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I took this out of the Do section, as I don't think it should go there, but I can't think where else to put it in the guide - possibly because it probably shouldn't be in a travel guide... -- (WT-en) Tim (writeme!) 04:01, 29 May 2007 (EDT)

===Conference Centers===
*Baku Business Center (Baku Biznes Mərkəzi, Denizkenari Milli Park (bulvar)) tel: 994 012 4-97-3240; fax: 994 012 4-97-3180; e-mail: 
This building has been in use since 2 February 2004 with exhibition halls equaling nearly 1,100 square meters.  This building has conference rooms 

equipped with projectors and a speaker system and a meeting hall with a 80 person capacity and conference hall with a 130 person capacity.

Pictures in the Japanese Version[edit]

Guys, can you try to shift the pictures to wikivoyage Shared? The Japanese version needs the pictures from the English version. (WT-en) Cupcakecommander 01:57, 23 July 2007 (EDT)


This is a Guide and will eventually be a good dotm. However, this article clearly needs updating, as for example there is a summer train schedule from 2010. I've started copy editing, but we need to do more than just copy edit this article to prepare it for a dotm nomination. I haven't read through the whole article yet. What else does it need? Ikan Kekek (talk) 10:02, 23 March 2015 (UTC)

Get in[edit]

All ! Can you please check data of vessels arriving to Baku ? I am sure that vessels from/to Kazakhstan and Turkmenistan serve by Port Alat. -Ismail Khatai-~~13:02, 10.09.2016~~

The vessles to KAZ are still elaving from Alat, which is a huge pain to get into. -willthewanderer


All ! Map of Baku and Absheron need to be developed ! Can anyone join the project ? I will provide all necessary information for the map


Could someone add any descriptions of the bars in the city, just having a list and a phone number isn't particularly usefull. google could do that for you and we arn't the yellow pages, are any of these recomended?

also the Old city is just a wall of text, the maiden tower section is writen like war and peace; yet many other listing lack and description at all.

smells likea well meaning but half finished job from a tourism professional.

Hi, willthewanderer. Remember this is a free travel guide that anyone can edit, including you. You are very welcome to make changes to this article as you see fit. Probably best if you create an account, though that is not compulsory. Hope to see you implementing your suggestions soon. Best wishes, ThunderingTyphoons! (talk) 18:34, 28 November 2017 (UTC)

Alternative banner for this article?[edit]

Banner currently used in this article
Suggested new alternative banner
More recent panorama with landmarks

I created a new alternative banner for this article (I initially created it first and foremost so that it would be used at the top of the parallel article in the Hebrew edition of Wikivoyage, yet I later decided to also suggest that the English Wikivoyage community would consider using it here as well). So, which banner do you prefer having at the top of this article? ויקיג'אנקי (talk) 08:28, 13 September 2018 (UTC)

The current one with the blue sky. Ikan Kekek (talk) 09:51, 13 September 2018 (UTC)
Top one is better to me. It's a bit clearer. ChubbyWimbus (talk) 12:01, 13 September 2018 (UTC)

* Current banner. --Comment by Selfie City (talk about my contributions) 14:35, 13 September 2018 (UTC)

Also prefers the top. OhanaUnitedTalk page 22:28, 13 September 2018 (UTC)
  • These banners (both) are awful to represent Baku. They are old and look like any other large city and not like Baku.
I added an additional proposal that also includes some landmark buildings.
How about it? Cheers Ceever (talk) 11:14, 16 December 2019 (UTC)
See how Ceever's banner looks in situ here: User:ThunderingTyphoons!/sandbox/Banners. It looks a bit empty to me, possibly because the city name obscures two of the landmarks, but if you think it represents Baku better, I can support it over a generic skyline shot.--ThunderingTyphoons! (talk) 14:11, 22 December 2019 (UTC)
  • The first two are, I agree, generic. Ceever's banner, despite its faults is distinctive. That would be my choice, followed by the current one. Ground Zero (talk) 14:20, 22 December 2019 (UTC)
  • My favorite is now #3. --Comment by Selfie City (talk | contributions) 14:28, 22 December 2019 (UTC)
I have changed to the new banner per the current consensus. --Comment by Selfie City (talk | contributions) 17:07, 22 December 2019 (UTC)

A Commons file used on this page has been nominated for deletion[edit]

The following Wikimedia Commons file used on this page has been nominated for deletion:

Participate in the deletion discussion at the nomination page. —Community Tech bot (talk) 05:36, 15 December 2019 (UTC)

Seems to be a clear case: freedom of panorama on architecture is restricted to non-commercial use and when the work (building) is not the main feature of the image. We should decide whether we want it uploaded locally as fair use, preferably before it gets deleted. --LPfi (talk) 18:34, 22 December 2019 (UTC)
There may be the same or similar problems with a few other images used in the article – including the new banner. --LPfi (talk) 18:37, 22 December 2019 (UTC)