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This page lists the foreign language phrasebooks that are available on Wikivoyage. For more general information on language and travel, including tips for where few locals speak your language, see Talk.

These phrasebooks are not language tutorials, comprehensive grammars, or dictionaries. Their goal is to define just enough of the language so that an English-speaking traveller can "get by" in an area where that language is spoken. A few languages are very widely used throughout the world and are listed first. All other languages are listed under the continent where they are most closely identified. If you are not sure which languages are spoken in the country you plan to visit, see the "Talk" section of the article for that country.

Phrasebooks which are substantially complete have a green plus sign (Symbol support vote.svg) or a yellow star (Symbol star gold.svg) written next to them in the list below, though they may still benefit from your improvement. For all the other books, please contribute if you speak the language in question. If you need a phrasebook for a language not listed here, try adding it to the Requests for phrasebooks page. Or simply plunge forward and start the book yourself. Make sure to base it on our Phrasebook article template.

Initial phrasebook development was organized through the Phrasebook Expedition.

Phrasebooks are coded according to their level of completion and overall quality­ as outlined at Phrasebook status:

Start-icon.svg — outline

Symbol keep vote.svg — usable

Symbol support vote.svg — guide

Symbol star gold.svg — star


A world map with several colored zones that show major world languages that spread across regions
Although it's impossible to learn every language, getting a handle on important phrases from about a dozen will take you most places in the world.

Symbol keep vote.svg Arabic (Modern Standard)

Symbol support vote.svg Chinese (Mandarin)

Symbol support vote.svg French

Symbol support vote.svg German

Symbol keep vote.svg Hindi (or Hindustani)

Symbol support vote.svg Malay

Symbol support vote.svg Persian (or Farsi)

Symbol support vote.svg Portuguese

Symbol star gold.svg Russian

Symbol support vote.svg Spanish (or Castilian)

Symbol keep vote.svg Swahili (or Kiswahili)


Symbol keep vote.svg Afrikaans

Symbol keep vote.svg Arabic (Modern Standard)

Start-icon.svg Amharic

Symbol keep vote.svg Bambara (or Bamanankan)

Start-icon.svg Berber

Start-icon.svg Chadian Arabic

Start-icon.svg Chibemba

Start-icon.svg Dawro

Start-icon.svg Dogon

Symbol keep vote.svg Egyptian Arabic

Start-icon.svg Ewe

Symbol support vote.svg French

Start-icon.svg Fulfulde

Symbol support vote.svg German

Start-icon.svg Guinea-Bissau Creole

Start-icon.svg Hausa

Symbol support vote.svg Igbo

Start-icon.svg Krio

Start-icon.svg Luganda

Start-icon.svg Malagasy

Start-icon.svg Mooré

Start-icon.svg Moroccan Arabic

Symbol keep vote.svg Nyanja (or Chewa)

Symbol support vote.svg Portuguese

Start-icon.svg Sango

Start-icon.svg Sesotho

Start-icon.svg Seychellois Creole

Start-icon.svg Somali

Symbol support vote.svg Spanish

Symbol keep vote.svg Swahili (or Kiswahili)

Start-icon.svg Swazi

Symbol keep vote.svg Tashelhit (or Shilha)

Start-icon.svg Tigrinya

Start-icon.svg Tsonga

Start-icon.svg Tswana

Symbol keep vote.svg Tumbuka

Symbol keep vote.svg Tunisian Arabic

Start-icon.svg Twi

Start-icon.svg Wolof

Symbol keep vote.svg Xhosa

Start-icon.svg Yoruba

Symbol keep vote.svg Zarma

Start-icon.svg Zulu


Start-icon.svg Ainu

Start-icon.svg Amdo Tibetan

Symbol keep vote.svg Arabic (Modern Standard)

Start-icon.svg Akeanon (or Aklanon)

Start-icon.svg Assamese

Start-icon.svg Balinese

Start-icon.svg Balochi

Symbol keep vote.svg Bengali (or Bangla)

Symbol support vote.svg Bikol (or Central Bikol)

Start-icon.svg Bumthangkha

Symbol keep vote.svg Burmese

Start-icon.svg Burushaski

Symbol support vote.svg Cantonese

Symbol support vote.svg Capiznon (or Capiceño)

Symbol support vote.svg Cebuano (or Bisayan)

Start-icon.svg Chavacano

Symbol support vote.svg Chinese (Mandarin)

Start-icon.svg Chittagonian

Start-icon.svg Dari

Start-icon.svg Dhivehi

Start-icon.svg Dogri

Start-icon.svg Dzongkha

Symbol support vote.svg Filipino (or Tagalog)

Symbol support vote.svg French

Start-icon.svg Gujarati

Start-icon.svg Hainanese

Start-icon.svg Hakka

Symbol keep vote.svg Hebrew

Symbol support vote.svg Hiligaynon (or Ilonggo)

Symbol keep vote.svg Hindi

Start-icon.svg Iban

Symbol support vote.svg Ilocano (or Iluko)

Symbol support vote.svg Indonesian

Symbol support vote.svg Ivatan

Symbol support vote.svg Japanese

Start-icon.svg Javanese

Symbol keep vote.svg Jordanian Arabic

Symbol keep vote.svg Kannada

Symbol keep vote.svg Kapampangan

Start-icon.svg Kashmiri

Start-icon.svg Kayan

Start-icon.svg Kazakh

Start-icon.svg Khmer (or Cambodian)

Start-icon.svg Konkani

Symbol support vote.svg Korean

Start-icon.svg Kurdish

Start-icon.svg Kyrgyz

Start-icon.svg Ladakhi

Start-icon.svg Ladino

Symbol keep vote.svg Lao

Symbol keep vote.svg Lebanese Arabic

Start-icon.svg Madurese

Start-icon.svg Maithili

Start-icon.svg Majhi

Symbol support vote.svg Malay

Start-icon.svg Malayalam

Start-icon.svg Manado Malay (or Minahasa Malay)

Start-icon.svg Manchu

Start-icon.svg Marathi

Start-icon.svg Mindong

Start-icon.svg Minnan (or Hokkien/Taiwanese)

Start-icon.svg Mongolian

Symbol keep vote.svg Nepali

Start-icon.svg Odia (or Oriya)

Start-icon.svg Ossetian

Symbol keep vote.svg Pandan Bikol (or Northern Catanduanes Bikol)

Start-icon.svg Pashto (or Pushtu)

Start-icon.svg Penan

Symbol support vote.svg Persian

Symbol support vote.svg Portuguese

Start-icon.svg Punjabi

Symbol support vote.svg Rinconada (or Rinconada Bikol)

Symbol star gold.svg Russian

Start-icon.svg Ryukyuan

Start-icon.svg Sakha

Start-icon.svg Sanskrit

Start-icon.svg Saraiki

Start-icon.svg Sasak

Start-icon.svg Savji

Symbol support vote.svg Shanghainese (or Wu Chinese)

Start-icon.svg Sharchopkha

Start-icon.svg Sherpa

Start-icon.svg Sindhi

Symbol support vote.svg Sinhala

Start-icon.svg Sundanese

Symbol support vote.svg Sylheti

Start-icon.svg Tajik

Start-icon.svg Tamang

Symbol keep vote.svg Tamil

Start-icon.svg Tatar

Symbol support vote.svg Tausug (or Bahasa Sūg)

Symbol keep vote.svg Telugu

Start-icon.svg Teochew (or Chiuchao)

Start-icon.svg Tetum

Symbol keep vote.svg Thai

Start-icon.svg Thami (or Thangmi)

Start-icon.svg Tibetan

Start-icon.svg Tulu

Symbol support vote.svg Turkish

Start-icon.svg Turkmen

Start-icon.svg Tuvan

Start-icon.svg Udmurt

Start-icon.svg Urdu

Start-icon.svg Uyghur

Start-icon.svg Uzbek

Symbol keep vote.svg Vietnamese

Start-icon.svg Waray

Start-icon.svg Yaeyama

Start-icon.svg Yiddish

Start-icon.svg Yonaguni

Start-icon.svg Zaza (or Zazaki)


Start-icon.svg Abkhaz

Symbol support vote.svg Albanian

Symbol keep vote.svg Arberesh

Symbol support vote.svg Armenian

Start-icon.svg Aromanian

Start-icon.svg Azeri

Start-icon.svg Bashkir

Symbol keep vote.svg Basque

Symbol support vote.svg Belarusian

Symbol support vote.svg Bosnian

Start-icon.svg Breton

Symbol support vote.svg Bulgarian

Symbol keep vote.svg Catalan

Start-icon.svg Chechen

Start-icon.svg Circassian

Start-icon.svg Corsican

Symbol support vote.svg Croatian

Symbol support vote.svg Czech

Symbol keep vote.svg Danish

Symbol support vote.svg Dutch

Symbol support vote.svg Dutch Low Saxon

Symbol keep vote.svg Estonian

Symbol keep vote.svg Faroese

Symbol support vote.svg Finnish

Symbol support vote.svg French

Symbol keep vote.svg Galician

Symbol keep vote.svg Georgian

Symbol support vote.svg German

Symbol keep vote.svg Greek

Symbol support vote.svg Hungarian

Symbol support vote.svg Icelandic

Symbol keep vote.svg Irish

Symbol support vote.svg Italian

Start-icon.svg Kalmyk

Start-icon.svg Karachay-Balkar

Symbol keep vote.svg Latvian

Symbol support vote.svg Lithuanian

Symbol support vote.svg Low German

Start-icon.svg Luxembourgish

Symbol support vote.svg Macedonian

Start-icon.svg Maltese

Start-icon.svg Manx Gaelic

Start-icon.svg Montenegrin

Symbol support vote.svg Norwegian

Start-icon.svg Piedmontese

Symbol support vote.svg Polish

Symbol support vote.svg Portuguese

Start-icon.svg Provençal

Symbol support vote.svg Romanian

Symbol star gold.svg Russian

Start-icon.svg Saami

Start-icon.svg Samogitian

Start-icon.svg Scottish Gaelic

Symbol support vote.svg Serbian

Symbol support vote.svg Slovak

Symbol support vote.svg Slovenian (or Slovene)

Symbol support vote.svg Spanish

Symbol support vote.svg Swedish

Start-icon.svg Swiss-German

Start-icon.svg Tatar

Symbol support vote.svg Turkish

Symbol support vote.svg Ukrainian

Symbol keep vote.svg Welsh

Start-icon.svg West Frisian (or Frysk)

Start-icon.svg Yiddish

North America[edit]

Symbol support vote.svg Dutch

Symbol support vote.svg French

Start-icon.svg Greenlandic (or Kalaallisut)

Start-icon.svg Haitian Creole

Start-icon.svg Inuktitut

Symbol keep vote.svg Jamaican Patois

Start-icon.svg Navajo

Start-icon.svg Papiamento

Symbol support vote.svg Spanish

Start-icon.svg Yiddish


Start-icon.svg Bislama

Start-icon.svg Carolinian

Start-icon.svg Chamorro (or Chamoru)

Start-icon.svg Fijian

Symbol support vote.svg French

Start-icon.svg Hawaiian

Start-icon.svg Māori

Start-icon.svg Marshallese

Start-icon.svg Nauruan

Symbol keep vote.svg Niuean

Start-icon.svg Norfuk/Pitkern

Start-icon.svg Pijin

Start-icon.svg Samoan

Start-icon.svg Tahitian

Start-icon.svg Tiwi

Start-icon.svg Tokelauan

Symbol keep vote.svg Tok Pisin (or New Guinea Pidgin)

South America[edit]

Symbol support vote.svg Brazilian Portuguese

Symbol support vote.svg Dutch

Symbol support vote.svg French

Start-icon.svg Quechua

Start-icon.svg Sranan

Symbol support vote.svg Spanish

Start-icon.svg Yiddish

Special purpose[edit]

Some special purpose lists of phrases are also available.


These special "phrasebooks" are for people interested in learning to read or write a complex script.

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