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This is a Wikivoyage user page.

This page describes an effort by Wauteurz to give the Netherlands a 7+2-compatible subdivision. Listings with a flag in front of them (i.e. Assen Assen) are municipalities as they exist in the Netherlands. Strike-through municipalities will cease to exist in the future (i.e. Rijnwaarden Rijnwaarden). The first table in every section shows an overview of the current municipalities. The second row shows notes about these municipalities, such as a future merge with other municipalities or the municipality being listed under another name in the Wikivoyage hierarchy.

The second table shows a proposed 7+2-compatible subdivision.

  • If there are two rows (example: #Friesland, the left row will show the name of the page on Wikivoyage, while the right row will show what municipalities are included.
  • Should there be three rows (example: #Limburg, the left row will show the name of the subregion, the middle one showing the page name on Wikivoyage, with the right one showing what municipalities are included.
  • If a subdivision or destination has a tick (Yes), then that article is already fit for the reorganised 7+2-compatible division.

Expect static or dynamic maps in the future to visualize the subdivisions.

As of December 2017, only Groningen and Flevoland are fully covered in Wikivoyage's hierarchy.

Note that this subdivision is not permanent. Wikivoyage's hierarchy is dynamic, and may be subject to change at any time.


Travel Warning WARNING: The following divisions listed in tables are going to be replaced by dynamic maps. Updated versions of the subdivisions in the tables below may exist as a dynamic map.


Possible 7+2 division.
Brabantse Wal Bergen op Zoom Bergen op Zoom Bergen op Zoom
Woensdrecht Woensdrecht
Roosendaal Roosendaal Roosendaal
Rucphen Rucphen
Steenbergen-Moerdijk Steenbergen Steenbergen
Moerdijk Moerdijk}
Halderberge Halderberge
Zundert Zundert Zundert
A) Kempenland
B) Toxandria
Yes Baarle Baarle-Nassau Baarle-Nassau
Hilvarenbeek-Oirschot Hilvarenbeek Hilvarenbeek
Oirschot Oirschot
Veldhoven Eersel Eersel
Veldhoven Veldhoven
Eindhoven Eindhoven Eindhoven
Waalre Waalre
Valkenswaard Bergeijk Bergeijk
Valkenswaard Valkenswaard
Bladel-De Mierden Bladel Bladel
Reusel-De Mierden Reusel-De Mierden
Brabantse Peel Land van Cuijk Grave Grave
Cuijk Cuijk
Mill en Sint Hubert Mill en Sint Hubert
Uden Uden Uden
Landerd Landerd
Boekel en Bakel Boekel Boekel
Gemert-Bakel Gemert-Bakel
Helmond Helmond Helmond
Laarbeek Laarbeek
Nuenen, Gerwen en Nederwetten Nuenen c.a.
Westpeel Geldrop-Mierlo Geldrop-Mierlo
Heeze-Leende Heeze-Leende
Cranendonck Cranendonck
Oostpeel Someren Someren
Asten Asten
Deurne Deurne
Boxmeer Boxmeer Boxmeer
Sint Anthonis Sint Anthonis
Midden-Brabant Altena Aalburg Aalburg
Werkendam Werkendam
Woudrichem Woudrichem
Tilburg Tilburg Tilburg
Goirle Goirle
Oisterwijk Oisterwijk
Breda Breda Breda
Etten-Leur Etten-Leur
Land van Heusden Heusden Heusden
Vught Vught
Haaren Haaren
Land van Alphen Alphen-Chaam Alphen-Chaam
Gilze en Rijen Gilze en Rijen
Oosterhout Oosterhout Oosterhout
Drimmelen Drimmelen
Langstraat Waalwijk Waalwijk
Geertruidenberg Geertruidenberg
Dongen Dongen
Loon op Zand Loon op Zand
Maasland Yes Oss Oss Oss
's-Hertogenbosch 's-Hertogenbosch 's-Hertogenbosch
Maasdonk Maasdonk
Boxtel en Oederode Boxtel Boxtel
Sint-Oedenrode Sint-Oedenrode
Best en Breugel Best Best
Son en Breugel Son en Breugel
Veghel Veghel Veghel
Bernheze Bernheze
Michielsgestellerland Sint-Michielsgestel Sint-Michielsgestel
Schijndel Schijndel


77% Progress bar 80.svg
(10 of 13)
Existing municipalities Notes
Borsele Borsele
Goes Goes
Hulst Hulst Consists of Saeftinghe.
Kapelle Kapelle
Middelburg Middelburg Listed as Middelburg (Zeeland).
Noord-Beveland Noord-Beveland
Reimerswaal Reimerswaal
Schouwen-Duiveland Schouwen-Duiveland Also includes Zierikzee.
Sluis Sluis
Terneuzen Terneuzen
Tholen Tholen
Veere Veere Also includes Westkapelle.
Vlissingen Vlissingen
Possible 7+2 division.
Zeeuws-Vlaanderen Yes Sluis Sluis Sluis
Yes Terneuzen Terneuzen Terneuzen
Hulst Hulst Hulst
Yes Saeftinghe Hulst Hulst (Partly)
Beveland Westkapelle Veere Veere
Merge Veere into Westkapelle.
Yes Noord-Beveland Noord-Beveland Noord-Beveland
Yes Middelburg Middelburg Middelburg
Yes Vlissingen Vlissingen Vlissingen
Borsele Borsele Borsele
Yes Goes Goes Goes
Reimerswaal Reimerswaal Reimerswaal
Kapelle Kapelle
Bottom-level regions Yes Tholen Tholen Tholen
Yes Schouwen-Duiveland Schouwen-Duiveland Schouwen-Duiveland


Municipal division of Drenthe
Region list Map
  Aa en Hunze
Aa en Hunze Aa en Hunze
Assen Assen
Borger-Odoorn Borger-Odoorn
Coevorden Coevorden
Emmen Emmen
Includes Hoogeveen Hoogeveen and De Wolden De Wolden
Meppel Meppel
Includes Midden-Drenthe Midden-Drenthe and Westerveld Westerveld,
Westerbork is left as a stand-alone article, listed under Other destinations.
Noordenveld Noordenveld
Tynaarlo Tynaarlo
Division of Drenthe (10 municipal destinations plus Westerbork).


Municipal division of Friesland
Region list Map
Consists of Smallingerland Smallingerland, Tietjerksteradeel Tietjerksteradeel and Achtkarspelen Achtkarspelen
  De Fryske Marren
is onbekend in sjabloon NL-vlag De Fryske Marren
Harlingen Harlingen
Consists of Heerenveen Heerenveen and Opsterland Opsterland
Leeuwarden Leeuwarden
Consists of Dantumadeel Dantumadeel, Dongeradeel Dongeradeel, Ferwerderadeel Ferwerderadeel and Kollumerland en Nieuwkruisland Kollumerland en Nieuwkruisland
Consists of Ooststellingwerf Ooststellingwerf and Weststellingwerf Weststellingwerf
Súdwest-Fryslân Súdwest-Fryslân
Waadhoeke Waadhoeke
Division of Friesland (8 municipal destinations, excluding West Frisian Islands).


Provincial division of Gelderland
Region list Map
Division of Gelderland (5 provincial divisions).


Municipal division of Midden-Gelre
Region list Map
Consists of Arnhem Arnhem and Renkum Renkum
Nijmegen Nijmegen
  Rijk van Nijmegen
Consists of Berg en Dal Berg en Dal and Heumen Heumen
  Rijn en Waal
Consists of Lingewaard Lingewaard and Overbetuwe Overbetuwe
Wageningen Wageningen
Consists of Wijchen Wijchen and Beuningen Beuningen
Division of Midden-Gelre (6 municipal destinations)

Veluwerand / Randmeren[edit]

Municipal division of Veluwerand/Randmeren
Region list Map
Consists of Elburg Elburg and Oldebroek Oldebroek
Ermelo Ermelo
Harderwijk Harderwijk
Nijkerk Nijkerk
  Noordelijk IJsseldal
Consists of Hattem Hattem and Heerde Heerde
Nunspeet Nunspeet
Putten Putten
Division of Veluwerand (7 municipal destinations).


Municipal division of The Veluwe
Region list Map
Apeldoorn Apeldoorn
Barneveld Barneveld
Brummen Brummen
Ede Ede
Epe Epe
  Gelders Arcadië
Consists of Rheden Rheden and Rozendaal Rozendaal
Scherpenzeel Scherpenzeel
Voorst Voorst
Division of Veluwerand (8 municipal destinations).


Provincial division of Limburg
Region list Map
Division of Limburg (2 provincial divisions).

North Limburg[edit]

Provincial division of North Limburg
Region list Map
Consists of Beesel Beesel, Horst aan de Maas Horst aan de Maas and Peel en Maas Peel en Maas
Consists of Echt-Susteren Echt-Susteren, Maasgouw Maasgouw and Roerdalen Roerdalen
Consists of Bergen (Limburg) Bergen (Limburg), Gennep Gennep, Mook en Middelaar Mook en Middelaar and Venray Venray
Roermond Roermond
Venlo Venlo
Consists of Weert Weert, Leudal Leudal and Nederweert Nederweert
Division of North Limburg (6 municipal divisions).

South Limburg[edit]

Provincial division of South Limburg
Region list Map
Division of South Limburg (7 municipal divisions).


Provincial division of Noord-Brabant
Region list Map
Division of North-Brabant (5 provincial divisions).


Municipal division of Noord-Holland
Region list Map
Division of North Holland (7 provincial destinations).


Provincial division of Overijssel
Region list Map
Division of Overijssel (4 provincial divisions).

South Holland[edit]

Municipal division of South-Holland
Region list Map
Division of Zuid-Holland (8 municipal destinations).


Provincial division of Utrecht
Region list Map
Division of Utrecht (4 provincial divisions).