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Evan, could you add a link to this Project page from the Navigation sidebar? (WT-en) Jpatokal 01:52, 1 May 2006 (EDT)

does anyone have any desire to integrate the data here with with the google earth application?

Replace travellers' pub?[edit]

It seems to me that this is the logical place to discuss whatever we were discussing at the pub.

Not really. In the same way that Talk:Main Page is the place to talk about the Main Page, Project:Project is the place to talk about the Project page. (WT-en) Jpatokal 05:57, 4 May 2006 (EDT)

May i mention that we still need info on restaurants like in La Paz. I have a 250 point project due in a couple of days and would like to find something, can some one help me out? I cant go to Barnes and Noble I am just to busy so can you do me a favor and give me the 411 on restaurants?

            Thank you so much!

factbook imports needing attention?[edit]

I thought we didn't have any more factbook imports to attend to! In which case, we should probably replace the thing on this page with some other link!!! (WT-en) Tsandell 12:46, 4 July 2006 (EDT)

Good catch, the link is gone now. -- (WT-en) Ryan 13:48, 4 July 2006 (EDT)


Swept in from the Pub:

I see the new logo's been put into place, and it looks nice. But I'm still seeing ye olde globe-and-arrow icon as the favicon for the site (the little icon that shows up in the URL field, "favorites" listing, and/or title bar of better web browsers). I'd be happy to make a favicon.ico file, but obviously I can't update it on the site myself. (WT-en) Todd VerBeek 22:11, 18 March 2006 (EST)

If you take a look at Image:Compass star emblem coolvetica logo.png and Image:Treatment.png I think (WT-en) Mark has actually already created an image suitable for a favicon, but I'm not sure what the status for getting it on the site is -- rumor has it that there's an entirely new skin in the works that uses the new logos, but either (WT-en) Evan or Mark would probably be the only ones who could provide an update. -- (WT-en) Ryan 04:36, 19 March 2006 (EST)
Thanks for the reminder; I've got the new icon up now, too. You may have to load directly in your browser before it realizes that the icon has changed. --(WT-en) Evan 09:09, 19 March 2006 (EST)

Retaining users[edit]

Swept in from the Pub:

I've been editing and adding less information than I normally do so I've been welcoming new users instead. I've also been checking how often some users and I've noticed that many travelers seem to contribute for a month or up to three months and then seem to cease activity. Anyhow, my point, or rather my question is this: How do we retain these users? There seems to be the core devotees - Admins and then some lowly users who love WikiTravel, but even with our expansive knowledge of destinations and such we unfortunately don't know everything about Earth. We really do need to retain these users, because they offer key expertise in various regions and cities. How can we inspire them to further contribute to WikiTravel? (WT-en) Sapphire 20:34, 3 April 2006 (EDT)

That's a good but not simple question, because the answer depends on the average profile of Wikivoyagers and we don't have a good estimation on that. Maybe we could identify a few categories:
1) People who like to travel and write about it - I guess those make up most of the "regulars" here
2) People who are into Wiki stuff - those normally are into travel/writing too, but also feel comfortable enough to plunge forward into MediaWiki templates, markup etc.
Most people in the categories above have some sort of ideal/belief in the importance of the Wikivoyage project as a whole. On the other hand, there are also people who:
3) Just want to welcome visitors to their countries/cities, make some more or less extensive contributions to a couple of articles then leave;
4) Just want to promote their establishments as much as they can;
5) Are curious about the Wiki, insert a link to anywhere then leave
There are probably more, but I'd say that we're less likely to retain users in categories 4 and 5. People in categories 1, 2 and maybe 3 could be more easily retained as long as long as we are able to make them more enthusiastic about Wikivoyage - the inspiration you mentioned. I guess, though, that this would require some marketing-like techniques: advertising, rewards and, of course, excellent customer service like our welcome messages :o) (WT-en) Ricardo (Rmx) 21:24, 3 April 2006 (EDT)
As simple a thing as it is, I think the My Talk new message notification will help somewhat because new users will notice their welcome message a little sooner. If they are welcomed, they'll feel included, if they feel included, they'll be a little more involved, so forth and so on. I guess we all need to jump even quicker on the Welcoming party bandwagon... -- (WT-en) Ilkirk 23:18, 3 April 2006 (EDT)
Agree that the new-message notification and similar stroking will help, but in any event, this kind of transient interest is entirely normal, not just on participation-oriented web sites but in Real Life (tm). If you could figure a way to solve this problem, you'd be so busy solving it for for-profit outfits that you wouldn't have time to post here :-), and filthy rich in the bargain. Yes, it would be nice to keep folks longer, but I wouldn't obsess about it. -- (WT-en) Bill-on-the-Hill 10:03, 4 April 2006 (EDT)
Great conversation here. I guess I have some quick thoughts: first, if people come here, work real hard, and then move on to other projects, I don't want to make them feel bad. I think that's part of the ebb and flow of Internet communities, and it's something we'll have to deal with naturally. That said, we do have a sharp learning curve here, and it seems a shame to lose the contributions of experienced people.
I hope that the docents project picks up steam, since I think that's a great way for people who are working on a single destination or group of destinations to stay interested. I think beefing up our watchlists with RSS and email or IM notification would be nice, too. Finally, an email newsletter might serve as a reminder for users who haven't been back in a while that we still exist and we could use their help. --(WT-en) Evan 10:22, 4 April 2006 (EDT)
I am new to wikivoyage and maybe I belong to categorie 3... Writing in WikiTravel was big fun last weekend and I spend a lot of time doing it. It's just like if you get a new toy, you stop playing with all others and concentrate on the new one. But it is totally normal that after a while things will get balanced again. What can be done to motivate users? Ask questions. If you spend hours on an article being not sure, if anyone will ever be interested in, this is not very motivating. I think the talk page would be a good place for a list of open questions. But the Using talk pages does not stress that it is desired to ask questions there. --(WT-en) Flip666 09:16, 10 April 2006 (EDT)
I'm started to read and write about two months ago and my first impression was that I felt a bit overwhelmed but all the formats, frames, navigation etc. (that a good page needs!). I think the main point is that after people brought in their travel knowledge it is about getting part of the wikivoyage community. The talk pages and the travellers pub are good points to discuss topics but unexperienced IT people (who are frequent help line callers at their work...) might see it as a hassle (why a { or [ or # and not a normal bracket). I still copy and paiste all codes for formats from the link in my welcome meassage and jump from maj's message in my talk to Evan. My suggestion to make life easier for newbies is:

1. Search function: Now when i write "evan" nothing about Even arrives until i click after the first hit another time below the boxes user, talk etc. People are used to google and may not allways look for destinations

2. Quickbars, codes, shortscuts: Their should be one general document with all basic codes and a short example how it looks like. If I don't have a clue of codes and download the basic codes and you don't need to go everytime you need something back to the help page.

3. Docents: Good idea

4. Feedback: Sapphire and Maj encouraged me with their feedback to continue writing. Especially if you are new here you are unsure if you are welcome and it's ok the way you do it. The welcome message helps to find around

(WT-en) jan 05:08 (EDT), 27 April 2006

Personally I believe that non-retaining users is probably the most serious problem for growth and development of Wikivoyage. I am not sure Crossroads will help in foreseeable future with this, and already discussed on some things that contribute to small percentage of long-lasting contributors. I just shared 2 more thoughts: here and here. Does it make serious sense to link from here to other discussions we already had around Wikivoyage Talk pages that may be related to the issue? --(WT-en) DenisYurkin 17:11, 25 November 2006 (EST)

More: let's allow--and encourage people to specify where they live/what regions they are really experts in. See Project:Categories#let's use categories for Babel tagging of users (please leave your comments there). --(WT-en) DenisYurkin 12:26, 28 November 2006 (EST)
In my case I've made a conscious decision to stop contributing. Unlike wikipedia, wikivoyage is a for profit website. I don't have a problem with that, but I'm finding my contributions are ending up on spammy syndicated websites, that I don't want to have my name attached to. Rather than helping to find information, the whole site is a way of generating content to feed the founders' google adsense accounts, along with anyone else who runs a syndicated site to earn advertising revenue. While I like the idea of a user-generated community, there should be some fulldisclosure as to who runs the site, some return for the contributors, and some limits on how many crappy websites can be driven with the information created. --(WT-en) Holgs 10:17, 27 May 2010 (EDT)
Do you have any idea how many "crappy websites" are using Wikipedia's articles? How is that any different? No offense, but the whole point is to do this for free and let anyone copy the information. Few of us are big fans of IB and their profit motive, but at least they pay the bills. The alternative is a yearly fundraiser like Wikimedia has, and frankly I'm not sure we'd get very far taking that route. (WT-en) LtPowers 12:15, 27 May 2010 (EDT)

............... needing attention?![edit]

Hey, any chance we could return the needing attention part of section tasks in progress? I thought it worked having links to a few articles that needed special attention, as it was a good way of drawing peoples efforts to things that need to be done!

For example, I've just found Morazan_(El Salvador), which someone has written in Spanish. I don't speak Spanish, but I'm sure there's plenty of people that do on here, and I need to draw these people's attention to this matter. No one will ever find out about it if I just write it in the discussion page for the article! (WT-en) Tsandell 17:04, 14 July 2006 (EDT)

Feel free to add a link to Project:Articles needing attention. -- (WT-en) Ryan 17:07, 14 July 2006 (EDT)
Done- I was under the impression the Project Home was one of the pages us lowly users couldn't edit! It appears I was wrong! Also, I don't know if I was alone in doing this, but I was weeding out some of the requests for x, and the x needing attentions, so the list was being maintained...... (WT-en) Tsandell 17:47, 14 July 2006 (EDT)
I appreciate that you may have been trying to maintain to maintain them, but the Outlines... and Stubs... pages were a lost cause, and simply could not be maintained effectively. The just plain Project:Articles needing attention is not nearly as bad, since it never pretended to be a complete list, but rather a list of specific articles that had a specific need. - (WT-en) Todd VerBeek 17:57, 14 July 2006 (EDT)

CouchSurfing box[edit]

Is it ok to start some kind of template so that CouchSurfing people can easily link to their profile over there? Something like {{CouchSurfing|Guaka}}. (WT-en) Guaka 17:05, 13 August 2006 (EDT)

That's a great idea. What about a userbox, like Project:Babel or Wikipedia:Wikipedia:Userboxes? I think this is the kind of travel affiliation that'd be really appropriate. --(WT-en) Evan 12:53, 14 August 2006 (EDT)

Coat of Arms, Splurge[edit]

Is it possible to put "Coat of Arms", with picture on "Quick facts"?

What is the meaning of Splurge? Is it possible to replace it with "First clas", or "luxurious"? Is it possible to put price bracket standards for hotels and restaurants in each countries?

Place of Worship[edit]

Is it allowed to put list of place of worship on "Do" category? Churches in some countries routinely conduct service in English for tourist / expats. What are the types of place of worship allowed on Wikivoyage? Is it churches, mosques, temples, synagouge, vihara or others?

The blue word "Article"[edit]

On Jakarta page, there is a blue word "article" near Play nightclub. Is this a bug or something else?

content completeness rating for countries[edit]

I propose to create a rating of content completeness for countries we have here--like this:

Greece: ██▒▒▒ (2/5)

Russia: █▒▒▒▒ (1/5)

US:     ████▒ (4/5)

UK:     ███▒▒ (3/5)

Seeing chart like this on a Project page (and even on the Main Page?) would (a) add competition drive between describing different countries; (b) can show newcomers where they're likely to find mostly detailed articles, not only stubs and outlines; (c) will drive people towards moving the slider towards "completion" for the country they can contribute.

Status system for articles is really great, but it's too difficult to get a whole picture of how mature is content on Wikivoyage.

To calculate rating for country, I would simply get an average status over all articles that belong to the country (directly or through intermediary articles). At least, we can start with a simple system and see from there.

Are there any objections for implementing such a chart, or we can proceed to discussing how to implement this? --(WT-en) DenisYurkin 16:52, 25 November 2006 (EST)

I think getting some metrics on how well we're doing for different places is great. I don't think clogging the project home page with all 200+ country pages is the right way to do it -- maybe another page? I'm also not interested in steering readers away from incomplete sections of the site -- having people see them and add to them is the only way we'll get them completed.
Anyways, I think the smart way to do this is to put some RDF in the article status templates to get a computer-readable version of the status values. Then, we can do queries like, "what's the average status of the articles in this region, continent, or country?" We'll also need to know which articles we need that don't exist yet -- if we have 5 star articles for Russia, that doesn't mean that our coverage for Russia is complete. Probably using the Locode data from shared would give a good estimate for places we should have guides for.
Can I ask you to write this up on wts:Technical requests? It really makes it easier to keep track of this kind of thing. --(WT-en) Evan 17:19, 25 November 2006 (EST)
Do you recommend to reproduce my original story at shared, or to describe/link to(?) your suggestion with RDF? --(WT-en) DenisYurkin 17:33, 25 November 2006 (EST)
On your thoughts: of course, we need to average against total number of cities/regions in the country combined with existing articles number--not the latter per se. For a box at project home page, we can have only top 5..10 countries, with a link to a full list of countries with their ratings (sorted by rating value? within a continent?). --(WT-en) DenisYurkin 18:14, 25 November 2006 (EST)

Off-topic wiki question[edit]

First, I recently travelled to Italy and checked out a number of pages here during my search. I have to say that I was surprised that the quality of information available here was equal to (or better than) some of the travel books I purchased. I have no doubt that this site will become one of the leading travel resources in the next few years.

Second - and my apologies if I'm posting this question in the wrong location - I started a similar wiki in the area of Personal Finance and investing. I just started the wiki a few weeks ago and am looking for some very general advice on starting and building a wiki from some folks with experience.

I am fine with all of the technology issues, but am curious about a couple of items:

  1. Given your experience, what is the best way to start building a wiki? Is it better to build a handful of quality articles and let people become drawn by the quality or to build a "wide and shallow" structure with little content and let people start contributing?
  2. What is the best way to promote a wiki and let people know what you are trying to do? Blogs are generally easy to promote with the advent of technorati, RSS, etc. Wikis don't yet have this type of media infrastructure.
  3. If you have any other advice - positive or negative - for me I'd greatly appreciate it.

Thanks in advance!(WT-en) Clarendon 06:39, 2 March 2007 (EST)

As far as the breadth-vs-depth question, I think you need some of both. There are a lot of people who'd never dare start a new page who'll be happy to toss their tuppence in when there's an article to edit. That's why it was important for Wikivoyage to have an article for every country, so that if someone wants to add info about any place on the planet, there's an article where they can put it. But you also need examples of Quality, for example putting a lot of effort into articles like Berneray or Santa Fe, even while entire countries such as Suriname and Tajikistan still have little more than basic facts. People will appreciate what you've accomplished and try bringing other articles up to that standard. - (WT-en) Todd VerBeek 10:31, 2 March 2007 (EST)
Thank you, this is very helpful. How did you begin promotion in the early days? How has participation grown over time? Any advice on getting the word out?(WT-en) Clarendon 18:33, 2 March 2007 (EST)


I see that there has been some self-indulgent vandalism in Orlando's Sleep section. A significant portion of content was removed (anonymously) and replaced with a new subsection on vacation rentals and now there is a listing site link there! Perhaps we may want to revise the deletions policy before this gets out of hand.

If there's a problem, it isn't policy. If someone deletes useful information, then we should restore it and explain to them why that's not welcome. If they add information that doesn't belong, then we should remove it... all according to policy. - (WT-en) Todd VerBeek 14:59, 17 April 2007 (EDT)

Titles for links[edit]

Here is an example of a link on the Oudtshoorn page

   * ☎ +27 (0)44 272-7410, [1]. The number one caves to visit in South Africa...

Yes, if you mouseover the [1] it tells you the link, but nowhere does it say the name of the attraction.

What is the correct standard here? I would expect to see a title, contact details & link, then a text description

Thanx Chris

(WT-en) Chrisboote 05:21, 21 August 2007 (EDT)

Hi Chris. The listing format is described and documented in the article on listings. As to exactly how it's supposed to look, well that's been debated over and over again, but so long as you fix listings you find to match the tags in the listings article then the listing will be consistent with whatever we decide, as we decide it. -- (WT-en) Mark 05:54, 21 August 2007 (EDT)

Mark I think his question was actually literally about the missing titles... for some reason the actual title wasn't showing up... the formatting seemed fine though... I purged the cache for the page and they're rendering correctly now... Chris, they should render like this:

And they seem to be now. Don't know what the problem was though! – (WT-en) cacahuate talk 01:26, 22 August 2007 (EDT)

Do i need to show the proof to any one on wikivoyage?[edit]

Do i need to provide any proof for my content that i edit for an article. Please let me know.

To provide the context here, User:(WT-en) Borndistinction ([1]) has been posting great big slabs of content copyrighted by the Tourism Authority of Thailand into Wikivoyage. I've told him that he needs to give us (eg.) a letter of authorization from TAT for this, but he doesn't seem to believe me, so maybe somebody else could reply? (WT-en) Jpatokal 02:10, 5 February 2008 (EST)
Wikivoyage:Copyleft#Frequently_asked_questions covers using content from other sites. -- (WT-en) Ryan • (talk) • 02:17, 5 February 2008 (EST)
Yes, if it is copied, proof is required else it will simply be deleted on sight. Wikivoyage:Copyleft states Now, the hard part: because of the Attribution-ShareAlike 1.0 license, you are legally responsible not to put other people's copyrighted work into Wikivoyage Shared without permission.. The rest of us need to be able to see that permission, therefor a letter of authorization is required. A better option is not to use copied material at all. It would be far better to have fresh new material in WT that just a copy of something that already exists. --(WT-en) Nick 03:21, 5 February 2008 (EST)

I'll surely provide the proof ... still on process. Thank you.--(WT-en) Borndistinction 04:16, 5 February 2008 (EST)

Logbook updates[edit]

Wow, no logbook update since May 27 of last year... (WT-en) Texugo 05:40, 13 March 2008 (EDT)

print tool like the one found at wikipedia?[edit]

Each page would have the wikivoyage logo and and the URL. People would use wikivoyage more, I think, if they could easily print up the sections they need.--(WT-en) Anonperson 08:44, 8 June 2010 (EDT)

I believe Internet Brands is working on such a thing. In any case, this sort of comment would go better at the Travellers' Pub. (WT-en) LtPowers 10:22, 8 June 2010 (EDT) stealing Wikivoyage content[edit]

I just found this, copied without attribution or license info:

I'm guessing all their content is from Wikivoyage. Wasn't sure where to report it - I'll trust that someone here will take appropriate steps. --(WT-en) chriswaterguy 01:41, 14 June 2010 (EDT)

They claim to be operating under CC-by-sa 1.0, which would make their use of Wikivoyage content legal for the time at which it was imported (three years ago). Granted, that particular page isn't very easy to find, but there it is. Attribution is a problem, however; it doesn't appear that the original authors from Wikivoyage are credited anywhere, which is a violation of the license terms. With only about six edits in the last 30 days (all spam), though, I wouldn't hold much hope of any sort of action being taken. (WT-en) LtPowers 13:17, 14 June 2010 (EDT)

User name[edit]

Hi, looks project topics go here. Why there is + in my user name. I mean I can see it just on the top of the page, when I am logged in (Juan de+Vojníkov), while normally I am User:(WT-en) Juan de Vojníkov.--(WT-en) Juan de Vojníkov 14:28, 27 July 2010 (EDT)

No idea. Everything looks normal to me. I wouldn't worry about it. (WT-en) LtPowers 08:48, 28 July 2010 (EDT)

Log Book[edit]

When is the logbook going to be updated its almost a year out of date and makes it seem that wikivoyage isnt as updated and worked on as much anymore, so whoever updates it please do so thanks —The preceding comment was added by (WT-en) Ralphzztop (talkcontribs)

Yeah, this is a wiki, so we don't have any one person who does any particular task. You can update the logbook right now, if there's something useful to say! Plunge forward! (WT-en) LtPowers 11:25, 27 September 2010 (EDT)
  • Well how does one actually Fix this then obviously there are more users than there was in 2009 and needs to be updated I just dont know how to do it if someone can do it then show me how they did it I would like to update it more often —The preceding comment was added by (WT-en) Ralphmiester (talkcontribs)


not showing up. can anyone fix it? thank you. --Dortmund (talk) 21:05, 10 November 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

We are currently in the process of migrating images from Wikivoyage's image repository to Commons. Once that's done, the images will be back :) sumone10154(talk) 21:10, 10 November 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Gotcha --Dortmund (talk) 21:12, 10 November 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Communication beetween the language version.[edit]

Swept in from the pub

Hi guys. Now we are online. Thanks to the all who helped with the process and the ones who started it and had the power to drive it forward. Thanks again. I am aware that we all are busy with fixing links, reporting bugs, answering questions, explaining why things and rules are how they are or just sleeping after the long process. I am just thinking how we can work together in future. There are things to be coordinated (drawing maps, discussing ideas, reporting star articles....) We also had some ideas when I met Peter in D.C. Actually we miss a wiki like the general: one. Have you got any ides how to do it in the future? Are you interested in talking with other language versions? I've sent it to the wikimedia mailing list and other WV language versions as well. Ok here is the text I used in the mail.

The Wikivoyage project is online now and i want to thank all of you who have been involved with this process.

On the former Wikivoyage project we used to have a wiki called general: for discussions that affect all language versions. I wonder why the WMF project dont have something like this. Now I am trying to find a new place where we all can: - discuss new features - discuss about the travel guide's structure - coordinate the work with templates to reduce redundant work - coordinate the work on travel maps - providing a set of English meta articles with rules and regulations that we can hand over the community when a new language version is going to start - providing a list of star articles in all language versions. Contributors to an article will have an easy access to basic information without looking through all wikis. Speaking a foreign language is not necessary to pick basic information (structure of districts, list of sights, addresses, hotels ...)

I know, there is the meta wiki. But I am not sure. Maybe its too meta. And the discoussion page or a Wikivoyager's Lounge may be too small. Ok... the set of meta articles can be placed in anywhere the Incubator. But the remaining stuff? Maybe a separate Namespace for the WMF projects at Meta, maybe a wiki like our general:

Any ideas?

I am going to ask the communities on their traveller's pub site as well.


Stefan aka Fussi -- DerFussi (talk) 13:02, 16 November 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

A big thanks to you too Stefan for all the work you put in! AFAIK, the Wikimedia people expect us to use Meta-Wiki to coordinate between languages. It seems a little weird to me, but maybe we'll just have to get used to it. We could start a new Pub over there. Closer coordination is definitely something we need, and maps is a good example. We should really work on making our map themes/styles uniform so that both sites can thrive together. JamesA >talk 13:33, 16 November 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
It seems that a few pages from General already have been imported to Meta, see m:Special:PrefixIndex/Wikivoyage. I suggest that you try to get any other important pages imported there. There may also be useful pages on the Wts project which need to be imported. Pages seem to have been imported by User:Nemo bis. You might be able to ask him about other pages you need. Also, these pages seem to have been imported without username modifications, so contributions by User:X at Wikivoyage General are now attributed to User:X at Meta, who might be a different person. I'm not sure if this is a good idea. --Stefan2 (talk) 13:40, 16 November 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Copy a language from Wikitravel[edit]

Swept in from the pub

Hi, I figure that this is not the right place to ask the question. Feel free to redirect me, but after a search I did not find the answer or a better place.

I see someone started a Hebrew Wikivoyage on the Wikimedia Incubator. However I see he started from scratch rather than from the existing Hebrew Wikitravel. Is there any simpler way to copy the existing content other than manual copying? Tzafrir (talk) 13:05, 16 November 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

See incubator:Incubator:Community Portal#Wikivoyage active. Hopefully, someone will be able to import the other language versions at some point. --Stefan2 (talk) 13:34, 16 November 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Also see incubator:Incubator:Wikivoyage_import. If I remember correctly, the Hebrew version of WT was found to be overrun with spam and rubbish, so it was deemed to not be worthy of importing. I'd recommend you simply start again, using ideas from the old wiki. JamesA >talk 13:40, 16 November 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

More pages[edit]

Could "Requests for article" and "Requests for templates" pages be created and added to this page? I believe both existed on Wikitravel (Shared?). As for requests for articles, it could be limited to travel topics (not towns, regions, or other "destinations"). The reason I bring this up is that information regarding cell (mobile) phone service abroad (a subsection of Telephone service for travel) is very outdated. It needs a huge improvement regarding 4G data services (LTE, HSPA+, WiMax) and it seems the bulk of the text was written before smartphones really proliferated. Searching the page for "4G", "smartphone[s]", "android" produced no hits "lte" only showed up in the word "alternative" and iPhone only showed up once (in reference to using Facetime for videocalls over the internet). Cell (mobile) phone service worldwide should be split into a separate article and possibly regional pages (Mobile phone service in Europe/North America/Asia) to address the various issues (frequencies, technologies, local business practices, etc) relating to mobile phone networks around the world. I would also like to create a small template for mobile phone networks (listing major carriers, their frequencies, & technology used) to go in the "Contact" section of country-level pages. Another one which would be valuable would be a currency exchange template (like on Wikipedia). AHeneen (talk) 05:21, 12 November 2012 (UTC) PS: there is now a discussion on "Template Requests" here. AHeneen (talk) 07:37, 16 November 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Meta Wikivoyage and language versions[edit]

Swept in from the pub

m:Wikivoyage is our homepage on Meta. I have swept it clean and fluffed the pillows. I think it can serve as our Shared wiki--a central point of contact for all the Wikivoyage language versions. --Rogerhc (talk) 01:09, 17 November 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Wikivoyage template[edit]

This template, {{Wikivoyage}}, is being added to Wikipedia articles, but it doesnt display anything. I think there was a mass change, so now there may be no links from WP to WV. danger, will robinson!(user:Mercurywoodrose) 00:10, 25 December 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

The template gets turned on when we officially launch. This means in a couple of weeks :-) Travel Doc James (talk · contribs · email) 02:00, 25 December 2012 (UTC)Reply[reply]

enabling vector.js scripts[edit]

I've just added a script to my userspace, but it doesn't seem to load. The vector page and the script seem to be active, but the user buttons are not appearing where the should – in fact, they are totally absent. What do I need to do to get this operational? Thanks, --Ohconfucius (talk) 03:32, 11 January 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Climate effects of travel[edit]

I am a scientist, general wiki-booster and occasional contributor to Wikipedia, both edits and $. I am concerned about CO2 and climate change, and travel contributes to these problems. I am troubled that Wikivoyage promotes travel, thereby indirectly contributing to serious problems for our planet. Sure travel is fun, and enriches our minds, but the long-term cost is getting harder and harder to deny. It seems irresponsible that Wikivoyage appears to contain nothing acknowledging this dangerous downside to travel.

Sadly, I feel that my love and support for Wikimedia are jeopardized by this unbalanced cheerleading for a risky human activity. If we can steer the Project toward *knowledge* without promoting *travel*, we will retain the support of a growing group of climate-concerned people everywhere. Otherwise, it risks losing that support and shares responsibility for serious climate consequences that are already observed worldwide.

At the very least, there should be a note acknowledging the issue, that travel has this downside.

I'm sorry for sounding so harsh, but tThat's the stupidest and most ignorant thing I've ever seen posted on this wiki or Wikipedia for that matter (although I haven't spent time browsing many conspiracy theory pages). If you want to live in a live like a Stone-age person in order to be carbon-neutral, fine. However, the notion that this wiki shouldn't exist or should promote "knowledge" not "travel" (if we didn't include "travel" info, then this would just a copy of Wikipedia for geographical destinations) is nonsense. The fact is people travel...not just long-distances for leisure, but for business, meeting family/friends, and simply going to events in nearby towns. We have a page on Ecotourism where you are welcome to add a section about travel & climate change. You are also welcome to Plunge forward and create a page on Climate-conscious travel, where you are welcome to knock yourself out writing hundreds of words on the how irresponsible travel is. There are carbon-offset programs available and travelers don't necessarily have to use inefficient means of transport (there are some people who spend months cycling across half a continent and sailboats are also a climate-friendly means of transport). If you're such a huge wiki-booster, you've only racked up 5 edits on Wikipedia & 4 edits here. If you feel your love & support for WMF are jeopardized, then you're a fair-weather supporter for wikis, because this is about increasing the knowledge base for humanity...whether it's an encyclopedia, dictionary/thesaurus, literature, or travel. I'd go on, but I sense a troll...someone care to perform a checkuser? AHeneen (talk) 02:41, 18 January 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
A checkuser would only be necessary if we suspect someone is using multiple accounts to be disruptive. I don't see a reason to suspect either of those things in this case. --Peter Talk 06:16, 18 January 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Change name to Community portal?[edit]

I never really liked the name of this page. It actually took me years before I found out what the purpose of this page was. How about we rename it to "Community portal"? To me it is a lot more recognizable and easier to understand. Globe-trotter (talk) 00:46, 19 January 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

I'm fine with a name change, but "Community Portal" never made much sense to me either. LtPowers (talk) 02:34, 19 January 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
What is the purpose of this page? --Peter Talk 04:38, 19 January 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Basically a page to organize the (most important) pages related to the project. It has all our various projects and major topics organized for new(er) users. I've used this page a number of times over the last few months and find it useful, but it may work better to add links to even more pages. AHeneen (talk) 06:30, 19 January 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Lead states: "The Project Home is the central place for collaborations, helping out and getting involved in the Wikivoyage project. Learn what tasks need to be done, find out more about how the project works and how you can help, and share news about recent events or current activities."
The name "Project" is reminiscent of Wikipedia's Projects, which are similar. "Community portal" will probably bring Wikipedia Portals to mind for many readers. Neither is particularly enlightening to the general public. Since the page is linked from the sidebar, it is not essential to have an obvious search string name, just one which is short enoufg for the sidebar, and which tells the user what to expect. Since it is already under the header "Get involved", that option is not available. Something that suggests a list of things to do, like "Give a hand", "Job jar", "Snag list", "Help out" or "Help us build" might be useful. • • • Peter (Southwood) (talk): 07:41, 19 January 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
What about just "Overview"? Or "Project overview"? "Behind the scenes"? LtPowers (talk) 21:01, 19 January 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
"Behind the scenes," or "under the hood," might be good. --Peter Talk 01:45, 20 January 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
So, I changed the name to "Community portal", but only because it's known like that by other Wikimedia sites. I still don't think it's a great name, so still open to changes. To give this page a new chance, I've given it a new look as well. I hope it's more useful this way, and of course, I'm open to suggestions. Globe-trotter (talk) 10:28, 4 July 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

The Price of Sleep... a local currency[edit]

Is there a common Policy on the use of £ and $ and other currencies? I note that on this town's article, which is a town in Wales, UK, the prices are in dollars, whereas the currency in Wales is UK Sterling. Is there a policy? Secondly, can we not automate this, so that the currency appears in the User's own localised currency? Llywelyn2000 (talk) 10:42, 15 February 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Yes, Wikivoyage:Currency. The local currency is always used in our guides, with the exception of some third world countries whose currencies are weak, inflation is high, and many businesses conduct transactions in a foreign currency (like the $ or €). Another minor exception is when fees are payable only in a non-local currency, such as a visa for an African country which can only be paid as US$100 and not in local currency. One issue with automating currency conversions is that it may be more helpful to keep prices in the units travelers will see. A hotel that is £89/night or a restaurant where the price range is €6-10 looks better than $138.08/night or £5.17-11.61 and travelers need to become familiar with the local currency. AHeneen (talk) 04:25, 16 February 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I agree, the local currency should come first, but the visitor's own currency could follow in brackets? Llywelyn2000 (talk) 19:49, 16 February 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
There was some discussion about using a currency conversion extension used on WikiOverland. See: Wikivoyage talk:Cooperating with Wikioverland. AHeneen (talk) 23:44, 16 February 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Many thanks. It'll come! Llywelyn2000 (talk) 15:57, 17 February 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

[Citation needed][edit]

I'm quite new to Wikivoyage, but I've read a few articles and I really think there's a need for citation, like on Wikipedia. To me at least, having no citations (like, say, from the New York Times or Lonely Planet) for statements such as, for example, how Americans don't need to worry about getting shit (pardon my French) for being American when visiting Iran really downgrades the value of this site as a source for someone interested in traveling to a particular country. It could even put people in danger. KXN (talk) 23:33, 16 June 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Why is Lonely Planet considered a source that doesn't need citations, but Wikivoyage is? LtPowers (talk) 01:41, 17 June 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
KXN - there is definitely an interest in finding ways to make Wikivoyage guides more reliable (see Wikivoyage:Business listings reliability Expedition for one example), but at the same time a travel guide needs to allow subjective opinions and information that may not be possible to to verify with references. Examples of where we've talked about implementing additional references include things like pointers to state department travel warnings for Template:Warningbox#Travel advisories, but an outright switch to Wikipedia-style references and citations as a general policy would likely not be viable for this site. If you can suggest additional ideas for improving reliability other than simply adopting Wikipedia references standards, that discussion would be valuable. -- Ryan • (talk) • 02:22, 17 June 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]
LtPowers, I'm unfamiliar with Lonely Planet; I was just using it as an example, because I thought they were like a reputable source. And Ryan, that does make sense. Thanks. KXN (talk) 03:50, 17 June 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

ShareMap - Wikimedia grant[edit]

Hello, WikiVoyagers ShareMap is applying for Wikimedia grant to continue project development. One of ShareMap principles is preparing map authoring usable for WikiVoyage authors and readers (even if it is not very project in Wikimedia scale, we really believe in its success).

One of grant results will be creation free mobile off line map viewer application for maps created by Wikimedia community.

I will be very happy for endorsement, opinions or even criticism from all WikiVoyage community member on Wikimedia grant project.

If you would like to learn more about ShareMap project please visit:

--Jkan997 (talk) 23:09, 12 October 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi!Thanks for posting! I think you'll receive a better response in the pub, so I've copied your post there. :) --Nick talk 23:15, 12 October 2013 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Copyright problem![edit]

Please take a look at a post I wrote on the talk page of the article about the island of Nevis. Invertzoo (talk) 00:14, 5 February 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Hi! Thanks for letting us know! You'll probably receive a larger response in the pub, so I've copied your post there. I'll have a look into this. --Nick talk 00:33, 5 February 2014 (UTC)Reply[reply]


So the boxes content stays together except when viewed with Chrome. Ideas? --Traveler100 (talk) 20:01, 13 February 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

@Traveler100: Looking at it now, what was wrong with the way the boxes are currently done? I'm not 100% sure what was changed, but tables in general are already reasonably scalable at mobile resolutions. It should be possible to adapt them if slight changes are needed and cause fewer unforeseen bugs. ARR8 (talk | contribs) 00:15, 14 February 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I believe the sandbox was created because there were issues with the mobile version. Personally, I think the boxes should be in as few columns as possible, since more columns would probably mean more problems. --Comment by Selfie City (talk | contributions) 00:31, 14 February 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
I see. Well, all that should be needed is a new CSS rule to change the width from 47% to 100% for mobile devices. To that end, the boxes should probably be moved into a template, and the current inline styles, as well as the new rule, moved into templatestyles. Traveler100, any thoughts? ARR8 (talk | contribs) 00:53, 14 February 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Yes, version in sandbox is because current active one does not work at all well on mobile. I assume idea is to pass text into a template, sounds a good idea. --Traveler100 (talk) 05:42, 14 February 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Traveler100: As you may have seen, I've avoided the need for a template by adding a new stylesheet to the existing one. I've cleaned the code up, though it's still a bit disorganized, and added mobile compatibility. ARR8 (talk | contribs) 23:43, 15 February 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@ARR8: awesome. Do you want to make the sandbox version live. One more step to making this site better for mobile. --Traveler100 (talk) 06:57, 16 February 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
Yes Done ARR8 (talk | contribs) 07:25, 16 February 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@ARR8: thanks. Request quick tip to help me with my learning process on using div not tables. What is forcing the blocks to the right so that they are dividing left and right rather than just one after another? Do not need full training class but hit where to look in the code so I can do some background research. --Traveler100 (talk) 08:00, 16 February 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
@Traveler100: Sure. The great thing about this system is that nothing is "forcing" the boxes to the right at all. It works like this: the total width of the available space is 100% (as intuition would suggest). Per the CSS rules for .community-container, the width of the item itself is 47% and the margin to the left and right of each is 1%, adding up to a total of 49% width. The containers also have the float:left property, so that each will go to the left. Now, when the right column is added, it does not have that property, and it takes the width of its child elements, which is still 49%, because they are the same containers as before. So, it uses the available 51% to the right. float:left does apply to the containers inside the right column, but it only keeps them to the left within the column, not the whole page. I hope that's clear; let me know if you have other questions. ARR8 (talk | contribs) 17:26, 16 February 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
So where am I going wrong here:- Template:Bottomboxesn/sandbox ? --Traveler100 (talk) 17:36, 16 February 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]
You did everything right, but the new stylesheet wasn't included. I've put it in now, and it seems to work well. ARR8 (talk | contribs) 17:42, 16 February 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Semi-protect the Community Portal[edit]

The community portal does not need to be edited by any non-autoconfirmed users. Shouldn't we semi-protect to avoid vandalism? --Comment by Selfie City (talk | contributions) 13:45, 21 May 2019 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Does this airport meet the test for airport articles under Wikivoyage:What is an article?#Exceptions? @Keystone18, SHB2000: Ground Zero (talk) 03:36, 16 July 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

Seems to be a small domestic airport with only four airlines operating. I’d say it doesn’t SHB2000 (talk | contribs | meta.wikimedia) 03:53, 16 July 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]
And 2 runways. No. Ikan Kekek (talk) 08:21, 16 July 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]

West Bengal does not show up on map[edit]

At Bengali phrasebook, West Bengal (red) does not show on the map. This is new map software for me, and I can't figure out what's wrong. I verified the wikidata code. Perhaps the shape isn't defined? Same problem on WV-bn. Please ping, as I'm not here much. Kwamikagami (talk) 06:50, 13 September 2022 (UTC)Reply[reply]