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It is possible I will not log in to this account for weeks. Please leave me a message on en-Wikipedia - I log there everyday.


Welcome to Wikivoyage, Piotr!

Thank you for your interesting contribution to our Pub.

These pages may be interesting and relevant to your question there:

To help you contribute, we've created a tips for new contributors page, full of helpful links about our policies and guidelines and our house style as well as some important information on the way your contributions will be licensed.

However, even more important than following every guideline is to PLUNGE FORWARD and write something useful – someone might be along to help with the proper formatting later!

Add your home town, or a place you know well or write some insider tips - but don't use first person pronouns.

We're looking forward to seeing you again here on Wikivoyage! -- Alice 03:46, 11 March 2013 (UTC)


Hi Piotrus. I noticed your message on Jjtk's talk page. I understand that you may be upset about how users have undone your edits. It is practice here to undo edits and leave a summary that quotes the policies and reason for the revert. Some policies are quite contentious right now, such as the one about not linking to Wikipedia, but it is current policy and we must enforce it. The use of the word "Captain Obvious" may have come across as rude, but that is actually the name of the policy at Wikivoyage:No advice from Captain Obvious.

We'd love to have you edit here, and I can see from your Wikipedia page that you are a great contributor. You may want to reread some of our policies and the Welcome, Wikipedians page so as to avoid future misunderstandings. If you understand the second link especially well, I think you'll enjoy your time editing here :) JamesA >talk 11:49, 13 March 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Links to Wikipedia[edit]

Hi, Piotrus, and thanks a lot for updating and adding content to articles about Poland! When you do, please keep in mind English Wikivoyage's policy on links to Wikipedia, which I understand is different from some other Wikivoyages' practices. Generally speaking, inline links in text are not allowed on this site.

Also a side point: The word "characteristic" doesn't apply by itself to any type of architecture. Characteristic of what? Perhaps the word is a false friend with a similar-sounding word in Polish, as it is in some other European languages, and as "typical" is relative to Italian "tipica" ("cucina tipica" != "typical cuisine").


Ikan Kekek (talk) 05:38, 3 October 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Ikan Kekek: By all means please remove the links that shouldn't be there. I do wonder how, if at all, an we link to former landmarks that are mentioned in the text? I am adding wikidata/etc. listings for modern stuff, but if we mention that there was a former palace, is Wikivoyage generally not going to link to the Wikipedia article about it? Also, characteristic, hmmm. I guess we can say famous, but it is not world famous, just Poland-famous I guess. As in, en:Spodek is the most recognizable building in Katowice, commonly appear on tourist magnets and like because of its unique design. Feel free to suggest a better wording. (Btw, Katowice is my hometown, I figured I should finally c/e that article a bit). --Piotrus (talk) 06:03, 3 October 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
"Iconic" might work.
On former landmarks, these no longer exist, right? I don't think we provide links to articles about them if nothing at all remains and something else was built there, but if there are ruins people visit or if there is an empty space where a building used to be, I think it could be reasonable to provide markers with geographic coordinates and a Wikidata link. But the thing is, I'm not positive, so it might be good to ask this question in the Travellers' pub. Ikan Kekek (talk) 07:54, 3 October 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Hi Piotrus, thank you for starting the Chorzów article. Just to let you know, there are still significant gaps in our coverage of Poland. There are currently 5 Polish cities with a population of over 100,000 which do not have an article on English Wikivoyage.

It would be appreciated if you can create articles on these cities whenever you have the time :) One of Wikivoyage's goals is to bluelink every article that appears on Wikivoyage:World cities (consisting of capital cities and cities with a population over 100,000). There are also South Korean cities on the list which are red. Gizza (roam) 01:20, 8 October 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@DaGizza Took me a while, now that I am mostly finished with Chorzow and Katowice, I'll work on other missing stuff from the region. Started on Zabrze today Piotrus (talk) 07:31, 31 October 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]


Two suggestions for you about prefs:

  • First, did you show your students how to set their prefs to Korean? I assume you want them to use English as much as possible, but they might be more comfortable and productive if they're more confident in what the buttons say.
  • Second, if that box at the very top of this page isn't just a relic of days gone by, you might want to check Special:Preferences#mw-prefsection-echo-echocrosswiki to make sure that you're getting cross-wiki notifications.

I am really happy to see your students here. One of them has made a lot of good recommendations at Wikivoyage:Banner suggestions. WhatamIdoing (talk) 00:52, 28 October 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@WhatamIdoing Glad to hear that! Which student? They'd be very happy to be named :) I think most of them are using a tool that translates the website (all websites) without going into the preferences. New generation... And yes, I check my cross wiki notificaitons, they should work. Piotrus (talk) 07:24, 28 October 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Hojong9474 has made many suggestions. I like the enthusiasm. RonanHoogmoed has already finished the whole process and successfully changed the banner for the article. WhatamIdoing (talk) 14:37, 28 October 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]