden is open May-Sep daily from 14:30; closed M, as in the inn, in bad weather it remains closed.
  • 75 Hummelskeller, Austraße 12 a, +49 9542 79 92. 1 May-31 Aug (only in good weather) M-F from 17:00, Su holidays from 15:00, closed W and Sa. 300 meters from the brewery, in the shade of centuries-old trees.
  • 76 Höhn's-Keller, Meedensdorfer Straße, 96117 Memmelsdorf, +49 160 96918090. April-October in nice weather. Brotzeit are spent in a small house. One is shaded under very old trees, which was designated as a natural monument in 1995. Brotzeit from €4.90 and tarte flambée from €5.50.


Der Bräuwerck Biergarten
  • 19 Brauerei-Gasthof Schnupp, Altdrossenfeld 8, 95512 Neudrossenfeld), +49 9203 9920, fax: +49 9203 992-50, . 07:00-23:00, hot food: 11:30-13:45 and 17:30-21:00; closed F. Brewery, distillery and hotel, first mentioned in 1398.
  • 77 Drossenfelder Bräuwerck, Marktplatz 2a, 95512 Neudrossenfeld, +49 9203 9736-515. 11:00-23:00 daily. The brewery area under monument protection in the centre of Neudrossenfeld has been extensively renovated. It has an inn with a beer garden. Main dishes from €10.

Neuhaus an der Pegnitz[edit]

Brewer's star at Hombauer

Since the early middle ages there has been a communal charter in the municipality which is still used today. Brewed in the common brewery house. The commissions have not always opened, only one of the three communes alternates, the traditional six-breasted brewer's star, the brewer's sign, is used as a sign.

  • 78 Familie Benaburger ("Prunhuber"), Unterer Markt 17, +49 9156 1676.
  • 79 Familie Döth ("Schaffer"), Burgstr. 4, +49 9156 1056.
  • 80 Familie Reindl ("Hombauer"), Unterer Markt 3, +49 9156 1425.


In the past, beer was brewed only in the cold months, because the beer did not hold up well in the summer heat. In Pegnitz in 1728 an agreement was made, and 1852 precisely defined that during the summer months usually the authorization to the pubs change from week to week. This was called Flinderer. Today it is alternated weekly, from Tuesday to Easter until June, in various Pegnitz restaurants. The exact dates can be found on the homepage of the city. To complement the Flinderer Starkbier, try favorite local dishes such as liver and blood sausages, white and red head cheese, aspics, boiled pork belly, bratwurst, roasted or sour in the onion soup, ribs, horseradish and roast pork with dumplings.

  • 1 Brauer-Vereinigung Pegnitz GmbH, Am Buchauer Berg 4, 91257 Pegnitz, +49 9241 4839937. Brewery Böheim Hell, Böheim Pils, Böheim Altfränkisch (Landbier), Böheim Hefeweizen, Böheim Flinderer beer, Böheim Christmas festivities around November and Böheim Bock in December. The beers are served in and around Pegnitz in the restaurants.
  • 81 Jura-Bräu Privatbrauerei, Am Buchauer Berg 8-10, 91257 Pegnitz, +49 9241 2019. Helles, Pils, amber colored Unfiltered Zwick`l, dark Anno 1900 and Flinderer. The beers are served in and around Pegnitz in the restaurants.
  • 82 Brauerei Herold, Marktstr. 29, 91257 Büchenbach/Pegnitz, +49 9241 3311. Daily 09:00-14:00, closed Tuesday. Self-brewed Beck'n beer and also specialties like Maibock and Weihnachtsbock. Homemade specialties from their own slaughter and also self-grown potatoes. On Wednesdays and Saturdays there is homemade bread, cakes and salt sticks.
  • 83 Brauerei Gradl, Leups 6, 91257 Pegnitz, +49 9246 247, . Daily from 09:00, Tuesday closed. Dark dark from the wooden barrel and homemade brotzeit. Barn festival is in July and parish fair on the first Sunday in September.


  • 84 Brauerei Hennemann, Sambach 33, 96178 Pommersfelden, +49 9502 4307. Th-Su from 11:30. Located in the district of Sambach, with a beer garden, Franconian specialties and homemade fruit schnapps. From October to spring salt water meat with beets fermented by lactic acid fermentation.


  • 85 Brauerei Hufeisen, Hauptstr. 36 - 38, 91278 Pottenstein, +49 9243 260. Franconian cuisine and brotzeit. Treberbrot (spent grain bread) is baked on days when brewed.
  • 20 Brauerei Mager, Hauptstraße 17, 91278 Pottenstein, +49 9243 333. Franconian cuisine and brotzeit, overnight accommodation. Roast from €8.
  • 86 Bruckmayers Urbräu, Nürnberger Str. 10, 91278 Pottenstein, +49 9243-700167. An inn with a historic ambiance, housed in the buildings of the former brewery Wagner with traditional appliances and brewing equipment. Brewery viewing Apr-Oct: W F from 17:00. Small meals from €5.


  • 87 Brauerei-Gasthaus Nikl-Bräu, Egloffsteiner Str. 19, 91362 Pretzfeld, +49 9194 725025. From 09.30 through warm food until 20:00. Brewery visits are possible by prior appointment. Fränkische cuisine and brotzeit, every Sunday Schäuferla and various Franconian roasts and homemade cakes and tarts. Schnitzel €8.60.
  • 21 Brauerei-Gasthaus Meister, Unterzaunsbach 8, 91362 Pretzfeld (Ortsteil Unterzaunsbach), +49 9194 9126. F-M W from 17:00; closed Tu Th. On the rest of the day, there is a filled refrigerator in the courtyard, opposite the beer garden, for thirsty people.
  • 88 Brauereigasthof Penning-Zeissler, Hetzelsdorf 9, 91362 Pretzfeld, +49 9194 252. W-F 15:00-21:00, Sa Su holidays 10:00-22:00, closed M Tu. 9.2.2017


  • 89 Brauerei Gasthof Schroll, Hauptstraße 38, 96182 Reckendorf, +49 9544 20338. Daily from 09:00; closed Th. Quaint inn in the town center. The most popular beer of the brewery is the Urtrunk and at Christmas and the fasting time a Bockbier is brewed.
  • 90 Gasthaus Schloßbräu, Mühlweg 8, 96182 Reckendorf, +49 9544 94950. M Th-Sa 10:00-13:30 and from 16:00, W only from 16:00, Su holidays from 09:30; closed Tu. Carp from own breeding and own butchery.
Information about the brewery



  • 23 Brauerei-Gasthof Hartmann, Fränkische-Schweiz-Str. 26, 96110 Schesslitz-Würgau, +49 9542 920300. W-M 08:00-00:00, closed Tu. Daily changing menu with Franconian cuisine and game specialties from our hunting.
  • 91 Brauerei Drei Kronen, Hauptstraße 39, 96110 Scheßlitz, +49 9542 1564. Th-Tu 09:30 to 13:00 and from 17:00; closed Wednesday. Brewery since 1749, in the sixth generation. On the 2nd Friday after Ash Wednesday the wheat bock beer is punched, rye beer is available from 23 April-December, church festive beer from July + Aug, and Bockbier Nov + Dec.
  • 92 Brauerei Hoh, Köttensdorf 4, 96110 Scheßlitz, +49 9542 627, . M-F from 15:30; Sa Su holidays from 15:00; closed W. Brewing since 1775, dark lager


  • 93 Stern-Bräu Brauerei Scheubel, Kirchplatz 12, 96132 Schlüsselfeld, +49 9552 320. All year from 09:00, M closed. Brewery inn next to the church. Franconian cuisine, unfiltered beer.
  • 94 Schwarzer Adler, Marktplatz 6, 96132 Schlüsselfeld, +49 9552 359. The inn with brewery was first mentioned in 1811.
  • 95 Braumanufaktur Hertl, Thüngfeld 61 96132 Schlüsselfeld, +49 9552 981028. Special beers, Indian Pale Ale, bearded beers. No inn, only beer sale, visits and seminars.
  • 96 Scheubel-Keller, Am Weinberg 1, 96132 Schlüsselfeld, +49 9552 6673. Open in summer with nice weather. Beer cellar under old trees with playground and parking lots. No hot dishes, only snacks.


The 97 Kommunbrauhaus of Seßlach. is unique in its wide surroundings. It is brewed with the simplest methods, the right to brew exists since 1335. On "Fasstag" (barrel day) housebrewers come to collect their beer quantities in suitable vessels, such as drums, glass balloons, and canisters.

It is not long since the beer for the Reinwand Inn was still carried in vats across the Maximilian square. Today it is brought hygienically over a pipe from the Kommunbrauhaus to the inn, where it can ferment and mature in the vaulted cellar.

  • 98 Gasthof Reinwand, Maximiliansplatz 99, 96145 Seßlach, +49 9569 304. Daily 09:00-midnight, d closed. Franconian cuisine and beer brewed in the municipal Kommunbrauhaus. Main courses from €5.
  • 99 Landgasthof Roter Ochse, Maximiliansplatz 95, 96145 Seßlach, +49 9569 1220. Tu W F-Su 11:00-14:30 and 16:30-00:00, closed M Th. The inn was mentioned for the first time in 1620. There is Franconian cuisine and beer brewed in the municipal Kommunbrauhaus.


Brotzeit from the brewery Konrad Will
  • 99 Brauerei Konrad Will, Haus Nr. 19, 96187 Schederndorf/Stadelhofen, +49 9504 262. M W-F 11:00-midnight; Sa Su 10:00-00:00, closed Tu. An excursion destination also from the wider surroundings. Beer garden and inn are always crowded. The beer is tasty and the brotzeits are sumptuous, at unbeatable prices. You should definitely try the "Ziebeleskäs", a piquant quark. The boss is Ferrarista, so there is every Formula 1 race live on a big screen at any time of day.
  • 99 Hübner Bräu, Steinfeld 69, 96187 Stadelhofen, +49 9207 259. Daily from 08:00-23:00, closed Th except in the spring at Taubenmarkt, then it is F. Jan-Apr pigeon markets are held every Th to exchange pigeons or other things and there are raffles. The beer garden is open from Apr-Oct.
  • 99 Gasthof Lindner, Steinfeld 56, 96187 Stadelhofen, +49 9207 275. Tu-Su 11:00-13:00, closed M. From 1755 to 1955 beer was brewed in the inn, the brewery was demolished. The innkeeper continue brewing the beer in another brewery according to tradition. In the in-house distillery a variety of schnapps are offered. In the summer months there is a partially covered beer garden with 200 seats.


  • 99 Brauerei Müller, Würzburger Straße 1, 96135 Debring, +49 951 290836. Tu-Su 11:00-14:00 and from 16:30, Th from 16:30; Su and public holidays from 09:30; closed on M, on holidays, then on Tu.
  • 99 Mühlenbräu, Brückenstraße 19, 96135 Stegaurach-Mühlendorf, +49 951 29119. M from 16:00; W-Su from 11:00; Tu closed. Brewery with its own carp breeding.
  • 6 Hausbräu Stegaurach, Ruhlstraße 6, 96135 Stegaurach, +49 951 299709. M-Sa 08:00-20:00. In 2001, the master brewer and malt master became self-employed and founded the Hausbräu Stegaurach. The range includes lager beer, pils, smoked beer, black beer, wheat and from October to Christmas Oktoberbock and wheat Bock beer.


Der Schwanenkeller in Strullendorf
  • 99 Brauerei-Gasthaus Sauer, Sutte 5, 96129 Roßdorf a. F, +49 9543 1578. Tu-Su hot food 11:30-14:00 and 16:00-21:00, closed M. Franconian cuisine, in the summer beer garden. Self-brewed Pils, unfiltered, yeast-thick Urbräu, yeast white beer, brown beer and seasonally a bright, tasty Rossdorfer Bock beer.
  • 99 Brauerei Griess, Magdalenenstr. 6, 96129 Geisfeld, +49 9505 1624. M Tu Th F 15:00-22:00, Sa Su 10:00-22:00, closed W. Franconian cuisine, in the summer beer garden. Specialties Ziebeleskäse (fresh cheese), garlic cheese and Zwetschgenbames. At Christmas time, there is Bockbier.
  • 99 Brauerei Krug, Alte Dorfstraße 11, 96129 Geisfeld, +49 9505 484. M W-F from 16:00, Sa from 14:00, Su holidays 10:15 after the mass at the church, closed Tu. Beer garden in the summer. There are brotzeit and alternating one sort of tap beer, no bottled beer.
  • 99 Griess-Keller, In Geisfeld abbiegen, ist ausgeschildert, dann weiter bis zum Parkplatz., +49 171 7927315. M-Sa 16:30-23:00, Su holidays 14:00-23:00, closed in bad weather. On the menu are brotzeit and pizzas. Sometimes Fridays (see homepage) additionally grilled trout and mackerel. On Saturdays there is hot food and Sunday coffee with homemade cakes. Occasionally, there is also live music.


  • 99 Brauerei Haberstumpf, Bergstraße31, 95367 Trebgast, +49 9227 351. The Bräustadl regularly hosts events, often with live music. A visit to the brewery is also possible after registration.


Goat roast to the church consecration
  • 24 Brauerei-Gasthof Kundmüller, Weiher 13, 96191 Viereth-Trunstadt, +49 9503 4338. Daily from 09:00, W closed. The inn is a former hunting lodge, including the brewery, the beer garden, the distillery, the guest house and a small farm. The beers of the brewery have also received many awards including European champion titles. Drafting of the Maibock beer the 4th weekend in April and drafting of the Bock beer at the 3rd weekend in October
  • 25 Brauerei-Gasthof Mainlust, Hauptstraße 9, 96191 Viereth-Trunstadt, +49 9503 7444. closed F. Brewery inn with beer garden, Franconian cuisine and accommodation facilities.


Brauerei Krug: Schnitzel mit Kartoffelsalat
  • 26 Brauerei Krug, Breitenlesau 1 b, 91344 Waischenfeld, +49 9202 535. Tu-Su 08:00-00:00, closed n. The inn is a destination for guests from a wide area. No matter what day of the week and what time of day you come, there are always so many guests that you have to look for a place. The specialty is the schnitzel with potato salad, but also the other dishes are recommended. For a schnitzel and a self-brewed beer you can still get under €10. Dark lager beer, Urstoff, Pilsner, Weisse, Dark beer and Gaas-Seidla, a beer mixed drink from lager beer, cola and Kirschdessert wine with approx. 2.8% alc
  • 99 Brauerei Schroll, Nankendorf 41, 91344 Waischenfeld, +49 9204 248. 09:00-23:00; closed Tu. Brewery tours on request. Landbier, Helles, from November to Easter Bockbier


  • 7 Brauerei Hütten, Hütten 6-8, 95485 Warmensteinach, +49 9277 312. A brewery tour takes place every Thursday at 14:30. Registration with Touristinfo Warmensteinach +49 9277 1401. There is no brewery restaurant, but you can try the beers in the inns and buy them in the markets.


The two breweries are directly opposite the street.

  • 99 Brauerei Hübner, Hauptstraße 28, 96196 Wattendorf, +49 9504 207. Tu Th F Su 11:30-23:00; M Sa from 16:00; W closed. An unfiltered Pils and an amber colored lager beer are brewed. There is Franconian cuisine from its own slaughter, on Sunday roasts.
  • 99 Brauerei Dremel, Hauptstraße 21, 96196 Wattendorf, +49 9504 271. W-Sa from 16:00; Su holidays from 10:00, lunch is served from 11:30; closed M Tu. A bright and dark unfiltered Zwicklbier and a white beer are brewed, besides, there are different Schnaps- and liqueur varieties from own production. There is Franconian cuisine and brotzeit from own production.


  • 8 Gampertbräu, Braustrasse 2 - 4, 96369 Weißenbrunn / Kronach, +49 9261 60330. The brewery does not have its own inn, the beers are served in the local restaurants.


Klosterbrauerei Weißenohe

The [1] is a brewery trail with about 19 km long to the five private breweries in the communities of Gräfenberg and Weißenohe.

  • 99 Wirtshaus Klosterbrauerei, Klosterstraße 20, 91367 Weißenohe, +49 9192 6357. 15 Apr-31 Oct: W-Su from 11:00, closed M Tu except on holidays; 1 Nov-14 Apr: Th F from 17:00, Sa Su from 11:00, closed M-W. Franconian cuisine, in the summer beer garden. Hemp beer, ginger light beer. An old monastery, founded in 1058, beer production for almost 1000 years.


  • 9 Brauerei Michael, Kirchenlamitzer Str. 66, 95163 Weißenstadt, +49 9253 265. M-Th 09:00-12:00 and 14:00-17:30, F 09:00-17:30, Sa 08:30-12:00. There is a selection of unusual beer varieties, such as rye beer, Indian pale ale or Polaris winter beer with a light glacier ice flavor or Autumn beer Mandarin with pronounced citrus aromas.


  • 10 Püls-Bräu, Burgkunstadter Str. 41 - 43, 96260 Weismain, +49 95 75 92 29 - 0. Tu-F 08:00-12:00 and 13:30-18:00; Sa 08:00-12:00.. Brewery, without own inn, but you can buy beer. The drink market is located on the Festungsweg 2a, in Weismain, in the yard of the restaurant Obendorfer (see below).
  • 99 Brauereigasthof Obendorfer, Festungsweg 2, 96260 Weismain, +49 9575 207. Tu 16:30-22:30, W-F 10:00-14:30 and 16:30-22:30, Sa 15:00-22:30, Su 09:30-14:00 and 16:30-22:30. They let brew their beer at the brewery Püls Bräu according to their own recipe.


  • 27 Bräustübl, Brunnenstraße 10, 95632 Wunsiedel-Schönbrunn, +49 9232 2813. Daily 09:00-00:00, closed Th; hot food from 11:00-14:00 and from 17:00-21:00. Over 200-year-old brewery gasthof of the brewery Lang, with Franconian cuisine and changing daily menu from own slaughter. Specialty is a "Schlachtschüssel", meats and sausages from freshly slaughtered pig. There are also 10 cheap beds for overnight stays.

Lower Franconia[edit]

While wine has historically been more prominent in this area, beer is brewed here as well.


Bad Kissingen[edit]

Wittelsbacher Turm Bräu

Bad Neustadt[edit]

  • 11 Karmeliter Bräu, Ludwig-Elsbett-Straße 5-7, 97616 Salz bei Bad Neustadt (im Ortsteil Salz), +49 9771 1323. Former monastery brewery founded in 1348 and thus one of the oldest still existing breweries of Bavaria, since 1923 as a family enterprise led: breeds Pils, Helles, Dunkles, Märzen and Radler. The brewery farm was moved to the district Salz, brewery sightings only on request, brewery inn is the Rathschenke in the town centre.
    • 4 Rathschenke, Roßmarktstraße 36, 97616 Bad Neustadt an der Saale, +49 9771 2692. Good home cooking, fish dishes


  • 5 Brauereigasthof Weinig, Rügshöfer Straße 5, 97447 Gerolzhofen, +49 9382 1024. May-Dec: daily 09:00-13:00; Jan-Apr: closed F. Traditional Franconian cuisine, house slaughter, own beers, beer garden. Bock beer from Christmas to May


  • Eder & Heylands Brauerei. The Eder brewery now owner of the Aschaffenburg Heylands and Schlappeseppel brands as well as Bavaria Weizenbier. Export and Pils under the names Eder and Heylands (Q15906231) on Wikidata

Hausen (Rhön)[edit]

  • 6 Rother Bräu, Birkenweg 2, 97647 Roth v. d. Rhön, +49 9779 81010. Locally oriented family brewery, organic beers, mixers and sodas are produced. Brewery view every Monday at 11:00. Öko Bier & Apfel, organic beer and apple, is a mixture of 65% beer organic drink and 35% apple juice from biologically controlled cultivation, alcohol 3.1% vol.

Hofheim (Unterfranken)[edit]

  • 7 Privatbrauerei Raab, Johannisstraße 9 - 11, 97461 Hofheim/Ufr., +49 9523 9527-0. Eight beer varieties are brewed, specialties are Kellerbier, lager beer and the Vulkanbier


Beer garden in front of the monastery

28 Klostergaststätte, Klosterbrauerei Kreuzberg, Kreuzberg 2; 97653 Bischofsheim/Rhön, +49 9772 9124 - 0, fax: -45. Daily 08:00-20:00, until 21:00 deposit back. The Klosterbrauerei brews only for the serving in the monastery and for the direct sale. The Kreuzberg beer is probably for many the most important attraction in the monastery. It is brewed with a little more of the original wort and tastes best in its kind on the Kreuzberg itself. The kitchen offers hearty Franconian and Bavarian dishes. The traditional brotzeit to one Maß (one litre) of Kreuzberg beer is the portion cheese, but there are also more cold and hot food, the portions are certainly more than adequate, the prices but still quite cheap. On nice days (especially in late summer and early autumn), the monastery restaurant is often crowded in the afternoon. Before the drinks and the food issue long queues form, and the seats are scarce. Weather permitting beer garden. On Sundays and public holidays during the main worship services. The monastery is closed from the end of October until shortly before Christmas. Accommodation in the monastery is possible.

Lohr am Main[edit]

  • 8 Keiler Brauhaus, Alfred-Stumpf-Straße 2, 97816 Lohr am Main, +49 9352 7328, . W-M 10:00-00:00 (through warm kitchen); closed Tu. Variety of beer specialties, cuisine with many regional specialties. Every first Thursday of the month you can watch the brew.


  • 29 Brauerei-Gaststätte Hartleb (Zum grünen Baum), Herrenstraße 9, 96126 Maroldsweisach (in town centre), +49 9532 240. The beer brewed in the brewery is an unfiltered land beer, which is also bottled and brought to bear. In addition, there are low-priced typical Franconian cuisine.



  • 9 Pax Bräu (Brauerei), Rathgeberstr. 7, 97656 Oberelsbach (Near the church, in the center), +49 178 80 68 958. A one-man brewery established in 2007. Breweries are made from whiskey malt and smoked malt as well as wheat beer, both of which are made from organic raw materials. The beer is sold in the one-liter bottle. Brewery visits on request.

Ostheim vor der Rhön[edit]

  • 10 Ostheimer Bürgerbräu, Nordheimer Straße 14, 97645 Ostheim vor der Rhön, +49 9777 9101-0. The brewery produces Pils and Schwarzer Peter (dark beer), it was threatened by bankruptcy in the middle of the 1990s, the rescue brought the invention of the Bionade:
In 1995, after many years of cooking, Dipl.-Braumeister Dieter Leipold introduced the system of the lemonade made according to the principle of brewing. The sugar is converted into gluconic acid instead of by fermentation in alcohol by a (secret) fermentation process. The purely biological method of production was the prelude to the triumph of the Bionade as a non-alcoholic modern refreshment drink; It is made in the flavors of elderberry, lychee, herbs and ginger orange. Today the Radeberger Group produces the modern shower head. Further
  • 11 Streck Bräu, Ludwig-Jahn-Straße 11, 97645 Ostheim vor der Rhön (at the north-western edge of the town towards Oberwald), +49 9777 9265. The brewery Streck has existed since 1718 and produces pils, light, wheat, dark, export, organic beer, three beer mixes and several sodas. In the shop, there are articles about the beer. Brewery visits on Wednesday at 14:00 in the courtyard of the brewery, at the latest on the previous day, advance registration required.

Saal an der Saale[edit]

  • 12 Brauerei Lang, Charlotte-von-Kalb-Straße 13, 97633 Waltershausen, +49 9762 92 92. W-F from 17:00; Sa from 14:00; Su from 10:00. The only brewery in the area Grabfeld. Brewed is Pils, yeast wheat, Lager, Bock and special beers like the dark "Franconian copper beer". Brewery tours by arrangement. There is Franconian cuisine in the inn.


  • 13 Homburger Bräuscheuere, Zeller Tor 6, 97855 Triefenstein, +49 9395 876882. W-Sa 17:30-00:00; Su holidays 11:30-23:00. Natural truffles Kellerbier, white beer, Pils, seasonal beers.


  • 30 Brauereigasthof Werneck, Schönbornstraße 2, 97440 Werneck, +49 9722 9108-0, fax: +49 9722 9108-10, . Daily 11:00-13:00 (hot meals served M-Sa 12:00-21:00, Su 11:00-21:00). The brewery restaurant with Franconian cuisine and beer garden has guest rooms and a secure place for bicycles. Single room from €49, double bedroom from €78.

Würzburg [edit]

  • 14 Würzburger Hofbräu Keller, Jägerstraße 17; 97082 Würzburg, +49 931 4 29 70. Open daily 10:00-22:00, hot meals 11:00-22:00, until 23:00 snacks. Directly at the brewery of the Würzburger Hofbräu. Good food at reasonable prices, in summer even in a beautiful beer garden.

Zeil am Main[edit]

Craftbeer of Göller

Middle Franconia[edit]


  • 1 Kitzmann BräuSchänke, Südliche Stadtmauerstraße 25, 91054 Erlangen, +49 9131 810833. Daily 10:00-00:00. Brewery inn with Franconian cuisine and beer garden. All day hot food. Main courses from €8.
  • 2 Steinbach Bräu, Vierzigmannstraße 4. daily 17:00-24:00.


  • 12 Schorschbräu, Oberasbach 16a, 91710 Gunzenhausen, +49 9831 883250. The small brewery holds the world record with a beer with 57%. If you want to buy one of the special beers from 13% to 43% alcohol content, this cannot be done directly at the brewery but at 13 Edeka Höfler

Lauf an der Pegnitz[edit]

  • 14 Brauerei Simon, Heroldstrasse 12, 91207 Lauf a. d. Pegnitz, +49 9123 23 23. There is no brewery. They brew chestnut-brown white beer, special Vollbier, Helles, or the Schwarze Kuni, the dark wheat buck
  • 3 Brauerei Gasthof Wiethaler, Welserpl. 6, 91207 Lauf an der Pegnitz, +49 9126 5460. Inn: Tu from 17:00; W-Su 11:00-23:00; closed M. Braustüberl: M W-F 17:00-23:00; Sa Su holidays 11:00-14:00 and 17:00-23:00; Brewery pick-up market: M-F 07:00-12:00 and 13:00-18:00; Sa 08:00-13:00.

Neustadt an der Aisch[edit]

  • 31 Gasthof Kohlenmühle, Bamberger Straße 53, 91413 Neustadt an der Aisch, +49 9161 662270, fax: +49 9161 6622777, . Daily 11:00-24:00; closed M. Directly by bike path. House brewery, bakery, beer garden, 12 rooms with shower and WC


Gastraum im Barfüßer
  • 4 Brauerei Barfüßer, Hallplatz 2, 90402 Nürnberg, +49 911 204242. Daily 11:00-14:00. In medieval cellars with over 600 seats. A natural, unfiltered beer is brewed in the copper brewery according to the German purity law.
  • 5 Hausbrauerei Altstadthof, Bergstraße 19, 90403 Nürnberg, +49 911 2449859. Su-Th 11:00-midnight; F Sa until 01:00. Since 1984, beer has been brewed by hand, all raw materials come from organic cultivation. The restaurant offers Franconian cuisine.
  • 6 Lederer Kulturbrauerei, Sielstraße 12, 90429 Nürnberg, +49 911 80100. Quaint ambience with steam engine and crocodile on the ceiling and large beer garden with old trees.
  • 7 Bierwerk Charakterbierbar, Unschlittplatz 9, 90403 Nürnberg, +49 911 47892114. W Th 18:00-24:00; F Sa 18:00-02:00; on days before holidays from 18:00; closed Su-Tu. 12 constantly changing beers from the barrel, about 200 bottle beers, own house beers, Frankish brotzeit.
  • 15 Bier Kontor, An der Mauthalle 2, 90402 Nürnberg, +49 911 12032903. Tu-Sa 11:00-14:00 and 14:30-19:00. Around 350 bottle beers from all over the world. Every Th 17:00-18:30 there is a beer enjoyment seminar, about 1 hour, €3/person


  • 8 Brauerei Enzensteiner, Enzenreuth 8, 91220 Schnaittach, +49 9153 92 47 33. F 11:00-21:00; Sa Su holidays 10:00-21:00; beer garden Mar-Oct. Since 1998 two to three times a month a beer is brewed according to own recipes.
  • 16 Brauerei Kanone, Brückenstraße 1a, 91220 Schnaittach, +49 9153 366. There is no brewery inn. Who is in Schnaittach should try the beer.
  • 17 Brauerei Schaffer, Badstraße 5, 91220 Schnaittach, +49 9153 253. The brewery abandoned the operation in 2009-10, but the Pilsner is still in beverage markets, brewed is now somewhere else.


  • 9 Stadtbrauerei Spalt, Brauereigasse 3, 91174 Spalt, +49 9175 7961 0. The Stadtbrauerei is the last municipal brewery in Germany, with 5,100 brewery owners, the citizens of Spalt and the mayor is the managing director. Guided tours are offered from 20 people. The beers are brewed with cleavage aromas and served in the restaurants in and around Spalt.

Weißenburg in Bayern[edit]

  • 10 Bräustüberl Zur Kanne, Bachgasse 15, 91781 Weißenburg, +49 9141 3844. Tu-Su 10:30-14:00 and 17:30-00:00, closed M. This inn could also be among sights; the guest room is essentially in the state of 1890.
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