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Way forward?


Is there any way to make this into a real article? If not, what should it be merged with? Stay safe? Ikan Kekek (talk) 14:12, 7 May 2015 (UTC)Reply

How could this one be expanded? More dos and don'ts to prevent wildfires? Tips for how to escape them? Telltale signs like brownish smoke to spot them from further away — do we have any firemen onboard? ϒpsilon (talk) 19:13, 14 December 2015 (UTC)Reply


Swept in from the pub

Can someone here take another look at this?

In passing I note that Smokey turned 75 this year,, maybe the wise old bear still has good advice :) ShakespeareFan00 (talk) 12:42, 2 July 2019 (UTC)Reply

The thought was that perhaps there should be a section giving some more information on which regions were at a higher risk?

ShakespeareFan00 (talk) 12:50, 2 July 2019 (UTC)Reply

That's the kind of thing that would make this article more useful, IMHO. I guess California, Portugal, and Greece should probably be on that list. --Comment by Selfie City (talk | contributions) 14:06, 2 July 2019 (UTC)Reply
I am not sure about that. I suppose most regions in those latitudes have high wildfire risk, and the last years there have been great fires in Sweden every summer. So you either have too big an area for it to be useful or leave out areas were wildfires are likely – probably you do both. Rather talk about them in the Stay safe sections where relevant. --LPfi (talk) 14:22, 2 July 2019 (UTC)Reply

Distance from campfire


Mx. Granger wrote

Build campfires at least five meters away from any flammable material like leaves, sticks, or tents.

I am surprised. Where I have a need for a campfire it is very unusual to have that big an area without vegetation and plant litter, some of which is flammable. I'd try to check about the nearest half-metre. I also cannot envision in what way dry leaves metres from the fire would be ignited, unless there is glowing matter flying away with the smoke, in which case the margins should be fifty metres rather than five (i.e. no dry enough matter anywhere).

Tents I understand. Modern textiles are often very vulnerable, and rain the previous days does not protect them.

(Perhaps the more detailed advice is rather an issue for Campfire, but let's solve it here.)

--LPfi (talk) 10:23, 5 July 2019 (UTC)Reply

Hm, yes. Sparks might ignite dry enough leaves and grass, even if small enough not to fly longer distances. Is that what was meant? Still, if it is that dry, only experts should light fires. --LPfi (talk) 10:27, 5 July 2019 (UTC)Reply
My first draft of the section had a vaguer "Build campfires away from any flammable material like leaves, sticks, or tents", because I couldn't remember exactly how far away we built our campfires when I would go camping as a kid. But I thought giving a specific distance would be better, so I hunted around online and found the number "15 feet" on this website (by rule of thumb conversion, 15 feet is about 5 meters). This seemed a little high to me too, but I figured I'd trust the experts. Since it seems high to you too, I'll remove the number for now.
I didn't realize we had a dedicated Campfire article—I agree that detailed advice should go there. —Granger (talk · contribs) 11:32, 5 July 2019 (UTC)Reply
I think there are two reasons for the stated distance: the advice is for camping sites, where ground usually has been cleared on a large area, and the advice is meant to be safe also for people who cannot be trusted to use common sense. We might also have less considerate readers, but our audience might have to make fires in other types of surroundings, where such safety margins are unrealistic. --LPfi (talk) 12:11, 5 July 2019 (UTC)Reply

Information in respect of NSW?


Is this of any use?

ShakespeareFan00 (talk) 23:16, 21 December 2019 (UTC)Reply

Alternative banner for this article?

Banner currently used in this article
Suggested new alternative banner

I have previously created an alternative banner for this article (which was initially created for the parallel article at the Hebrew Wikivoyage, but I decided to suggest we'll use it here at the English Wikivoyage article as well). Which banner do you prefer that we'll use on the top of this article? ויקיג'אנקי (talk) 13:29, 13 March 2021 (UTC)Reply

Smokey the Bear is very familiar with Americans, but less familiar world wide. ויקיג'אנקי (talk) 16:04, 13 March 2021 (UTC)Reply
Thanks Ikan Kekek :) SHB2000 (talk) 11:17, 17 March 2021 (UTC)Reply