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Former Wikitravel editor, now fully committed to Wikivoyage. I also edit Wikipedia, Wikibooks and upload to WikiCommons.

I primarily like to work on pages related to the UK, but I am equally at home editing pages abroad. I also have an obsession with the US state of Nevada. I really need to plan an itinerary there, one of these days.

Currently my largest project is the Assassin's Creed Tour page. My goal is to at least get it to a usable state within Wikivoyage's guidelines. Then maybe a Dan Brown, Fallout: New Vegas Tour or Twilight: New Moon Tour itinerary?


Visited (somewhat in order, non-complete)
Year Country Region Cities
2000 Antigua St John's, English Harbour
2001? United Kingdom Bermuda Hamilton
prior to 2004 Denmark Hovedstaden Copenhagen, Elsinore
2003 United Kingdom Dorset Weymouth
2003 United Kingdom Dorset Fowey, St Austell
2003-4? Tunisia Tunis, Carthage
2003-4? Portugal Madeira Funchal
2003-4? Cyprus Paphos
2003-4? United States of America Florida Orlando, Cape Canaveral
2005? France Normandy Caen
2006? France Blason Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Chamonix
2007 France Nouvelle-Aquitaine La Rochelle
2007 France Île-de-France Paris
2008 Greece Crete Heraklion, Agios Nikolaos, Elounda, Spinalonga
2009 Spain Catalonia Girona, Figueres
2010-11? Italy Sicily Taormina, Mount Etna, Syracuse
2010-11? United Kingdom Devon Torquay, Paignton
2011 United Kingdom Wales Aberystwyth
2012 Italy Tuscany Florence, Siena, San Gimignano, Monteriggioni, Montepulciano
2013 United States of America California San Francisco, Berkeley, Los Angeles
2013 United States of America Nevada Las Vegas
2013 United States of America Nevada Kingman, Grand Canyon
2013 United States of America New York City New York City
2014 France Occitanie Carcassonne
2017 United Arab Emirates Emirate of Dubai Dubai
2017 Republic of Ireland Leinster Dublin, Dun Laoghaire
2018 United Kingdom Cornwall Bodmin, Tintagel, St Austell, Charlestown
2018 United Kingdom Hampshire Burley
2018 United Kingdom Dorset Christchurch
2019 United Kingdom Wiltshire Salisbury
2020 United Kingdom Isle of Wight Yarmouth, Newport, Sandown and Shanklin, Cowes
2020 United Kingdom Sussex Brighton

Modus operandi[edit]

  • I like dynamic maps and I try to add a Mapframe to articles that may only have a simple drawing or no map at all.
  • I like weatherboxes using Climate. I use Wikipedia's own data and then the Met Office for UK destinations, The Weather Channel for US destinations and AccuWeather for everywhere else.
  • I like to add go markers to train stations throughout the world. If the train station is in Great Britain or the Republic of Ireland I add a link to that station's page too.
  • I like routeboxes and have taken an interest into adding more to UK pages. Particularly in my native Gloucestershire and surrounding cities.
  • I like to add colour-coded region maps to articles such as Sardinia, San Luis Potosi (state) and Lower Austria.

Neat tricks[edit]

Here are some neat tricks I have pinched from other pages that hopefully streamline Wikivoyage for both editors and readers. The '' '' demonstrate placeholder content that needs to be filled by the editor.

  • Link to a listing (requires the Wikidata field is declared within the listing): [[''Placename''#''WikidataID''|''Destination'']]
  • Add a dynamic map to page: {{mapframe|''longitude''|''latitude''|zoom=10}}
  • Add a mapshape to page: {{mapshape}}
  • Add a marker to an airport/train station/bus station on a page: {{marker|type=go|name=train station|url=|lat=|long=}} Alternatively, a {{listing}} can be used, but for simple one-line entries I prefer the in-line option.
  • For London tube stops/stations I have started using the station templates to show which lines connect to it. For example: Baker Street  MET  BAK  CIR  JUB  H&C . To achieve this use {{station|''station name''|''line1''|''line2''|''line3''}}. Use the Rint template to check the syntax for lines.
  • I have also assisted with adding routeboxes to UK articles. If you know the area and particularly if a major road such as motorway or A road passes through/near the article. I'd recommend adding it in.
  • If an airport is notable enough, but doesn't have an IATA, the ICAO can be added instead with ('''ABCD''' <sup>[[w:ICAO|<small>ICAO</small>]]</sup>), substitute the ABCD with the code. Maybe an ICAO template, should be made alongside the IATA template?

Useful pages[edit]

Here I am trying to make a useful reference for pages both on and off Wikivoyage that help streamline page editing. Please share this around if it is useful for you. :-D



External sites and programs[edit]

  • Atom – A really useful text editor with regular expression capabilities that make finding and replacing quick and simple. Recommended for region pages with a lot of map markers. I also find Atom helpful for going through a .SVG's source code to find the right colours for a province section as with Sardinia.
  • Eye Dropper – A neat open-source Chrome/Chromium extension that shows the colour of an entity. Also useful for region maps as I like to use the exact colour on the map as I think it's better for usability.
  • – A really useful site that allows images to be cropped in-browser regardless of operating system. I use Croppola to crop Wikivoyage banners to the 7:1 aspect ratio (see these examples: Tewkesbury, Paignton, Brixham, Chinon, Tintagel, Douglas, Laxey).
  • – Transliterates from Cyrillic to Latin and vice-versa.


I no longer use GPS-Coordinates because I find it cumbersome to use. Instead I zoom in and use the URL from Google Maps to provide co-ordinates.

  • – A really useful site that displays co-ordinates for any location using Google Maps. As someone who loves dynamic maps, this site is really helpful for generating the markers that are placed on them.


I use this sandbox area to test new ideas.

Routebox for the UK – Rail links[edit]

As the Network Rail logo isn't public domain or CC licensed, one needs to figure out how to call the logo's SVG from Wikipedia directly instead of the Commons.


Routes through Inferno986return
PenzanceBristol  W US blank wide.svg E  ReadingLondon Paddington

Routebox for the UK – A40[edit]

For Cheltenham and other destinations along the A40.


Routes through Inferno986return
FishguardMonmouth  W UK road A40.svg E  OxfordLondon

Routebox for the UK – M5[edit]

For Taunton and other destinations along the M5.


Routes through Inferno986return
merges with A4041  N UK-Motorway-M5.svg S  BristolExeter


Routes through Inferno986return
BirminghamKidderminster  N UK-Motorway-M5.svg S  BristolExeter


Routes through Inferno986return
BirminghamWorcester  N UK-Motorway-M5.svg S  CheltenhamExeter


Routes through Inferno986return
BirminghamTewkesbury  N UK-Motorway-M5.svg S  GloucesterExeter


Routes through Inferno986return
BirminghamCheltenham  N UK-Motorway-M5.svg S  BristolExeter


Routes through Inferno986return
BirminghamGloucester  N UK-Motorway-M5.svg S  → Cullompton → Exeter


Routes through Inferno986return
BirminghamGloucester  N UK-Motorway-M5.svg S  merges with A380


Routebox for the UK – London Underground[edit]

Needs a white background on the roundel to be seen clearly. Although the flat line works well too.

London/Paddington-Maida Vale[edit]

Routes through Inferno986return
1 ← 2 ←  W District line flag box.svg E  → 3 → 4