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Welcome to the Arrivals Lounge

The Arrivals Lounge is a place where learners on Wikivoyage can ask questions about the website; in particular, questions about formatting, templates, or any problems or concerns. Experienced users can answer their questions and help them learn more about how to use the website.

To start a new topic, click the button below entitled "Click here to ask a new question", so that the new topic gets added at the bottom of the page, and sign your post by appending four tildes (~~~~). To see the archives, please visit the archive for the month you are looking for. For example, Wikivoyage:Arrivals lounge/Archives/2018/September gets you the archives for September 2018. Archiving is done automatically after one month for a discussion. There is also a page with links to archives; see Wikivoyage:Arrivals lounge/Archives.

Click here to ask a new question

You can also try some other pages for getting information. Press the "expand" button to see more.

  • Our Help, FAQ, and Policies pages.
  • For general questions, the pub is a popular destination.
  • If you have a question or suggestion about a particular article, you may use the article's talk page to keep the discussion associated with that article.
  • If you'd like to draw attention to a comment to get feedback from other Wikivoyagers, you can try Requests for comment.
  • If you are wanting travel advice on a specific matter, you can ask the question at the Tourist Office.
  • If you there is vandalism you need to report, you can go to Vandalism in progress.
  • If you are having a problem that you think has to do with the MediaWiki software, please post that on Phabricator rather than here.
  • If you want to celebrate a significant contribution to Wikivoyage by yourself or others, you can hold a party at Celebrate a contribution.
  • Discuss issues related to more than one language version of Wikivoyage in the Wikivoyage Lounge on Meta.

Offline app[edit]

Is there an offline app to read wikivoyage? —The preceding comment was added by (talkcontribs)

Hi. There is no official offline version of Wikivoyage, however there is provision here to download PDF versions of individual articles, or to create a book from a series of articles of your choice; these are free services, and can be found in the left-hand sidebar on the desktop version, under 'Print/ export'.
There is also at least one app available from the Play store, which you can download for free and which works completely offline. However, it's published by someone external to Wikivoyage, and so we can't guarantee that it is up-to-date or complete compared to the web version of Wikivoyage. Hope this helps, ThunderingTyphoons! (talk) 09:54, 8 October 2020 (UTC)

Can't create user Article for myself[edit]


I'm trying to create a user article to describe myself but I'm simply getting denied by Global "ntsamr"-pattern spambot filter for some reason.

Does anybody know what I can do to fix this?

For future people: I managed to fix the issue. At the end of the day what I needed to do was simply add more content and work on my formatting. Following the style guides got me through the spam filter without problem!